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Project Glass to Incorporate the Use of Gesture-Based Magic Rings?

According to a new detailed report from Patent Bolt, Google has recently been hard at work coming up with ways to revolutionize the future of mobile technology. Google’s vision of the mobile future could possibly sit with Project Glass, and they are coming up with even more ways to make it an out of this world experience. The newest design details depict a Ring, which serves as a marker for the Google Glasses. With the glasses and ring, Google describes the user controlling actions with a complete library of gestures and movements. 

Off the top of our heads, we can think of a few fun actions we could perform with tech like this. You could swipe your hand from left to right and music starts playing or say you’re looking at a document – you could swipe up and it will upload the file to your Drive account. Maybe you could even write on top of the document with your finger, like a sketch application. The uses could be really interesting, but for now, this is still in the conceptual stage. A guy can dream though, right?

Via: Patent Bolt

  • tom cruze

    anybody see the movie minority report

  • life_imitates_humor

    Dilbert, 10/12/1994

  • mustbepbs

    Great. So not only do you look like a fool wearing Star Trek glasses in public, you also look like an idiot wearing Wonder Twin rings. I don’t want this future.

  • If you read the patent it says “wearable marker” not necessarily just a ring

  • Awkward Wii.

  • Addinsx

    Why won’t my screen take the money I am throwing at it for these?

    • That is because you have to put your money in a mythical package and have people in epic brown uniforms deliver it to me.

      • Mike

        I see what you did there.

        • JustTrollin69

          Wow, did you really?


  • Akilig

    I want to use my middle finger tho, or can we just put this tech into a watch. I would love to pimp out my Citizen Eco-Drive. No? Okay

  • Akilig

    Shut up and take my money!

  • Stewie

    Well they better patent the hell out of it, lest Apple decide to go in that direction ….

    • David

      Lol, Honestly I expected to see new’s of apple filing for a patent of practically the same thing just slightly altered like they did with the whole face unlock thing. -_-

  • Smeckle

    So not only do we get to walk around town talking to ourselves, but now we can be waving our arms around while we do it.

    • …while wearing rings on each hand…

      • You wouldn’t want to wear a ring on a single hand. That would look weird.

        • Well, I’m married, so I already have a ring on a single hand… If i weren’t married I would wear no rings at all.

  • MikeCiggy

    This is kind of lame. I was hoping the project glass would be something very lightweight and “cool”. Now Google is trying to make us look like complete nerds with sensors all over our body. Next is an ankle bracelet to count your steps.

    • Kris Brandt

      What’s wrong with looking like a complete “nerd”? You’re looking up news on a blog about Android phones…

      • michael

        Are these going to replace our phones or are they going to use are phones via bluetooth

  • Michaelvzw

    Nice thoughts Google I kinda like it. Then again if it read you eye movements or something like that to keep it completely hands free no hand gestures at all and it be all eye and voice that would be cool. But hey I like it either way ring or no ring that is really cool.

  • In brightest day…

    • Josh Groff

      In blackest night…

      • Breh

        No evil shall….

    • Michaelvzw

      Its the one ring to rule them all (my precious)