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Video: Hands-on With the Samsung Galaxy SIII

The Samsung team was kind enough to put together this “hands-on” video of their own so that those of use who skipped London could get the full experience of the Galaxy SIII. It’s 4 minutes or so long, talks the different colors, the new UI which is “inspired by nature,” sounds from “nature,” hardware, quickness of the phone, “Pop Up Play” feature (floating video player), camera, direct calling abilities, S Beam (just like beam but more), and more. 

  • Rounded phones are supposedly nice in the pocket. I’d bet it’s better than my current Motorola Atrix it’s going to replace.
    Since the entire back cover comes off, any bet there might be different colors and textures available? Humm, what color is the face and bezel? Is it “blue” also? Looks sort of black.

  • murtaza rizvi

    samsung galaxy s iii is the best in design and in features…its more than any phone….awareness is important now a days about phone….one x i not up too the mark….GALAXY S III IS THE SUPERPHONE….

  • chancho1978

    what the heck is all this nature and human emotion crap?

  • smartguy05

    I like the software improvements and neat little things, but I’m going to hold onto my Galaxy Nexus until Samsung releases another phone with software buttons.

  • Spider210

    inspired by nature one more time and someone is going to murder you

  • Jarred Sutherland

    I didn’t hear the sound of real water drops, I heard some stupid ogg being played over and over that would drive me nuts.

    Also, why do I want my screen to be “watery” when I touch it? It isn’t water, I’m not dipping my hand in a pool of water, I am using a smartphone.


  • Mod man

    Somebody please test reception cause Sammy has the worst radios ever, just my opinion

  • mcblue

    Seriously, it is pretty obvious what this phone is. It is not groundbreaking by any means, because it didn’t have to be. Samsung is going to sell a ton of these phones because of the success of the S2. They didn’t have to include groundbreaking features like large battery (small step up), 12mp Camera (just added features), New GPU (small step) and many other features that are just baby steps into the better direction, (screen, processor, and who cares about touch-wiz, Ill take stock 4.0 any day). Everyone knows that Samsung could have designed an amazing phone specs wise, but didn’t have to because lets face it. this business, in the end is all about making money, and this phone is cheaper to build than a phone with top specs in every category which means they will make more money in the end (looking forward to even the next galaxy S4 development) because baby step saves money and in turn makes money. Samsung knows this phone is going to sell like hotcakes either way.

    • mcblue

      I dont understand why it is so ugly either. they went in the opposite direction with that one.

    • angermeans

      All of that works and I understand, but why take a huge step backwards from the galaxy nexus and make such an ugly ass phone. It is ugly. That has nothing to do with specs.

  • teejaycard

    i feel meh about it…

  • HTC One X for me over this…

  • Mustang5Oh

    Designed for humans is an absolutely AWFUL phrase. Not a huge fan of the design really. Meh I’ll stick to the GNex.

  • No, only FOUR icons on the bottom?? On a screen larger than the GNex?! Really awful.

  • darinr80

    Sorry, but ‘inspired by nature’? Really?

  • DedliYeti

    “Mimics the beauty of nature and recreates the natural curves of leafs and pebbles”.
    “Each color makes a natural statement of its own”
    “Even the user interface is inspired by nature. Samsungs own touchwiz interface has been upgraded and infused with nature and human emotion”

    *Pokes screen and hears water drops*… durrrr

  • Troubled_Asian

    First off, the guy talking is the most annoying human being I have ever heard on a tech site.

    I know I’ll get flamed for this, but I think it looks like Sammy is still copying the general look of the iPhone.

    This phone would look so much better without the physical and soft buttons at the bottom. I usually don’t opt for carriers to change the physical look of a phone, but I hope Verizon gets this phone removes the hardware button at the very least.
    Though I am impressed by the quad-core cpu, I am equally unimpressed by Touchwiz. If I were to get this phone, the first thing that I would do (like many others) would be to put stock ICS on it.
    Overall…. meh.

  • I’m not really impressed by this. At all

  • Trevor

    Isn’t that wonderful?

  • FortitudineVincimus

    They are taking the stupid “inspired by nature” concept way to far. It is a f****** smart phone, not a paint color.

    Likely my next phone, but a bit under impressed I admit. There is not a damn thing about this phone that is “redefining smart phones”. Nothing.

  • touchwiz still looks like clown vomit, but someone please kang that direct call feature from text messaging! that kinda wowed me.


    Looks great and all, but other than a couple new and some neat features like the pop thing… text while video.. i think ill keep my gnex. i still love stock and its design. Maybe im a little jealous but not as much as i though. And to me… 4.8 is just way to much. even the gnex is pushing it but its really 4.3 with the on screen buttons… so its nice. So as far as i can tell besides a quad core samy processor… not much difference between this and my gnex..

  • bakdroid


  • davetheAndroid

    Remember everyone, that middle fugly button will be gone in the U.S. version (it better be!). 4.8″ screen is really flipping sweet though. But not as good looking as the Gnex either IMO, Looks like a Tmobile phone with those corners…..ugh.

    • the rounded corners make it much easier to hold in my opinion. i don’t see what the problem is…

  • Yeah the whole “nature” crap is gimmicky and unwanted. I would like the eye track and s-voice though please.


  • Lane252

    if this things battery life is solid, this phone is gonna be FNING EPIC (features not looks)

  • fallsgable


  • I saw someone, in a post on another site, analogize Samsung to a Hyundai. I swept of the comment, because it was made by an Apple nut-hugger, but there’s some truth in the statement. I was thinking about how Hyundai has really come on in the last ten years, but there’s something about fit and finish that still needs some work. You can cram all the latest gizmos and features into a product, but unless you put just much thought and attention into the chassis the product will, regrettably, lacking as a total package.

    • Kyle Fullmer

      Obviously well off topic, but how many Hyundai’s have you driven or better yet owned? I have owned 3, and 2 of my friends have Hyundai’s. I can tell you they compete with all honda’s and toyotas I have been in.

      • It’s on topic, because I added to the Hyundai analogy. I’ve driven, but never owned, Hyundais over the years. In fact, I decided against a Hyundai SUV because of the fit and finish issue. It had a lot of nice features, but the car just didn’t feel as solid as I would want or expect. Even when you look at the Genesis, it’s a good car with every imaginable creature comfort inside and out, yet the total package, in my opinion, still falls a short of vehicles it competes with. Can Hyundai Toyota or Honda? Sure. However, competing and clearly distancing yourself from the competition with superior build quality is another thing, entirely. My comment is specifically addressing overall build quality and craftsmanship.

    • davetheAndroid

      On one side, Hyundai’s design is from other cars true enough. But we have had a Sonata (2007) for the past 3 years with never one problem. I don’t like the design much, but it has been very reliable.

    • What’s wrong with the design? I don’t get it. It looks good to me.

      • The design is ok — nothing spectacular to me. My comment is really about the quality, or lack thereof, of the exterior materials and the screen. The materials just appear to be plastic. Even if it’s high-grade plastics (or polycarbonate as Nokia likes to say), it does look benefitting of a flagship device. Add to that, the screen is pentile. At this stage of the game, that’s just not good enough.

        Just because I’m not wowed by the phone doesn’t mean that others shouldn’t be. To each their own. As I always say, ‘Like what you like.’

  • RadicalPie

    The one thing that I like about the phone is certain elements of the software. Which I am sure can be ported to my GNex. 😉

    • exactly. This phone just made me wanna go pick up a Nexus

      • Kyle Fullmer

        So knowing you can load ROMs and swap features between the phones (this will get CM9 at the least) you thought to yourself, “man I really want a smaller screen and a slower processor with a smaller battery!”?

        • RobMorris

          probably the fact that it is quite unnatractive looking

        • yep, that is word for word what I though.

        • angermeans

          And why would one look at it like that? The us version will have a dual core snapdragon (faster yes but I’m willing to bet the galaxy nexus with vanilla android looks and feels much faster than the s4 with that horrible touchwiz interface). You can look at it both ways. For me the nexus is by far the better looking phone, both have hd screens, both have very similar specs, and the nexus has curved glass, software keys, and best of all vanilla android. Software will always trump hardware my friend.

  • ceejw

    This video made me feel the sounds of nature and infused me with human emotion.

    • tvjrc603

      I know what you mean…tonight I walked out on my back porch, heard some birds chirping, and thought, wow, is somebody using a SGSIII out here?

  • RegKilla

    The specs are great

  • TOUCHWIZ!!! Kill it with fire!!!!!

    • davetheAndroid

      What? Stake through the heart maybe? Silver bullet of death?

  • I hate to be Negative Ned here, but…

    Am I the only one that is making the gas face at the “designed for humans” catchphrase?

    He said: “Fits perfectly in your hands” I wonder if that was a slip, or a nod to the fact that this is a big mofo.

    Pop-up play — not so much. The screen is big, but not THAT big to push a PIP feature.

    Unlike some, I’m objective about Apple, but I hate…Hate…HATE everything starting with that stupid “i” So, Samsung has decided to follow suit and introduce “S” ____ line of products and features? Shoot me now!

    • Kyle Fullmer

      Lots of cheesy lines in the video, and I also hate the s-branding… For a company accused of coping apple they sure are doing everything to prove those accusations correct.

      How big is this phone physically compared to some others?

  • Can it run Crysis?

  • jt

    Still think touchwiz is ugly and ruins the android experience…

    Really wish all the android manufacturers would stop pooping out phones and focus on one or two great phones that they’d actually support with software. Every freakin month there’s another new android phone with some great feature you can’t live without. Then 2 months later a new OS version rolls out that you’ll maybe get 8 months later (when the next OS rolls out). This is getting old. I really hope the next Nexus isn’t a sammy. I had one sammy and that was enough.

  • vitriolix

    As usual, Samsung made a great piece of hardware, but completely destroyed what makes ICS so beautiful with their cheap, hacky TouchWhiz. Just throwing a bunch of poorly thought out and mismatched features on top of a well design, cohesive OS like ICS is a crime. Bah.

    • ceejw

      In terms of specs it’s great hardware, but I think most people agree that this is a step back from the, SII GNexus and One X from a hardware design standpoint.

    • I think Samsung put the kitchen sink into the capability of the phone (Touchwiz aside), but surrounded that sink with a laminate countertop instead of granite.

  • cancerous_it

    whiskey tango foxtrot? that is a billion dollar company who produced that video?????????

    • LionStone

      haha…yea, I got a crook in my neck from the angle he held the phone.

  • [email protected]

    funny . HTC onex had all the performance and features and much better version of this phone 3 months ago . what a waste of time and energy by samsung.

  • megatron

    isn’t that wonderful

  • sirmeili

    So is s beam a rip off of Android beam? Will they work together? If not, I don’t like that. Why can’t we use what Android already gives us instead of a proprietary solution.

    • angermeans

      I hate to say it , but the only fragmentation android suffers from is from the greedy OEMs. Google makes a great feature and makes it open source. The OEMs then take that feature and make it their own and never contribute to the aosp so the platform doesn’t grow. This is going to be the death of android all of this proprietary garbage. We have apps that only run on certain processors, we have apps and games that run on certain phones and now we have open sourced features being built upon for differentiation. All of this is a gimick anyway. I’ve used my android beam on my galaxy nexus twice since launch and I’ve gotten a lot of people to get this phone.

  • did they just really crappily blur out the name “Mr. Human”? haha

  • RadicalPie

    It appears K is the only person who likes the phone. lol

    • snowblind64

      Yeah, I was hoping for more out of this phone. Disappointed that they decided to use hardware buttons.

      I do like the new Discus though. Time to down-rank some trolls!

    • I kinda like it….

  • JJ

    Geez, we’ve been talking about this phone for months now…and this is it? Huge disappointment and they feature some of the lamest “features” in this video.

  • Dan

    Ugh, that home button is hideous. Seriously, Sammy just stop. If I wanted a useless button on the front I’d get an iphone. To me it kills the whole package, what a waste.

    • vitriolix

      Agreed. Wish my Nexus had that Exynos quad core and the GSIII, but other than that I’m glad I went stock.

      • You cant have Verizon LTE if you have the E QC chipset…

      • angermeans

        I would much rather have LTE than a quad core processor
        . You cant have both at least not now. You can thank Qualcomm for that and I bet they won’t change that until they have a quad core snapdragon on the market. I don’t see why people don’t get this. The American version of the galaxy s 3 will not have quad core. Even Samsung execs have said that

    • Diablo81588

      Samsung is an Apple copycat. Its no surprise that they made a single home button right in the center, just like the iPhone.

    • murtaza rizvi

      button is a theme of galaxy s series…best phone…great sammy…

  • lol, this is embarrassing to listen to

  • RadicalPie

    wouldnt the FFC being on all the time to watch you read stuff suck a lot of juice?

  • RedPandaAlex

    So the bring the phone to your ear to call automatically thing… does that use the camera or the orientation sensor? Because if it uses the orientation sensor, you can bet you’ll be accidentally calling people by putting your phone phase down or under a sheet of paper or something.

    • jt

      Proximity sensor. Same thing that dims your screen when you put it up to your face

      • RadicalPie

        so if you are texting and put your phone in your pocket you are going to call that person? makes no sense

        • jt

          It can detect the pores in your face to tell if it should call or lock…

          It also comes with a hoverboard and Nike Autolace sneakers.

        • Diablo81588

          You leave the screen on when you put it in your pocket?

          • RadicalPie

            it has happened. I am just saying.

      • RedPandaAlex

        Oops, that’s what I meant–not the orientation sensor.

  • Lew

    I loved the nature inspired sounds he showed, it was like a whole flock of beautiful birds simultaneously pooped on a xylophone, just like they do in nature!

    • palomosan

      The phone is nice but it’s not ground braking like the SGII was…Samsung just got owend by HTC One X, the X is much more attractive that the SGIII.

      • Bionicman

        I don’t know about that. I like the GSIII better. The looks are definitely 2012 and the software looks nice (we’ll see how it actually works). I think they did a good job. i think they are both comparable but samsungs software features beat HTC.

        • kidtronic

          I’d say in terms of performance and software enhancement, the GSIII is the clear winner. But the One X trounces the GSIII aesthetically.

          • angermeans

            I agree the one x is a gorgeous phone. I wish I had the white one on Verizon with vanilla android (come on google partner with HTC for the next nexus!)

      • Except that the One X is nothing revolutionary.. just a shiny phone that doesn’t add any new groundbreaking features. Samsung actually put meaningful things in their UI skin like the “best picture out of 20” and the eye tracking keep-awake feature.

        The One series does none of that and only adds infuriating skins on top of android with no meaningful benefit.

        • angermeans

          All that stuff Is extremely gimicky. I couldn’t deal with touchwiz for even 5 min and a few features they ramp up will never change my mind.

  • jt

    STOP SAYING NATURE! We get it already.

  • John

    I’m so glad I bought a Nexus

    • Bewara2009

      Are you sure about that?

      • John

        Yep. Why wouldn’t I be? I can’t make it much clearer than “I’m so glad I bought a Nexus”

        • Bewara2009

          Some people just can’t admit the truth.

          • angermeans

            What “truth” are you talking about? Is it the truth that vanilla android will always trump a skinned device? If the us version of the gs3 has a dual core snapdragon s4 then you tell me how we should accept the truth you talk about. There is nothing groundbreaking about this device. Not at all and it runs one of the worlds worst OS because of touchwiz. It is a plague on android. It is horrible and looks horrible. The only way I would ever deal with touchwiz is hardware that completely wipes the floor with any nexus device on the market and even then.

            They both have hd screens, both have 1gb ram, both have dual core (yes the s4 is better than than the omap but I am willing to bet vanilla android with omap runs better than touchwiz with the s4), the camera is only a littlbetter and it is based on the same software as the GNexus which I am willing to bet will disappoint just like the galaxy nexus, and has touchwiz.

            The nexus on other hand has vanilla android, better look by a country mile, software keys (come on Samsung), has a curved display, will actually get updates, and has a great developer base, plus is completely unlocks able.

            It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do the math my friend. Now you tell me how someone doesn’t accept the so called truth you preach?

    • I was waiting on deciding to get a Nexus until this was announced… Time to get a Nexus.

      • John

        Awesome. You won’t be disappointed.

      • I’ll trade you.

        Seriously. Straight up.

      • murtaza rizvi

        no…buy s iii. u will like it when u will experience it…nexus is a kid in front of s iii….

  • MrBlonde04

    If I to hear *inspired by nature* bs again by this guy, one more time, I’m going to have to kill a cute, cute adorable puppy.

    • RadicalPie


    • hkklife

      Palm said this back in 2009 with their “river stone” inspiration for the Pre. Look where that got them. I get uncomfortable when these designers start spouting all this b.s. about “inspired by nature”. All too often, that kind of hyperbole is an excuse for some kind of corner-cutting or gimped spec. And it’s certainly no excuse for using cheap, glossy plastic! Can we get something else along the lines of the indestructable Droid RAZR and its kevlar??

      • MrBlonde04

        That’s what I was really looking for, something that wowed me! I know when the 2nd Galaxy came out I wanted it soo badly but it just took forever to come over to the states, and I got a Galaxy Nexus. And I was loathing today because I was going to hate not having the sexiest phone possible…..BUT looks like I still do…Its a sad victory :c

    • Is MrBlonde04 going to have to choke a bitch?

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        • Bionic_Pags

          Somebody vote down this bitch

    • Steve Waugh

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    • darinr80

      LOL! I’m with you!

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  • Jack

    This phone is disappointingly ugly.

    • Liderc

      Agreed, that glossy back is almost as ugly as the home button.

      • Definitely. HTC has it right with matte.