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Samsung Continues Being Slow With Accessories, Wireless Charging Kit For Galaxy SIII Won’t Be Out Until September

At the announcement of the Next Galaxy last week, Samsung made it a point to mention all of these wonderful accessories we would be receiving alongside the Galaxy SIII. An HDMI adapter, a battery charging stand and a few others were mentioned but the star of the show was the Wireless Charging Kit. This kit is apparently the first to use a new type of technology that will make it more reliable and faster than other technologies, but the problem is they didn’t mention when we would see it.

As many Galaxy Nexus owners will attest, Samsung hasn’t been too good at providing accessories for their phones. Word on the street is that there will be a four month delay from when the phone launches to when we can see the wireless charging accessory. In the long run that isn’t that much of a delay but with Samsung’s track record we are a little wary. Let us all hope for the SIII’s sake that they do better on the accessories this time around. What is so hard about making a dock that uses the G-Nex’s pogo pins?

Via: The Verge

  • I love Samsung brand and there are really many best samsung accessories in the market.

  • gnexrox

    I was tired of waiting for my Gnex dock and did the Palm touchstone mod for $20. A little more labor than ordering a dock but totally worth it.

  • what they are waiting for market saturation. if the phone sells well, you can bet their will be accessories. if not, you will have to go third party. thats where us GNEX people are.

  • srh12

    They want you to buy their device. Once you do, thats it, youre dead to them.

  • why would anyone spend more money on this dog ?

  • moozicmon

    For your Nexus docking needs:



  • jldleo

    “Word on the street is that there will be a four month delay….”. “In the long run that isn’t that much of a delay…”. Eric you really don’t believe that do you? Honestly the accessories should be available at launch. I’m no marketing guru but I would bet that useful, innovative accessories that enhance the user experience would lead to more sales.

  • Butters619

    Maybe the dock will be out in time for the SGS4

  • id never waste that much money on their phone dock, not going to have this pos that long, 5 dollar universal is good enough for me

  • is verizon backup assisant the best for backing up everything ? just curious

    • Your mother


      • why it backs up apps too,just not pics and music,but thats no problem

  • ckeegan

    four months, what’s the point? i guarantee, if someone did the research, it would showthat smartphone owners are far more likely to buy accessories within the first month or two of owning the device. after the second month, it has to decline significantly.

  • r0lct

    Before I didn’t care who made the next Nexus but this is annoying enough I hope it isn’t Samsung. Of course if they wind up with it I’ll wind up bitching about accessories on my Galaxy Nexus II.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    “What is so hard about making a dock that uses the G-Nex’s pogo pins?”

    Nothing’s hard, they have already moved onto the next device. So once this is out, no reason to accessorize it as by that time, it is old news.

    • So basically Samsung never has to make accessories with this strategy! lol

  • I’m not sure I’ll buy Samsung anymore, Nexus or not. This no accessories business sucks.

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  • ntrddragn

    galaxy nexus suppose to have accessories? get out of here…

  • BrianWenger

    I know that tooling and production costs for making injection molded plastic parts is ass expensive, but come on. We need accessories.
    Samsung: Great screens, decent hardware, no accessories.
    Motorola: Great hardware/radios, tons of accessories, awful software, subpar screens.
    HTC: A mix of the good and bad from Moto/Samsung.

    • Butters619

      I would agree with everything except “Motorola: awful software”…should be changed to Motorola: awfully stupid bootloader lock, because if you are talking about only the stock software Blur beats TouchWiz and any Sense before ICS easily.

    • LiterofCola

      I’m sorry but Motorola does not have awful software.

  • meh. I’ve given up on Samsung accessories. This will probably delay a few months further, very difficult to find and cost like $199. And made of cheapo plastic as usual. I’m still hoping the next Nexus is built by Motorola.

  • moelsen8

    funny to read this today, i was just scouring the internet this afternoon for gnex pogo docks. forgot about them for the longest time….. i can’t believe they’re not out yet for this phone..

    ..even generic ones!!! what’s up with that?

    • EC8CH

      Story is Samsung suspended sales of the Pogo Dock until 4.0.4 is released since that update includes docking feature updates.

      • moelsen8

        i saw that somewhere. but you think you’d be able to find a third party pogo dock somewhere..

        • ckeegan

          not if it wouldn’t work correctly on 4.0.2

        • EC8CH

          The three pin pogo interface probably doens’t have a big enough market to make it worthwhile for 3rd party suppliers.

          They just want to slap a usb plug onto it and be done.

  • Austinrgoebel

    Yea really been waiting for that dock for my gnexus forever

  • DroidzFX

    If you want accessories don’t go Samsung.

  • EC8CH

    I, a Galaxy Nexus owner, so do attest.

    VZW: Release 4.0.4!
    SAMMY: Sell the POGO Dock!

    • Cam

      So, SO disappointed in Samsung. I didn’t buy by GNex solely on the promise of that car dock, but it was a HUGE selling point for me.
      I’m still unclear as to why it hasn’t been released.

        • BTLS

          Doesn’t this block the headphone jack though?…. It’s pretty decent, espec the upper left mount, but does it have room to plug in audio??

        • Cam

          Decent. I was really looking forward to the pogo feature though that would let me leave the dock permanently plugged in to both the 12v plug and Aux audio for streaming music through the radio. And, just pop it in and out when getting in and out of the car.

      • EC8CH

        same here but with the pogo desk dock. When I saw that I knew it would be perfect for docking me phone at work. 5 months later, my phone is still laying flat on my desk with a usb cable plugged into it 🙁

        • Cam

          Yea, I’m still propping min up in front of the deck in my car, grabbing it every time I take a hard turn. Barely able to heard the nav audio. Not being able to play any music if I’m using nav, or I definitely can’t hear the audio.

          At this point I’m pretty sure they were just empty promises. We aren’t getting the pogo docks. We got Samsung’d.

          To confirm, can anyone from DL reach out to a Samsung contact and see what’s up with the already promised accessories. It does have some relevance to current stories; gauging their actual track record and how often these promised accessories actually appear.

          • mwara24

            I couldn’t even find a samsung hmi hdmi adapter 3 months after the release of the nexus to mirror on my hdtv and to watch YT and hulu on it and for a larger browser screen, i had to by a carbon copy knockoff on amazon, good knockoff though.

            And just to reiterate from above, VERIZON RELEASE 4.0.4!

  • Liderc

    It’s so funny, I(along with many others I imagine) could literally design a 3pin dock in CAD ready to be built in 2 days, all they would have to do is supply the 3 pin male connector+power cord.

    • RW-1

      Hey buddy … Yeah it’s funny…. why can’t they make some good accessories for christ’s sakes?

    • BrianWenger

      I run NX7.5 at work. I could get it done in a day.