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Test Your Consumer Skills with Logo Quiz, A True Look at How Well We Recognize Logos

Want to test your skills at remembering logos and brands? It may seem weird, but this game is actually pretty enticing. When you open the game, you are greeted with the world’s most well-known brands and logos and your task is to correctly identify each of them. Simple, right? There are the easy ones like McDonald’s and Facebook, but there are also some head-scratchers such as Peugeot and Stella Artois whose logos are either hard to recognize with no words or spellings are unfamiliar to Americans.

Give it a shot and let us know if you need any hints.

Play Link

Cheers Rick and Jordy!

  • West White

    Another popular logo quiz Lots of different types of quizzes

  • juzhax

    This is the answer for the Logo Quiz Android version

    Only 125 Logos there.

    Here with all the answers with clear print screen


  • its my last one

    someone can help me wuth the orange logo ?

  • alyyj4yy

    i need help with the one logo that has the orange square with the rings in it

    • emr


  • Jt

    What is the house logo for. It’s a yellow house that looks similar to a maze.

    • claude


  • rachel

    i need help! what is the green one with the lighter green flag, or n inside it??

    • emr


  • felicity

    Is there a level 2?

  • paul_cus

    Fun game. Good looking out, Droid Life.

  • r0lct

    The logo makes me think: What’s a matter Colonel Sanders, chicken?

  • r0lct

    The logo makes me think: What’s a matter Colonel Sanders, chicken?

  • my25rs

    does anyone know what the logo is above the fila logo in the picture above? please help!

    • Lematte

      It is brabantia 😉

  • my25rs

    anyone know what the logo is above the fila logo above?

  • Too bad all the answers are un-hashed in the sqlite file. I checked just for fun, and they’re all there in plain text. Along with scores. Without cheating, I have 102/124. Got messed up on some of the spellings for different companies, American and not. Obviously I watch too much TV, or at least the commercials.

  • omfg, i just started playing this today… 0.0

  • Wondering if the Game Dev. had to get licensing to use the logos. If not I wouldn’t want to be in that soup.

  • I’ve played this before and there weren’t enough logos.

  • AE35

    That bottom logo looks like Aperture Science! Dear Gawd it’s for real!

    • Sjschwar

      ubuntu or picasa? either way you should know these…

      • Lactose_the_Intolerant

        Picasa looks way more like Aperture Science than the people playing ring-around-the-rosy do.

        • Keii Graham

          Yes, I wonder why a photo app would use an icon like an aperture.

  • Sjschwar

    I’m anti-Amerian

    • AE35

      I’m anti-anti-American

  • Hellmann’s Mayo logo is confusing since it shares the same logo with “Best foods” -_-;;

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      That’s because it is the same stuff from the same company… the different names on the label are regional but the overall color/font is the designed to be the same.

      I’m sure they get a big laugh whenever somebody says “Hellmann’s?? F THAT! I’m a Best Foods guy!”

    • JMac726

      Also, it wouldn’t accept “Hellman’s” but did take “Hellmans”

  • Buried in finals week, it’s good to know I’ll pass SOMETHING hah

    • Droidzilla

      A bowel movement, perhaps?

      • I know it sure wasn’t charm school for you.

        • Droidzilla

          I could have said “gas,” but that would be impolite.

          • As a medical student, I found it quite charming actually

  • Sqube

    This has been out on iOS for a little while, apparently. Glad to see some Android love.

  • Dan

    Pssshh, childs play. Us Graphic Designers can do this in our sleep. 😉

  • jjrudey

    59/124 so far.

  • Free advertising!

  • Droidzilla

    +1 for misspelling “Americans” while mocking Americans for not being able to spell.

    • “y’all act like you’ve never seen a quick typo before, jaws on the floor…”
      Really? Really?!

      • TheOiulkj

        Oops, I downvoted you when I meant to hit reply. My bad.

        …And I don’t even remember what I was going to say.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Speek four yourselph. 🙂

    • Oh noez! Fixed! 🙂

    • Oh, also. I wasn’t mocking anything or anybody. Most AMERICANS are probably unfamiliar with what Peugeot is since you don’t see many of their cars or bikes on the roads these days.

      • AE35

        Ummm, What is a poorly built French car, Alex?

        Next category …

      • Droidzilla

        I’m just messing with ya’. I know Peugeot just because I love watching WRC.

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      LOL. True. Europeans and Asians, etc., wouldn’t even be posting here on the internet or using a phone, ipod, ipad, etc., if not for AMERICANS

  • Josh Karwoski

    Just downloaded, looks like a great way to pass the time when I’m bored!