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1SaleADay Has Factory Refurbished Logitech Revues, Selling for Only $70 (Update: Sold Out)

Are you still looking for some Google TV action? The Logitech Revue, one of the more well-known and popular models of set-top boxes, is being sold on 1SaleADay for just $70. The units are factory refurbished and come with a 90 day warranty which should ensure you aren’t buying a piece of junk. I myself use the Revue and have had nothing but good times.

If you have been looking to try out Google TV, this is definitely an affordable option right here.

Update: They have sold out. Sorry, folks.


Cheers T!

  • The Logitech revue is a wombat. It was released too early on outdated hardware. It took far too long for it to be updated to honeycomb and even at that it broke the Netflix capability once upgraded. This is not something I would advise purchasing. I bought two when they dropped to 99 bucks and quickly brought one back. The second one I grew fed up with and switched back to streaming Netflix (and HULU!) Via my Xbox. Logitech has an obvious lack of support for this device and the community on their forums is up in arms. This was a great concept with crappy execution to say the least. Subsequently I have vowed to buy no more Logitech products between the issues with this box and my G15 keyboard.

  • mcc32

    Do yourself a favor and pick up a Vizio VAP430 when it’s released later this spring for 99 bucks – ARM processor, upgraded software, etc….

  • Jeff “BIG RED”

    I’ve had mine for 7 or 8 Months now and I would recommend to everyone!!!!! Hell I should go buy another one when I get a chance….

  • “1SaleADay.com’s shipping policies ripped me off $130, YOU could be next! BE AWARE… PayPal’s policies DO NOT PROTECT YOU FOR THIS!!

    1SaleADay’s shipping policy:

    What are my shipping options?
    Currently, we ship by common carrier, and do not offer any specialized shipping options.

    How long will it take to receive a shipment?
    Delivery timelines vary from item to item. Most orders are processed and shipped within 5 business days, but on rare occasions can take up to 10 days. A tracking number will be emailed to you when your order ships. The tracking number may take a few days to update so don’t freak out if your tracking number does not work right away. This tracking number will allow you to check the delivery status of your order. Delivery time varies between 3 to 14 business days.

    For two weeks I never received a tracking number or notification that my security cameras had shipped,when I asked for a status of my order they said that due to a software glitch they could not tell me what my tracking number was or if it even shipped… after 29 days they e-mailed me a tracking number that showed the package was supposedly delivered 3 weeks prior! Needless to say I never saw the package. What their shipping policy doesn’t tell you is that that they do not request signature service when they ship, nor do they offer a way for you to request it!

    I filed a claim with PayPal, but because the vendor had a tracking number that showed the item was delivered they ruled in favor of 1SaleADay.com, screwing me out of $130! The fact that they did not live up to their own stated policies was irrelevant. Is it their fault that my item was stolen off of my porch? No, but it would never have been able to be stolen if they had lived up to their policies and sent me shipping notifications, I could have made arrangements to bring the package inside. Nor would it have been possible to be stolen if they only requested a signature for receipt of the package. To save a buck on their end they put my merchandise in jeopardy and were completely unapologetic about it.

    In summary, due to a software glitch they did not send me a tracking number and could not tell me if my item had even shipped. Meanwhile, my item had been shipped and left on my doorstep at 9:30am on a week day with no signature requested. I believe that someone stole this item off of my porch, but I had no way of knowing or making arrangements to prevent this since 1Sale couldn’t even confirm that they had shipped for another 21 days! As far as I knew, my item was still in 1SaleADay’s warehouse! From that point on their only response to my questions was to e-mail me the then useless tracking number (755113915716034) over and over again.

    My advice, treat 1SaleADay.com like a trip to the casino, be prepared to be empty handed in the end. Think three times before risking a significant amount of cash! You could end up bitter like me!”

  • Sobr0801

    Been using mine for the last few months and it works great. I sure wish they have a few more widgets for it, otherwise it works great for netflix.

  • Travillion

    I purchased one of these new for $80 a few months back. While I’m glad I got it and it serves my purposes well, the hardware is clearly limited. Also, using the keyboard/remote can be bliss or pure torture (9 out of 10 times it messes up channel surfing).

  • Personally I have a revue and its good for surfing the web on my 60″ OLED Samsung TV and thats about it.

    The Youtube playback is so horrible that I end up watching videos through the web browser. There are hardly any apps for Google TV still and there’s still no Hulu integration (What gives Hulu?)

    • MattKraatz

      Yeah, the YouTube app won’t buffer worth a damn. I feel like the performance was better before they launched Honeycomb on it and totally ditched support.

    • There are LOTS of apps for Google TV. There are just very few that work on the revues framework.

  • Shane

    Umm this was sold out hours ago

  • sold out!

  • Bert336


  • aholland1

    Give me a box with Tegra3+ and plenty of memory so I can game / splashtop and not have to keep a big desktop in the living room and you’ve got a deal

  • Chris

    I have mine. I hate it. NO DTS. I love it for everything else but my movies are ripped in DTS.

  • kretz7

    You had me at hell no.

  • Scott Willenborg

    No thanks, I paid $249 for mine so it’s obviously a better unit…

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  • RedPandaAlex

    Holding out for the new ones.

  • Jarred Sutherland

    OOS for the better. Logitech isn’t going to support it any further, might as well buy a product that the manufacturer cares about.

  • Sold out

    • ChuckDz3

      yep, sold out. Dang I wanted to buy one..

      • You really didn’t. Trust me

  • Scott Souder