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When is My Android Phone Getting Ice Cream Sandwich? [Verizon]

ice cream sandwich updates

With Motorola and HTC finally giving us semi-definitive timelines for Ice Cream Sandwich updates for their Verizon devices, we thought it was best to gather them all into one place to make it easy for you to keep track of. As we hear official word from other manufacturers, like Samsung or LG, we will update this post to reflect those changes. We will also be adding a sidebar shortcut to it, so that you can check on it frequently. Yeah, you may want to bookmark this one as we make the push into a summer filled with ICS. 




  • Galaxy Nexus:  Already running Android 4.0+
  • Galaxy Tab 10.1:  Update started rolling out September 17.
  • Galaxy Tab 7.7:  Update approved on October 5.
  • Charge:  No time frame given – update doubtful*
  • Stratosphere:  No time frame given – update doubtful*
  • Illusion:  No time frame given – update doubtful*
  • Fascinate:  No time frame given – update doubtful*



  • Xperia PLAY:  Not receiving Android 4.0


  • Breakout:  No information provided – update doubtful


  • G’Z0ne Commando:  No information provided – update doubtful

Again, we will try to update this as we have more complete information including specific dates, so check back regularly.

*The Charge, Stratosphere, Illusion and Fascinate are all essentially original Galaxy S devices, which we are not expecting to receive Android 4.0. Samsung could surprise us at some point in the future, but you probably don’t want to get your hopes up.

**When announced, Verizon made it clear that the LG Lucid was “Android 4.0 upgradeable” but would not provide a specific date or time frame. Verizon also announced that both the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 7.7 would receive the update – no time frame given.

***The LG Revolution is a first-gen LTE device with minimal specs. With LG not having the greatest track record when it comes to updates, we would be surprised if they took the time to update this phone to Android 4.0.

  • AnnoyedwitMoto

    I have a pretty decent ICS Port from Hashcode on my D3! I’m hoping the updates come fast n furious. Oh, and to moto, Screw You A-hats! I got ICS whether you like it, or not!

  • Sad-rhyme-user

    I thinks it’s safe to Say rhyme is never gonna get the update . It was only mentioned then that was it . It’s pretty much almost an extinct phone now . Such a shame . God big red is horrible at their upDates

  • Man of many Droids

    Its stupid the Droid 3 isn’t getting Ice cream sandwich they literally said in a statement droid 3 is capable of having it, ( duh considering the phone came out right before the update) but they just aren’t going to update it. Pisses me off

  • PC_Tool

    “Spectrum: First half of 2012”


    • smwandrie93

      shouldnt of bought a spectrum…

      • PC_Tool

        …and what would your suggestion be?

        A Galaxy Nexus? Got one, thanks.

        The hardware was solid. The dev support…lacking.

  • MikeAdams

    I guess that I’ll just have to wait for Windows phone 8, but somehow based on what they currently offer — I’d be shocked if Verizon carries them. Maybe time for a bigger switch. Not that VZ cares. We have been with them since GTE days. (I never had issues with Customer service back then)….

  • brittany warren

    don,t get the droidrazr it is a bad phone

  • Matthew Merrick

    you guys may want to update this… Xoom LTE updates are already out and droid charge will not be receiving ICS

  • Well “June or July” has come and gone and no ICS update for the HTC Rhyme… 🙁

  • Mike

    I’m going to guess the Bionic will get the ICS update the last day of Q3 which is an absolute joke. I LOVE my bionic but Motorola doesnt give a crap about the customers. When I can upgrade again, goodbye motorola & HELLO SAMSUNG!!!!!!

  • Lambo_21

    come on MOTO give us ICS on Bionic!!!!!! ITS PAST EARLY Q3!!!!

  • I’m over waiting for LG and VZW to update the Spectrum. Going to reactivate my Droid X, which is rooted and now on the Liquid ICS 4.0.4 ROM.

  • d_mobley14

    I have an LG lucid and I need ice cream sandwich now! Or Jellybean. That would be just as fine as ICS.

    • ERiggs

      I kept hoping too, but I think we’ve been shafted by a marketing ploy. :/

  • CaptM

    Q3 will be gone before we know it, when is my Bionic going to get ICS?

    • today if you flash the leak

    • abc1.zealforlife.com

      Nothing works since this update my suggestion is do not do it…nothing on my phone works now and it is so slow now

  • I have only had my Samsung charge for one year and update is doubtful. So it is doubtful that my next phone will be Samsung

  • Silver Veloz

    Any news on the “Official” ICS for Droid Bionic?

  • alkalitta

    what ever happened to Randolph Scott ?

  • robotturkey

    Kinda ironic that the ICS UPDATE List is not being updated. 😀

  • Matt

    are you seriously kidding me right now? like really, i’m stuck with the crappy DX and they’re not even gonna update it..
    screw verizon.
    screw motorola.
    I hate technology. ):

  • dw8labs

    HTC Rezound didn’t get an update yet and it’s July 31!

  • Chase

    What does “Update Doubtful*” mean? I talked to a guy at the Verizon store in my town and he said that the Stratosphere will get ICS 4.0 In November. I’m NEVER going to own another Samsung device from you guys.

    • Tyler Chappell

      Umm, he lied, the stratosphere will in fact not be receiving ICS at all. Samsung abandoned that phone as quickly as they did the Charge.

      • smwandrie93

        thats why they are remaking it….?

  • Morlok8k

    Q3 2012 has now started! “Sunday, July 1, 2012, – Sunday, September 30, 2012.”

    • Morlok8k

      man, screw ICS… when is my Droid 4 getting Jelly Bean?

  • Paigepop

    my 4G is worse since i got my update on my Bionic.

  • Matt

    Dear Verizon,

    We hate you so much.


    HTC Rezound owners

    • Terrance Steiner



      HTC Thunderbolt owners

      • Lambo_21

        and Droid Bionic users

        • And Charge Owners

          • Brandon Bevill

            Droid 3 owners still love you big red. We honestly didn’t expect much to begin with.

    • wlmeng11

      Not anymore.

  • RFTim

    Today my original HTC Incredible phone says updates available, do you want to update to Android 4.0? I say of course and proceed. The phone power cycles then states I do not have enough space on my device to install the update, please remove some applications to increase storage. Okay, I did. Now when I go back to System Updates it says my device is currently up to date. First, I didn’t know Verizon was pushing ICS to the org incredible. Second, how can I fource my device to check and receive the ICS push? Thanks

    • ERiggs

      Not sure if this is too late but I don’t think it was an upgrade to ICS though a lot of Inc’s, my husbands included, had that problem. Try HTC Inc won’t update into Google and check out the second GB update/patch won’t reboot solved forum. Seems to work great for many. Haven’t tried of ourselves yet from laziness but it looks promising. Good luck.

  • Bunie

    I seem to recall Sony announcing ICS for “All Xperia devices” lol

  • shohag

    Is this version (Ice Cream Sandwich) applicable for motorola atrix?

  • Pissed Off

    WTF…. I am tired of waiting for this update for my Rezound…

  • Ugly4Life

    Droid Razr MaxxTired of all the hype…….. Battery Life was the seller (up to 4 days of battery life)
    Its been wiped 3 times for weird crap.
    Verizon and the random text messages… along with Navigator wacking out with text messages popping up over the map I’m trying to look at.
    A phone that locks while I’m talking on it and can’t hang up……

    back to the iPhone!

  • Cesar

    You guys are the worst customer service company ever. You don’t care at all about honestyvor integrity. How’s it feel to go home all slimey every night. Proud i’m sure

  • Timmy

    Rollout beings… They sound pretty cute ;P

  • My Xoom updated to ICS on Friday, June 8th… OTA. Was fast and so far, problem free.

  • Baimer

    Where in the last month of Q2 2012… where is this update where supposed to be getting!!! GET WITH IT ALREADY MOTOROLA…. and RELEASE IT….. it’s been out over 6 months… is there a reason its taking so damn long…. oh yeah where dealing with Motorola… THEY ARE ALWAYS SLOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shaggy

    I guess since the Q1 ended on 4/31/12, then they will start rolling out ICS on 6/30/12. That will still be Q2 even if it is the last day of Q2.

  • Non_Sequitur

    HTC Evo. Galaxy S2. Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch. Galaxy S2 Tmobile. Galaxy S2 Skyrocket. Galaxy Note. HTC Evo 3D. HTC Evo Shift.
    All of the Xperias.
    There are a lot missing here.

    • Non_Sequitur

      Oh, wow, I’m a dumbass. This is the VZW list. *facepalm*

    • smwandrie93

      learn to read??

  • bennotae

    When is my GNex getting 4.0.4 already.

  • Justin

    This is why i dont upgrade with Verizon, i stay month to month. I sell my current phone at the time or trade. Either way every month i always have something different. I root and run custom roms. If i upgraded back in Nov. to the Razr and waited for ICS i would almost have 1 year of my current contract wasted. No thanks Verizon.

  • PyroHoltz

    I wouldn’t want Verizon’s implementation of ICS on the OG anyway, they’d honk it up.

  • joe buck

    Verizon is selling tbe nexus right now with 4.0.4 tbis sucks

  • migamix

    wow.. no ICS for the DX… tell that to my DX… it refused to listen to me and chewed some gummy
    moto doesn’t like this.. so they decided.. not only is locking the bootloader not enough.. you can’t recover or sbf the phone in case their update breaks the phone… the only eason my dx got rooted was after the gingerbread update mess bricked me… from that point on.. I rooted.. I was root green a year ago… now I’d say I keep up to speed with my gnex.. I will never own another locked device .. it is MINE

  • jbon

    You should get some phone OS insurance to guard you from mayham like me, Verizon. AOKP. FTW!

  • Haxcid

    LG Revolution and HTC Thunderbird have pretty much the same specs… LG blows. I will never buy another LG phone ever.

  • PC_Tool

    “Spectrum: First half of 2012”

    Well, they better get on that. It’s nearing June and not even a leak so far. Highly doubtful we’ll see this before mid-year at this point.

  • What the f*** why isn’t DROID x getting an update for,
    Better have an explanation. Then I have to wait for DROID X3.

  • Jorge Hurtado

    My family lines are coming up for an upgrade on Saturday. My wife’s running a D2 while I’m running a DX. I’m really, really tempted to upgrade to the GNex but I’m on the fence with grabbing something that’s already 6 months old and with a less than stellar upgrade track record. I’d like to grab something I can root, play with, and overall enjoy. Thoughts?

    Oh, and my wife’s probably getting a D4. For some reason, she really likes a physical keyboard. Not sure why?!

  • CPO Mike

    I’m really pissed that my son’s Driod 3 isn’t getting ICS, when the Tbolt is! It’s up to CM to develope a recipe for D3.

    • the thunderbolt has more ram.. and lack of ram is the d3 isnt getting ics

  • interstellarmind

    It’s fascinating to me that android developers can create powerful, elegant, working ROMs fespite their lack of resources and yet these big companies with their millions of $’s can’t do a simple update.

    The reasoning for these delays HAS to be “political,” money-making schemes. It can’t be because it’s too daunting to upgrade.

    It is this inability/ lack of desire to upgrade that will kill android – nothing else. Sigh.

  • equestriancolt

    I guess Quarter, means a way to buy more time.

  • equestriancolt

    For Motorola it was supposed to be May 24th now its Q2 whatever the hell that means

  • equestriancolt

    What the hell does Q2 and Q3 mean how bout at least a month

  • AndroidUser00110001

    I am convinced now that Google should do something like what MS does with Windows Phone. Stipulate what hardware goes into a device and pushes updates to all devices no matter what carrier or manufacture. Maybe they should do this with their Nexus brand since Verizon dirtied the Nexus meaning.

    Have a low, mid and high end hardware for phone and tablets. It’s the reference design for all Google devices. Any manufacture can build whatever they want using the same hardware and then Google can push out software updates to those devices. If a manufacture decides to do something different then it is up to them to push out updates like how it currently is.