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Skyvi for Android, Another Siri Knock Off that Actually Works Properly?

There is no shortage of Siri wannabes in the Play Store, but it is a change to see one that has great ratings and actually works as intended. With Skyvi, you can handle the main tasks that one would usually use Siri for – such as checking local weather, texting friends, and getting directions. The app was pushed to Play sometime earlier this year and we’re bummed that we are only just now hearing about it. For folks who are still looking for their very own Android personal assistant that talks to you in a sexy computerized voice, give Skyvi a go and let us know how you think it compares to other Siri competitors for Android. 

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Cheers Justin!

  • Weirded Out

    Skyvi doesn’t like Jews. I asked her if she was an anti-semite and she said “Yes, how did you know?” So yeah…That’s weird.

  • PHil

    Love Skyvi, voice S doesn’t hold a candle to it.

  • cbreezie

    skyvi stopped talking how do I get it to talk again… I love ths app we have loads of fun with it and she seems to know my voice as well as my friend

  • me

    Na lads. For non search this actually blows Google away. Google should buy this. Obviously siri and apple are the pits

  • David Toney

    You need to able to simply tell it a phone number that not in your contacts and have it dialed. It opens navigation to a chosen place as fast as lightening. But the wording to get it to search for a location is ridiculous. But like I said once you learn the wording it’s extremely fast. Opening all applications of your phone is a basic need. It doesn’t. It’s especially telling when you can’t open the calender. I’ve taken this app off and onto my phone four times. And I’ve tried them all. There is something I like about it. Such as it gives you a choice of having texts automatically sent or sent manually. Though Speaktoit seems to get higher ratings…I think Skyvi could pass them all by with a little care to the basics. Get on the ball and you could charge for it.

  • Nick

    Skyvi is decent. I have it downloaded on My phone and it is good to kill time with. But I don’t think it is a good as siri yet. A lot of the time she doesn’t understand what you say, and she doesn’t give full descriptions on questions you ask her. But doing simple things like texting and updating Facebook are really good. If they work on this App some more, then I think it would be a great one.they also need to let her open the calender like siri can and allow her to set reminders.

  • Love it. It’s everything I was wanting out of siri with just one regret…it doesn’t have calander access. As soon as it does it will have satisfied my itch to trade in (downgrade) for an iphone.

  • peewee

    I downloaded skyvi and used for a day. next day, the voice was gone. what do i do to fix that?

  • Devilsephiroth

    Have to give this a try at least

  • cizzlen

    Another Siri knock off that most Android users couldn’t care less about whilst boasting about being being able to compete with Siri just for the sake of competing with Siri. Yay.

  • The random tips the app gives me after most commands I are annoying but what bugs me the most is under it’s list of possible commands it says “Try to find everything I can do.” Really? knowing everything I can do with the app is supposed to be a game? A list of all possible commands would be nice.

  • Still waiting for a 100% hands free Jarvis-esq type of voice command

  • niteperson

    I’m not sure what’s going on, but Voice Search no longer allows me to send a text to a contact. I say something like “Text {contact} message This is a test”. The “to:” field ends up blank with “{contact} message this is a test” as the message. This used to work just fine, but doesn’t now for some reason. Vlingo, on the other hand, handles it beautifully; even opens several of my apps.

    • I’ve been having the same issue lately. It’s quite aggravating.

  • thetwostep

    I think your missing another good SIRI replacement. Speaktoit Assistant

  • joe buck

    Still waiting for udder

  • dean2359

    I actually like a similar app called Jeanne,seems to work well,anyone else try this?

  • rosariorose9

    I use the stock ‘Voice Commands’ (which I have set to activate by two taps on my home screen button) to voice activate apps, check phone status, check voicemail, etc. In conjunction with Google’s ‘Voice Search’ it does everything I could do with Siri.

    • Raven

      Create calendar entries?

  • I’ve ben using Iris for two months now and its great. but i totally agree. siri-ish is pointless. and google voice gets the job done too

  • Goldenpins

    “There is no shortage of Siri wannabes in the Play Store”

    Really? considering we’ve had these type of apps before Apple now there just wanna be Siri.

    • Well, when most of their names directly play off of Siri, that’s what I call a wannabe 🙂

      • Goldenpins

        Tim, theres tons of voice action wanna be personal assistance apps in the market. the average reader doesn’t know who came first. Most Apple users think that the last update they only copied Google on the cloud front.. Not notifications, pull down menus and voice actions.

        You and i both know the tech was out on Android first, but anyone stumbling into your article will think the tech was also copied besides a similar name. Android has been branded by Apple as copying them.When an Android site says “Siri wanna be” without pointing out there playing off the Siri name, they will assume the tech was copied.

        • What would you have me say? The app in the Play Store is called “Skyvi – Siri for Android”

          Not once do I mention who came up with the technology/software first. That’s a discussion I save for people in the comments section and Apple’s lawyers. As far as I’m concerned, my title is justifiable given the app’s Play Store name.

          • Goldenpins

            “Not once do I mention who came up with the technology/software first.”

            That’s exactly my point. you should mention that, not just write it off as a “siri wanna be”. Uneducated readers will just assume everything was a copy not just a play on the name.

            I guess Droid world and Droid lifestyle are copies of Droid Life.

          • I’l make sure to touch on that next time. Thanks!

  • FknTwizted

    Used it for about 10 minutes. But unfortunately not solid yet… but then again I like my voice searches like I like my women… tell them what to do and they don’t talk back!

  • Saw a Skyvi demo… it makes Siri’s voice recognition look brilliant.

    And for those saying Google Voice Actions and Voice Search are equivalent… no, they’re not. You can do a few things with stock Android that you can’t on iOS, but it’s a lot easier for normal, everyday people to say “what’s the weather like tomorrow?” instead of “WEATHER AUSTIN” like they’re… well, androids.

  • br_hermon

    I tried this app about a week ago and wasn’t that impressed. After nearly ever single command it would give a “tip” like I can also send texts, tell me send text. It got annoying really fast. Plus I didn’t see a lot of different commands you could give it. Meh…. I’m waiting for the developer behind Utter to come through. For the time being, standard Google Voice Search does just fine for me.

  • Iris was great before they involved ChaCha….

  • MrEnglish

    Pretty cool. Seems better than most of the other players. Not Siri competitive really, but for the OS and for what it is, I like it. I don’t see using it for more than cool factor but I have sent and replied to texts, with success, and done weather and item searches also with success to a higher degree than its predecessors. If it improves, it’ll be one to watch. Going to have some fun with it for a while for sure.

  • sk3litor

    Its definatly not “AWESOME” but it does work really well when looking for places such as “where’s the nearest mcdonalds” or things like “tweet ‘Droid life is the cats pajamas'”. Somethings not so much like proper nouns such as names in contacts but there’s other great features like setting beacons.

  • what the hell is with the coins??? come on … morons…

  • ajkowal

    Me: “Send text”
    App: “Send text to who?”
    Me: “Hanna Britton”
    App: “Panera Bread Panera Bread? Im sorry, I cannot find a matching contact for Panera Bread Panera Bread”

    Don’t like this app -_-

    • Paolo_Ozaraga

      maybe because you’re in the reality where your wife survived the car crash?

    • MKader17

      Reminds me on Google Voice Search I live on a road pronounced ‘barrack’, but every time I try to navigate there is tries to navigate me to “eric”, “bear rack” “merrick” “barett”, “berry” “varick”, or “derrick”. Unfortunately if I just say “Barack” my phone usually understands it and the spelling is similar enough it corrects it when going into navigation.

      • chudilo

        There is personal recognition for that.. If you want it to be Really accurate. I’t sunder Voice settings.

    • I lol’d at Panera Bread Panera Bread

  • Chris

    Is the app seriously called Skeevey?

  • FortitudineVincimus

    “sexy computerized voice”

    WTF.. you kidding..that is the same crap jittery computer voice from Apple for like the last 10 years

    • /facepalm

      yea, it is…try to read these with a light heart

      • FortitudineVincimus

        It’s hard to be light hearted when these are the topics I have to look forward to reading about.. Can you throw in an Instagram one today by chance?

        • If you really want, I think there was a Facebook update I could write about? 😛

  • I used Skyvi once and every single time it kept asking me “Why don’t you say send a text?” after anything I asked it. Got tiring and annoying real fast. You guys are forgetting about Nuance’s Dragon Go. Sure it doesn’t speak out loud, but it has better results than Skyvi. Also for some info, Nuance is the company who powers the servers behind Siri. Downside is Dragon Go currently isn’t compatible with ICS.

    • Brian Reynolds

      Dave, I have Dragon Go on my GNex. Seems pretty compatible to me. I use it all the time.

      • How did you get it installed? Their description on the web interface for the Play Store says it’s not compatible with ICS, and searching for it on the device turns nothing up.


        Nevermind, looks like they just updated it to include official support! 🙂

  • Aardvark99

    Did you hear about this from All About Android?

    • FortitudineVincimus

      If you pay attention across a lot of the tech blogs, they all borrow and reuse the same content written by 1 person too fill their blogs with content. Not saying it is the case in this post, but it is often done here and elsewhere.

      • Aardvark99

        I read quite a few android/tech blogs daily. This app isn’t exactly “breaking news” but was featured on said podcast this week so I kinda wondered. But hey maybe it’s making the rounds on the internets due to s-voice (or whatever the SGIII’s Siri-clone is called).

  • Destroythanet

    Did you know that when you ask Siri, “What’s the best smartphone ever?” it answers, “The Nokia Lumia 900!” Haha!

  • Wasn’t google supposed to be coming up with their own version of Siri? Anyone think that we might see it at Google IO?

    • Matthew Merrick

      +1 to you for remembering that.

      called Project Majel, BTW. 🙂 looking forwards to it.

  • Aardvark99

    I really want something to replace the MotoBlur voice command application to work with a bluetooth headset. Something that can voice dial and send texts totally hands free (blur’s can’t send texts). Google can start a new text, but I can speak the message text w/o hitting a button on the screen. VLingo won’t use my BT headset to listen or respond (uses mic/speaker on the phone – but maybe this has changed, I used it awhile ago). Skyvi seemed to work OK, but it left my GPS active and drained my battery in like 45 mins.

    Any suggestions?

    • Dr_Buttballs

      Vlingo works fine with my bluetooth headset, and just in case you didn’t know (I’m assuming you do though) you have to tell Vlingo to listen over bluetooth in the settings.

      • Aardvark99

        I’ll re-install and try it again. Last I tried it they only supported some bluetooth headsets that used some type of higher-quality BT protocol like what wireless headphones use (“A2DP”)

        • Dr_Buttballs

          I’m not sure where my headset falls into the high-end, low-end category. It’s a Jabra BT125 if that tells you anything. Only cost me around $20 a few years ago.

      • Vlingo does not connect bluetooth with my Camaro 🙁

  • EvanTheGamer

    I think I actually used this one before. Didn’t seem to work that well for me, uninstalled it a week later.

    Honestly, I’m still waiting for that true Siri type of app…but don’t think that kind of app will be available any time soon. There will always be alternatives, but usually the alternatives aren’t as great as the original.

  • wickets

    if you have any hint of an accent these ‘assistants’ are all useless

  • I downloaded and upgraded the Iris app for Android a while back. I hardly use it and I don’t think another app would change that. This is especially true considering how powerfully accurate Voice Search is.

    Perhaps I should give it a try. It’s free, after all, and I’m sick of manually navigating to various locations by typing in the locations (so tough, I know).

    • Lakerzz

      I navigate a lot using google voice search. I love it.

  • AlexKCMO

    Hey Tim,
    We see these posted all the time, is there any chance we could get a round up and in-depth review of each?

  • I already have an Android personal assistant. It’s called Google Voice Search and it comes with Android. And it saves me time. Instead of saying to Siri “Are there any Starbucks near the place I am currently located” or something as stupidly verbose, I can just say “Map of Starbucks”. Voice search is extremely powerful and can do nearly everything Siri can.

    • Completely agree. People do not understand how powerful and useful google voice search is.

    • Stephen D

      I tell people that all the time. Google’s voice recognition does nearly everything Siri does. Sure, you can ask Siri to help you hide a body, but it isn’t in any way useful.

      • JSIN

        you dont hide many bodies?

        • guest

          if you have to ask siri you’re doing it wrong

    • The one thing Voice Search cannot do that I wish it could is interact with the calendar. I simply don’t understand why it can’t.

      • Im not positive but I think you have to enable it to include the search to calender. There are many options you have to enable/disable with checkboxes. I think its under the main Settings under Search or something.

        • Nope, you cannot search or interact with the calendar in any way with Google Voice Search, or good old fashioned text search for that matter.

          • michael

            You ask google for something and it just does it, and doesn’t talk back, that’s what i like.

    • MrEnglish

      Totally agree. Even thought I’m a hack when it comes to new apps and I do LOVE Siri, as well as this offering for the Android OS; Google Voice search is awesome, quick, and generally accurate enough to be viable. They definitely did it right on ICS. Wasn’t too please with the results on my older devices but I’ve found it useful on my Gnex for sure.

    • I agree with you but I like the fact you could talk to Siri in plain English.

      • JSIN

        google voice understands plain english….

      • As far as I know Voice Search understands English just fine. It had better, that’s the only language I speak.

        Also, I would rather speak a quick succinct command than a drawn out, wordy sentence.

    • Also agree. Siri is just a pseudo-personified voice interface that Google does a lot better. I have a feeling if Apple made a sock-puppet look like it was talking in Siri’s voice, it would have been called the invention of the decade.

    • Rick Reumann

      How do you open up applications with Google Voice Search? Doesn’t seem to do that. (Neither does Skyvi from what I can tell?) So for now I’m just sticking to Vlingo. Yea, Vlingo doesn’t do calendar entries but that’s not a high priority for me.

  • It annoys me third party programs can never interact with Google Voice

    • ATBvsBFZ

      Hoping voice actions get integrated into Jelly Bean APIs. That way all apps can use it.

    • Master O’Disaster

      You are incorrect. The SwiftKey keyboard interacts with Google Voice.

      • it inputs data into it… it’s a keyboard. Does it learn your texting habits from it like it will from the native MMS app? No. Another examples all the third party apps that replace the native MMS app… are there any third party apps to replace the Voice app? No.