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Verizon’s Galaxy SIII Stops by Bluetooth SIG, How Soon Can We See It?

The SCH-I535 aka the Samsung Galaxy SIII variant expected to launch with Verizon, cruised through Bluetooth SIG recently. While this doesn’t necessarily mean that the phone is on the verge of a release, it’s definitely a good sign of things to come. Bluetooth SIG is sort of a certification program for phones that include Bluetooth technology and is usually one of the items on a launch list that we like to see checked off.  

After watching the unveiling of the device in London a few weeks back, we were told that the device would launch overseas at the end of May and possibly in North America by June. With things like Bluetooth SIG appearances already happening, there is a chance that Samsung and the U.S. carriers could end up meeting that time frame.

What do we know about Verizon’s variant? Well, it should be incredibly similar to the international version of the phone (our hands-on), but instead of the quad-core Exynos processor, it will likely have a dual-core Snapdragon S4 to play nicely with LTE and because Samsung probably can’t keep up with production of their quad-core chipsets. We still aren’t sure if they will remove the physical home button and go with on-screen soft keys or all hardware keys, but a version of the GT-I9300 (international SGS3) has been on video a handful of times with on-screen keys, so it certainly seems like there is a version like that on the way.

Whether you were blown away during its unveiling or not, there is no denying that this phone will be a massive global success.

Via:  Bluetooth SIG | Phandroid

  • max

    I wish they would just give us a dam release date already. My iphone just died right now and I have to either get the nexus or hold out for this.

  • chris125

    Hopefully this doesn’t have all the issues the nexus had and is a little better at actually being a phone.

  • The Dude

    I hope US versions come with 2GB RAM and S4. And Verizon, 2 requests for you –

    1. do not mess with this phone. Don’t remove features
    2. Don’t call it a Droid

    But I fear we won’t see any Verizon LTE devices till they have the new shared data plans in place.

    • stubb

      Droid Galaxy+ S3 4G LTE from Samsung with Google

  • With the way Verizon is trying to chop the heads off of unlimited data plans, and their HORRIBLE record with allowing handset software updates, I’m starting to consider leaving Verizon for good.

    • AE35

      Good plan if possible and practical in your area. Feed the competition.

    • michael

      sprint will start to roll out true lte in 2013, so by the time our contracts are up in 1 1/2 to 2 years their network could be good enough with 4g

  • Dave

    Makes me wonder how they’re going to brand it. Just as the “Samsung Galaxy SIII”? The Fascinate 2? The Droid Charge 2?

    We all know how Verizon loves to re-brand their devices to their own specifications.

    • AE35

      They just came up with a service call, ugh, “Viewdini”.

      I hope they just leave everything alone including the name. Hope springs eternal.

    • MicroNix

      If they were smart, they’d ride on the international hype and name it the Samsung Galaxy SIII.

  • Rob

    Are there any benchmarks showing the difference between the quad core Exynos vs the S4? I know the S4 holds its own versus Tegra 3 but I’m interested in how “gimped” the phone will be (if at all) having an S4 vs the quadcore Exynos.


    hopefully it comes out soon, my wifes original Inc died sunday forcing the purchase of a maxx . she didnt want to get the G-nex just to be different blah.
    i’d pay the $35 restocking fee so she could have NFC

    • AE35

      Looks like your wife will be using the Maxx for the next 2 years.

      You have only 14 days to return and I doubt this phone will come out before the new tiered data plans are in effect.

  • If it had SW keys and the QC exynos, I’d jump all over it.

  • achaf86

    I was happy with my g-nex but these past few days its had a mind of its own! It would’ve been nice to wake up to the 4.0.4 update but, I’m glad I didn’t hold my breath! If verizon gets the galaxy sIII i’ll buy it!

  • LiterofCola

    So much for the naysayers griping about the S3 not coming to Verizon.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      I was one, and very glad about being wrong and admit it.

      • New_Guy

        Right there with you buddy.

    • AE35

      I’ll refrain from rejoicing until I see what they do to it.

  • If it takes this long to get an update on a Nexus device on VZW, imagine how long it would take for this device with Touchwiz slathered on top of ICS.

  • lilkerv90210

    I honestly want this phone hands down right now

  • I am utterly shocked this thing even has a possibility of coming to Verizon. Of course, you’ll have to rely on ROMs if you get this phone as Touchwiz is garbage (ICS that looks like GB anyone?).

    • And why do you say that? They carried the original GS1 (aka
      The Fascinate). They only passed on the GS2 in favor of the Nexus.

      • Well, assuming the SGSIII hits the US around the same time of the year the SGSII did, why wouldn’t Verizon pass on it again for the next Nexus?

        • chris125

          Because they can add their bloat to this, they can’t with the nexus.

    • The Dude

      TouchWiz is the lightest oem skin and has a lot of nice features. I’d just replace the launcher so you can still use the other stuff.

  • TimXer

    This is the one!! I will look at the Moto Razr HD too if it ever hits – something about a Moto’s build that just rocks – it’s solid!

  • BTLS

    I hate verizon… and my cat’s breath smells like cat food

    • AE35

      Why are you smelling your cat’s breath? Please tell me that’s all you’re doing.

  • ddevito

    Am I the only one who thinks the GSIII is a dud?

    • The internals are great. The externals (hardware buttons) and Touchwiz are a huge fail.

      • I understand complaining about Touchwiz. Can someone explain to me why hardware buttons are such a great evil? I have seen people simultaneously complain that the the S3 has a hardware home button, but also complain that it doesn’t have a dedicated hardware camera button on the side.

        • AE35

          Navigation keys are unnecessary with the intro of soft keys. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the home key disappear on the US version.

          Dedicated camera button is good for quick pics and traditional half-press auto-focus.

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          • OK, unnecessary, I understand. But does that make them a “huge fail,” to the extent that people have claimed to be not buying the phone solely because it has a hardware button? (And navigation keys aren’t entirely unnecessary; in cold weather it can be nice to keep your gloves on for a few more seconds.) I almost never take pictures but I do search or return to the home screen; surely I could be just as happy with a soft key camera shortcut?

    • Sadly no.

      Its a great phone that people had totally unrealistic expectations for.

    • marty jones



      I’m beginning to think I’m the only one that likes the damn thing…

    • HTC1

      nope. you are correct sir

  • Akuma

    Happy with my G-Nex, but it’s now harder to get excited about new phones knowing that I can never get a discounted upgrade ever again.

    • Austin

      Speaking of wheres that update thats supose to happen today verizon?

    • Jon

      Well…lets see what their shared family data plans look like. It may turn out that they are reasonable in which case it would make sense to just get on a shared data plan.

      In my family we pay $100 a month for 4 lines. 3 are smartphones at $30/month and 1 is a feature phone at $10/month.

      All together we use about 17-18 Gigs combined. If Verizon were to have a 20 Gig/month data plan for at or less than $100, then we would at least not be paying more.

      I just have no faith that their prices will be fair, but time will tell.

      • cjriddle22

        Dude. There is no way Verizon is going to give a 20 GB plan. That is crazy talk. You are looking at 5 GB or 10 GB for more money. End of Story.

      • noyfb

        10 gb/ $100 in the release, there was no larger amount on plan

        • Jon

          What!!! Sh*t on a c*ck that’s messed up.

  • Dont care.

    Where’s my 4.0.4 update verizon?

    • BTLS

      yeah seriously, wtf are they doing

      • Larizard

        is 4.0.4 supposed to get the radio fix? I just got my Gnex yesterday, and with a full charge, I only made it through half of today.. granted, I’ve only done one full discharge-recharge cycle, it kinda freaks me out…

        Worse, I had a call dropped today. My OG Droid for 2.5 years had never dropped a single call on me.. And I would get error “No Internet Connection” messages while on Instagram today.. constantly.. like once every 10 minutes..

        This is both upsetting and annoying me. I wonder if I should go back to Best Buy and have it replaced with a new unit… which means I have to re-lock the bootloader.. Or should I just wait for 4.0.4? Or should I just Root and install a custom ROM on it?

        Unlocked. Stock ROM. Verizon Galaxy Nexus.

        Any help/comment would be appreciated… Thnx.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Bring it on.. BUT I am going to need to wait to see about that new RAZR with the possible international band access (and of course, the huge battery) before I pull the trigger.. click click bang

    • LiterofCola

      Yeah, I’d hold on for a bit for that very reason.