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Is Google Working on Their Own Native Gaming Center With Google+ at the Center?

Google is looking to improve a few of their services in the near future, and in this case: build a new one. Google+ has had a gaming center for a while now, whether or not it gets used as much as Google wants it to is another story. But now, rumor is that Google is looking to expand that into a full fledged Android Gaming hub.

Most likely taking a few cues from Apple’s Game Center, users will be able to read leaderboards with friend’s scores and battle against them to try and beat their numbers and times. Since it’s heading towards social it would be only obvious to use Google+ as a center of all this. Could we hear more about this when we learn about the Nexus tablet later this year? We’re gonna have to wait and keep a look out.

Via: Phandroid

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  • Bob Martin

    Is this gonna run IOS or Android?

  • trumpet444

    +10 because Feint and scoreloop kinda suck

  • trumpet444

    I really hope Google does this. The Game Center was one of the coolest thing about the ipad (that I used to have)

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Google+ Google+ Google+ Google+ Google+ Google+ Google+ Google+ Google+ Google+ Google+

    it’s everywhere.. ugh – please make it stop

    • Bob Martin

      I wonder if this will run IOS

  • I guess we’ll find out from our friends with iOS devices.

  • Add Diablos 1-3 and all the World of Warcraft games and you are SET. {{-_-}}

  • With the popularity of Android gaming, I find it very hard to believe Sony has passed up on delivering on an Xperia Play II this year or another manufacturer making an Xperia Play like device. It’s face it, on screen controls suck. There is NO replacement for an actual game controller built into the phone. Sony is stupid not to make a follow up Xperia Play device. They need to combine the ideas of the Galaxy Note and Xperia Play IMHO 😀

  • AlexKCMO

    This would be awesome. Finally, I wouldn’t have to root just to back up my scores on Where’s My Water, Quell/Quell Reflect, Angry Birds Galaxy, etc etc etc.

    (Tablet is not rooted, phone is).

  • r0lct

    I have to say now that I have my Kindle Fire running AOKP I’m less excited for the budget Nexus tablet. Hopefully we’ll get a second more robust option to play these games.

  • Joe Fischer

    Finally. I am so sick of stuff like Feint which doesn’t even work on my G-Nex trying to obtain any sort of leaderboard functionality. Can’t wait to destroy you guys in Tripletown 🙂

  • If they do this you can almost gurantee that iOS will get it and we won’t.

  • AnotherAndroidKid


    But seriously, not a single post or update May 9 going by without an OTA for ICS on Rezound?

  • Openfeint makes the game lag… can’t wait for this.

  • Google announced they were doing this about a month or two ago. They said they want to create one gaming experience, so that browser games, Android games, and even TV games are the same games, and you can play them anywhere you want while keeping all of the game data, and that it will be centered around Google+. I believe they even released some developer tools for it, to help people develop these unified games.

  • Michael Forte

    Maybe this is why iOS saw an update for Google+ but not Android yet.

    • Took a look at it on my brothers phone last night. I really like what I saw… very smooth.

  • BrianWenger

    Sounds pretty cool. Now app/game developers need to be able to save app/game data on the Google Drive. Perfect.

    • michael arazan

      Wait a minute, Google+ has a gaming center? I never even heard that it did until now.

  • Tyler

    This would be awesome! They should name it Google Play … oh wait that names already taken >:(

    • Google ‘Play Games’? Everything else is labeled in this fashion. ‘Play Music’ ‘Play Store’ ‘Play Books’ ‘Play Movies’…

    • Marvin Ramselaar

      Sorry! This name has already been taken!


  • What game is that in the picture?

    • [email protected]
      • Raven

        I think you nailed it although it just says it is for xBox 360, so I sure hope that is not just a faked up screen shot and they are really trying to port it because it looks awesome on a tablet.

  • Sounds like a good thing, more users on google+ plus a nice competitive way to play games

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  • jimbodean
  • PhillipNorris

    i would like to know what game that is in the screenshot.