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Video: ASUS Padfone Receives an Unboxing, Now This is Boxception

It seems like we have been hearing about the ASUS Padfone for years now, and it still isn’t out. If you have been waiting for a phone that comes with a stylus that docks into a tablet that turns into a laptop, this video should whet your appetite a bit. The good people over at NetbookNews got their hands on the crazy device and unboxed all of the boxes for you, showing off everything that ASUS has up their sleeve.

YouTube Preview Image

If Ice Cream Sandwich wasn’t enough on one device, how about all three? The phone, tablet and resulting laptop all run Android 4.0, and pretty smoothly from what the video shows. Remember it does have a Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor in it, clocked at 1.5GHz. The phone’s screen is a 4.3″¬†Super AMOLED display and the phone has an 8MP camera on the rear that also is the camera the tablet uses.

You have to watch the video to really understand how it all, literally, fits together. It’s an interesting device andASUS may have an audience here, the device(s) are certainly something to talk about if nothing less. Any readers planning on picking this up when it finally hits stores?

Via: Phandroid | NetbookNews

  • Thomas Partida

    did she say QHD!? Nah… pass.

  • cizzlen

    She sounds hot. I love nerdy chicks.

  • paraplu

    I would like the phone without everything else.

  • Rob Fisher

    There is talk of an LTE version of this around September time — try googling padfone second generation LTE. Whether it “comes to Verizon” or not I have no idea. Do people in the USA just buy phones outright or does the operator always have to approve?

    • Jason

      With Verizon and Sprint, the carrier has to approve – they run on CDMA networks that don’t use SIM cards, so the ESN (MEID) has to be in the carriers database, or they won’t activate the phone. The only way that an ESN can be added to the carrier’s database is if the carrier is the one that sells the phone.

  • if only this could run on verizon 4glte. id be sold.

  • Hate to bring it up but it looks a lot like an iPhone from the front. The speaker/camera. It could pass for an iPhone 5 concept.