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Thursday Poll: Thoughts on the Galaxy SIII?

Now that the live event is over and the Samsung Galaxy SIII has been unleashed, we are ready to hear your thoughts on it. The specs are essentially what we expected, but Sammie really focused on bringing us custom software add-ons, like S Voice (or Siri for Android), a better camera experience that can detect contact faces, new gestures for the lock screen, and more. It’s TouchWiz, but it definitely feels like Samsung has done some innovative things on the software side of this announcement. It would take us an hour to list them all, something we will eventually do.

What are your thoughts on the color scheme, physical home button, hardware menu and back buttons, screen size, overall look, etc.? It’s launching in Europe in May, but could be on some U.S. carriers by June. Is this your next phone? Share anything that comes to mind in the comments below.

  • thatguy

    Once phones have a holographic keyboard or a 23 mega pixel camera am defiantly never gonna get another phone for awhile the only thing better about this phone is the processor which most people wont realize same camera and S voice oohhhh.

  • Edward

    the s3 disappointed me 🙁

  • X

    I feel like GSIII is really underwhelming. It just didn’t have a “wow” factor. Screen is a little better and bigger, nice camera, but majority of improvements came from software and I believe all software improvements will be designed/improved by Google soon. This galaxy really only designed by nature for human instead of out of this world.

  • Amenemhat1

    where’s the poll?

  • Peter Stover

    does it come with free “screen burn” like my gnex after 6mo?

  • MrEnglish

    Wow, all that hubbub and this is the result? Kind of like ending up with your ex on a blind date. Not a fan of the physical looks of the thing. Specs are nice, but really, is this the best their design team can do?

  • j808

    touchwiz is actually nice in the gs3. if devs can work their magic on the Gn and have a perfect port of the gs3 id be more than happy to keep my GN. If not trading it in for this ohone. the battery life on my ohone is frustrating me even with a rom thats suppose to be saving me battery. ohh well

  • alekso9

    This phone is boring. S2 is waaaay better. Spec wise though is obviosaly an improvement. GNEX is sexier though. I think im gonna stick with my bionic for now…

  • I think I’ll buy it

  • wtsamatta

    got my nexus on Monday, and after seeing this, I have no regrets. Quad core or not, I’m sure that my nexus will be able to handle everything as satisfactorily as the SIII. Now if it had a rezound quality screen……

  • people are so stupid saying its so ugly, looks so close to the nexus you can hardly tell the difference,but it would have to be better, way to many children on here

  • Sean

    Galaxy Nexus > Galaxy SIII

  • Tyler

    This phone is downright ugly, nature isn’t ugly why is this?

  • sgtguthrie

    Am I the only one not seeing the poll???

  • EdubE24

    Am I the only person who likes this damn phone???

  • gnex183763

    so will the verzion version have a quad core prossesor

  • Inquizitor

    Am I the only one who thinks the shape just sort of makes it look fatter than it is? Too ovular, disappointed.

    Also gross skin is gross.