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SonicShare for Android, Convenient File Sharing Between You and Friends

Sharing files and contacts has always been sort of an easy task for Android users. But can you believe it, SonicShare just made it easier. With Sonic, you don’t need a WiFi connection, Bluetooth pairing, Cloud accounts, or anything. Simply choose which files (no format limitations) you want shared and send to your friend/partner who has the SonicShare app installed too. What makes it so easy is that all you need to do is pick a nickname and then that’s it – no account setup or email address is needed. 

If you believe that sharing is caring, give it a try. Oh, did I mention it’s free?

Note: As a commentor pointed out, the service uploads your files to their servers, then pushes them to the other device. Once uploaded, they are then “deleted 15 minutes after initial upload.” So, if you don’t want your important files being tampered with, then you should use caution.

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  • Love the concept, dislike the UI…why is cheating on school exams becoming more easier by the day

  • An app is only supposed to look like this on the napkin when you are brainstorming the idea, it isn’t supposed to make it to the final product. Looks like a cool idea but I had trouble playing Doodle Jump let alone take this seriously…

  • Nemesis099

    I have to say I’m leery with all the access it wants to the phone and the fact you upload the files to their server where it says it will be deleted after 15 minutes

  • Just FYI – this app uploads files you share to their servers (where they say they’ll delete them after 15 min), and the description is in such Engrish that I wouldn’t go near it for sensitive files. Transferring random stuff is probably OK, but be warned.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      Might be a deal breaker for me. A programmer there could set the server to notify them of people sending photos and if they do, go take a peak and see what they are sending… so I bet that could happen.

    • kevinc

      ummm, it’s call PSK encryption. problem solved.


  • mustbepbs

    -10 for the really horrid UI.

  • moelsen8

    off topic, but that legacy menu button hanging out there would really annoy the f**k out of me after a short while. what an eye sore every time i see it.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Apparently no ICS (or possibly tablet) support as it cannot be used on my Prime tablet

  • 11knives

    Great idea… what’s with that ugly UI?

    • moelsen8

      it’s hideous..

  • shehippie

    I like this!

  • New_Guy

    Just the fact that you don’t need wi-fi (Bump) made me very interested in this app. Thanks Tim-O!

  • I could not deal with that comic book speech bubble font on a regular basis.

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