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Best Buy Offering Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Bundle for $300

If you have been searching the internet for that perfect deal, then look no further. The folks over at Best Buy are selling a refurbished Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 bundle, complete with keyboard dock, case, headset, and more for only $300. The 8.9 Tab is perfect for people who enjoy simplistic portability and don’t need a whole 10.1″ device for their mobile gaming and business. It’s not a bad deal, so definitely consider it if a tablet was in your purchasing future.


Cheers Bryan!

  • i would actually like to follow but how i dont even have pc or tablets to start with but i will fly high one day

  • today its 379.99

    but i called over the phone to place the order and they gave it to me for yesterdays price. I told them it was in my cart(which it was at 299) but when i went to check out it error’d out. then showed 379. the first person i talked to in regular support said it was never at 299!!(BS) she said she would xfer to the order assistance group for silver rewards members…there is where they honored yesterdays price.

  • john

    Checked your Best Buy link, and price shows 379.00

    • J Dub

      Today is not yesterday.

  • Bionic

    This is indeed a very very tempting deal. I wonder how long the deal will last however? I wasnt planning on buying anything until June or July when the google tablet is out hopefully and I can make a better decision.

  • B T

    Ok, I’m really intrigued by this. I’ve got to find BB’s return policy. I want to be able to return either through store or shipping without a fee if I don’t like it (even if there’s not something noticeably wrong with it). I need a tablet to make a teleprompter. I think 7″ is too small. 10″ might be fine, but they’re expensive. This looks like a good form factor.

  • Androidandwp7equalsPower

    Wow Bestbuy actually has a good deal rather then their normal take the customer for everything they are worth deal

    • morpheus282

      Just don’t expect anyone in the store to know anything about the device. Or the OS. Or the dock. Or how to use the SD card reader, what the keyboard dock does, or how many GB are in 16 GB.

      Yes, I’ve had a few too many run-ins with incompetent BB employees. At least when they completely ignore you they can’t dazzle you with their lack of training.

  • JohninOKC

    I just ordered mine. I have been on the fence for many months now. Going between the Motorola XYboard, Acer 100 and Samsung. After I seeing this deal, that quickly ruled out the XYboard. So Samsung Galaxy 8.9 won for many reasons, 1st bundled together, 2nd Screen size was a little bigger and 3rd, the main reason, Display was hands down better then the other two. Called and Samsung confirmed that it is getting ICS OTA. So hopefully it will.

  • SD_Scott

    Ever since my 10.1 was stolen I’ve been holding out for the Nexus tab… But lately I’ve been reading that Google may opt to put in the Snapdragon dual core processor instead of the quad core to cut the cost of the device… This is a total deal breaker for me. So with that being said, I think a Transformer may be the way to go. Just not sure which one is right for me…

  • ops400

    This looks awfully tempting, but I’m trying to hold out for the mythical Google/Asus 7″…..

    • r0lct

      The first thing I’ll probably di with the Nexus tablet is run AOKP, so if this does too I might as well get the extra screen and accessories for the assumed $100 difference. However I know they’ll be better dev support on the Nexus device.

      Mouse hovering over checkout button, can’t decide…..

      • ops400

        I also don’t want a slower tablet than my phone (Galaxy Nexus:)….but still very tempting… Hmmmm…

        • r0lct

          Well it’s about the deal more than the specs for me. After buying a case and dock for another tablet I’m sure you’re looking at $450+ for a 7″ and $500+ for 10″.

  • Google

    Damn, they can’t even give these things away

  • DrHotmann

    For anyone interested I can vouch that the Tab 8.9 is a pretty decent device. I have had mine for a couple months and use it all the time. Runs fine on stock (some slight lag every once and again) but recently switched to AOKP and love this thing even more. Great deal on a great tablet.

    • r0lct

      So AOKP runs without any (or very little) bugs? I think this may seal it for me.

      • DrHotmann

        Cameras don’t work (not a big deal for me) and there’s a bug with wifi when the tablet enters deep sleep (can be avoided by turning off wifi when you know you’ll be away for a while)…other than that it’s smooth and glitch free.

        Edit: Also, I have the keyboard dock as well as the usb and sdcard adapters. They all still work with AOKP as well.

        • r0lct

          I like to do Google Talk video chats with family/friends so that kinda sucks. I’ll have to keep thinking.

          Thanks for the updated info.

    • Bionic

      im sorry but what the hell is AOKP?

  • I don’t know about the dev community behind that device. For 50 dollars less than that you can get a Galaxy Tab 2 with a 7″ screen. Preloaded with ICS and it runs smooth as butter. Speaking of butter, we just started getting custom roms. We have unofficial CM9 provided by xoomdev and AOKP from the Galaxian-Soup guys.

    • WAldenIV

      The Tab 2 has inferior internals and the 8.9 has been confirmed for ICS by Samsung.

      • I much prefer having ICS over being confirmed to get it. I have yet to run into a problem where my processor has been taxed or locked up. Spec’s are important but they aren’t everything.

      • Bionic

        How can a newer device be inferior? What is the processor in the 2?

        • WAldenIV

          It’s the same 1GHz dual-core processor. The 7-inch G2 has a lower screen resolution (1024 x 600 versus 1280 x 800) and a lower resolution front-facing camera. Samsung is going for more of a budget market with the Galaxy 2 tablets.

  • Damn!

    I would hop on this like a fly on stink if I didn’t have a Xoom.