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China Finally Signs Off on Google’s Acquisition of Motorola, Deal to Close Within a Week

The final hurdle in Google’s acquisition of Motorola has been jumped – China and its antitrust authorities signed off on the deal. Both the European Commission and U.S. Department of Justice signed off back in February, but for whatever reason, China needed more time. Thanks to this final approval, the deal is expected to close within the next week.

What does this mean now? Well, probably not a whole lot in the short term. Google has continued to stand by their “Motorola is completely separate from Google” remarks, so for at least this year, we may not see anything change. Could Google eventually start to produce their own Motorola/Google branded products? Of course they could, but would that scare off many of their other partners in the Android ecosystem?

Via:  WSJ

Cheers Scott!

  • Chromebook next generation; combination between Chromebook, Motorola Webtop and Motorola LapDock 500 Pro.

  • Motorola Bullet and Motorola Jet.

  • First order of business for Google/Moto should be to unlock ALL bootloaders: past and present. {{-_-}}

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  • Rumor. Motorola is releasing all source code for their phones when the deal completes.

  • paul_cus

    Looking forward to what’s next.

  • ya think china would ask the u.s. to sign off on the merger of 2 big companies from china that did business in the u.s.? hahahahaha

  • Bionic

    I don’t think it would scare anyone off. Samsung controls the android Market share and HTC is doing fine. I personally am hoping for just that, Motorola becoming the outlet for google branded stuff.

  • Dr. Daystrom

    There’s already GSM/CDMA capable phones out there. RAZR and HTC Rezound are examples. Verizon will be releasing international versions, but locked to their SIM card. It will take the Google Play store or independent developers to make them truly international capable (use any SIM).

  • LordStickMax

    “…but for whatever reason, China needed more time.” thats a geo-political thing man. they need to make sure that an american/euro company like Motorola won’t hurt one of their cash cows. android and Google powers a lot of their devices. as much as i hate to say it Google has remained a pretty strong international force and has remained, for the most part, non-patriotic to any country. Not to say they are anti-american at all, in fact i find a lot of their practices to be quite inline with american values, i’m just saying they aren’t giving anyone an advantage.

  • Apostrafee

    I do not believe this will change anything as far as Bootloader or a Moto Nexus

  • fgclolz

    The Motorola Droid Nexus! I like the sound of that! 🙂

    • MicroNix

      Already had that. It was the OG Droid. The first real Nexus. Then some schlep at Moto thought a bloated skin that takes current best hardware and turns it to an underpowered POS was the future. Then some schlep at Verizon thought we need VZNav and other craptastic software that I can’t believe ANYONE would ever use and made me beg for the OG Droid back because its performance was better.

      The real question is, what was ever there to stop Samsung, LG, Moto and HTC from making a “Nexus” style phone with a pure Google experience? They could save that money they put into skin development and come out with more timely updates instead. The world would certainly be a better place.

      • MotoBlur started on the Cliq at T-Mobile. Then Verizon imposed it on all their phones after the OG Droid. {{-_-}}

      • BlueLetter

        except blur didn’t make its first appearance on a phone as powerful as the Droid and it didn’t stop the Droid2 and DroidX from being as good as any of the competition.

  • AE35

    Welcome open Google/Moto phones sold on Google Play!

    (I hope this isn’t just a patent play like some are saying)

  • Jon

    Just a few days ago there was news that Google was going to release several unlocked devices from 5 or so top tier manufacturers, to be sold online. Some suggested that Google was doing this to calm any fears from the different manufacturers that Google was going to give special treatment to Motorola devices in being first to have new versions of Android.

    My hope is this…Google is indeed going to leverage Motorola hardware by releasing vanilla Android phones. To keep Samsung, HTC and others from freaking out, they are going to allow other manufacturers to do the same.

    We also know that Motorola phones are most prominent on Verizon. Verizon has scored the biggest exclusives for the best Motorola devices. So one can only hope this means that in the near future, we will indeed see some more unlocked, vanilla Android phones from Motorola and Google, which will also influence other carriers to compete with at least a few unlocked vanilla devices as well.

    It just would not make sense for Google to take the stance that it is with it’s online phone sales, and to allow Motorola to continue to have locked boot loaders and Motoblur.

    Beyond all that, I’m hoping that the forward looking Mathias Duarte has been busy devising a way for manufacturers to add their customizations to Android, without having to completely embed their customizations into the core of Android, thus allowing for easy removal / disabling by users, and maybe even easier updates.

    Google knows this is a problem, they have for a long time. I’m still holding out hope that they will fix this fragmentation issue in a way that all sides win. Users, manufacturers, and Google.

    • I kid, I kid

      I’m sure your a dandy guy, but damn that was long.
      Get a blog!

    • Grasshopper

      And then watch VZW dump motorola phones once it is owned by Google. Or google pull Motorola phones from Vzw.

  • Michael_NM

    Now, if Google would buy VZW…

    • AE35

      It’s a nice thought but I don’t think Google wants a CDMA/ proprietary LTE system.

      Google should buy AT&T or just start their own network from scratch. How sweet would that be?

      • Mike

        I think T-mobile would be more of an option.

        • immabeme

          yep. and all they would need to do is change one letter. G-Mobile.

      • Androidandwp7equalsPower

        I dont think Google would want At&t, it has the smallest coverage of all the major carriers in the USA. I agree, T-mobile would be a better choice.

        • AE35

          oh I thought AT&T had better coverage? Guess not. Never used either one.

          That would be especially good since T-Mo has 4 BILLION in cash from AT&T when the deal fell through. That would buy a few towers.

          Are you listening Google?

    • Austin

      Lol no, google is too pissed over how vzw messed up the nexus

    • blood

      Why not just buy the whole world while they’re at it?

  • deaf star

    the ring is now filled with pitbulls, sharks,
    a few poodles on roids, and the odd painted
    alligator. Let the litigation continue. Whose
    gonna be first to follow Chyna, and jump
    in the pool nekkid?

  • eddieonofre

    A Droid Razr MAXX with unlocked bootlader and Vanilla ICS, CDMA and GSM capable so It can work in either Verizon AT&T Sprint T-Mobile etc.

    Edit: well it will be a Droid if it goes to Verizon only, to any other carrier so I would call it, Razr MAXX Liberty just because it wouldn’t be attached to any carrier

    • Roh

      is that even practical? Isn’t there a good reason devices that can operate on HSPA+ on AT&T usually only operate on edge on TMobile?

      • eddieonofre

        I don’t know the exact reason why is the case, but I’m sure that if a manufacturer get’s its mind into it can build a true global phone, at least I wish so, that would once for all break the verizon only phones and At%t only phones , etc

  • How about Nexus MAXX HD??? With 720p AMOLED screen + 12MPx camera + PURE GOOGLE (NO BLUR and NO LOCKED/ENCRYPTED BOOTLOADER) + 3300mAh battery????

    • 2001400ex

      This is my next phone if Google and Motorola have the balls to do it. Call it the RMX.

    • And slide-out hardware keyboard. {{-_-}}

  • feztheforeigner

    Motorola Nexus here I come!

  • Wishes

    Unlocked motorola nexus, anyone?

    • AhsanS

      With a good screen

      • AE35

        yeah, their screens have been lacking but that may be due to constraints from Verizon wanting to keep costs down.

        Everything else about Moto phones are great AFAIC

        • john

          You forgot about the camera…. far from great on all moto phones..

          • kixofmyg0t

            Youve never known anyone with a Atrix then. Go read reviews, it compares to the iPhone 4’s camera.

          • r0lct

            That’s even worse they finally got it right on the Atrix and then screwed up all the phones after it.

      • RoninX

        And a great Droid 4 keyboard…

        And a RAZR MAXX battery…

        And no Blur…

      • No Pentile. {{-_-}}

    • LiterofCola

      That device would possibly unify all android fanboys again…back to the days of the OG droid.

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  • AhsanS

    Motorola’s devices are great other then their locked bootloaders.

    • MicroNix

      Motorola’s *hardware* is great. Blur and locked bootloaders are not.

      • Jay

        current blur is actually pretty good, only real problem with it is the gallery app

        • RoninX

          Yeah the gallery isn’t that great. Also, I don’t like the way it shrinks everything when you want to move an icon — makes it harder to hit the right spot. But what I really don’t like about Blur is that it slows down the new version releases — but that should be a non-issue after Google finishes acquiring Moto.

          • Jay

            According to Motor themselves its the hardware differences that slow down updates, given how long it always takes get radio issues resolved on any device I can see that being the case.

      • AhsanS

        Agreed with Jay. I’m fine with the current blur.