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Instagram for Android Receives Update, New Tilt Feature Added

Our beloved Instagram has received an update, adding another feature called ’tilt” which iOS users have had for quite some time. With tilt, you can specify a part of your picture to be crystal clear while the rest is then blurred out. Simple yet effective. It’s another great way for you to make some pretty pictures to share with your followers.

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Cheers K!

  • Tato — you sound like such a n00b in this post. For one, it’s called “tilt-shift,” and it’s not something specific to Instagram. A lot of Android phones already have it built in as a filter bundled with their stock cameras, and you can find a lot of Android cameras on the market that also include it as a filter. You can even find an entry on Wikipedia about “tilt-shift”:


    Tato, I know you’ve been around for more than a week, and so there’s no excuse for your post here. If you’ve ever used an Android device, you should already know what “tilt-shift” is. If you’ve ever used a camera for more than taking pictures at holiday time, you should also know what this is…

  • shehippie

    I tried it, its still no where near as good as StreamZoo.

  • ITS A tilt-shift feature. makes things look miniature and creates an interesting perspective when your using a real tilt shift lens

  • Diablo81588


  • TheOiulkj

    Thanks for telling us. We really care about instagram.

  • Guest

    I would think “tilt” would rotate the image it straighten out photo that were accidentally taken on an angle.

    Why would “blur” be called “tilt” instead????

  • BrianWenger

    Never again say “Our beloved Instagram”. It makes you sound like a sheep. Or like a brainwashed North Korean. Same thing?

  • AhsanS

    Our “beloved” Instagram….

  • huskerhog

    There is also an app called AfterFocus that allows you to assign varying levels of focus to a photo. The end result will make the shot look like it was taken with a lens with a short f-stop.

  • sk3litor

    thats funny i was just looking for this feature yesterday. but thetes a great app for such a thing called afyer focus

    • BroRob

      Do they have an app called spell check? 😉

      • sk3litor

        what mean do you? school learned me good.

  • xFenixKnightx

    Why you guys always using blury pixelated images of app icons?

    • Liderc

      They get their app icons from the Bionic screenshots.

      Kidding, it’s probably the Nexus and I’m going to be prying my foot out of my mouth.

      • Dr_Buttballs

        An hour since you posted this comment and not one flame comment. Moto owners must be sleeping.

        • Liderc

          Maybe it’s because of the Nexus disclaimer =P

        • Josh Groff

          Probably, they do tend to have jobs and lives.

          • Dr_Buttballs

            As to imply Nexus owners don’t? That’s the kind of stereotyping I’d expect out of people on an Apple blog.

          • Josh Groff

            Nexus owners have jobs, just not lives. They are as soulless and lifeless as most Apple fans.

          • Dr_Buttballs

            Now you’re just sounding silly.

      • That’s the HTC One X. Nexus screen would be blurry as heck! 😛

        • Liderc

          That was really my first guess based on the way the pixels looked =P

          • Hey, why you get banned on DF’s?!

          • Liderc

            lol, because I made fun of a MOD for having a Bionic. Their mods are bitches over there =P

          • Haha, nooo. Your responses were actually good lol. That sucks man

      • It can’t be the Nexus, I can see it in the daylight.

        • Josh Groff


    • mikesuds

      My question would be why is there always a gigantic image of an icon or other logo in seemingly every post, which really doesn’t need to be there at all let alone gigantic that doesnt even link to anything when you click it other than the image itself? I will never understand that. if there is going to be an enormous picture, make it useful and have it link to the Play store page for the app or something…

  • potacho

    Obligatory, “Instagram is a stupid hipster app, who cares blah blah blah” post here.

    • u moron

      coming from someone who hasnt used it obviously…

      • potacho

        You obviously missed the joke.

  • sc4fpse

    But if an image isn’t blurry and impossible to understand, it’s not an Instagram…

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      • feztheforeigner

        Who’s Melvin???