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Verizon to Light Up Even More East Coast Markets With Their 4G LTE on May 17

A few days ago, Verizon announced a slew of new 4G LTE markets that were either just lit up or would be seeing the 4G LTE goodness on May 17. Yesterday, Big Red announced even more markets that would have their switches flipped on starting mid-next week and they are as follows:

  • 30 “communities” in Vermont
  • Jersey Shore and surrounding areas
  • Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  • York, Pennsylvania
  • Cape Cod
  • Long Island
  • Delaware beach communities
  • Outer Banks, North Carolina
  • Ocean City, Maryland
  • Virginia Beach

We noticed that many people were concerned about their coastal cities not receiving the love from Verizon’s 4G, so this should certainly make lots of you happy on the East Coast.

Via: Verizon

  • James Emberton

    Get ready for a data outage.

  • RendarUDL

    Ugh! I am SOOO frustrated. I’m in Westhampton, NY and my service has always been great. But since they started these upgrades I am having HUGE problems. I filed a trouble ticket and they did say that there is a problem in the area. But I have totally lost service in my home now and 4 days ago it was perfectly fine, now I have nothing. If I stand at the end of my drive way I have 4 bars on 4G, but when I walk into my home I can’t even send text messages 3G or 4G. So frustrating. I’m sure they will fix it, but until then this really really sucks.

  • mbaldwin85

    Still waiting on Jacksonville, NC. Rumor has it the 4G interferes with everything on Camp Lejeune (USMC), or vice versa. We have the WORST 3G on base as is. Seriously .87 Mbps down .22 up.

  • SirLancelotTheBrave

    But still no 4g in the Reading, PA area…anywhere west of Oaks, PA is a 4g dead-zone.

    But the Amish get 4g in Lancaster. Because we all know how many of them use cell phones. :-

  • BiG_Weasel

    Why anyone would buy a 3G phone from Verizon this year is beyond me. They’re dropping 4G towers all over the place, and the speed is amazing. “But, its an iPhone 4S!” Yup, it sure is- and you’re paying the same price for data as we 4G users, and getting lesser quality service. That’s “trendy”, I guess.

  • JustinRhode

    When the hell are they going to do anything in MI

  • elcantante

    Fcuking LONG ISLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • iamme

    jersey shores had it for a little over a month now and they are finally announcing it lol

  • Mike K

    Did Verizon forget that Michigan is a state with people still living here?? There might no jobs here but there is people with 4g phones here.

  • Randy

    Myrtle Beach, SC is also getting 4G LTE service on May 17.

  • scottyb112

    Dont forget about myrtle beach, SC is lighting up on the 17th as well

    • Randy

      Holy crap, a scottyb112 sighting!

  • staticx57

    As noted already I live on the jersey shore and i’ve had 4g for well over a month. I think Verizon is behind on their PR instead of the deployment for once.

  • Matt

    I love on cape cod and for the past week or so I’ve noticed some 4g in some areas.

  • Pat Hamilton

    Man, the 4g in Ocean City is already great.

  • Interesting that Virginia Beach is on the list considering they listed the Hampton Roads general area a few months back.. Im guessing this is just a second tower in the area to boost 4G signal and coverage, I have heard that 4G in this area is kinda spotty at the moment

    • Tyler Cameron

      4G in Virginia Beach is pretty horrific. Speeds are SOMETIMES slower than Ev-DO, Verizon desperately needs to upgrade some backhaul here.

  • travisgary

    im the last person in the country that will get it. i live in timbucktoo mn.

    • michaelrobert

      I live in Grand Rapids, MN. Still waiting. You must be in northern MN?

  • ff1198

    4g goodness already in the jersey shore house!!!!

  • Nick

    Mid-to-Lower Delaware is certainly getting some love. I just wish they’d add either Wilmington or Newark to the list so I could have a consistent 4G connection without my phone constantly switching back & forth.


    I told you 90 days ago we had 4G in Lancaster PA. Huff*

  • Lactose_the_Intolerant

    Grats! Lucky bastages… my little podunk town in the pacific northwest wont be getting 4G until two months *after* Hell freezes over.

  • James_Kernicky

    You get 10 miles away from Charlotte and 4g is gone…they need to start giving us more

  • BrianWenger


  • Nathan

    I work in Lancaster and specifically Elizabethtown and Mt. Joy where they say 4G is coming…..its already been turned on since February here. Granted with my Galaxy Nexus it doesnt matter since I have loud static, dropped calls, muted calls, and times where I still sound like I am under water. 4.0.4 has helped but its still an issue.

    • rayj

      Live in Etown as well, been getting 4G on my razr but hopefully it’ll get stronger on May 17

  • MattSweeden

    LOL! 30 “Communities” in Vermont.. xD Rutland is the city its in Verizon

    • Isn’t that the whole size of Vermont?? LOL

  • Mike DeBlock

    Finally some LTE love in VT!! Now if they would just bring it down to southern VT! 😉

    • Thomas B

      We finally have it up in Burlington… very surprised to hear they’re expanding coverage so quickly!

  • Steve


  • how about some love for connecticut…the paths from boston to nyc are almost always covered first…whats going on here?

  • Actually, Asbury Park and Atlantic City, NJ had 4G service when I was there 4/28-5/1. I didn’t realize it was “new” to those areas.

  • TheDude

    Now all Verizon needs are some good phones.

  • belsonc

    Nassau County and I’ve had 4g for over a year, pretty much wherever I am on the island…

    • IFragU

      same here man. i think they’re putting it out in suffolk

  • cransr

    Finally some love for lancaster. We’ve had it for over a month now.

  • Cam

    Still no love here in SoWeGA. 🙁

  • mustbepbs

    Come on, Verizon. When are you going to bring LTE to central New Hampshire? We’re dying up here!

  • Apostrafee


    • Travis John

      I feel you man. I’ve been waiting a long time to read this article.

    • gorexinfx

      About time. Been suffering in Suffolk. Luckily I go to school in the city so I have 4G all the time.

    • BillB14

      Nice. I live just inside the border of where 4G cuts off in
      Huntington. If I go anywhere south or east of my neighborhood, I lose
      it. I will be nice to have it full time.

      • Apostrafee

        I live in Patchogue and they flipped the switch there about a month ago, I thought my phone was glitching out haha will be interesting to see where it actually is

    • SDotNYC

      Pshhh.. I’m in South Baldwin by the water.. I’m lucky to get 1x over here.. I pray for 4G, hell i’d even take 3G right now

    • DanSan

      HELL YES!!! so happy to see it on long island! its spotty, in only a few spots in suffolk county where i live. i freaked when i saw it patchogue. cant wait!!!

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  • Mike

    Is that a white Nexus cover?

  • PMAgent2013

    So all of long island will have 4G?

  • MikeDVM

    Where is antelope valley california. VT gets it before us wtf..

    • SCV is without still as well. The Los Angeles Basin is covered, until you reach about 5 min south of us. We were supposed to get the switch flipped in Jan, but hasn’t happened yet. Annoying.

  • hkklife

    Still waiting on Myrtle Beach SC. I have to go there once a month for work so LTE would be fantastic.

  • TJ

    Jersey Shore, PA?

  • Troy Sanders

    Half of LI already has 4G LTE coverage, but its nowhere near as good as the city. hopefully they expand AND improve.


    • Tripod4

      Beat me to it; Avicii access speeds 900% faster

  • Clifton

    They need to come down to the Third Coast.

    Corpus Christi is one of the few major Texas cities left without LTE.

  • really need bloomsburg pa to be on this list at some point. 3g is so unusable there, its kinda pathetic.

  • Tom

    LI?! Finally! Now perhaps I’ll have stronger signal.

  • MrSteve920

    Shout out to the Delaware beaches!