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Google Maps Update Brings Offers and Indoor Directions to Your Map, Shazam Update Enables Android Beam Tag Sharing

A few interesting updates await you in the Play Store today if you head on over. First up is an update for arguably the best app of all time, Google Maps. The application will now show you Google Offers based on your location, so if you’re walking around downtown you can find where to go to lunch and save some money. The map view of this is particularly handy. Also tucked into this update is “360 degree panoramas inside restaurants and stores” and indoor walking directions for the US and Japan. Both of which can be pretty interesting once they become more widespread.

Shazam also has an update waiting for you, one that enables NFC if you have it. You can “swap tags and share your favorite music” through Android Beam just by tapping your two phones together (provided you both have NFC). Now you can really be that guy who shares the music with all of his friends.

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  • Anon

    I really don’t want Google Offers unless it’s part of a separate app.

    Maps and Navigation, IMO, is one of the things that really makes Android stand out vs. the iPhone. I hope they don’t crap it up.

  • OhAaron

    Anyone have an example of a place that has panorama enabled? I want to check it out.

  • Stewie

    Gads! Decided to do the update. Did a simple test of Nav. Boy was it off!

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Offers IN maps? Jesus. It never ends. I pray that is a layer you can shut the f*** off.

  • Sean Maloney

    I sure hope they give us a way to disable Google Offers integration. One of the reasons I use Google Maps is because there are no ads. “Offers” and ads are the same thing to me. Maybe if they give us an option to white list the types of “offers” we care about, I wouldn’t mind it so much.

    • faganm24

      You just have to disable the notification in the Offers Settings

  • Inquizitor

    I’ve always been a SoundHound fan myself, but I wonder if it has this feature…

    • Pedro

      I’ve got both installed. As far as I know, Soundhound is still missing NFC.

      I think Soundhound is a LITTLE more accurate, but there have been plenty of songs that Shazam got right that Soundhound couldn’t identify (or mis-identified).

      If you use Soundhound even minimally, get the other. Worst case scenario, you buy the paid version and are out a couple bucks.

      • Inquizitor

        I dunno, I’ve got Soundhound infinity from the 10 cent sale and I’m not too eager to either pay or get stuck with limited tagging…

  • Michael Marano

    For folks having issues with the update, try going into settings, apps, maps. Clear all data and uninstall all updates. Then install the latest. Might straighten it out.

  • RoadsterHD1

    reviews on this update are not good. Check out the play store

  • If i’m rooted do I need to wait for the gapp pack to update this? (new to the root thing)

    • Colin Zack

      Nope, you can update it just fine

  • William Ku

    you know, i never understood these indoor maps/directions that google has now. does it even work? doesn’t it depend on your gps location? afaik, gps signals aren’t that great indoors…

    • bkosh84

      I tried using it at Ikea once and it didn’t work very well. I assume because it’s a huge concrete building with a basement and whatnot.. They have WiFi there but it only works in their cafeteria.

  • When im using navigation i hate how its locked facing north. Is there a way to get it back to how it was, always behind the car?

    • br_hermon

      I’m not sure about the most recent update, but in the past if you actually press the red & white compass, it will toggle between True North and Direction you’re headed. Hope that helps.

  • garbagedick

    hopefully this fixes street name announcing in navigation (at work so I can’t test)

    • jdrch


    • AJ Mallory

      Looks like N O it is still broken! Sure is a PITA!

    • Nope.

      Just tested it outside on my Verizon Gnex.

      Still says “in 800 feet, turn left”


    • droidfann

      New G maps works only if you have 4.0.4 installed which is what the update is updated to work with, so verizon customers that have 4.0.2 won’t have street names. Yay verizon

      • guestpost

        are we able to change the speed of the speech in 4.0.4 also? i cannot get her to talk faster..

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  • Thomas Partida

    gotta love google. 🙂