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LogiType Tablet Keyboard, A Funky But Awesome Mobile Board

We have had the pleasure of experiencing some pretty funky keyboards. Whether they use interesting features to help you type better or just look down right ridiculous, you can always bet that there will be that one diamond in the rough. LogiType may be that gem. At first glance, I was a little worried. With the bubble keys and how it seems that they’re strewn across the display with no sense of order, it is not a minimalist’s best friend. But, this thing actually works and works quite well. 

For a speed pecker like myself, I actually find myself missing fewer strokes and not hitting wrong keys. But if I did miss a key, the built-in auto-correct was good enough to fix all of that. It also has a pretty nifty swipe feature for you to access special characters and a number pad, which gives it the closest feel of a full keyboard I have experienced on a 10.1″ screen.

The keyboard is free on the Play Store, so it’s worth a shot (even if you think it looks dumb) and let me know what you think.

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  • michael arazan

    not bad for landscape mode on my gnex, works very nice

  • john

    tried it on my kindle fire running aokp 4.0.4, and it doesn’t scale well to the 7″ display. In portrait it’s too small and the non-uniformity is not an asset. In landscape, it’s too far up the screen and difficult to hit the middle letters. stock ics keyboard is superior in both orientations.

  • FknTwizted

    still rocking thumbs keyboard 4. tried it but my 10″ (wink) is too big for my hands.

  • Michael_NM

    This is actually more useful than I anticpated, but I’m really loving the Swiftkey tablet beta too much (split keyboard is great) to make a Logiswitch. Kudos to the devs for their creativity. I’ll keep this installed to see how/if it improves with updates.

  • JBartcaps

    I tried it and I hate how the letters are bunched together in the middle. The middle is the hardest part to get to on a tablet when you hold it in your hands.

    • Feynman42

      Try Thumb Keyboard. I’ve been using it on my Prime for the past couple of months and I love it. It splits the keyboard down the middle and puts all the letters on opposite sides of the tablet and has a number pad in the middle.

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      Another vote for Thumb Keyboard… been rocking it on my Xoom for a year now.

  • For a speed pecker like myself, “?

    • JBartcaps

      I think hes talking about his typing abilities, not his bedroom abilities…

    • katenod12334

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    • Dr_Buttballs

      Oh God, destroy it now.


  • JustTrollin69

    Definitely not my taste in the way it looks, but because droid-life recommended, I will certainly give it a shot.