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Thursday Poll: Bigger Deal – Unlimited Data or 4G LTE?

With all of the talk about unlimited data plans over the last couple of days, we thought we’d throw a twist into the situation with a reader poll to see which is more valuable to the community. What if you had the choice between staying unlimited and on 3G or going onto a tier with 4G LTE? Would you give up the speed in order to be able to gobble up as much data as possible at a fixed rate or would you rather have the speed, but still have to monitor usage?

Bigger Deal - Unlimited Data or 4G LTE?

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  • Terrence Strickland

    Unlimited Wimax

  • A_Name

    4G is useless without unlimited data. You can burn through the data allowance that you paid a ludicrous amount of money for in less than an hour.

  • sporttster

    I don’t have 4G in my area, so def unlimited is more important. Besides that fact, I also have Dish with the remote app so I can all my programming live available on my phone or tablet anywhere, so I’m using more data than ever. So definately unlimited data is huge for me.

  • Troubled_Asian

    I personally never use my 4g because of the battery drain (it’s really not all that impressive most of the time anyway…). Where I live, my 3G service is really good. Unlimited wins out any day.

  • Jeremy Morrison

    I use way more data now that I’m on 4G if I were to stay on 4G without unlimited data I’d be waiting for a relative to die to pay for my cell phone bills. Come November 2013 I will be a T-Mobile customer if they should happen to still have unlimited data plans.

  • Azn_Android

    I cannot deal with 3G speeds… but I do not use so much bandwidth that I need the unlimited plan… My double data deal with 4 gb of data is more than enough for me. I barely ever pass 2 gb a month!

  • Tyler Chappell

    I really dont understand all of the people that use so much data by streaming music through Google Music, have these people not heard of putting a 32GB microSD card in their phones? Derp.

  • ChocoTaco369

    What’s ridiculous is as data speeds are increasing, data caps are decreasing. 4G LTE phones use more data than ever, and customers are given less data than ever to use. The end goal will probably be migrating people from $30/month data plans – the industry standard – to something more. $30 just isn’t enough, especially since people aren’t shelling out for minutes anymore and everyone has the minimum talk time on their contracts. Mark my words, back 3 or 4 years ago when 400 minutes wasn’t enough, now you’ll see the “minutes” as the bare minimum – the $30 data standard – and people being forced to buy “higher” data plans.

  • otter34

    Is there a way to find my average usage the past 6 months without calling big red?

  • Nits

    I have unlimited 4G LTE… how sweet is that !!!

  • I’m kinda happy I never got the chance to experience unlimited data, think like everyone else I would just abuse the shit out of it with Netflix and 1080p youtube. Don’t miss something I’ve never had. ๐Ÿ˜› But I’ll say that 4gigs a month on my G-Nex is not that bad. I do more than just sit around and browse the web especially when teathering, but I haven’t hit my limit yet. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Christopher Heuer

    Before getting a 4G phone, I think I only topped 2GB once. Unlimited data isn’t really necessary without 4G LTE imo.

  • Taglogical

    I’d be down with pay for what you use… Since the real problem is the ‘power users’ – the ones who bit torrent 24/7 and do 100GB or more a month via their cell… versus someone like me, who HAS UNLIMITED 4GLTE and I still only use around 10GB/mo… If these ‘whores’ used like I do, then we wouldn’t be talking about any of this because it would be a non-issue for Verizon.

  • Havoc70

    Luckily i have 4G and Unlimited and i plan to keep both until they are pried from my cold dead hands

  • Aaa

    I didn’t get a smart phone until LTE (Thunderbolt) because I knew I wouldn’t have enough patience to wait for a bunch of websites to load. LTE is more important to me.

  • RoadsterHD1

    I want unlimited data. What good is 4G if you run out of data?

  • sgtguthrie

    I don’t understand this poll. It doesn’t reflect the current situation… This isn’t actually a choice anyone will have to make.

    I think a better question for a poll would be how many ppl will leave vzw once they loose unlimited data ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • sk3litor

    This is like choosing between a Ferrari on the sandunes and a dunebuggy in California. It doesn’t make sense to have one without the other. But if it came down to it I guess I’d rather have lte and just pay for more data. I don’t think many people who have experienced 4g lte could ever go back to 3g. Its like swimming through pudding.

  • both i want my cake and eat it to

  • David Hussey

    The real problem with this poll (and VZW’s move) is that unlimited data on 3G isn’t that important. Unlimited on LTE is the real deal, and if it means I never get to buy another phone at a contract-renewal price to keep it, I’m fine with that.

    • Havoc70

      +1000 on this

  • autoverse

    I lived for 2 months tethering on a rooted Incredible, and it was torture.

    Running a wifi hotspot for my ipad, Blu Ray (netflix), and my laptop was a pain. Plus I was on verizon, so anytime a client called, I had to take notes and THEN look up stuff online.

    I ran up about 20-30gb each month.

    BUT if I had 4g, I would use it a lot – especially if I tethered.

    Too tough a decision. I choose death.

  • EvanTheGamer

    You kidding? Unlimited data of course.

  • There is no reason for data caps on 4G. If they did a good job building the infrastructure, which it seems like they did, then data caps are purely there for Verizon to make more money, not for any technical reason.

  • fillyo

    I have Comcast Xfinity 22mb line for a reason, I cannot stand dog slow, don’t understand all those cheap bastards on DSL. 3g is painful after being on 4g. Give me LTE.

  • ozzman

    Ok so i just tested the speed on my phone through a PC
    “TETHER” on a couple different sites and the speed for 3G is not bad
    for me, that is why if I had a choice I would rather stay on my unlimited plan,
    at my work we have what is supposed to be high speed internet which is 3mps
    ” 2 down 1 “, we are a small office with 7PC’s on the internet at all
    times, browsing web, and videos and all that stuff were not supposed to be
    doing while working that we all do, and we donโ€™t have issues with our internet
    at work so here are the result on the test I ran these are test I did here at
    work when im supposed to be doing something else, lol

    Safelink 3Mbs โ€œ2 dwn

    speedtest.safelink.net = ping-25ms
    dwn-1.92 up-.97

    speedtest.net= ping-38ms dwn-1.96

    speakeasy = ing-NA
    dwn- 1.96

    xfinity= ing-57 dwn-1.95

    Verizon 3G Droid Bionic Root โ€œfoxfiโ€

    speedtest.safelink.net = ping-185ms
    dwn-1.40 up-.61

    speedtest.net= ping-137ms dwn-1.79

    speakeasy = p ing-NA dwn- 2.64

    xfinity= ping-141
    dwn-2.40 up-.68

    As you can see 3G is all over the place but the numbers look
    pretty good to me, these test were preformed in southern Idaho Magic Valley
    Area. And that is why I would rather have my unlimited data vs LTE if I had a

  • Joshua Barta

    What speed are we looking at with unlimited data? What kind of cap/throttling/overage charges are we talking about for 4G LTE?

    I know this is an informal poll, but at what point does does the trade-off involved become relevant?

  • DanWazz

    I generally only use 2-4GB of data a month anyway, so the speed is what I prefer. 4GLTE is just amazing.

    However, unlimited data is more important in the way that consumers can’t let these companies charge more for the same service. Consumers are losing this battle and it sucks.

  • Icehunter

    Having capped data on 4g is like have a Corvette with half a tank of gas. With news that Google is moving Nexus through the Play Store, I’m hoping I’ll be able to buy off contract and be able to squeeze more life out of my unlimited. Otherwise I’ll be switching to Sprint until they get rid of it.

  • sog805

    still dont have 4g where I live anyway

  • Sqube

    4G is more important because VZW’s 3G is a fucking travesty. If I was on AT&T, I might be more alright with unlimited data.

    But I’m not, so I’m not.

  • How about we get 4G AND maintain our unlimited data? VZ is doing what every corporation is right now, and that is trying to squeeze as much money from you as they can, because they can. They know that the majority of its customers aren’t either tech-savvy enough to care, or are those people that get comfortable and fear change. BS is what it is.

  • MrEnglish

    Totally surprised at the results as well. Unless there’s 3g out there that is better than VZW in Florida (which there probably is) I would have an easier time managing data than waiting for painfully slow loads. I’m about 80% business user though with no music or movie streaming needs so that may be why some prefer unlimited data. Still, I would think slow unlimited data would not be more desirable than fast managed data.

    • jdwill6283

      Looks like we will just have to find out what the amount of “managed” date will be.

  • Jarred Sutherland

    I sent an email using this form : http://aboutus.vzw.com/php/email.php?id=1

    This apparently sends an email to the CEO of VZW. Around 3PM today I received a call from “The Presidents Office” @ Verizon wanting to talk with me about my email I sent to them. I didn’t get a chance yet, but will be calling them back. It probably wont do a thing, but contact them. Tell them how stupid this whole nonsense is.


  • Matt

    4G = More possible data usage faster therefore both are extremely important.

  • Umm. Unlimited 4G LTE

  • joder
  • Bryan schultze

    lte destroys my battery so bad its turned off all the time. only turn on if streaming a game on nfl app which they just posted that will cost this year now. they are taking enough away but not filling anything back up.m About ready to make the jump after 10 years

  • MattM1974

    I consider myself a pretty heavy data user and I don’t think I’ve ever used 1Gig of data in a month. When I’m at home I am on Wifi and mainly use a Wifi tablet at home.

  • DedliYeti

    I stay on 3G about 99% of the time… the only time I switch to 4G LTE is if I need to access Facebook or stream a video real quick.. then its back to 3G.
    I would gladly give up 4G LTE for unlimited 3G data.

  • By the way, I’m loving how anyone who is in favor of 4G over unlimited data is getting downranked into oblivion.

    Sucks to have to be so weak with your arguments that you need to shutup the opposition.

    • LiterofCola

      Exactly, thank the new Disqus for that

  • Rafy186

    But the problem relies that switching their network completely to LTE suppose to be more efficient meaning if they can offer everyone unlimited in 3g they can more than likely do it in LTE.

  • I’m just happy in that it should increase speeds on the 4G network. I know a coworker of mine that uses his LTE phone as his primary internet connection at home. He hotspots it, and uses it to download torrents, stream netflix, play games etc…. that’s abusive and has to stop.

    • LoyalCustomer

      Then everybody have to pay penalty!

      • ERIC REED

        Everyone loves rooting and getting the free wifi tether download, but as usual some just can’t themselves, and kill it for the rest of us. I would like to give a big shout out to all the a**holes using twenty plus Gb’s a month…Thank You!!!

    • David Hussey

      You’re talking about a different problem. If he’s hotspotting via a rooted hotspot app to bypass VZW’s hotspot plan, then VZW should go after him to solve that problem. Hotspotting legitimately always results in a capped monthly limit ever since hotspotting was offered, specifically to prevent what you describe. You’re mixing up 2 different problems

  • That’s a bit of a trick question. I don’t think carriers could provided unlimited data sustainably without the extra bandwidth they get from shifting people to 4G…