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First Wave of CM9/AOKP Theme Manager APK’s Start Popping Up

If you happen to be running the newest builds of CyanogenMod or AOKP, then you already know that they have the popular Theme Manager baked right in. We are starting to see the first applications come forward on the forums and we have linked to them down below. So far, we have a vivid green one and a few dark/black options. To use them, just download the apk’s and install them as you would any other 3rd party app. Then, open the Theme Manager and apply from there.

Dark Ice | ICS Green | Black Exodus

Cheers Chris!

  • watchapong supa

    Cool !

  • I’m on B35 and I don’t see it. Where is it?

  • Sean Livingston

    🙁 How is it that an article about Theme manager and the first batch of themes released would bring the worse out of people?

  • It should just say CM9 theme manager since the CM team is the one that ported it over and the rest just kanged it.

  • Ahhh after reading this I am SOOOO glad I left Android. The ignorance of some people is mind boggling. Most Android users are by far the most ignorant flash happy morons. How many of you brainless dickweeds have ever read an op that a dev has put his time into. Changelogs are the most ignorant thing in the world. Most of you need it because without that you wouldn’t find a difference. Since 90% of users aren’t smart enough to see what really happens inside a rom.

    • ohhh you poor android pussys can’t handle the truth huh. lmao!!

  • e_droid

    Is this on AOKP Shadow Build .33? Can’t find it.

  • Firelight

    Where’s the mention of Gummy 1.2 having Theme Chooser support as well? Running Black Exodus on my GNex now.

  • blackguy

    Ok i hate to be the noob in the room but is the point of the theme manager so we dont have to wipe and reset our homescreens and stuff every time we want to flash a new theme?

    • TheOiulkj

      No, everyone loves wiping and reseting their home screens, why would you want to prevent that?

      Seriously, why ask the question if you’re just going to answer it for yourself…

  • ashclepdia

    I think you should also add what other roms have theme manager
    Eclipse by nitroglycerine will have it VERY soon, just some finishing touches going into a huge update for it adding much more customizations and theme manager
    And gumhas it also

    • Eclipse is getting it? I am on 2.2 Eclipse on the Bionic and I heard that he was working on a new version is that correct?

      • ashclepdia

        I’m sorry
        I should have been clearer
        AOSP eclipse is planned to get it
        And i know he was recently working on a build for bionic, but not sure what is all going into that

  • Mixer is a good theme too. Very complete and well done.

  • Thanks for forgetting that Gummy also has Theme Manager….


    • travp624

      Unfortunately if it ain’t cm or aokp no one seems to care about it LOL. And kellex there alot better theme chooser themes you could have posted then these. Not saying they aren’t nice they are but wheres cobalt, mixer, etc. etc. Oh and just so I feel better Black ICE has Theme Manager too.

      • Broken_Arrow

        Last time I checked Gummy was as popular as AOKP. What is Black ICE? Another noob rom that are a dime a dozen since Android 4 AOSP dropped? Then you kang the tweaks from real devs like Roman, Kejar31,CM. What qualifies you to knock the themes listed here & say there are better ones? Pretentious much?

        • Gummy is DEFINITELY not as popular as AOKP.

          • travp624

            and at no point was the popularity of roms the point.

          • GummyFan1

            What? Dude – Install numbers don’t lie, do you have any idea how many devices Gummy is on now? Get a clue.

        • travp624

          What qualifies me I make Black ICE you over pretentious snot! And if you think doing it is so easy jump in the ring. And I wasn’t knocking the themes here just saying the list is super short considering how many really great themes there is already. Learn to read please.

          • Droid99Z

            Learn to read? LMAO you learn to read, the article was by tim o tato not kellex jerk. You make Black Ice… HaHaHa what a joke, never heard of it.

          • travp624

            Oh no oops I didn’t read the author bad me. Oh well trolls are out today.

      • Msthang

        Idiot is talking about Kellex & Tim-O-tato wrote the article. Bright boy.

  • Alan Meilinger

    I know this is not the right place for this question but I’m asking it anyway. Has anyone else not recieved the OTA for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus? I have been waiting but still nothing. I don’t want to unlock or root my phone or anything like that.

    • theentropic

      It wasn’t an official release from Verizon… and Google themselves pulled the plug on the download link. If you weren’t one of the ones that got it already… chances are you aren’t going to get it any time soon.

      • Alan Meilinger

        Lame 🙁 Thanks for the heads up.

  • Thanks for mentioning Black Exodus guys 🙂 Its weird, only been using this theme engine for 1 day and I’m one of the first to get it on there.

    Thanks again

    • ThaChiefx4

      What a joke! Sonny Sekhon had 4 Theme Engine Themes up on Play the same day it was released, & guys on XDA followed a few hours after. I saw your tweets, you kanged another theme .apk & then drag & drop to change out the .png images, wow- that’s really hard to figure out. Real themers are few & far between now days.

      • travp624

        Your a idiot there all kangs of the hazmatic templatebread. Its why the template was made. Why knock someone for giving more choices. I agree droid-life should have done a lot better research into available themes. Instead of posting just a select few from popular rom team members. Not to mention I think this article was really only to get the awareness that theme chooser is BACK!

        • Anon-Dev

          dude, quit talking. I’ve read the thread, you say crap to people when no one has ever heard of black ice, you tell people to read when you don’t read yourself, & learn to spell – they’re not there or their.

        • ThaChiefx4

          talk about an idiot, you prove it every time you open your mouth. THEY’RE all based on HAXZMATIC’s template. WoW, I would remain quiet. Nice sunglasses though. Dude, you are cool!

          • travp624

            Really are you all that stupid that you don’t know haxzmatic created the template just for ppl to use. Holy crap I realize I’m suddenly surrounded by total idiots.

          • ThaChiefx4

            Once again you prove your ignorance, as you said, LEARN TO READ: I said they are all based on haxzmatic’s template, which you caleed hazmatic btw. You are right about 1 thing, you’re surrounded by stupid, it’s all contained in your + sized body there chubs.

          • travp624

            Once again prove your stupidity more please do there not based on it. In order to build a theme engine .apk one needs to have the templatebread for it to start. Sure dipshits like you would just steal someone elses. But every theme that says sorry this theme don’t have assets for you device (or whatever its says) cause we know your all about proper etiquette, is started with haxz (oh and sorry I don’t remember names well my bad first time around) templatebread. And might wanna look at the picture unlike you hiding behind your keyboard my pic is really not much chubby there now is there. Arrogant Ignorant people are the reason there world is what it has become. But at least you will just keep adding to it! Next time lets try having a conversation about something you actually have some clue about.

        • It’s not like this is the only post we’ll ever do on themes for CM9/AOKP/Gummy.

          Come on guys, relax….

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  • Hm, seems I need to update to the newest AOKP version. Or is this only for the Galaxy Nexus?

    • Nah. Its for every official supported AOKP Device. b35 I believe has the theme engine.

  • infogulch

    The last sentence is not exactly accurate. Once the theme is installed, you don’t “install” the theme with the Theme Manager, you “apply” it.

    The last sentence would be better rephrased as: “Then, open the Theme Manager and _apply_ from there.”

    • Apply is a much better word for it. Gracias

      • ThaChiefx4

        Thanks for keeping us up to date man. How do you put up w/ people like the English teacher who harped on APPLY not INSTALL? So petty…