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Mass Effect Infiltrator Hits the Play Store, Sci-Fi Shoot ’em Up at its Finest

EA has placed Mass Effect Infiltrator on the Google Play Store and it’s another one of those must-have mobile shooter games. If you’re big into Sci-Fi and over-the-shoulder or “third person” games, then this is going to make your fingers quite excited. And before anyone asks, yes the Galaxy Nexus is supported by the game. You play as rogue agent Randall Ezno who must take on an entire army of  Cerebrus baddies. Oh, what fun you will have. The game does cost a hefty $7, but this game may just be worth it. If you try it out, let us know how you like it. 

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  • Neomastermind

    Now it’s on sale in the iOS App Store for $2.99 for the Memorial Day Weekend.

  • This will be just enough to hold me off until Nova 3 and Max Payne release for android. People who complain about $7 amuse me. When you are a console gamer of PS3 and Xbox you are used to shelling out $65 on new releases….what’s 7 bucks for a game you can play while taking a dump lollll

  • JohnPA2006

    Why is Pauly Walnuts from the Sopranos in Mass Effect Infiltrator?
    I have this game on my iPad2 and its fun.

    • JohnPA2006


    • Smeckle

      I guess if you die in the game then that’ll confirm Paulie’s concerns about the “Aprile curse.”

  • El El Kool J

    That video is advertisement for the App Store 🙁 and has a iPad shown!

    • Neomastermind

      Boohoo, it’ll play the same.

  • Mike

    I went ahead and got it… and Im glad I did honestly. Its really cool. Love the way it plays, and runs great on GNex

  • smartrams

    I like how the video says the outcome depends on you, just like the ending of mass effect 3 right?…….

  • Knlegend1

    Works superb on Droid Razr!!! Love the ME universe

  • omniphil

    No support for Galaxy Note (AT&T) 🙁

  • EvanTheGamer

    ‘Bout damn time!

  • Its a great game. I dont support EA mobile either….but the internet can be helpful in finding things to try, before you buy.

  • Kevin McDole

    And again, EA releases another game that doesn’t work on the Rezound…

    • MrCrusha

      It actually does work if you find the bootleg version.

      • Kevin McDole

        I tried that with the Sims…it still threw a fit

  • William_Morris

    Took ’em long enough to give us Android users some Mass Effect love.

  • petrochemicals

    EA Mobile is a joke. There is literally zero support for EA’s mobile division. When you send an e-mail to the provided address for EA Mobile support it is an automated reply telling you to look at the FAQ. It is an endless loop with no one ever to contact. There is a “Live Chat” option on their help page, but of course none of the mobile games are listed as there is no support for their mobile games.

    • John Burke

      If it doesn’t work or stops working after an update they provide you with a refund if you go through the proper channels. I’ve had to do it a number of times with no problem whatsoever.

      • petrochemicals

        And these proper channels are? And where is this information available to get in contact with EA Mobile?

        • SolipsisticPsychologist

          See my comment below about who “Mr. Burke” really is, and you’ll see why he said what he said here, and didn’t follow up to your question with helpful information, and the appropriate channels that he uses to actually get real support. And Google “shill” if you aren’t familiar with that word please.

          • petrochemicals

            I knew he could not follow up, as there is no way to contact EA Mobile. But it does provide more clarification as to why he made a comment that was such an obvious lie. I just thought he was an idiot fanboi.

  • EA has bad support for there games.

  • Jwhap

    I won’t buy anymore ea games. They don’t support you. You buy the game and after an update it no longer works on your device and then you are out money. I won’t do it again. It has happened to me twice now. Madden and Worms BTW.

    • petrochemicals

      Happened to me with Sim City. They literally pulled all support of my NS4G 2 months after I purchased it.

  • Smeckle

    “The game does cost a hefty $7, but this game may just be worth it. If you try it out, let us know how you like it.”
    Isn’t this your job to tell us if it’s worth playing? 🙂 whatever happened to the “apps of the week” stories or whatever? Always looked forward to those to see what good apps DL recommended.

    • SolipsisticPsychologist

      It’s quicker to just take the check from EA for plugging their game, than it is to actually play and review it. I would assume most apps mentioned in the last year are plugs. What happened to app of the week? Same thing that happened to custom ROM Friday’s, cool new apk’s, new Droid Eye Live Wallpapers. Getting paid to plug apps and services is the new motive behind the website. Well, that and getting us to fill out surveys, that are actually orchestrated by companies and carriers. Market Research is made to look like something that the owners of Droid Life actually care knowing about.

      • petrochemicals

        If you think this is a problem on Droid Life, then you really need to avoid Android Central. Sadly this was my fallback site after AC so obviously started getting paid to “avoid” subjects of scrutiny and publishing articles that were clearly paid for. Not really sure where to turn after this.

        • Wayne Randall

          Android Police. much better than DL everyday of the week. these fellas even work weekends.

  • Keii Graham

    I bet this would get a jillionty more sales of it altered the ending to ME3.

  • Christopher Walker

    Why dont you support EA?

    • Anon

      EA treats its employees like slaves and its customers like crap. Why would one support them?

      • John Burke

        Its employees like crap, how so? Can you speak from first-hand experience? I can and I’m treated just fine the past 4years. If you’re referring to QA … unfortunately most companies treat their QA relatively poorly.

        • SolipsisticPsychologist

          Haha! I knew you were a damn shill from your above post saying how it’s not hard to reach EA for support, when every other single person said otherwise, thanks for proving my suspicions, you filthy shill. Crawl back into your EA marketing hole.

  • drparty

    Yeah would be better to have a good game review than just a post, getting this game would be a bit of an investment considering I’d also have to spend time figuring out a good sixaxis mapping for it.

  • fullmetal509

    Hey EA how about you bring me Plants vs Zombies! To my Galaxy Nexus!!

    • Inquizitor

      The Amazon version works. I know, I know, less than ideal, but I finally got sick of waiting and got it off the Amazon appstore. Works like a charm. If only peggle did, though…

    • Keii Graham

      Works on mine…

  • EvanTheGamer: Thoughts?

  • Lambo_21

    *not compatible with OG transformer at the moment… :/

  • Would buy, but will not support EA. oh well. Sounds fun, though.