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LG Spectrum Update to VS920V6 is Rolling Out Now

The 127MB (VS920ZV6) update for the LG Spectrum that we found out about last week has started to roll out to all users this morning. If you have not been prompted to update yet, simply head into Settings>About phone>Software updates and pull it yourself.

It may not be Ice Cream Sandwich, but LG sure packed in the bug fixes, app updates, and enhancements. You can read all about it here.

Cheers Travis and Dana!

  • PC_Tool

    Received it on both of our devices last night. 6pm-ish CST.

    (reverted mine back to the only existing 3rd party ROM for this device because of overclocking ability)

  • T4rd

    I hope no one here actually bought this phone (or any LG).

    • Aardvark99

      Where did I read this before?

    • Agreed, there are just some phones that shouldn’t be purchased by anyone. This is one of those phones.

    • PC_Tool

      Bought two of them. Running BrokenOut rom on one of them right now. 1.8Ghz without a hitch. 7590 on Antutu. The thing flies, and the screen is gorgeous.

      About the only complaint I have is lack of 3rd party dev support. I’d love to rock AOKP on this thing.

      What do you believe to be so bad about this device that makes you hope no-one bought it?

      • Dan Treachy

        The lack of 3rd party support is probably why he feels that way

        • PC_Tool

          Totally not the devices fault, nor that of the manufacturer. It’s a decent device…just released at a bad time.

        • T4rd

          That, and if you’ve seen LGs track record for making durable and reliable phones, you’d know it is far behind other OEMs. I don’t know of anyone that had a 100% working LG smart phone less than a year after they bought it or was still happy with it. If you’ve followed any tech bloggers (the Verge, Engadget, Phandroid, etc.), this is pretty much the general consensus of everyone there too. LG makes the most mediocre phones on the market and has consistently trailed other OEMs in hardware and software design.

          You should have got a Rezound with the same Internal hardware, but a better design, build quality, OEM support and dev support if you’re into custom ROMs.

      • hkklife

        Aside from the concerns about no updates and poor build quality, the biggest shortcoming on this phone is simply having too little internal storage. If and when it ever sees ICS, this problem will only become more of a deal-breaker for anyone who wants to install a few Gameloft or FPS games.

        Otherwise, I really like the Spectrum’s screen and overall formfactor.

        • PC_Tool

          My Fascinate is running ICS…

          System memory: 384 MB RAM / 512 MB ROM
          Built-in storage: 2000 MB

          ‘Nuff said?

  • Michael_NM

    How much bloatware did this add? 😛

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