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Verizon’s Latest “Double Data” Promo Ends June 3 for 4G LTE Phones

Multiple sources reached out to us this morning to let us know that Verizon is planning to shut down their latest Double Data promo by June 3. That gives you just under a month to lock into 4GB of data for $30, 10GB for $50, or 20GB for $80. After the 3rd, data plans will likely drop back to 2GB, 5GB and 10GB for those same prices.

Would be nice of Big Red to at least launch the Incredible 4G LTE before that time so that customers have something “2012” to consider. With its announcement happening this morning, it should be out by then.

Cheers ___ and ___!

  • Destroythanet

    As long as they don’t get rid of or start throttling my grandfathered unlimited plans on both my lines, I’m all good.

    • Larizard

      ditto. still holding on to my OG Droid and my unlimited plan. i really
      hope when time comes for them to cut it off, they will give us a heads

      • michael arazan

        i got the unlimited with my og droid, i used around 2 gigs a month, on my gnex just used 4 gigs in 4 days, uploading hd videos and pics I’ve taken uses the most, along with browser and tune in radio 6 hours a day. Love the 5-12 upload speed.

  • supermiah

    Could this be the time when they introduce the “Shared Data plans?”

    • Not thinking they will this early, but you never know.

  • Droidzilla

    Just got the wife a new RAZR for $0.01 on Amazon with the double data deal to boot. We’re canceling her tablet plan wherein she uses almost 1GB a month; don’t know what she’s going to do with 4GB, but I’ll take it.

  • Butters619

    I know I get throttled on AT&T, but I think it’s funny that my unlimited data plan now says it’s a 9999GB LTE plan.

    • EC8CH

      Good Lawd! That’s a lotta geebeez!

    • Iny

      Challenged accepted?

      • Jonbo298

        You better believe that challenge has been accepted. You could it as saying the plan shows 9999GB instead of Unlimited so feasibly, you can’t throttle me. You’ve allotted me 9999GB to use.

        • feztheforeigner

          And in a few years that won’t be enough “gggee__–bbbbbbees”!

  • Michael Forte

    I bet after that date is when they start launching some new phones.

  • Santo The Great

    Yeah that original comment didn’t go as I planned.

  • T4rd

    Maybe that’s about when they will launch the grouped/family data plans? Whatever happens though, if they drop my unlimited, I will get out ETF free, sell my Nexus and get a Sprint Nexus. I’m in a 3G only area anyways so I won’t be sacrificing much.

    • Daryel Villavicencio

      Except for the fact that Sprint’s 3g is slower than Verizon’s Edge. Unlimited data on Sprint is a joke because most times you’re limited by the bandwidth.

      • T4rd

        You mean Verizon’s 1X? Not from what I’ve seen. They’re both about the same where I’m at. I never break 900 Kb/sec on 3G, my co-workers get about the same on Sprint.

  • Santo The Great

    <<laughing hysterically at you inferiors without unlimited data from verizon.

  • Wish they’d do this for tablets.

    I’d upgrade immediately.