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Video: ASUS Padfone Receives an Unboxing, Now This is Boxception

It seems like we have been hearing about the ASUS Padfone for years now, and it still isn’t out. If you have been waiting for a phone that comes with a stylus that docks into a tablet that turns into a laptop, this video should whet your appetite a bit. The good people over at NetbookNews got their hands on the crazy device and unboxed all of the boxes for you, showing off everything that ASUS has up their sleeve.


If Ice Cream Sandwich wasn’t enough on one device, how about all three? The phone, tablet and resulting laptop all run Android 4.0, and pretty smoothly from what the video shows. Remember it does have a Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor in it, clocked at 1.5GHz. The phone’s screen is a 4.3″Β Super AMOLED display and the phone has an 8MP camera on the rear that also is the camera the tablet uses.

You have to watch the video to really understand how it all, literally, fits together. It’s an interesting device andASUS may have an audience here, the device(s) are certainly something to talk about if nothing less. Any readers planning on picking this up when it finally hits stores?

Via: Phandroid |Β NetbookNews

  • Thomas Partida

    did she say QHD!? Nah… pass.

  • cizzlen

    She sounds hot. I love nerdy chicks.

  • paraplu

    I would like the phone without everything else.

  • Rob Fisher

    There is talk of an LTE version of this around September time — try googling padfone second generation LTE. Whether it “comes to Verizon” or not I have no idea. Do people in the USA just buy phones outright or does the operator always have to approve?

    • Jason

      With Verizon and Sprint, the carrier has to approve – they run on CDMA networks that don’t use SIM cards, so the ESN (MEID) has to be in the carriers database, or they won’t activate the phone. The only way that an ESN can be added to the carrier’s database is if the carrier is the one that sells the phone.

  • if only this could run on verizon 4glte. id be sold.

  • Hate to bring it up but it looks a lot like an iPhone from the front. The speaker/camera. It could pass for an iPhone 5 concept.

  • Shaun.Ober

    I wonder what else the stylus can be used for since it vibrates! HaHa.

  • Chris Amaya

    Is it just me or does the phone initially look like a Galaxy Nexus?

  • Austin

    Im on bored, it looks 5xs nicer then the gs3. Looks like asus should enter the smartphone market. I would deffiantly buy this

  • Lane252

    so does she ever speak of anything else “PRICE WISE” ??? stupid snowmexican

  • Lane252

    i prefer hearing Kelix review

    • La2da

      Kellex prefers it if you’d spell his name right.

  • Tyler Chappell

    The only downside to this is the ridiculous price. And sometimes it really would be better (and even more cost effective) to have two separate devices (ignoring the keyboard dock) instead of this. Nonetheless, I love it for how innovative and seemless it is.

  • I wish the Gnex had a tablet dock like this… I’m tempted to try and modify it to make it work with MHL…

  • This will probably come to T-Mobile, at which point, I will leave Sprint for it.

  • qHD…

  • guest

    “it’s such a light phone!” , smh

    • evltwn

      actually she repeats how light it is at the end of the video with the battery in… just sayin.

  • likenother


    • evltwn

      nice to see a new phone running ICS without the manufacturer thinking you need soft keys.

  • ASUS needs to make more PHONES!!!!

    • Austin

      Yes they really need to enter the smartphone market, most attractive phone i have seen in a long time

  • Cowboydroid

    Those widgets are awesome.

  • CNET has the MSRP listed at 1000.

  • RegKilla

    “Aaaaah Got A Vibration!”

  • Brandon Sikes

    I’m just gonna venture out and say this’ll never come out on Verizon. You may see it on At&t, but I’d be more willing to say it’ll have to be bought unlocked and only working on hspa+

  • Azn_Android

    Asus is a company that I seem to like for some reason. They seem very reliable and seem to make very decent offerings. I can’t wait to see what comes from them in the future. On a sidenote, I’m really impressed with these no-name manufacturers or manufacturers who are new to the smartphone business… Asus and Huawei are great examples of that. Their D Quad really interests me and I can see Huawei become a major brand in the future. I wish they’d get a prettier logo though ;P

  • Helvetical

    Is it really pronounced “ay-soos”? I thought I heard during a presentation by Asus themselves that it’s pronounced “ay-suhs”, but I hear a lot of online people pronounce it the first way.

    • Brandon Sikes

      It really is pronounced “ay-soos” as you put it.

      • I’ve heard ASUS pronounce it
        “ay-suhs” during their presentations….I’ll go with that

      • Asus

        I thought it was pronounced “Asses”

  • getitoutme2

    Oh wow. I had no idea it was pronounced ‘Asoos’ … or is that just because she’s Canadian?

  • Does anybody really NOT get the idea of the bluetooth stylus/phone? She sure didn’t seem to. So here’s the scenario……You’ve got the phone docked into the tablet, say watching a movie or playing a game, or even using the stylus to takes notes….whatever…..and what happens? A phone call! Imaging that! And what are you going to do? Hold the entire 12 inches up to your ear? Noooooo! Fumble around to take the phone out of the tablet? You’ll never get it out in time! So you just click the side of the stylus and take the call. How ingenious! Verizon, you have to offer this to us!

    • Keith Norris

      I was just about to ask can we use a 4G sim card from Verizon to work this phone?

  • kingsfan33

    why are canadian chicks hotter than ours?

  • HereComesDaBoom

    That is pretty slick but when she put them side by side that fucker is huge when all assembled.

  • br_hermon

    Honestly, I don’t have the money to blow but… if I did, I’d really consider this setup. I’m really excited over the tech and concept here. I love it. (of course ask me again once I see it, in hand) Question is though, what carriers (if any) are going to carry this? Plus we all know that carriers inflate the price of their tablets compared to their wifi only counterparts. It will be interesting to see how they price it. In addition, is each carrier going to want to differentiate and have their own version? Plus there’s the fact that whether its 3G or LTE may impact the design.

    There’s deff. some hurdles to over come but this could be VERY promising if implemented correctly (given the track records of US carriers, I doubt it will πŸ™ ) Best of luck to Asus, to what I feel to be a very impressive and ingenious product.

  • I’d buy this in a heartbeat if it was on Verizon. Sure, they’re saying $900 (too lazy to check the exchange rate), but that’s likely before the subsidy kicks in. If it could get down to $400 for the phone and tablet, I’d happily hand over my credit card.

  • RoadsterHD1

    This is the BOMB!!!! Best idea for a phone/pad/laptop. I love this.


    yea, what nathan coulombe said… but at the same time.. its pretty thick.. and doubt it will be cdma for vz πŸ™ or lte… πŸ™

  • ruckles

    this isn’t boxlife, we don’t care about the box and the papers, just show the devices.
    Couldn’t finish video i got so bored with ‘unboxing’

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio


  • so can you use the tablet without the phone?

  • Dan

    While the whole setup is nice, I think I would be even more interested in just getting the phone. Gorgeous design, sleek, thin, practically skinless and ON SCREEN KEYS. At least one manufacture gets it. Sammie(Except Nexus), HTC and Motorola need to jump on board.

    • Austin

      Agree 100%, a rookie at the the smartphone market gets it better then sammie,htc,and moto

  • On screen buttons… hallelujah.

  • Liderc

    Shouldn’t they tell the camera man to keep out of the damn shot lol.

    lol and to stop doing construction during the unveil.

  • moelsen8

    hahaha boxception. you get a +1.

  • James_Kernicky

    ahhhh got a vibration!

  • GrillMouster

    It would be cool if the tablet had its own processor and RAM. Then, it could operate independently of the phone, and when the phone was in it, both processors would work in sync with one another, effectively doubling the processing power & memory. This would prevent the tablet from slowing down when I’m taking a call while using the pad. Also, if it could combine the pad’s own Wifi chip with the phone’s Wifi/4G, it could be capable of faster download/upload speeds. Just dreaming.

  • viewthis66

    i like the ASUS skinning on ICS for the phone. i like the ASUS widgets. i like the notification bar quick controls. i want that on my G-Nex. in regards to the Padfone, since it’s the first one i will wait a bit for this to evolve, but it’s definitely the future.

  • ChuckDz3

    She got really excited when the stylus had vibration.. πŸ˜›

    • Timmy Blume

      She said she was going to take it out for a spin later.

  • Still waiting to connect my phone to a dock and have a Linux desktop. However, if I had the money to blow, I would be all over this.


  • Tom Luley

    If this thing was on Verizon and had LTE, I would probably be all over this.

    • I don’t even know how to explain my desire for this thing (if it was on VZW).

      • Michael

        Been waiting to see this for 16 months since it was shown in January 2011 CES. It looks awesome. I have a bad feeling it won’t come to verizon. This is a great concept. I wish they made a universal tablet that would work with most phones all you’d need is the right plug and an adjustable slot for your phone. I so want one very bad.

    • AlexKCMO

      Agreed times 100000. I’m giving my wife my Rezound and taking her upgrade if this comes to VZW.

    • Chris

      Seriously, I want one, now, on VZW. Would like LTE, but would still consider it w/o.

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    • theentropic

      I would shell out and just play full price for this bad boy, that’s how freaking awesome I think this thing is.

  • steve30x

    Ok now this combination actually makes sense having a tablet and phone work together.

  • TimXer

    I’m sorry, but why does this phone look as sweet or sweeter than anything else out right now (OK, most, not all)…is ASUS even in the phone game? Sad that perennial “pros” are getting whipped by a rookie…I’m interested, based on my TPrime that is still rocking!

  • Intriguing.

  • sillyrabbittricks4kids

    This is great!!!

  • mike

    poor design!

  • killdash9
    • Aaa

      For the smartphone and tablet…

  • Nathan Coulombe

    If the combination price of all three is less than that of a phone and a tablet, hell to the yea. If carriers get all pissy about the data usage and want to charge more, that may sway my decision. However, I really like the idea of utilizing the phone as the core of your tablet, and keeping everything in sync – no cloud needed. I also like the idea that you theoretically should only be paying for one data line, and thus can still get 3/4G on your tablet without another contract.

  • Tripod4

    THIS should be named the transformer series. It’s like when all the robots got together and formed MegaTron.

    /just makes sense.

    • vy

      Form Devastator.

      • SKAVENG3R

        Good fix on the megatron.

    • Sjschwar

      more like voltron or megazord

      • AlexKCMO

        +1 on Megazord.

  • Paradisimo

    That guy really needs to clip his nails.

    • Paradisimo

      NM, didn’t have the sound onto hear it was a chick.

      • Sven Enterlein

        Haha! I don’t have sound either πŸ˜€

        • Sven Enterlein

          Or see the reflections DUH!

    • Sven Enterlein

      He needs them for removing the packaging!

  • Cam

    Hopefully we see some package deal like this for the next Nexus phone/tablet/laptop dock. And, hopefully from Asus.

  • awesome