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New Firefox Aims to Create Uniform Experience Across Desktop, Phones and Tablets

A presentation by Mozilla’s Madhava Enros has surfaced online, giving us a look at the future of their popular browser, better known as Firefox. In the slides, you can quickly figure out what the goal is here – to create a browser that looks and feels the same across all platforms, hence the “distinctive and unified” mention at the top of the first slide. Over the last few months, they merged their mobile and desktop teams to hopefully make this dream come true.

The motto for this new project seems to be “soft, friendly, and human,” and that makes sense. After cruising through the slides, I sort of see what they are getting at with the curves, soft colors, and simple approach (wait, is that human?). In the presentation, you will find a number of pictures that represent the Firefox team’s ideas for the future of the browser. Be sure to check it out at the source link below.

 Phone version:

Tablet version:

I hate to be that guy, but it looks a bit Chrome-ish. And not that that’s a bad thing, since Google is trying to do something similar with their browser, by making the experience seamless between platforms. Some of the look or features has been taken from previous mobile versions though, but the overall look is quite a bit different. What are your thoughts on Firefox? I know that Chrome has become the #1 browser for many of you – are you willing to give Firefox another shot, though?

Via:  Ars Technica | SlideShare

  • Still hate almost every mobile browser except for the stock android one. Ive tried them and hated them. Sorry.

  • chrome crashes often whether on my old & new laptops as well as my pc…be it shockwave flash, skype plug-in, or just crashes…. cant remember the last time firefox or even opera crashed

  • Danofiveo

    I’m still willing to give it a shot, but it’s still too aweful to use on a daily basis.

  • Joediver

    Dolphin all the way baby!

  • picaso86

    Is there a way to install Chrome on a Razr running 2.3.6?

  • wickets

    when chrome matches stock ics browser  it might be something, until then most overrated app evah and on a desktop it doesnt even come close to firefox

  • *Chrome

  • This NEEDS to be for ICS. No orange highlights or explicit menu button support on the GNex.

  • Michael_NM

    I like the idea of a unified browsing experience, but I’d like it to look like it was developed after Y2K.

    • Hah, wow. Take that Firefox.

    • rohicks

      History is known to repeat itself, and despite what you think that is some beautiful UI work.

  • moelsen8

    being primarily a firefox desktop user.  i really wanted to like firefox on android.  it’s come a looooong, long way from its [horrible] fennec days.  still, every time i switch to it to try to see if it’s ready to be my go-to phone browser, it crashes on me constantly. although the last time i tried it was half a year ago or so.. maybe it does deserve another try in the near future.

  • Guest

    People still use Firefox?

    •  Yeah, not all of us suck down ALL of the Google Kool-aid. Firefox has better addon support, better multi tab browsing with groups, and better bookmarking. I like Chrome on the tablet, but Firefox on the desktop blows it away.

      • feztheforeigner

        Chrome is much sleeker and faster. Never crashes and loads pages instantly with every feature Firefox can have. Somehow, Firefox seems to get bogged down the more you use it while Chrome just “gets to know you” without ever skipping a beat.


        • Ha, just saw this 5 months later, I’m a Chrome fanboy now 😀 Thanks!

    • Stephen D

      I prefer Chrome, but Firefox is still a great browser. And hey, at least they aren’t using IE. 

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    • Spunker88

       A lot more customizable than Chrome, Firefox has better addons, you can also customize the UI, edit userchrome.css giving you even more customizing power. With Chrome you are stuck with the default UI layout as themes can only change colors. As far as memory management Firefox has improved quite a bit.

  • EC8CH

    It does look like Chrome, but that’s good, cause I like Chrome.

  • ghostrigger

    Im actually still using Skyfire for my phone browser. I may check out Mozilla again since that is the browser of my pc though.

    • I can’t bring myself to use firefox on anything, especially on my phone. The APK for Firefox Mobile is giant compared to any other browser out there.

      • Jacob Mastel

        That’s because it doesn’t use the Webkit browser.  The APK has to include the Gecko engine since it uses the same basic engine as it’s desktop counterpart.

  • Jason Purp

    Keep that theme way from my desktop

  • Dan

    I think that the Firefox team’s first task should be to get that fake tablet up to ICS. C’mon, its 2012!

    • And fake phones, Gingerwhat?

      • Dan

        So 2010! Jeez. haha