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Verizon Introduces 4G LTE Edition of Color for Facebook, Live Stream Video with Sound Straight to Your Friends

Color and Verizon have just launched a special 4G LTE edition of their social photo sharing application onto the Play Store. With Color, you can stream video onto your Facebook page for all of your friends to watch and enjoy. Previously, users of the already popular application had requested that sound be made an option for streaming – their wishes have been granted. If you’re on Big Red, then you can access the sound feature and upload your beautiful images and audio straight to your friend’s timeline. 

I tested it on my Galaxy Nexus this morning and it seems to work like a charm. If you’re into live streaming special aspects of your life onto FB, then give Color a go. If your name is FortitudineVincimus, you should probably skip this one though.

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  • ill stick with QIK.

  • Rodys Gonzalez

    Why so many babies; stop whining!;.. & why the fb hating?/.. .Use it or Don’t use it!;..
    … am going to a concert tonight; I will be checking out the new features & broadcast some.. lol.. (watch me get in trouble)

  • Austin

    hammering away at that battery huh tim ? lol

  • dropout

    Won’t let me install on my GNEX. Says it is incompatible with my device.
    On Air, here I come.

  • will bartlett

    “If your name is FortitudineVincimus, you should probably skip this one though.”

    made me lol.

  • That splash screen is super busy … and that’s on a GNex! Can’t imagine what it would look like on my DX…

    Color, more like Clutter!

  • Can’t stream as a Page. Lame.

  • Facebook………why won’t you just Die?!

    • ABerry5

      Are you one of those “I’m too cool for facebook” geeks which actially guarentees the complete opposite

      • F*Facebook

        Or are you one of those people that find facebook to intrusive: hidden cookies that track every website you visit, any picture or statement you post becomes the property of Facebook, Facebook’s TOS is completely onesided, they make your private data shared with apps, etc,etc.

        • I can’t tell if you agree with me or not but yes and didn’t realize it was that bad.

        • ABerry5

          Simple fix.. I use my first and middle name and anything I post I assume is cached for eternity so I post accordingly

          That and my own privacy settings are pretty damn strict .. but the fat boys in moms basement is all I picture “Facebook is for losers”

      • No lol I just don’t get it nor care to

  • Sorry, Google+’s new “On Air” is much better, and not carrier dependent.

    Facebook is full of fail these days.

    • LiterofCola

      Wanna buy some stock?

      • @Fozzybare:disqus My Çlàşşmaŧę’ş şṫęp-mōṫhęr brōuǵhŧ hōmę $15138 Ṗàşŧ mōńṫh. şhę ış ǵęṫṫıńǵ Ṗàıḑ ōń ṫhę ıńṫęrńęṫ ańḑmōvęḑ ıń à $504600 çöńḑö. Alł şhę ḑıḑ waŝ ǵęť łuçky ańḑ Ṗuŧ ıń açťıön ťhę ḑıręçťıönş rępörťęḑ ön ťhış şıťę..MakeMony3.notlong.com

      • Nope –

        Facebook’s not sitting well with advertisers apparently.

        • Well the majority of their traffic is starting to come from mobile, a place where they don’t currently advertise. Saw another news story recently that it’s going to be their new focus. Makes me wonder when paid accounts will come along to get rid of the ads entirely, $5 a year anyone?

    • edmicman

      Does the On Air functionality work with the mobile app? I don’t know, maybe it does? I not really used the hangout feature on my G+ app.