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Motorola MotoActv Receives Update – New Features Depend on Whether or Not You Loaded the Golf Software

Owners of the Motorola MotoActv, you have an update available. It’s fairly minor, but we wanted to point out that there are different versions of it depending on your current software status. If you took the golf update before it was pulled in early April, you get build 1.6.12 which includes new golf stuff. If you forgot or didn’t care about the golf software and missed your opportunity to update to it, you get build 1.6.13. The updates are essentially the same, one just has golf features and the other does not. 


1. Improved calorie burn algorithm during cycling workout with heart rate monitor
2. Added Primary Activity selection during setup so your MOTOACTV is tailored to your primary sport
3. Improved watch performance after display wake up
4. Enhanced the way Album Lists are displayed

*If you have golf software, you get 5-7 as well.

5. Improved calculation for total score after a golf round.
6. Improved Golf club recommendation by widening the distance range
7. Improved connectivity with Wahoo BLE heart rate monitor

To get the update, plug your device into your computer and let it go to work.

Release notes:  1.6.12 | 1.6.13

  • Higher_Ground

    #5 seems odd to me – was it incorrectly computing your golf score before?  It’s simple arithmetic…  you know, adding and subtracting!

  • Behdad

    I bought it one month ago, its very good. I love it, it helped me to continue my diet, I lost 6 kg over last month with it! 🙂

    • jonny6pak

      Awesome!  Nice work!

  • jedijesus95

    Good to see this thing is still getting updates. I’ve been using it for a month and so far I love it.

  • Jcdenton771

    The MotoActv app also recently received an ICS compatibility update recently. First step for RAZR ICS update?

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    • Dr_Buttballs

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