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Friday Poll: Why Do You Root Your Device?

It’s no secret that the DL community is big into the root and ROM game. We have some of the most savvy of readers, but there is one among us who needs our help. His name is Davis and he is doing a school project. He needs to know why people choose to root their devices. Is it for the custom ROMs, themes, kernels, etc? Let’s help this guy out.

Why do you root your Android device?

  • john

    how do you get free games after rooting, im new at this

  • max

    do u get free android market apps when you root your android phone ?

  • xXAaronSXx


  • Raven

    Primarily so I can run Titanium Backup Pro. Also so that I can run Autostarts to control what starts at boot and Root Explorer so that I can access my entire phone’s file system and also so that I can edit my hosts file to block certain obnoxious connections that some apps I otherwise like make.

  • meatydojo06

    bloatware removal friend

  • perry

    because moto stopped supporting the OG too soon.

  • Wolfclan

    I do it mainly to remove stock apps I don’t want, use Titanium Backup, system file modification, Wifi hotspot

  • bubblyhobo15

    i root my device because it unlocks the potential of an open os the carriers and cell phone makers tray to throttle bavk.

  • Custom ROMs, 3rd party kernels, TiBu, and AdBlock

  • manlisten

    Titanium Backup and to install custom ROMs.

  • ilhe1s

    i first did it to remove the bloatware on my Incredible and then it became a ROM and Kernel thing. After all of that the rest followed, themes and anything else I could flash.

  • ABerry5

    At first I rooted only to have the latest OS.. after rooting i realize being able to customize even further (adding bat percent on noti baf , adding power control toggles on noti bar, adding additional selections to lockscreen, setting cpu frequency to ondemand for scaling of cpu speed for the best battery) so latest os and added layer of customization

  • In order of importance:

    1) Wifi Tether for interwebbing on the go.
    2) Wifi Tether for skipping out on a separate internet connection for my office space.
    3) Wifi Tether for playing PS3 anywhere I damn please.
    4. Wifi Tether is an all-around panty-dropper.

  • reygeoffrey

    Because android devlopers root it

  • andrew z

    I feel like the question, “Why wouldn’t you root your phone?” is easier to answer:

    Because you’re an idiot.


    I first rooted to get rid of the bloat, then discovered the woderful world of ROMs. Running Eclipse on my Bionic has beed great. Far better performance, and battery life, and useful features.

  • me

    Because i hate to wait 6 months for an update that never comes

  • jay mulhollen

    To remove unnecessary software that cant be removed from a stock device. Bloatware is evil!! LOL…..Not to mention design and customize my phone to fit my lifestyle better.

  • Motosurf

    yes of coz! I rooted my Milestone 2, my Xoom, and just rooted my new Razr Maxx

  • For the Roms. Not fond of Sense or Touchwiz. Once my Galaxy Nexus arrives, probably just for CM9.

  • lovehate

    To remove bloatware.

  • live wallpaper

  • Real backups with TB, set CPU speeds, modify settings – and yes, even simple things like making screenshots, which for some reason can’t be implemented by manufacturers -.-

  • diva lasvegas

    so i can say F you Verizon… speed hacks, unthrottled hack, free teathet, crap overlay got to go ROM it OC it. mostly so i could put my personal CPU slider in the notification bar on CM. ohhhhhhh

  • LTE

    TiBu & screenshots of course good ol tethering

  • Tim242

    Custom ROM’s…all other reasons are just icing on the cake.

  • Well, I mainly root it because it’s my right to do so for a phone i paid $500-600 for but if you really want to know, I did make a video you can watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVXMjVpMX2k

  • Mainly Titanium Backup no that I found FoxFi, but always nice to have options.

  • cuz its my phone and i want a custom rom

  • 2Ceedz

    Because, its my hardware, and VZW SUCKS at updating devices!!

  • AdamDeFelice

    Customization and tasker! I just love being able to theme the crap out of my phone. Custom soft keys, colors, icons etc. then with tasker I can automate all my functions from GPS to brightness to wifi!