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Galaxy SIII Hangover: Reacting the Next Day

We were originally going to post our reactions yesterday afternoon, but decided to sit back and absorb all things Galaxy SIII for a day before doing so. Now that we are a day in, let’s go ahead and talk about what we saw, what we liked, and what we didn’t like. Did it live up to the hype? What’s with the hardware navigation keys? No “Plus” on the display? 

  • Design:  For the most part, the design is beautiful. The white version is eh, OK, but the blue they have chosen looks great and is a welcomed change from the standard black or grey models we have seen in numbers over the last couple of years. The screen comes close to being edge-to-edge, the curves in the body will probably make it comfortable to hold, and thankfully, they included a notification light. The shiny finish though, not so hot. We tend to favor more subtle matte finishes around these parts – you know, the ones that aren’t fingerprint magnets.
  • Display size:  4.8″ is probably too big, no matter how they try to sell it. There is definitely a market for gigantic smartphones, but personally, I’d prefer no bigger than the Galaxy Nexus. The 4.7″ display on the One X along with hardware nav keys is definitely pushing the limit for my taste, so with Samsung going up another notch, I’m a little hesitant to praise them on this one.
  • Display tech:  No “Plus” in that HD Super AMOLED? Last year, Samsung blew our minds with the Super AMOLED Plus screen on the Galaxy SII, along with its new processor and other specs. Where is that “wow” factor, this year? This is the same screen that’s on the Galaxy Nexus. And while we still like that screen, it’s not even in the same ballpark as the Super LCD2 used by HTC in the One X.
  • Hardware navigation keys:  You didn’t, did you Samsung? Why, oh why did you have to throw on a physical home button and then hardware menu and back navigation keys? First off, the Android team killed the menu button in Ice Cream Sandwich, yet you slap on one that can’t be removed? Plus, one of the big ICS features is a task switcher which now is only accessed by long pressing that nasty home button? Bleh. The good news is that in the past, all U.S. versions have not had the physical home button in the middle. Could Samsung change the design and ditch the hardware nav keys for on-screen versions when the SGS3 arrives on our shores? Wouldn’t that be a pleasant surprise.
  • Processor:  The quad-core Exynos chipset in the Galaxy SIII is by all means a beast. I wish I could say, “I can’t wait to take it for a test drive!” but we all know that it won’t come anywhere near our favorite U.S. networks. Well, it could come to T-Mobile since they don’t have LTE, but the rest of ’em, probably the Snapdragon S4.
  • TouchWiz:  Oh TouchWiz, you remain our least favorite Android skin of all time. Your cartoon colors, 2009-esque icon set, and rippling water effects are not for us. It looks like Samsung has added some new features to TouchWiz that could be worth bragging about (gestures from lock screen, better sharing, direct call, etc.), but we would have rather their focus be on creating a skin that at least looked appealing. Gone is the puzzle unlock screen, but in is a watery swiping mess? If there was ever a time we wished that those rumors of phones having the option to toggle on or off an OEM skin, this would be the one. Give me Sense 4.0 or Blur over this any day.
  • S Voice:  Yes, Samsung created a Siri clone. I’m not really sure what else to say about it. Since Apple introduced it in the Fall, we shook our heads at it, hoping that the world would not walk around talking to their phones, yet here we are with the biggest dog on the planet joining the party to sell it to everyone.
  • Camera:  The 8MP shooter in the Galaxy SII was/is still one of the best mobile phone cameras around. From what we saw yesterday, Samsung managed to make this one even better. They added burst shooting modes, better facial recognition, zero shutter lag photos, and more. Cameras can make or break a phone, so we have to give Sammie props here.
  • Other:  Removable battery, yay! Expandable storage, yay x2! 8.6mm thick, +1! Not in the U.S. until maybe, June? Boo! 50GB of Dropbox storage and Flipboard, awesome! NFC, woohoo!
  • Overall:  For the most part, the Galaxy SIII looks like a hell of a device. We are frustrated with Samsung’s choice to include hardware navigation keys and to continue to push a tired TouchWiz UI, but it’s still got enough goods to get you to consider it. Is it better than the One X by HTC? To me, it doesn’t come off that way. I’ll have to wait until I get my hands on it or I see what the U.S. versions look like, but HTC’s offering is close to being perfect. As you can see from my list above, the Galaxy SIII seems far from that.

The rest of the DL team reacts (Ron’s here):


My thoughts are still unclear. It has some very intriguing features, both inside and out. The idea of it listening and watching me is really fantastic (sure to make my iPhone-adorning girlfriend jealous), but I am still split on its actual design. I was thinking Samsung would do away with the hardware buttons and give us a massive/beautiful display, but it sort of just looks like a supercharged SGSII. I was hoping for some sort of new design altogether. It looks gorgeous, but I will have to feel it to know what to actually think.

For example, I thought the HTC One X was just another phone, until I felt it. If the SGSIII gives off a plastic feel, then I will shy away. I guess I will have to wait until we get our hands-on to see how I truly feel.


Overall the thing I was most impressed with Samsung’s preparation for the whole event. To truly compete with Apple they needed to build up hype like Cupertino does. Yesterday, with their strange videos, live music and likable speakers they took a step in that direction, so I applaud them there.

For the actual phone, I was far from surprised or ‘blown away’ from the announcement. I am excited for the internals of the phone; the quad-core headlining that list. But even that might not make it to the US, we’ll have to wait and see. I was a bit disappointed they didn’t go with the HD Super AMOLED Plus but I’m sure the screen will look great anyway. TouchWiz is what it is, but Samsung looks to be throwing in some goodies like S Voice and all those sharing options to keep us from throwing stock ICS on there.

I will definitely be looking into this phone. The only real concern is the build of it, from what it looks like. With HTC blowing people away recently with their One series this looked to be the same old Samsung plastic. The jury is still out on that but this is the logical expansion of the Galaxy series. Whether or not it can knock all other mobile phones down a peg remains to be seen.

We have seen plenty of your thoughts throughout our SGS3 coverage, but do you feel any different about the device today? Want it more or less or not at all? Should we expect better things when the phone arrives here?

  • randalcr

    I honestly don’t see why everyone hates hardware nav keys! I love having them because I’m used to having them. I also love the fact the screen size, the shape of the phone is ergonomically designed so its comfortable to hold, and doesn’t feel like a brick when your talking on it. This is honestly my favorite phone I have ever had.

  • ABerry5

    Did i just read a post on why on screen buttons are bad? jesus christ

    Next up: why i flushed my $1 million winning lottery ticket my friend gave me down the toilet

  • Alexander Garcia

    I have my reservations about this phone (touchwiz, 4.8″ display, and others) but I will hold judgement until I actually hold one and play with it for a bit. So far, Iit looks like 2012 is the year of HTC. Kudos to the little Taiwanese company for designing such a beautiful device. Now let’s see what the Droid RAZR HD has in store. =)

  • chris420o

    bring on the droid hd! i need something to upgrade from my nexus and this def aint it…samsung failll give me an american made/designed moto im tired of these south korean plastic crap

  • I imagine the battery life will be crappy like that of the Galaxy nexus. For those wishing for Rzar maxx levels of juice to become the industry standard, this is disappointing.

  • People will complain about anything

  • GN

    As soon as Droid-Life gets the LTE version please test connectivity because Samsung sucks when it comes to reception.

  • Keii Graham

    I was interested right up until the rumors of the US model having only a dualcore. That instantly killed all interest for me. Just shovel it onto the pile.

  • fascinatej

    For those of you worried about the plastic, I have white fascinate, never any finger prints still looks like new. Always have a case on any way so doesn’t feel cheap, and I fell in a creek phone was submerged for at least 10 seconds and the phone survived without a hiccup. Drop the thing all the time not a scratch. These phones definitely hold up

  • fascinatej

    Everything I could have wanted, love touch wiz, big screen all the better to see you my dearie, the camera , the video widget thing, could go on and on. Love love. Give me pebbles wind whatever, I’ll be first in line. This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for and my upgrade and cash in the bank can’t wait

  • Nakouro28

    There’s not a “plus” because it’s Super AMOLED HD! The RAZR, SII etc., came with Super AMOLED PLUS because it was not HD (720p). Hence therefore they don’t need to say plus. Problem solved?

    • Christopher Riner

      yeah, but you do know how the subpixels work, right? Calling it hd means it has more pixels. Calling it plus, means those pixels have more subpixels. If this thing would’ve been 720p, plus all of the subpixels of the +, it would have really been mindblowing.

    • C-Law

      problem not solved nakouro. HD refers to pixels so 720p or higher. plus refers to rgb-stripe instead of pentile matrix. we wanted both HD and a non-pentile display.

  • Live2Rootz

    After seeing the phone and a few of its “meh” specs, I’m happy I have my Gnex still 🙂 It’ll last me till a phone comes out that really wows me.

  • RoadsterHD1

    So who’s going to have the first QUAD-CORE LTE4G Smart Phone with 2Gigs of LPP-DDR3 RAM? On VERIZON of course.

  • RoadsterHD1

    I liked some of the features they added but overall disappointed I guess because it did not live up to all the hype. US model can only be better if they remove the ugly hard button. and the hard nav keys. Its ICS for crying out loud. it’s made for no hard nav keys Sammie!!! I was also disappointed with the display I was hoping it was going to be a 1080p HD screen.

  • kidheated

    Has anyone had enough time with the new handset to comment on the sound quality from its external speakers and how strong the vibration for notifications are as well. I have the Gnex and as some may know its sound quality is rather bad. Thanks.

    • C-Law

      download the paid version of volume+ or you can go to his site and get some versions for free. i think im using v1.8. and increase the volume to +8 or so. it will match my og droid.

  • chris125

    Until this phone is out to see if it has the same issues that plagued the nexus I will hold out to see. Hopefully they used some better radios in this maybe stole some from moto or htc lol.

  • Trevor

    Still intrigued, but will probably pass if it doesn’t come to VZW with the quad-core Exynos. I know # of cores does not necessarily = huge performance gain in phones at this point, but I feel like the phone is sort of obsolete releasing with a dual-core processor nowadays. Especially if it’s supposed to be a flagship device.

  • parsonbrown11

    The reason for the keys is the failure of the gnex keyless architecture to work with android. the gnex can’t be hard started, needs a battery pull for the dreaded tiles of death crash…….obviously samsung went back to the drawing board and put some buttons on it, but that ruins the multitask feature of ics (and source of crashes?)

  • parsonbrown11

    slap to the face of gnex buyers who never received an update and have a crappy expensive paperweight

  • Haters gonna hate. If this phone had 2…JUST TWO minor differences, this whole blog would be in complete and utter fanboi mode:

    1. No home button
    2. No Touchwiz.

    • But I like differentiation & physical buttons…

    • Trueblue711

      The plastic is a big question for me too. The Galaxy Nexus has a cheap feeling to it.

      • Pedro

        After couple years of the OG, I thought that, too. Maybe not cheap, but not solid. I think it was/is the weight of the phone. I got the Ringke Slim case, and it’s like night and day. The weight seems just right; the phone doesn’t feel like it’s going to easily drop out of my hand. And it feels more solid.
        Sure, nothing but subjective opinions, but they are mine. So they are true.

        Best $25 since I spent the $250.

        • Trueblue711

          I agree that when I held my friend’s Galaxy Nexus it was better than I expected. But there’s something metal does to the feel that changes it — and it’s not necessarily weight.
          When I got my Droid X, it was the first phone I’ve owned with metal casing, and it was the lightest one I’ve owned too. But it still feels solid, and the way it vibrates has a strong feel to it.

      • angermeans

        I hate to tell you, but every Samsung phone feels exactly that same way and I have a feeling this one will be no different.

        • Trueblue711

          It likely won’t. I’m going to see what Apple and HTC have in store on Verizon (not sure if the One X will be on VZ) for the summer. As of now, this still seems like a good upgrade choice (but not as good as I expected).

        • Christopher Riner

          Yeah, samsung phones have always had that cheap feel, but the nexus stepped away (ever so slightly) from it with the metal chassis. I think that the nexus feels great in hand.

          regardless of what apple tries to sell you, err, tell you, a heavier phone isn’t necessarily better. That’s why samsungs hold up so well to drop tests.

          And speaking of sh***y plastic, whatever happened to the ceramic casing?

    • and no pentile screen and more ram and an a15 cpu and a better design and a better camera and I could go on forever.

  • IMHO they failed before it even launched with the BS dual core vs Quad core issue between USA and global.

  • jer85008

    After having a day to mull this over, my feelings are – to use the most scientific term possible – meh.
    At first, the specs looked great but after reading the reviews and thinking more – this just didn’t come close to living up to the hype.
    Maybe the One X stole some thunder and set the bar too high from an asthetic standpoint, but this phone is just downright homely. The plastic looks like they recycled it from a fake Tupperware bowl straight out of the $.99 store.
    My guess is the camera will be sub-par as well, at least from a hardware standpoint.
    The biggest dissapointment though has to be TouchWiz, which seems to have become even more intrusive and overbearing of what is great about stock ICS.
    The processor – at best – would be on par with the S4 in other phones, and any improvement in performance will surely come at a price for battery life.
    The screen is too large and substandard quality as well.
    In general, quite dissapointing.

  • James Emberton

    At least there’s no buyer’s remorse for those of us with a Galaxy Nexus. There’s absolutely nothing here that makes me wish I’d held out a little longer. Can’t wait to see the battery life tests on that quad core cpu.

    • PC_Tool

      Buyers remorse set in about the 3rd dropped call.

      My son can use it until they fix the radio. I’ll stick with the Spectrum until then or the SIII hits VZW.

  • Austinrgoebel

    As of now I’m giving it a 6 out of 10, when I get hands on time I will adjust that number. The bad: So far the home key is a huge set back, my nexus from NOVEMBER has on screen keys that’s more advenced. I have issues even holding the one x, 4.8 is going to be even worse, 4.6 is the biggest a screen should be( and really???, the same screen I have on my nexus, come on Samsung). Hardware wise samsung needs to get away from plastic forever, take some hits from HTC. Touch wiz on ics is stupid looking, tone it down like they did with since 4.0. Finally stop changing the order of the buttons on phones samsung, it’s really annoying. The good: I love the direct call feature, good move samsung. The camera looks terrific and it’s great to get back to 8mp again. I love the fact they kep the notification light, one of the more useful tools. I love the way pictures can be sent, touching the back of phones together is cool.

  • Bill

    Here is another harsh critique of the phone:


    Samsung looks like they are taking a lot of hits.

  • I’m still getting one. I think the phone looks great, looks as if it performs great and should be released in the US faster then the GS II was last year.
    (Materials) – I would rather have a phone made of poly carbonate then anything else. Glass breaks, Metal dents. Get over it.
    (Screen) – unless your have two microscopes for eyes, to complain about a 720p phone screen because it has a PenTile display is absolutely ridiculous.
    (CPU) – Exynos four core 32nm (HKMG) low-power technology 1.4GHz Cortex-A9 speaks for itself. (Prob wont have this in the US version 🙁
    (Camera) = Solid
    Only thing I wish was different is the cartoonish look in touchwiz.

    • Going to agree – touchwiz can be replaced w/ a diff home screen – so easy fix.. This is a phone for the masses – not die-hard, spec crazy android fans.. The make or break success of this phone will be how it performs in the real world, in real “human” hands (see what i did there?).. Samsung is shooting for “experience” here – not specs/build materials.

      • DroidDoesnt_2

        Translation: Samsung is furthering their imitation of Apple….

    • JMonkeYJ

      i have the GNex and i definitely notice the pentile. it’s worth it for the blacks, i think, but definitely an annoyance. it will be slightly worse on the SGS3….

      • C-Law

        i notice the pentile too

  • EdubE24

    Yesterday in CNET’s video review they were saying a U.S. LTE version would be available in December. How is it we are always left so far behind? Even with the “coming this summer”, it still feels we will not see it until the end of the season going by past offerings. Is it the carriers? And why can’t Samsung say you want it or not, here’s the release date get your sh*t together!!

    • Kyle Fullmer

      If this is true I will laugh so hard. That is so late that it will be just in time for the SGSIV.

      • Larizard

        or the next Nexus

  • I don’t get why everyone is so outraged by the screen. This is the same screen that was unanimously heralded as “gorgeous” and “the best screen on any phone available, period” by every single tech website on the internet. But now all of the sudden that screen is garbage? Does everyone even realize that the Samoled+ HD screen tech doesn’t even exist yet?

    • I dont get this either. I have a gnex now and I think the screen is amazing even 5 months later. I dont see any problems with this phone aside from touchwiz, but that is not even a problem. If you want stock then get a Nexus or some no name device. Custom UIs are here to stay.

      • Kyle Fullmer

        Not to mention there is a 99% chance this phone will get CM9 which is as good or better than stock.

  • zepfloyd

    Slow news day…

  • John M

    I just want a smaller screen. 4.8 inches? I have a tablet already, and I don’t like carrying it in my pocket. Will we ever have a flagship phone smaller than 4.5 inches again?

  • RegKilla

    They should have made the screen Super AMOLED “Plus”!!!

  • I hope someone clones all the cool things into a stock ROM (or, well, stock-ish). I’m looking at you, CM.

    I would use the direct call feature all the time, and Wifi direct is also great (supported on the Galaxy Nexus, but I have never seen it implemented anywhere). Also, someone please bring wireless display to the Galaxy Nexus.

    Other then that, this phone is nothing all that exciting.

    • EdubE24

      Three awesome features introduced on a phone and thats not exciting? I saw a few more things that I thought were pretty cool also. This is a hard crowd to please on droid life….

      • Well, it is not exciting in that they are features that use open standards or can be coded in about 17 minutes. It’s something that any (modern) phone should have, and are ROM features rather than phone-specific or hardware features. That is why the phone specifically is not exciting.

        • EdubE24

          Well then I look forward to using these features in your next ROM release!!!

  • I think for most of us here the real question is: Should I have waited for this instead of buying the Galaxy Nexus? And for all of us, the answer is clearly: NO.

    • PC_Tool

      I have a Nexus. I’d prefer this (with on-screen keys).

    • I am actually glad that I did not get the Galaxy Nexus; I think that the Galaxy Nexus is a tad bit overrated; It appears to be relatively sluggish when compared to its capabilities, and it seems to me that Google could have done a little more in terms of functionality.
      Not to mention that virtual on-screen navigation buttons are a pain; they use up precious memory, power, & reduce the screen area for use. Plus I like the tactile sensation of feeling a button without looking directly at it.

      • angermeans

        I have a giant feeling you have never spent five minutes with the Galaxy Nexus and if you did it was at a store. Nothing about the Nexus is slow. The on screen buttons (to me at least) are excellent. They get out of the way when needed. I mean I would have preferred and still hope that Google gives us a multitouch gesture to have them leave especially when using Chrome.

        All the things you mentioned are hardware. The Galaxy Nexus is beautiful and looks like one piece of glass on the front. The Galaxy S 3 looks like a plastic piece of junk. There is nothing they did with the look of the phone. It looks a lot like a GS1. The GS2 was different looking and had something to offer.

        The best thing about Android is the OS which is software, The sorry excuse that Samsung, HTC, and especially Motorola call operating systems will by far weigh down the overall feel of the OS much more than ICS on the Galaxy Nexus. Have you ever used a TouchWiz device? It is like dragging your fingers down a chalkboard. There is a very noticeable lag when swiping from screen to screen and I can see it in the GS3 as well. Touchwiz is too colorful and with Blur is the worst skin on the planet. Not to mention this phone doesnt add anything that the Nexus didnt already months ago and without the skinned experience in tow. Not to mention six months earlier.

        I guess this is the beauty of Android we all have opinions the difference is I have a feeling you havent used the Galaxy Nexus becuase after using the original Droid anything should feel fast especially the Nexus.

        • Christopher Riner

          amen. most people who smash on the g nex haven’t even ever had one.

          I don’t know why ANYONE (i’m @’ing @ you, tcal) would want physical buttons after having played with the nexus. They have officially become dated. Yeah, mine take up space on my homescreen, and in my browser. That is, of course, until I hold my power button down and turn the navbar off.

          The only people who have played with a nexus and still aren’t blown away are the people who are just so turned off by the bad signal that they can’t stand it. I can’t blame those people, but it’s definitely not enough to get me to go to another phone.

          I haven’t held/played with the new galaxy yet, but somethings telling me that once I do i’m just not gonna be that impressed. Going with onscreen buttons, especially on that ginormous screen, would have totally changed the experience.

          • Ummm…
            What about a “stock android experience” nearly everyone with a Galaxy Nexus gloats about? Can you turn off the virtual navigation bar without rooting/flashing ROMs/unlocking the boot-loader?

            And who’s to say that physical buttons have become dated?
            Having to constantly display the virtual navigation bar, its animations, and the like must have an impact on the ability of your CPU(s) to process & compute information, must have an impact on the amount of RAM available at any one time, must have an impact on battery life in order to do the above. No matter how great your hardware may be, it will have to carry the burden of both the virtual navigation bar & user-derived tasks. It does not seem logical to me that eye-candy should be achieved at the cost efficiency.

          • By the way…
            …what is meant by “…@’ing,,,”?

        • Yeah…
          My uncle has one & I help him with modding his phone a lot, (although he is starting to get the hang of it), It is NOT all that it is cracked up to be! Granted, there is some nice eye-candy now, but the “developer support” that everyone just loves to flaunt around isn’t all that it is cracked up to be on the Galaxy Nexus! I have played with Steel Droid, AOKP, Codename Android, Liquid Smooth, Sourcery, Dark Side, & many others. I must say, that other than Sourcery, Liquid Smooth, And Dark Side; They are pretty much alike. Most ROMS are based upon either AOKP or a barely modified AOSP. There really isn’t any real uniqueness to most of the ROMs, (although I will admit that I have yet to try CM9), The majority of them are based upon two or three ROMs with different color schemes. The point of the matter is that I find that for the specs this device holds; It should be faster.

          Onto your second point, the only times I have ever played with Samsung’s TouchWiz was on the Samsung Fascinate & the Samsung Captivate & so I really can’t say that Touchwiz on the GS3 will be good or bad since I have yet to experience it. I will have to take your word on that.

          But I don’t really see how people call this phone “ugly”.
          Turn it upside down & it resembles that of a large pebble to me.
          The specs looks decent & I love the physical buttons; especially that options button, I want it available at all times and not at the discretion of an app developer.

  • gallery69

    They should offer a Non TouchWiz version.

    • angermeans

      Yep, but wont ever happen. Every Android release we all feel the same way. “God this phone would be great if it didnt have [ fill in which horrible skin you choose ].

    • Christopher Riner

      they do. well, roman will, anyways. slap some aokp on that bad boy

  • skant153

    so where are they going to put the huge, ugly carrier logos on this puppy?

  • Chris Sandoval

    i like touch wiz. how can you say moto skin is better? and for hardware keys? i dont think we will see them in the US. thank god Apple sued them fornthat!

    • Diablo81588

      I think he was referring to ics blur.

    • PC_Tool

      Here’s hoping. I’m with you on the TW bit. AOSP is neat n’ stuff, but the version of TW on the SGSII was amazing. I wish VZW had gotten that device.

      If they do on-screen keys in the US, I’m getting it.

  • Jeremy Gentry

    with my upgrade coming in december, idk if i would consider any of these phones that are coming out. i don’t see a whole lot of reason to choose this stuff over say a galaxy nexus. which would be cheaper by that point. Being stuck on the thunderbolt at the moment makes me hate HTC, most of the stuff on that phone is still horribly broken and still waiting on fixes. that makes me want to shy away from the htc one x. and whats up with the puny battery? anywho one of these companies better step up and release something upgrade worthy by the end of the year

    • I agree with you. I keep looking for something to replace my Bionic, but nothing seems so fantastically better that its worth trading to. Bionic haters can hate, but I like it.
      I’m hoping that CTIA will see the unveiling of the Droid Fighter, aka Razr HD. I’m very interested to see if Moto can pull itself together after the fiasco that was the last 6 months (Bionic-Razr-Maxx with 2 months between each >.<). I really like the way Blur 3.0 is coming along on ICS. And if its the first Intel phone released in the US, that would at least differentiate it from the S4 army.

      TL;DR: I'm only mildly impressed with the GS3, the One X looks fantastic, but I'm also on the lookout for Moto's horse in this race

      • Jeremy Gentry

        i wonder why i got a – vote, i must have offended some htc fanboys. sorry but htc just plain sucks. the thunderbolt was supposed to recieve ICS and the most recent thing to come out is a mild bug fixer, which hasn’t even been pushed out OTA yet, (probably verizons fault) i was hoping this bug fixer would help my phones performance and battery life, but since the manual flash that i did i see no improvement. thank you for being worthless HTC.

  • MyStillRemains

    T-Mobile won’t get the Exynos processor either because it does not support its HSPA+42 Mbps network.

  • 1) They keep the hardware buttons so the soft buttons wouldn’t reduce screen size.

    2) It comes with removable battery, sd slot (one X has neither)

    3) Metal adds weight and messes with radios.

    4) Samsung is smarter then you droid-life!

    • Butters619

      3) Plastic is fine. Flimsy glossy plastic is not.

      • The entire back of the phone is complete removable and can be changed.

        • Butters619

          That silver plastic rim looks bad too. (I don’t think I have ever seen glossy silver plastic that looked good). And your phone would look mighty awkward with a matte back plate, a glossy plastic face, and a glossy silver ring in between.

    • smartguy05

      Instead of worrying about reducing screen size, just get rid of the buttons and make the screen taller.

  • MKader17

    You know what I think would be amazing to see next.

    Take the new flexible gorilla glass. Make a screen that takes up as much of the front as possible. Pick the appropriate screen size to make everything still fit behind it (4.2-4.7″ whatever works).

    Make the screen slightly curved and make the very bottom of the screen “clickable” to use as a home button of whatever. I don’t really see the need in a physical button, but if you make it more useful then on screen I’m down for it. The only way I could see doing that is by making it useful with the screen off by initiating voice commands or something. Make the button invisible with the screen off! That way you get a beautiful design, but can show people it is there with the screen on.

    Make the body out of something rigid. Hell, I don’t care if you market things like carbon fiber or titanium, just make it elegant and strong.

    That just seems like it would be something different than anyone else currently. Throw in some wireless charging with bad ass accessories and you are golden. With good hardware specs, Android will take care of the rest.

    • Christopher Riner

      Dude, the whole “bottom of the screen clicks down for home” is an insanely awesome idea, and would be a slap in the face to apple and their lawsuits.

      The only problem I could see would be holding your phone by the chin, and accidentally clicking it all the time. Other than that, the idea is butter.

      • MKader17

        Proximity sensor would easily fix that. Also, would only be a burden if it ended the call.

        Looking at my GNex, it seems like you actually use the bottom to wake the phone with out worrying too much about pocket unlock. And that could also be something that is controlled by the proximity sensor

  • Luis

    Yeah, too bad they included the physical menu key. Now it won’t have the awesome black bar on the bottom with only the menu key on non-optimized ICS apps (like the One X).

  • CaptainHowdy13

    Screen is a big deal to me. Part of why I chose the Rezound over the Gnex. I also really hate the plastic feel. I haven’t held the One phones yet but it looks amazing (minus the nipple) I’d take that any day. I can say this: I am thoroughly tired of the Snapdragon S4. Android is about difference. Its hard to be different if they all have the same processor. Also Im not sure what the big deal on hardware buttons is. I dont really care if they are onscreen or hardware but everyone else seems to be quite against it. Meh

    • smartguy05

      You obviously never used a Gnex very much. If you had, the on screen buttons would be a must for you.

      • CaptainHowdy13

        I tooled around in store a bit. Was turned away by the feel, and I knew the Rezound would get ICS sooner or later. Guess I need educating. What makes them great to you?

        • smartguy05

          I love that with custom roms and mods I can make them any size I want, also I can change the color, layout and now we can even add other buttons down there like the talk button or whatever you want. It’s the customization that makes them so awesome. Its like switching from iP*one to Android. You liked what you had but now this is so much better and more customizible.

  • I def think it was over-hyped, this would have been a great foil to HTC
    OneX if announced back at MWC. The specs are terrific and that dark blue
    model is gorgeous avoiding the kind of cheap white glossy model’s look.
    HD SAMOLED? I think it’s taken a back seat to HTC OneX’s SLCD2. Can’t
    wait to actually have it in my hand and then compare it to my OneX.
    Competition is awesome!

  • scumdroid

    touchwiz is garbage, i cant beleive they didnt scrap it for the S III

  • FortitudineVincimus

    To much hype, to much pomp & circumstance, to many trite cliche claims, and in the end it is much of the same we have now and they didn’t redefine the smart phone arena in any way. But boy, they sure as hell think they did with all that hot air they blew around. I left watching that whole reveal feeling pretty… meh about it sadly

    In the end, hours later, IMHO LG trumped them with the Optimus LTE2.

    I expect to get the SGS3 if it comes to VZW as it will be the best they have to offer and don’t expect VZW to get that and the LTE2 – but if they did, I would likely take the LTE2 honestly.

    • Butters619

      too*, too*, & too*

  • DOAbarrelroll

    Outside of the lack of a RGB-stripe pixel matrix, the only thing that’s really getting me down is the gloss. I have no problem with plastic construction, but gloss like is enough to instantly prevent me from even considering it. Not only does glossy plastic exude a chintzy aesthetic, it also is proven to be a scratch and fingerprint magnet. If they gave it a matte surface or, better yet, soft-touch, I would be all over this.

    • DOAbarrelroll

      Oh, and of course TouchWiz, but there are plenty of ways around that.

    • Butters619

      ” If they gave it a matte surface or, better yet, soft-touch”

      Haha that is what I have been saying about this phone on every story. Don’t go over to phandroid and say it though because they will rip your head off.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Finally some words from Kellex… “Goes to read now”

  • tvjrc603

    Today I walked into my backyard, heard some birds singing and thought to myself…wow, is somebody using a SGSIII out here? I feel like my life is so inspired by nature right now.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      pebble and leaf inspired.. water drops from soothing nature

      (pukes in mouth)

    • Hah this was good. What an odd theme to choose for a smartphone. Nature…pebbles…water. I don’t get it.

      • tvjrc603

        Agreed. As someone who lives in semi-constant fear of water coming into contact with my smartphone in general, I feel like owning this phone might cause me to develop a complex.

      • maybe someone is trying to tell ya to put your phone down and go outside and enjoy nature, get some sunshine…… maybe?

      • Butters619

        I drop my pebbles in water when I am out in nature. And then grab a leaf to clean up my business. (if you get my drift)

        • Trevor

          Remind me not to swim in any body of water to which you’ve recently visited.

        • Pedro

          I may be tainted for life.
          An open body of water that may have contained your ‘pebbles’…

          Think I may have to start watching Survivor again to learn how to boil water on demand 🙂

          • michael arazan

            For a “Nature” Phone, shocked they didn’t have some type of Green colored model.

      • They’re trying to target the “hipsters” that use “that other device”. The problem is, we’re not “them”.

        • Care to elaborate there Lonnie?
          I still have a Motorola Droid & I am thinking of getting it.
          I mean, what is not to like?
          Why do you imply that the Galaxy SIII looks like a iPhone? Granted, it does have a home button that is wider but similar to the iPhone’s home button. What other features do you believe to be intentionally appealing to Apple’s primary demographic.

          • I was referring to all the “nature” stuff.

          • angermeans

            What features that Samsung announced yesterday aren’t iPhone esque? From the Siri clone (even the UI is dead set Apple), the overall presentation (which they completely blew), the home button when the rest of the world wants it gone, and dont even get me started on Touchwiz they have completely gutted Android and made it look iOS.

            The thing is Samsung isnt the only one. It seems in the tech world the only phones that are “different” have the Nexus name in them. Apple swings and people love it and then Android OEMs run to copy. Samsung has done it more than others look at last year with the Galaxy S tablets. That was a completely rip off of what Apple is doing. If you cant see it then I dont know what to tell you.
            With that being said, I can see why. Apple sets the standards and remains top of the tech world. Hate it or not i products are the best built devices around. I think most would consider Apple devices if iOS was a little different.
            Android OEMs are ruining Android (except HTC which I respect what they are trying to do). Only Google sees the value in making something different and they keep trying to push the market away from Apple copying yet Samsung keeps feeling like they can compete. They dropped the ball. The NExus line is trying to introduce new things like that gorgeous curved display. The Nexus phones are completely different than anything Samsung makes.

      • s2556

        kellex are you excited about the headphone jack on the top instead of the bottom?

      • Huh…
        I thought it had looked like a giant pebble to me…

      • I think Samsung is trying to project that the S3 is for less technically savvy people and they are trying to shoot at the heart of Apple – who has a reputation for things being easy and natural. Unfortunately, Samsung doesn’t seem to really ‘get it’. Their commercial showed a number of emotional moments and suggested the S3 was a natural part of those moments… but they didn’t show how. Like they are not sure or something. Except that it tuns off when you sleep/are not using it which is not so impressive. Given that the majority of the folks on this site seem to be displeased with the S3, I would say Samsung either has a bust on their hand or they are absolutely targeting the less technical / Apple folks – which of course I think is the case.

        • MicroNix

          I’m not following you on this one. When you compare this to the other options, especially on VZW, this smokes the rest. I mean what’s the competition? RAZR MAXX HD X2 Purple Edition complete with MotoCrapTastic camera software and blur? HTC and Sammy are the only ones that throw in cameras that can actually take pictures before everyone has an unnatural smile because they were trying to hold it for so long. Sammy’s displays don’t suck. I mean really, who’s phone really targets *you* and the tech savvy you speak of? Does it have to be stupidly raw and difficult to satisfy you?

          • Christopher Riner

            Man, I’m really not sure it does smoke the rest. I was really expecting a game changer, like HTC did with the one x. Honestly, this phone just seems like an s2 with a quad core (that we’ll never see).

            When I got my nexus, I was like “man, it is impossible for any oem to release a phone in the next year or two that I am going to want” because I was just that satisfied with it. Other than the bugs that plagued the phone, there really just wasn’t much design-wise (overall, not just in a physical sense) that I thought they could have done any better, other than making the top and bottom bezel a little smaller.

            Then, rumors started flying about the new s3, and how it was supposed to be the greatest thing to hit the market. The s2 was almost a year old when the nexus came out, and a lot of people still thought that it was a superior phone, if not at least an equal to the nexus in terms of performance. I was totally expecting the s3 to again set the bar way above the rest. The more rumors that I heard, the better it seemed to get.

            Now that they have released the phone, I have to say I’m kind of shocked. I mean, we all were (of course) expecting touchwiz, and we knew what that meant, but after seeing the One x and how…awesome (for lack of a little more articulation) it looked and felt, I couldn’t wait to see what sammy was going to bring to the table.

            Sure, it’s a really nice phone with great hardware, but honestly if I were in a vzw store today with an upgrade (and they had the dual core vzw version out already), I would go for the nexus or the razr maxx. Not that the s3 isn’t a better phone, it just doesn’t seem to have any of the appeal that I was expecting it to.

    • tomn1ce

      I laughed at your comment before finishing reading it…. +1

    • The gnex was inspired by a magnolia leaf right?

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  • Michael_NM

    Best part of this story… Tim: My thoughts are still unclear… Isn’t that always the case Darth Tato? 😛

    • FortitudineVincimus

      being vague keeps you from ever being wrong and staying politically correct to the hand that feeds you

      • Larizard

        well he’s with an iPhone user after all…

    • I don’t want to pass judgment on something I haven’t even held yet. Going to stay calm until this thing reaches my mailbox. 🙂

  • LiterofCola

    Still a great phone, no doubt. Just not for me. Alas, I’ll be holding on to my Razr for a little while longer.

  • Hardware including design? i prefer my HTC One X, software based on apps not UI? i prefer samsung.