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Facebook Does the Right Thing in New Android Update, Removes Pesky Camera and Messenger Shortcuts

Adding little “F” accents to the newly introduced Camera and Messenger icons with Facebook was not enough to quiet critics. Facebook gave in last night, removing the shortcuts from their Android app completely in the latest update. The people have been heard. And back to your regularly scheduled Saturday activities.

Cheers Josh, Inquizitor, Aaron and Mark!

  • Come on, they can’t even fix the fact that opening a notification from the android drop down doesn’t clear the new notification in Facebook itself. Drives me bonkers.

  • mikeym0p

    I liked the app shortcuts, I could do without the duplicate messenger icon as I have facebook messenger installed. But I thought the camera shortcut was a good idea. I mean, is it really hard to differentiate the icons? We use visual cues, it’s not like you have to differentiate using only the text under the icon. Facebook should just make it an option to have the icons.

    • It made no sense to have icons for apps that already have the same functionality as apps that are built into the android OS

  • I actually liked the added convenience. Since I have ICS, I was able to put the FB camera icon in my “Social” folder and leave the normal camera on my homescreen. See what proper organization (on top of being able to tell two icons apart) can do? Anyway, I don’t get why people were all pissy. The FB camera app is good at what it does. Oh well.

  • rocketdaddy

    I deleted Facebook from my mobile devices when the new shortcuts appeared. Odly, I haven’t missed it so I doubt it’ll get put back.

  • Jwhap

    I think they should do what every other app does. Create widgets. If you want to us the widget you can but keep it out of the app drawer…..except then it clutters the widget drawer….but just assuming people want extra app icons. Sometimes I think about hiding a few of mine!

  • Caleb Martin

    It’s nice that they actually listened to feedback for once instead of just doing whatever they wanted; however, I really liked the Messenger icon because it was annoying having to wait for the app to load when I just want to quickly check my messages. But I guess there is still the Messenger app for that…

  • lame. i actually liked the camera shortcut.

  • Sean Bello

    now if they could just make it faster and make notifications reliable…

  • fvqu

    I’m glad I don’t use the official facebook app anymore.

  • Inquizitor

    Woo, my first D-L tip!

    Now for a relevant comment: I never had much of a problem with the shortcuts, especially since Google Maps has way more of them than the two facebook made. Honestly the Camera one was superfluous, but I had high hopes for the Messenger one. If they had better integrated Messenger notifications in the main app, I was hoping the shortcut and new features in the main app would have made the separate Messenger app unnecessary. It’s been a while, and they really need to combine those two apps already.

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  • Finally someone removed their head from an unknown location and took in some fresh air. and removed some of the clutter from my app drawer.

    • Raven

      People still use and/or worry about what is in their App Drawer? I hardly ever even open my App Drawer since I started using Folder Organizer and CircleLauncher to access the over 500 apps installed on each of my Android devices.

  • Dan

    I actually liked the messenger shortcut. Can I get it back?

    • Brian

      Download the Messenger App.

  • ajkowal

    I really hate how when I try to upload a photo, it will only allow me to upload using the FB camera app….

    • D.B.Evans

      It defaults to the camera; but you can still upload from your gallery. From the camera, click the grid icon, then select gallery.

      Would be better to let the user select what they want to have as the default. Hopefully enough people will complain that FB will relent on that as well and allow a user preference in settings.

  • hkklife

    Finally! That’s the first time I’ve encountered a downloadable app installing more bloatware on my phone! I don’t know if anyone else has noticed it but FB seems to refresh a lot quicker now with the latest update. Of course, I don’t use the app that much so maybe this was changed a few updates ago and I never noticed it.
    P.S. I WILL give the FB camera app credit for focus and snapping a pic quicker than the stock camera on my Bionic. And it was at least as fast as CameraICS or CameraZoom FX!

  • Bob Martin

    Facebook thought they were helping people. I mean what do people do the most with facebook besides update their status? they upload pics and chat with friends. What better way to do so then its own camera app for uploading pics directly to your fb or a messenger app for talking to your fb friends both on your homescreen? I saw nothing wrong with it since both icons looked different then the stock icons.

    • Rob Morton

      Not everyone wants that extra crap that’s why. I don’t upload pictures or chat with people on there.

    • Q

      They should just make the camera app a widget.

  • jab416171

    The update also removed the facebook icon from my home screen.

    • Justin

      Same for me.

    • I’m so mildly inconvenienced!

      • jab416171

        very true, I’d rather just have to re-add the icon than have two extra useless icons in my app drawer.

    • Stewie

      Depending ont eh phone it might, just add it back ….

  • Dan