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Temple Run Updated, Compatibility Issues Fixed For ICS Devices Along with Other Bugs

One of the world’s more popular mobile games Temple Run, has received an update this afternoon. Inside the update are numerous bug fixes, along with some resolved compatibility issues for Android 4.0+ devices plus some other graphics-related problems for HDPI devices. All in all, it’s a solid update and users should see the app run smoother than ever.

Are you still enjoying this game or is it time for something new?

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  • Mike

    I’m not really a lucky kind of person I think I will have to pass….

  • Guest

    Awesome. Fixed the issues on my Razr with ICS on it. w00t.

  • boring

    Installed and then uninstalled. Got boring real quick

    • Apostrafee

      I played it for 5 minutes and lost interest. Perhaps I’ll revisit it

  • Havoc70

    Still playing it every once in awhile

  • Mr Waldo

    Ya just missing 10million achievement. Great game considering its free

  • Still playing it pretty regularly, 3 achievements left to go.

  • Third!

    wish I could have been first lol… but yeah its on to the next one

  • did everything but 10M score. bored with it.

    • noyfb

      needs an innovative update to keep me playing, like a new map or something to add more fun. It was fun for 2 weeks but thats it after unlocking all achievements except 5000 meters and 10 mil

  • sc0rch3d

    i played it hard for awhile, but after many many (MANY) unsuccessful attempts at breaking the last few hi scoring objectives, haven’t touched it.

    • hkklife

      Same here. This game was sooooo eagerly awaited for Android and I played it like a mofo for the first week or two it was out and then I quickly grew bored with it. Angry Birds, at least for me, retairs much more replayability.