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Verizon to Introduce Viewdini for 4G LTE Users, Stream Shows and Movies Like a Boss


Later this month, Verizon plans on launching a vid-centric application that will help users of their 4G LTE network stream all of the Hulu, Comcast Xfinity,  and Netflix goodness their data plans will allow. The app aims to bring all of the major TV and Internet media providers into one centralized location for users to stream straight to their LTE capable device. As you can tell, this is going to be a very data intense application, so if you don’t have an unlimited data plan, use caution when streaming those old episodes of Dexter. 

Verizon Wireless Introduces Viewdini: Innovative Mobile Video Portal To Provide Quick And Easy Access To Content 

Video from Leading Content Providers, Including Verizon FiOS, Comcast and Others, to Give Customers Choice of Entertainment on Mobile Devices

BOSTON and BASKING RIDGE, NJ  — Verizon Wireless today introduced viewdini, an innovative portal that creates a new entertainment choice for consumers by making it simple to search and view movies, television shows, and other video on mobile devices.

Viewdini leverages the power of Verizon Wireless’ 4G LTE network, streamlining access to videos from a wide range of content providers, including cable operators, websites and other popular video sources.  Comcast Xfinity®, Hulu Plus, mSpot and Netflix are among the participants at launch, with more including Verizon FiOS expected to be added soon.

“Verizon Wireless has the network to deliver the video choices our customers want with the quality and speed customers demand,” said Dan Mead, president and CEO of Verizon Wireless.  “Working with a wide range of providers, we’re giving our customers a simple and intuitive way to find shows, movies and other videos from the sources they have relationships with and discover new sources of video as well.”

Verizon Wireless made the announcement in Boston at The Cable Show 2012, the National Cable & Telecommunication Association annual conference.

Verizon Wireless’ viewdini acts as a mobile video aggregator that makes it easy for users to search thousands of titles from some of the Web’s leading content providers like Netflix, Hulu Plus, mSpot, TV sites, movie studios, Comcast’s Xfinity TV, Verizon FiOS and cable operators.  By simply searching for a title, topic, or star’s name, viewdini will let customers know which services have mobile video for streaming, and whether it is available  at no additional charge, by subscription, to rent or for purchase.  A simple click will also provide related content and information like cast and crew info and links to similar titles.

Viewdini will be available to Verizon Wireless customers with 4G LTE Android™ devices later this month, with support for other operating systems expected to be added soon.  The application can be downloaded from the Google Play store, and is free to customers.

Image via: AllThingsD

  • akhnaten

    This is why data caps exist. Verizon/AT&T launch their walled gardens and then say you can use their walled garden w/o counting against your data cap. The next step in this plan is they announce, when they think regulators aren’t paying attention, that using Viewdini won’t count against your data cap. This is how they get the USA back into an AOL model pricing structure. This way they can charge content providers for access to their walled garden. This and holding customers captive are the ultimate goals of data caps.

  • You know, 4G phones also support wifi. Just sayin…

    • Charles Rogers

      Well thats helpful, my plan was to use my phone when I’m at home on Wifi as opposed to using a computer/tv.

      • Oh, you must live in a 3rd world country where every single place you go doesn’t have free wifi. I live in an industrialized location, and every single store, mall, restaurant, and public building has wifi available. I set my phone to automatically connect when one is in range and I don’t have to worry about data limits.

  • theraskell

    Look at this, cool and all just like Google Wallet, but oh wait, it probably wont work with Gnex right?

    • Hmmm…Used GWallet at McDonald’s yesterday on my GNex.

  • I wonder if I can sideload this onto Google TV…

  • Breezer23

    Woo! One movie and my data is done for the month… Or never upgrade. Asshats

  • wait hold on a second this is free?!!!?!??! unlimited data plan and tons of watching here i come!

  • Raven

    It’s a trap!

  • VZW

    Listen, nothing is official yet but I have a strong feeling the u/l plan is going away ONLY for customers remaining on 3G (iPhone people) and people migrating from 3G to 4G. Customers who have existing 4G will be grandfathered in (me!). Just my gut instinct

    • Raven

      Until you want a new subsidized phone.

      • I asked tech support and also asked 3 different csr’s and they said even if I upgrade that I will NOT lose unlimited data… she even went as far as to give me her contact info.. direct numbers and emails and said that even ten years down the road as long as I had a smartphone I would keep it.. the only way I would lose it is if I didn’t use it.. i.e go back to a 3g device.. FYI
        Also she said it did not matter if I were to upgrade any of the 4 lines on my account to new subsidized phones it would STAY

        • Breezer23

          That’s because it hasn’t officially been announced so the Customer Service reps aren’t going to comment like they know about it.

          • michael

            Plus the reps never know wtf they are talking about, they can’t even figure out where an update is for a phone, had 5 explanations none of them true VZW’s motto is just say anything to get them off the phone, they treat us like mushrooms, feed us Sh!t and keep us in the dark

  • ksat

    This is an obvious case of gouging their customers… Wonder what the DOJ or SEC would think of this? Seems a little unfair to ask long-time customers to give up their unlimited data just to be nickle and dimed to death with added features that use MORE and more data!!

    Flipping ridiculous, VZW!

    • David Shiflet

      You signed a contract that states they have the right to change the terms at any point. Plus it has been stated you can buy a phone at full retail value and keep the unlimited. if you get a subsidized phone you can’t keep your unlimited data. Suggested course of action.. maybe buy a phone from the Play store… hope a Verizon compatible one will be available when you have to upgrade.

  • MrEnglish

    Darn, I’m running out of negative adjectives to describe Verizon. This is bad. Time to break out the thesaurus.

  • MrEnglish

    What a perfect scam to go along with the tiered data plans. Fail. They will never see this installed on any of my 4 current devices.

    • VZ will probably end up going out of business if this is true 🙁

  • Al

    Verizon just wants more money. They are getting too greedy.

    • trumpet444

      ALL companies and people want more money. Would you turn down a raise?

  • Grandfathered off-contract data. Take that, Big Red. {{^_^}}

  • Use up all your monthly data and make Verizon richer like a boss. {{-_-}}

  • Fun With Drugs

    Way to go Verizon, you’re
    getting shittier by the day. I’ve got 4 more months of your service,
    then it’s on to AT&T, where they at least have better phones.

    • trumpet444

      smaller data plans AND throttling? If I were jumping ship, it’d be to sprint

      • but hold on…have you ever used sprints 3g data? i mean….its completely useless..even more useless than verizons… att sucks too though, so i dont really know

    • TMadd

      “better phones”

      You’re kidding, right? Tell me what “better phones” AT&T has against Verizon’s line-up. I’ll wait.

      • Fun With Drugs

        HTC One X for starters. The Galaxy S II. There are even a few WP7 devices that are better than some VZW phones. Galaxy Note. HTC Vivid, Inspire. LG Nitro.

  • Dexter Ftw!

  • Akuma

    This is hilarious. Isn’t like a typical movie somewhere between 800MB – and 1GB? I hope you don’t also want to check Facebook or something that same month! Welcome to the era of tiered data.

    • MKader17

      Sounds about right. I know that a 30 (22min) Netflix episode is about 250MB. So a 1.5 hour movie would be about 1 gb.

      Try Viewdini! You have the ability to watch 1 movie and then you can spend the rest of your month watching your data usage to make sure you don’t go over!

    • Mchl496

      But I am sure the compression rate will be higher. designed for small screens.

  • Interesting but, to watch Hulu on anything besides a computer you need Hulu plus. And even then you can’t watch half off the stuff b/c they don’t have the “license’s” to stream it. And forget about watching anything from CBS. So no thanks.

  • duke69111

    Verizon wants to move us to a limited data share plan and then they announce a new service/app that will be a data hot…You got to be kidding me. I know Verizon is dumb, but this is just sticking the knife already in my back a little deeper and turning it a bit.

  • Lets plan to cut unlimited data, then announce a streaming video service , kudos verizon you really do know what we want

  • maxoct97

    My thought is that they are going to offer this service and then when they eliminate unlimited data they’ll say that this service does not count towards your data limit (but Netflix still will, so who would stay with Netflix?).

    Think I’m kidding? I think it was UVerse that began to cap data lines, but if you used their video on demand services then that didn’t count toward your monthly cap limit.

    • AE35

      Wrong. It counts towards your cap. Here’s what Dan Mead CEO said about Viewdini:

      Mead said that Verizon has plenty of systems in place to keep customers from unknowingly going over their data limit, including text alerts when customers hit 50 percent, 75 percent and 90 percent of their data limit.“We never want customers to be surprised,” Mead said.

      However, he added that the company also has competitive pricing for customers who find video they want to watch and choose to GO OVER THEIR ORIGINAL DATA CAP. “We look at it as great flexibility for customers.”

      This is a plan to push you into a higher tier.

      • maxoct97

        Yeah, but you’re not hooked yet. When they give it away for “free” you’ll be so grateful you’ll use their service. Right now there’s (with the exception of forcing it on phones), there’s no incentive to use this over Netflix/Amazon/Hulu. However when they add that it doesn’t use data, you’ll jump right over and they can charge a $30/ month TV fee.

  • Verizon, I am confused! Do you or don’t you want me to use LTE? You want to cap my data by making it too expensive, then you want me to use a lot of data and stream video!?

    What would be nice is if they would give an option of charging a monthly fee for this & it wouldn’t go against my data plan.

    • Aaron

      What are you confused about? They give you tiered data plans, then more and more ways to use lots of data so that you have to keep moving up tiers.

      • Adam Metzner

        Even better, they want you to go over the 2 gig plan and have to pay $10 for every gig you use.

  • Eric Phillips

    Are they [email protected] serious??? Kill data then a damn video steaming service!?!?!?!?!? This is beyond ridiculous. When is someone going to stop this BS????!!!!!

    Two can play that game….I am going to stream the living hell out of this on 4g.

  • sparticus

    How much are they going to charge per month for this?

    • Josh Groff

      I wouldn’t mind a monthly charge to use the app if it didn’t suck from tiered data and just used a Verizon allotted unlimited being as it’s one of their services, but I doubt that’ll happen.

    • AE35

      One arm and one leg. You should be good for two months.

      It counts against your data cap. They stated as much in the announcement.

  • MattInPDX

    I thought it was
    Step 1. Collect underpants
    Step 2. …….
    Step 3. Profit

    • trumpet444

      this is awesome. I wonder how many people got this?

      • Nick S

        We won’t stop until we have underpants
        Yum yum yummy yum yay!

  • Better make sure that you have unlimited data…or overage charges galore!

  • FortitudineVincimus

    You know, it’s funny how at times like this they brag about their network and it’s prowess, but then in another story they complain about users bogging down their network and so need to consider cutting out unlimited data and restructre to handle demand. Lots of talking out of both sides of the face with this company,

    • Havoc70

      Thats pretty much the Norm for VZ

  • Guest

    As someone with unlimited data, this is freaking sweet.

    • Jacob121791

      But you won’t have unlimited forever……

      • Brian Barcus

        He, and I, will have unlimited data for as long as we buy our own phones at retail price. The new rules only say we lose unlimited if we get a subsidized phone.

  • Tomhanks

    Just in time for the end of Unlimited data YAY!


  • Chris

    And this is how ridiculous Verizon is by ending the grandfathered unlimited plans! They WANT you to take advantage of 4G LTE but DON’T WANT you to either.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Horrible name and anotehr VZW service I will never, ever use… ever

    • hkklife

      These services will NEVER go away. They will continue to push their own app store, ringtones, video services, VZ Navigator etc. until the end of time.

      I have been with the carrier since they were BAM. Their customer been dealing with the VZW bloatware since they put all of their dumbphones on their lame proprietary red bar UI in 2005ish (that ruined the V3C RAZR, in fact).. Before that we had to deal with antiquated handsets and/or crippled features (no DUN etc).

      Though it won’t do any good, instead of spending $ on developing this kind of crap, I would much rather seeing them beef up their testing teams so we can get updates rolled out in a timely manner AND getting more aggressive in their hardware releases.

      We’re nearly halfway through 2012 and we’ve had only a handful of new phones and they are all low-end and underwhelming midrange devices. It’s so painfully obvious VZW is sitting on a pile of new hardware that will be unleashed after the family data plans appear. Remember how last year they held off on releasing the Droid 3 and Bionic until after the cut-off date for grandfathered unlimited data for new customers(July 6th). I think the D3 arrived literally a day or two after unlimited disappeared.

      • Mchl496

        Or maybe they released it in line with fixing the Bionic and the normal time for the droid bionic. Im on a Thunderbolt with unlimited date and I will be upgrading early and paying for 3 months come july for early termination.

  • florious80

    This is why 4.0.4 was delayed. The update will probably include this new bloatware.

  • Scott

    It works really really well, i got a chance to play with it earlier today. Very smooth and its nice to see an Android first app for once.

  • schoat333

    Oh look, more Verizon bloatware.

    Verizon’s strategy.
    1. Eliminate unlimited data
    2. Introduce our own streaming services
    3 Profit massively $$$$$$$

    • Scott

      yeah… no. Its not bloatware

  • Verizon just officially announced they’re killing data, then they announce a streaming service? Brilliant!

    • they’re certainly becoming experts in the art of gouging their customers

      • lgreg64

        you say gouging I say f***ing

      • no kidding!

    • FortitudineVincimus

      easy way to fight back…. don’t use it

      • Chuckers

        Makes us feel better complaining about it though and dreaming of sticking it to the man.

        Let us have this!

    • Verizon is using the Apple business model.

    • AlexKCMO

      This is also what our $30 Early Upgrade fee goes to.

      Thanks VZW for more crap we won’t need/use.

    • feztheforeigner

      This makes me want to keep my unlimited data even more!!! They won’t ever take it from me!