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This Week in the Life of DROID: 5/18/2012

Image courtesy of Mr. Kover! 

It wasn’t a fun week for most Verizon customers, as Big Red is starting to get everyone comfortable with the idea of taking away unlimited data. They have mentioned that when the time gets closer, that they will lay the options out on the table for their customers to make sure they know exactly what they’re getting themselves into if they choose to sign a new contract. We knew the day would come when they decided to stick us all on tiered data, but it still sucks.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

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  • azndan4

    Cid is so ugly. He lacks personality and mass appeal. Bring back Andy please!

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  • srh12

    5 months in review: Google and Verizon don’t give a flying flip about our Nexuses.

  • Angryunibrow

    Who is the winner of the Tablet in the contest this week?
    Supposed to know by 12pm Pacific….What happened?

  • Still waiting on ICS update for the Rezound…

  • Using ICS and want icons in your app drawer? Check out Apex’s new beta which allows drawer theming. While you are at it, check out Lustre on Google Play – it has Apex theme support built-in. 😀

    • Shameless lol

      • Prime real estate, I should make use of it.

        • Michael_NM

          Didn’t someone get the One X wallpapers out too? Thanks for the save to gallery feature! 🙂