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Blue DROID RAZR Available at Select Verizon Stores Today, Online Starting May 17

If you have had your eye on when the blue DROID RAZR would be making its way to the masses, then today is your day. Starting now, you can head into select Verizon stores and pick yourself up a new blue 16GB DROID RAZR for a reported $150 on a new two year contract. The device will be made available in all Big Red stores on May 17 and also online. As far as we know, there aren’t plans for this blue color to make its way onto the MAXX any time soon, so if this is the color you have been waiting for, no 3300mAh battery for you.

Is this the color of DROID you’ve been looking for?

  • andrea

    Droids that can slide or have slider need to be in any color

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  • inboy81

    Cell phone company 🙂 can I pay you $30 dollars to stay with you and be your prisoner for 2 more years? Cell phone company take my $30 “upgrade punishment” so I can give you $2,000 or more the next 2 years. Maybe if Im lucky I will get a droid that has alot of bugs and not thought out completely. Cell phone company I want to pay you so you can mirco manage me. Please cell phone company take my “upgrade punishment” fee… verizon lets be like the rest.

  • lol2

    The good thing about this is hopefully since the razr is all verizon cares about, maybe it’ll be supported for a while.

  • Chet Stovepiper

    this is exactly what they did with the old flip razr, a million variants until no one cared anymore

  • TheDude

    Verizon’s phone selection is embarrassing. AT&T has the Note and just got the One X, and soon the SIII (its a given), and Verizon release a blue Razr….

    • elpres

      The problem is verizon was doing this in the pre smart phone days. I remember all of my friends that were on att and tmobile had waaaayyy better phones than what I was able to choose from. When the go came out and they started their android push, we were seeing tons of great new options, options that gave users control of their device (for the most part) now that they’ve gotten comfortable, they’ve started to slide back into the abyss, releasing locked phone after locked phone. each one barely different from the last. Moto is doing the same thing too. The razor brand to me has always been synonomus with 6 month release schedules, new color choices being pushed as the next super exciting innovation, and no actual new features. bigger battery? Thats cool, but for 200$ more? Never. Everyone on this board knows that the Chinese razr (razr HD) could have been the razr maxx, or even the original razr….Hey thats just my 2 cents.

  • lol

    i really don’t see why they just don’t release all the colors at the same time. its not like the actual hardware is different

  • CORYK333

    Wow, these are not the droids we are looking for……seriously though, this is getting bad

  • TheDude

    Sorry, need at least a S4 dual core, ICS, and unlocked bootloader. This thing is already 7 months old.

    • EC8CH

      yeah… BUT IT’s BLUE!

  • Screw R&D.
    Screw Engineering.
    Screw the Market.
    Blue is the key.
    Blue is going to take MOTO out of the Red.

  • Detonation

    Isn’t the Razr on sale for $99 right now? I wonder how many people will pay the extra $50 just get it in blue?

    • EC8CH

      There are 105 Smurfs and 3 guys in the Blue Man Group.

      So I would say… only the stupid people.

    • iamme

      its 149 with a 50 mail in rebate which makes it the 99 price….same as the other ones….

    • Droidzilla

      Or you can get it for $0.01 on Amazon, like I just did. $50 for a GNex, too.

  • cancerous_it

    GREATTTT!!!! I get another chance to give Moto the middle finger.

  • Alexander Garcia

    I wish my Maxx was this color…

    • cancerous_it

      Your gf wishes it were black.

  • I speak only for myself here but I am so sick of hearing about the Razr. Moto/Verizon needs way more slider phones. Only one option every 6 months is not enough. {{-_-}}

    • And the 2 sliders a year they release don’t even sell that well. I really don’t see them increasing the number of sliders. I wouldn’t be surprised if phones with physical keys were all but gone in 2 years. I know there are a couple of people that like them, but that number seams to be ever decreasing. They are not the future. But yeah, I feel like the G. Nex, and all the Razr phones are the last high end devices Verizon has released and they have been out for 6 and 7 months respectively. And what’s with like EVERY new processor (SOC) not working with LTE except the S4. Everything seams very transient now. I think I will wait for the Tegra 3+ LTE, and the Exynos 5 later in the year. Everything coming out in the states now seams like holdover products to the real good stuff they are gonna release in Q4 with LTE support (on all SOC’s besides the S4), updated GPU’s, A15, Quad Core S4, Adreno 320, etc…

      • EC8CH

        Agree, seems like LTE integration is really holding back North American phones.

      • If I’m in the ever-shrinking minority, so be it. My fingers are much too big for a phone that’s ALL touchscreen. I NEED a physical keyboard. If everyone else doesn’t, that’s on them. Why should I suffer for it?
        In my opinion, more people would buy slider phones if the specs were better. But VZ likes to release these low-end phones to trick customers into 2-year contracts. That’s why I still have my Droid 2 with the keyboard buttons coming apart. {{-_-}}

        • I wonder if there are any touch screen keyboards for people with very large hands/fingers such as yourself. Is it the actual size of the virtual keyboard’s buttons, or do you specifically need physical buttons no matter how large the virtual keyboard’s buttons were? Like maybe a keyboard with large buttons on something the size of the Galaxy Note? I dunno, honestly I don’t know anyone personally in your situation or who owns a phone with physical keys

    • iamme

      phones with keyboards suck and are not needed…thats why they will not make that many of them

    • LiterofCola

      I’m pretty sure people who are rockin’ this phone aren’t sick of hearing about it. But I hear ya about more slider availability.

  • Liderc


  • mikel61101

    if this was a maxx it’d be mine! KU!

  • Razr owner

    These things would sell a lot better if they would just equip them with ICS

  • Bewara2009

    Now this is getting so annoying. VRZ you can stop playing games with us and release some high end phones!

    • Nah man, VZ LOVES your money. {{-_-}}

    • paul_cus

      It’s not the season for Verizon high end stuff.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      Nope.. Only Sprint and ATT get the real true high end phones. We get stupid s**** like this. It’s rather pathetic.

  • Huh?


    • FortitudineVincimus


  • dean

    enough with all the damm razr’s!!!!

  • Once you throw a case on it … no one’s going to see the color anyway. Every phone I’ve owned goes into an Otterbox. Best protection $ can buy.

    No … I don’t work for Otterbox either. ;^)

    • Liderc

      but otterboxes are ugly, and aren’t Razr’s built DROID tough?

    • Fones need to be nekkid though!

      • EC8CH


      • BrianWenger

        A nekkid phone is a happy phone. Much like toddlers and babies.

        • Droidzilla

          And women.

      • RazrTre

        I like tossing my phone w/ my otterbox case though 🙂

    • i have dropped, stepped, on, soaked, and generally abused my razr since launch day. With the exception of a direct impact on the glass while at the gym, it has never yielded to damage. Corner drops, face down drops, back slaps, etc. The only way to truly break the glass on these phones is to directly impact it in the center of its big beautiful amoled screen. Toughest device I have ever owned. It does NOT need an otterbox! At most one of the verizon hard rubber cases – more than enough!

      • Droidzilla

        Mine goes in the buff, but my wife’s will have an Otterbox. Her old OG Droid looked like it had been through a war: scratched screen, plenty of bare metal and dinged edges, and submerged multiple times. The thing kept on running, though.

        We’ll see if she ends up going au natural with her RAZR. She might because she got the white one and it actually looks fantastic in person. Then again, she also likes her pink and black case.

  • Enough with the colors! Bring on the next-gen MONSTER! (No, sorry not the incredible..)

  • LiterofCola

    I’ll stick with black.

    • That’s what she said?

      • LiterofCola

        I lol’d

  • EC8CH

    I believe this blue Power RAZR transformers into a jaguar Zord.

  • Aaa

    I will take the RAZR MAXX HD in this color.

    • rp780

      I’ll take the
      RAZR MAXX HD/Droid Unicorn in ANY color

      • michael arazan

        I’ll take the Droid razor Maxx chameleon that changes color.

    • Yes and a 5″ screen! Not purchasing another phone until moto releases one with at least this spec.