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Toshiba Excite 10 Now Available for Order, Starting at $450 for 16GB

Toshiba’s next entry into the Android tablet world is here with the Excite 10 launching today. The 10.1″ tablet comes in three different storage sizes; 16, 32 and 64GB. Currently the 64GB can only be pre-ordered but the other two sizes are up for grabs if you’re looking to order them from Amazon or Toshiba directly. While this may not be the 13″ monster we are waiting for, it is no slouch itself. 

The Excite is not lacking in the specs department either. At it’s core a Tegra 3 quad-core chipset that has been shown to tear through anything you can throw at it. The display is 1280×800 display and covered with protective Gorilla Glass, it has 1GB of RAM and full microSD slot alongside miniUSB and microHDMI ports. All of those ports make it one of the most versatile tablets out there now. Oh, and it’s even running Ice Cream Sandwich, which sweetens the deal all the more.


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  • This tablet is totally awesome as far as hardware but Toshiba decided to hate the dev community by locking down the bootloader. Don’t buy this if your intentions are rooting. I waited until after 30 days to learn my $400 lesson and now I cannot return it for something better.

  • miniUSB? Really? You mean microUSB, right?

    Most people have thrown away their miniUSB cables after, say, 1985.

  • The Toshiba Excite for $450.

    I’m not excited 🙁

  • p0k3y

    Yet another failed android tab b4 launch. overprice, bulky and nothing new.

  • DJyoSNOW

    I know the expression is things are out dated out of the box… so really does any body notice it’s the android market not the play market…WTF is up with that and there “powered by the latest android technology” does not look like it.

  • G

    You need to update your specs. It has Full SD (not microSD) and microUSB (not mini). I just received mine today and it is super fast. Love it so far.

  • I’m a big Android fan, but have no idea why anyone would pick up this tablet when you could buy a proven tablet like the iPad for $50 more. Everyone knows the iPad works, and works well. Google and its partners really need to step their game up and come out with something revolutionary. This just isn’t it.

  • burpootus

    I am a Toshiba Thrive owner and they have not been very good to the developer community. My advice would be to stay away.

  • How about you get that promised Spring ICS update out for the Thrive?
    The thing is crying that it’s still on Honeycomb…


    this does not EXCITE me.

  • There’s a lot of border on that thing..I mean I’m not in the tab market anyway, it was just the first thing I noticed

  • I thought this had a dual core TI OMAP CPU?

  • Toshiba needs to learn that tablet market is moving to low cost tablets…

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  • azndan4

    Why would someone get this over the TF300?

    • kindrudekid

      SLimNess, No ugly GPS dongles!!!

      • azndan4

        You’re referring to the TF200 Transformer Prime. not the TF300