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Flipboard APK Leaks Out Ahead of Official Launch With Galaxy SIII, Available For Download

One of the last things we heard from the Galaxy SIII event is that the widely popular iOS app, Flipboard, would be coming to Android with the launch of Samsung’s new phone. It’s a news reader application that adds a certain level of flair by letting you flip through the pages vertically and it comes with a very slick animation as well. While we were excited to wait for its launch for Android when the Galaxy SIII hit stores, today’s news that the APK has been leaked is even better. XDA user Valcho somehow came across the official application and has it available for everyone to download at the link below. All you have to do is allow the installation of non-market apps in your settings and you are good to go.

Will you give this a try? Or do you have too many news readers these days?


Via: XDA

Cheers everyone who sent this in!

  • Love this for the iPad.. so far it looks really nice on my Droid RAZR. Much better than Google Currents.

  • capncoad

    Running flawless from my brief experience on stock Droid Bionic. Just discovered the app today and have it on my iPad now as well. it’s pretty awesome and goes well with my RSS readers.

  • I was skeptical. I had given some newsreaders a try in the past. But didn’t like even one of ’em. Not even Google Current. But this one sir… is amazing. Flipboard #FTW

  • I totally called this not a surprise at all.

  • Another news reader to add to my collection Taptalk, Feeder, Pulse, & Currents….lol No wonder each month my data usage is over 40GB – wink wink

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    I told myself that I would switch back to android the day they got flipboard(I’m reading DL on flipboard on my 4S as we speak) ..looks like I’ll be purchasing a one x

  • Inquizitor

    Why does DL not have a flipboad app?

  • So its currents?

    • iNfAMOUS70702

      No…currents copied flipboard

  • Sorry, but every “pretty” iOS app that makes it’s way to Android is usually bested by half a dozen existing apps. I’m happy with my simple Google Reader or Currents if need to waste CPU cycles. They can keep their Instagram and Flipboard.

  • Guest

    Keep this app on Apple, it sucks

  • David Cohen

    Pulse or flipboard?

    • Z

      Pulse or Taptu is the question. Flipboard sucks right now. Maybe they will fix it when it hits the market.

  • Nicholas Vettese

    Works great on my stock Droid X.

  • John Burke

    I much prefer Google Currents

  • Raven

    Doesn’t seem to work for me. I select some categories and hit Done and then I get:
    Building your Flipboard
    Failed to build your Flipboard

    • Google

      Thats because the servers are probably overloaded right now. The same thing happened when it was finally released for the iPhone.

  • Obvious Sarcasm

    Started FCing on Bionic after trying to link to Facebook…grrr

  • phil from android central made a good point on his google+ page. not downloading this.

    • Tim242

      what did he say? not that it matters. i will still use it. just curious.

  • Now I see where the Google Currents team got their inspiration from…

  • This is such a nice app. I might have to finally replace Google Currents now…

  • EC8CH

    Maybe this is great if you have a tiny 3.5″ screen, but I prefer Taptu with it’s sideways scrolling previews on my nice big screen.

    • Michael_NM

      Who would be silly enough to put 3.5″ screen on a phone these days? 🙂


      The phone version is alright, but the iPad version is amazing!!

  • cheezer88


    • LiterofCola

      +1 for the ASIP reference.

    • Guest

      Devils won hahaha

  • sad

    Very buggy for me. Stock, unrooted Gnex on 4.0.2

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Pretty nice on tablet. story & category buttons are to big, could fit more on a page. For now, I will toy with it, but still prefer Pulse.

  • Tim242

    Haha. This is a screenshot of the Flipboard app leaking, from within the app. http://db.tt/kbZr0KNr

    • EC8CH


  • EC8CH

    Exclusive Android App release… how’s that going for ya?

  • jag28co

    I use this app on my wife’s ipad and the only reason I use her Ipad. I had tried so many news readers but the one that came close was pulse. AWESOME

  • I like it! I’m so used to the holo scrolling though. And used to seeing a lot of info all at once. But I love the setup.

  • Tim242

    This is why I swear by Android, and sing its praises. This is the reason I will never leave Android. This is what being open is all about.

    • Google

      Haha. This makes no sense whatsoever in regards to this app. If you had “closed” you would have been using this app a year ago.

      • Tim242

        You make no sense…


    Just got the Gnex two days ago after being on IOS for a while. This was one of my favorite apps, and hopefully will make the transition smoother. Now if I can keep it off the charger three times a day that would be helpful!!

    • Lakerzz

      Extra batteries (and being able to change them on the fly) are a godsend…

    • I had to turn off LTE to get any kind of acceptable battery life on the GNex. Not sure why my Droid Charge does a better job of not destroying batteries with 4g enabled.

    • Liderc

      Turn your brightness down, if you’re used to the iphone, you’ve probably got the brightness cranked up.

  • paulmike3

    Linking to a pirated apk? Tsk tsk tsk. I wonder what kind of lawsuit you’ll have on your hands if they decide to charge for the app when it’s released?

    • but its not a paid app now, so it’s not technically pirated yet…

      • paulmike3

        So downloading an unreleased movie is not pirating since you can’t buy it yet?

        • That’s different. The movie would have been released as a PAID movie. This was to be released afaik for free on the phone.

          • paulmike3

            What movies are released that you don’t have to pay for? smh

          • justincase_2008

            i know quite a few. care for a lesson in Home made movies?

          • Is it just me, or does this only support @twitter-24173400:disqus ‘s statement?? o_O

          • So we agree that Most movies ARE paid movies, so back to my original point. Since the movie WAS going to be a paid movie.. i repeat… “This was to be released afaik for free on the phone.” Thanks for making my point clearer for me.

          • paulmike3

            And you know, for certain, that this will not be released as a paid app for other devices? You don’t? So you don’t know if you’re pirating or not by installing? Thanks for making my point clearer for me.

          • Oooo, the old use the same closing line as the guy I’m responding to trick! CHALLENGE!

          • No i don’t know for certain, if you read what i said, i said AFAIK. And also If you don’t know for sure i’m pirating, then how can you argue I am? seriously dude, stop now. you are making no sense.

          • Mike Madsen

            wait, can you name one app that’s free for my nexus thats paid for another device on the Play store?

        • JDNY13

          Ethics coming from an Ohio State fan? interesting.

          Its not a Paid App, so its not stealing. The only people who might be miffed would be samsung since they probably paid some money for the exclusivity.

          • What does being an OSU fan have to do with ethics? What an ignorant statement.

          • JDNY13

            Easy, this is the school that felt it was ok to use players that werent eligible to play.

          • Oh, right. I forgot that the fans are the ones who did that. I was thinking that maybe the fans just watch the games and have nothing to do with the decisions that the program makes. Silly me……..

          • justincase_2008

            you are silly

          • justincase_2008

            @TheTabe:disqus We all know you have bad ethics.

          • Well yeah, that’s beside the point!

        • Aardvark99

          It is more like downloading a television episode before it was aired, but maybe not enough I want to argue about the analogy. As a developer I can do whatever I want with my application before I release it. It does not matter what I may do with it in the future. Until I publish it in Play, you can’t just take it. Even then you must go to the Play to get it. Don’t think this isn’t pirated, it is. If Samsung wasn’t (presumably) paying for exclusivity I say it’s a victimless crime, but it isn’t.

          • Aardvark99

            However, I just want to say I couldn’t care less if people download it, if I cared about the app I would. Just don’t pretend it isn’t piracy.

          • Mike Madsen

            so for those of us that downloaded instagram for android before it was “released”, were guilty of piracy? Blockbuster app that released on Moto devices that you can now download in the market, Piracy? This app, that will be available on the market I’m SURE after its released on SGS3, (just like all these other “exclusives”) is piracy? You guys are ridiculous. Don’t act all high and mighty trying to pretend like you don’t/haven’t pirated an app or used Tether for root users. The hypocrisy in the Android community is madness. The fact that it was LEAKED out and not stolen? Maybe Samsung should take care of its “exclusive” data better.

          • Aardvark99

            Are you arguing it isn’t piracy, that everyone is doing it, or Samsung should protect there stuff better? It is piracy, including your examples of instagram, and blockbuster. It’s pretty victimless is most cases, but don’t think it is 100% legal (which is really my only point). Everyone is doing it? So, that doesn’t make it something it isn’t. I even said I would donwload it if I wanted the app, so how is that “pretending” and being “high and mighty”.

    • As much as I enjoy reading comments like these – I plead the FIF


      • paulmike3

        You won’t be the only one pleading the FIF. Included in the Fifth is a statment that says “nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation”. 0.o

    • Mike Madsen

      I’ll bet you ANY money this guy has an illegal tethering app on his phone.

      • paulmike3

        I’ll take you up on that. Since you said “ANY”, I’ll be expecting my $1,000,000 shortly. Thanks!

        • Mike Madsen

          do you run a custom ROM? because if you do, you have illegal tethering on it.

          • paulmike3

            Nope. Stock. So where’s my money?

          • Mike Madsen

            Ok bud. You made your point. You’ve never once pirated or sideloaded an APP or ran a custom ROM that didn’t have illegal tether. We all believe you.

          • paulmike3

            Thanks. When can I expect my money?

          • Mike Madsen

            Trolls gonna troll.

          • paulmike3

            lol, funny guy.

          • Mike Madsen

            I also said “I’ll bet you ANY money this guy” as in to the masses. NOT YOU. You think I’d bet YOU any money based on your word?! If you had any brains at all you’d ask for more than 1 million dollars. for all you know thats chump change to me. Especially from all the money I’m saving on pirating apps.

          • You come across as AT LEAST a trillionaire, to me.

      • justincase_2008

        i take that bet and ask for 1 dollar.

  • It’s like Buttaaaahhhhh… but why no sideways scrolling. I like it sideways!

    • That’s what she said.

    • Mike Madsen

      hahaha SOTD references never get old *tosses hoglumps*

  • I’ll try this out over plume, see how it goes.

  • Running great on my Galaxy Nexus. Happy to finally see Flipboard on Android.

  • DroidzFX

    Nice looking news app

  • thesaber2000

    i like pulse myself, and i hate having change everything to my liking. but maybe i will chk it out

  • AndroidWhisperer

    Awesome! Downloaded and Installing.

  • runs nicely on my One X