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Samsung’s Revamped Galaxy Note 10.1 Pictured, Features Quad-Core Chip and Slot for S-Pen

Attendees of MWC this year were lucky enough to get a sneak peak at Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet. The device would come sold later this year with the S-Pen stylus and a dual-core 1.4GHz processor for all of your tablet needs. The only issue, is that the device didn’t have a designated slot for the stylus, so losing the S-Pen could become an issue for owners down the road. Samsung probably received enough guff over the lack of thought in the design and decided to recreate the tablet with a slot just for the stylus. And to sweeten the deal, they even threw in a new quad-core chip. 

Here in the States, we’re still waiting on a date and a pricing point for the newest addition to the Galaxy family, but once we hear one we’ll let you know.

Via: Android Police | Netbook News

  • stubb

    If this doesn’t have 300+ ppi i’ll feel as if apple is winning. even if it’s pentile 300+ ppi idc, rgb stripe at 150ppi looks terrible.

    • stubb

      make that 250ppi or whatever apple is calling retina these days

  • Mei

    Well get it if it has unlock boot loader.

  • jerflash

    this looks legit but Asus is still king

    • Abu Laloque

      obviously samsung no near to asus…

  • Justin

    Does the screen have a fold in it? That picture makes it look weird!

  • Stewie

    WTF with the white? Meh …

    • Apple owns the color Black and rectangles….no joke!


    I want the HTC note! Its supposed to be out late this year…

  • BrianWenger

    If this has a 1080+ screen, it’ll be mine.

  • What are the screen specs? Please tell me that they put the ipad3 screen in it (except not in the stupid aspect ratio of the iPad3)

    • MKader17

      Why in the world are people down voting this? Have they never seen how nice the iPad3 screen is and not know that it is made by Samsung?

      • Yeah, its no secret that the main reason that Apple and Sumsung are finally stopping their patent wars for the most part is their relationship is win-win. Samsung sells so many parts to Apple and makes lot of cash, where Apple has a good, reliable souce or parts that are top of the line and relativily cheap.

        • Samsung makes their processors and screens…99% of why people buy crapple products. IOS is terrible enough to keep me away though.

  • skoot3r

    So this tablet comes with a quad or a dual core? Your article states a dual but the title says quad.

    • The article clearly states that it was originally set to receive a dual core but was upgraded to quad.

      • will bartlett

        edit. im retarded.