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Video: Quick First Look at the HTC EVO 4G LTE

While stumbling around HTC’s booth here at CTIA, I came across the new EVO 4G LTE which I had yet to get my hands on. So I took it for a spin and thought I’d share.

When this phone was unveiled, I was pretty critical of the design choices that were made, particularly to the back side. The matte finish on the bottom looks amazing, but that glossy black top is something else altogether. After handling the phone for all of 5 minutes, the glossy part was completely covered in fingerprints (you’ll see in the video). So with this phone, you will constantly be wiping the back and screen so that it doesn’t look like a massive black smudgefest. Overall though, the phone is very pleasing to look at from the front, it’s just that backside makes me cringe a bit. 

For those not familiar, the EVO 4G LTE is headed to Sprint as somewhat of a copy of the One X. It has a dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor inside, 4.7″ gorgeous Super LCD2 display, 1GB of RAM, 8MP camera, 2000mAh battery, and more. It’s easily Sprint’s best phone even with the Galaxy Nexus just launching.


Quick look:

  • I’m with Sprint and debating getting this one.

  • abhele

    will this phone work on att, cuz it has the same s4 chip?

  • I just realized why I like the look of the Evo 4G LTE – from the front, it looks a lot like a Droid X. I have a Droid X, and I’ve always liked its aesthetics (aside from the comically oversized Verizon logo). Maybe “2 year old Verizon phone” isn’t the best style inspiration for the new Sprint flagship, but it’s not a bad looking phone, IMO, and those specs make up for it.

  • I personally think that this phone is gorgeous. They probably should have gone with all soft touch/matte or all gloss but I still like it.

  • Liderc

    Tell that guy beside you to stfu.

    Oh and murder the designer of that back piece.

  • Chris E.

    Nice watch bro

  • If Sprint customized that design, why wouldn’t they go with a yellow stripe?

    • Hybris

      Have you seen the past EVO phones? Grey/black with some red accents. Sprint worked with HTC on this phone.

      • Has there ever been a non-Sprint EVO? In such case they should all have had yellow imo

        • Hybris

          Yes, at least Boost and Rodgers also have EVOs.

          • Ah well at least I learned something today. Shows how useless I am outside of Big Red’s lineup hah

  • Atrain729

    woo hoo an LTE phone on Sprint! oh wait…what do you mean theres no LTE network on sprint? Huh what do you mean theres no WIMAX “4g”… wait a second so your telling me this is a 3G phone? (insert price is right deflation sound) 🙁

    oh well glad i stuck with big red and still have my grandfathered unlimited plan and an LTE device! I mean sure ur commercials with children playing with iPhones hyping the last unlimited plan on earth are cool and all but lets get real here sprint.

    • AlexKCMO

      Actually, they’re launching an LTE network, slowly but surely.

      I think Kansas City is their first market, which makes sense because they’re based here.

      The Galaxy Nexus on Sprint is compatible with their LTE network. Knowing Sprint, it will be much slower than VZWs 4G.

  • Jay

    Uh the back piece may be a fingerprint magnet , but when you have a case on it ALL THE TIME, no one will care.

  • droid1

    It looks all oily on the back

  • SH

    I had a Thunderbolt once… Oh wait….

  • fauxshizzl

    I couldn’t fire those designers fast enough.

    • Butters619

      this is why Sprint shouldn’t have “helped” with the design

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  • JSIN

    This guy is officially done reading news about SPRINT ATT and Tmobile on droid-life

    • Josh Groff

      Then you can just skip over the article, I know it’s so hard to fathom for one as simple minded as yourself.

    • Butters619

      Regardless of what carrier you are on, it’s cool to see the newest Android phones that are going to all the carriers. I’m sure the majority of readers care to see these devices, and if you don’t you can always skip the article.

    • Liderc

      Crazy that a site that started out as a Verizon-Droid site ended up covering all android devices to increase it’s user base! Madness!

  • shehippie

    um…ew…it looks like it has surveyors tape on the back of it.

  • First!

    • This is it!!! This is the greatest day of my life!!!

    • azndan4

      No one cares if you’re first.

    • Liderc

      Isn’t down voting fail?

  • EC8CH

    How is it possible that Verizon didn’t dictate that fugly redesign of the One X?

    • “fugly”?

      • C-Law

        f**king ugly

    • Hybris

      Besides the red, it’s pretty similar to the rest of the EVO series. What are you talking about?

      • EC8CH

        Compare the design of the One X to that.

        That’s what I’m talking ’bout.

        • Hybris

          Looks like they took the One X, and EVO’ed it. Just didn’t understand what Verizon had to do with it.

          • EC8CH

            Same ugly red and black color scheme Verizon uses on all their Droid Branded phones and their V-Cast apps.

            Don’t understand why Sprint would design a phone that people are going to assume is a Verizon phone when they see it.

          • Hybris

            I agree, it’s just nothing new since all of the EVOs on Sprint share the same color scheme.

        • Butters619

          Yeah hold this next to the One X and cry a little

      • As a new VZ customer, I had the EVO 4G. Behind the kickstand was red, around the camera lens was red and the entire inside of the phone was red, like the Rezound but not clear red… I think it has more to do with HTC than Verizon.

        • Hybris

          I think it mainly has to do with the design aesthetics in the EVO series. One X, Thunderbolt, other flagships from HTC don’t necessarily have red. Either way, not liking this design lol, even though I like the color scheme on my Rezound.