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Amazon Wireless Offers the DROID 4 for a Penny, Rezound for $50, and DROID RAZR MAXX at $150

While supplies last, Amazon Wireless is hosting a deal on a few of Verizon’s more popular smart devices. When signing up on a new two-year agreement, you can score the DROID 4 for just one cent, the Rezound for a not-so-bad $50, and the DROID RAZR MAXX for an even $150. Now that we know these phones are definitely receiving some Ice Cream Sandwich love sometime this year, buying these phones on contract shouldn’t seem all that scary.

Motorola DROID 4 | HTC Rezound | DROID RAZR MAXX

  • Schnider

    Just walked into best buy today asked if they would price match amazon on the Maxx knowing they would say no and to my suprise they said yes. This phone rocks!!

  • You should really say that it’s for new customers only, I bought a Rezound on Monday and was just about to email Amazon about a price match. Then I realized the sale is for new customers only…

  • I wish they would let me upgrade my D3 and throw it in the trash and get the D4, or anything else honestly… Can’t believe I am stuck with this POS for another year.

    • T4rd

      You might be able to upgrade. My friend got a D3 soon after it launched and was able to upgrade at Verizon to a Razr Maxx for $130 just last week. They sent him an e-mail saying he could upgrade early to a 4G phone. He is in northern IN if that makes a difference. I would at least call a local store and ask. I was amazed when he told me that.

  • cbkcc1

    whoa is me the existing wanting to transfer an upgrade customer.
    oh well, hopefully there are people who can take advantage.
    maybe best buy will match?

  • yitz

    no updates on the incredible 4G? I think I decided on that….

  • Man, i would upgrade to any one of those at those prices. Work with me, amazon.

  • Upgrades are irrelevant if we want to keep our unlimited data. I’d like to see full price deals.

    • hkklife

      Well, upgrade prices are technically still valid, as VZW hasn’t officially changed anything or announced a date when upgraders have to go to a family shared plan. I imagine that situation will change in the next month or so but for right now, anyone sitting on an upgrade and grandfathered data would be wise to upgrade.
      I doubt we’ll see the SGSIII or Droid RAZR HD available before the introduction of family plans.

      • mikel61101

        thats why I called and negotiated with the retention dept and they got rid of the stupid upgrade fee for me this time with a 199 maxx… it twas worth it if you ask me.

        • shehippie

          I called yesterday and got an 5 month early upgrade and a FREE maxx, just for upgrading from a 3g phone and they wavied the upgrade fee for me too. They said it was some promotion that ends on the 5/31.

          • woah what did you say to them to get that?? i definitely want to upgrade before they stop grandfathering people in.

          • shehippie

            I called to get a replacement for my sons Droid X, the screen went out on it. We then got talking about my bill and she told me that there was a promotion available to get an early upgrade if I got a 4G phone. So I upgraded my spare line that I use my original Droid on. I’m just hoping I like the Maxx as much as I do my Rezound!

  • Isn’t 150 an odd number?

    • Knlegend1

      No 151 would be an odd number.

    • Ryan McLelland

      It is an even number actually…

    • Mike

      No, it’s even.

    • paul_cus

      awesome avatar

    • Diablo81588

      Back to elementary school for you.. lol

  • Bummer. No love for existing customers. My wife wants the Rezound but I’m not about to pay $200 for it.

    • pickle3782

      I snoozed when it was on sale from Verizon for $50, minus my $30 upgrade discount (before the $30 renewal fee), I could have bought it for $20. I am kicking myself now.

      • hkklife

        Yeah same here. And i would have probably then turned around and sold the bundled Beats earphones on CL or E-Bay and made $ on the deal!

    • Sobr0801

      The Rezound is solid. I love mine, the latest leak of ICS is buttery smooth.

      • T4rd

        Would you call the stock 2.3 ROM “buttery smooth” too? Because it’s considerably slower and laggier than my Galaxy Nexus (my wife has a Rezound so I play with it occasionally), esp. when scrolling/zooming on anything. I’m hoping the ICS update brings it up to speed with the Gnex.

        • Michael

          It needs sense 4.0 with ICS like the One x, there really is no reason why the Rezound can’t handle it. and I know, They just want people to buy the One X, but should show those rezound owners some love

          • T4rd

            From what I’m read though, Sense 3.6 isn’t way too different than 4.0 outside of the camera features (which are due to camera/hardware limitations in older phones) and some other minor aesthetic areas. It should have most of the functionality of Sense 4.0. Ideally though, it needs vanilla Android to run better =p.

          • Sobr0801

            tbh i dont even remember 2.3, i had the thing a whole week before I installed the first ICS leak. the latest is great!

  • No love for upgraders 🙁