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Amazon Launches Cloud Drive Desktop Application, Must Have For Cloud Users

Amazon has released the Cloud Drive desktop application for even easier access to your files and music that are stored on their cloud servers. With the desktop client (available for both PC and Mac), you can simply drag and drop your files onto the desktop icon for instant uploading to the cloud, then have access to them from any of your mobile devices that have a web connection. Note that there is no actual Cloud Drive app yet, unless you’re using the storage for music, which you can use the Amazon MP3 application for. 


  • Easily upload your photos, documents, videos and other files
  • Drag and drop files and folders to the Cloud Drive icon
  • Right-click any file or folder and send to Amazon Cloud Drive
  • Easy download of one or more files and folders from Cloud Drive
  • Uploads and downloads run in the background
  • Continue using your computer as you normally would, the app can handle restarts and lost internet connections without losing your data
  • You can pause and resume at any time

You can never have enough Cloud storage, right?

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Cheers Allen!

  • Also keep in mind that if you do buy storage from Amazon, you get all of your MP3 storage for free. MP3’s don’t count against quotas for paid users.

  • Redflea

    Uploaded songs from two artists (AA Bondy and Andrew Bird)…even though the artist/album/song info is in the MP3 properties for all of the content uploaded, about 1/3 of the songs end up classified Aritist unknown, album unknown folder.  This happened across albums, so wasn’t album-specific.  

    I was able to create a folder w/the album name and move the mp3s to the folder, but doing that for 1/3 of my 21,000 MP3s is not going to happen…

    Anyone else seeing this issue w/mp3 uploads? 

  • frankandsimple

    would have been nice if you actually gave more details.. like for example how much storage they are giving for free (kinda like the most important aspect of such things).

  • jonny6pak

    This isn’t too helpful for me since it doesn’t actually sync.  Syncing with local folders and the ability to edit ID3 tags are really the most important things to me.  I’ll stick with DropBox, SkyDrive, and Google Drive for now.  I do have a ton of songs sitting on Amazon right now–if they ever get more features, I would probably be sold on using Amazon Cloud as my primary service.

  • Silver91354

    On the sign-up page it says that it supports:  Windows Vista/Windows7/Mac 10.6-10.7.  It also supports Windows XP.

  • DaveTea

    Nice to see a major corporation that uses Linux to make a boatload of cash shun Linux desktop users. Go fsck yourself Amazon.

  • Double post

  • I’m betting the farm with GDrive. I have high hopes.

  • Nice! I have 20GB from buying a $1 album a while back. I wonder if I keep the 20GB forever.

    I guess they dont want to sync local folders. Appears you can only upload and download files. Am I missing something?

    • Bonzix

      I did the same but I believe the 20GB for buying the album is only good for a year then you have to re-up.

      • Caleb Martin

        This is correct; the free 20 GB was good for a year, then they downgrade you to the free 5 GB plan. If you want to keep the 20 GB you have to pay. I believe they have extended the free subscription by a bit — at least, when they released the desktop application they sent me an email saying my free subscription, which was due to expire soon, had been extended until July.

  • tvBilly

    “Amazon has released the Cloud Drive desktop application”…”Note that there is no actual Cloud Drive app yet, unless you’re using the storage for music, which you can use the Amazon MP3 application for.”

    timotato: I’m sure you understand what you meant, I suspect no one else does, me included.

    • Guest

      Lol, I understand. Maybe you’re mistaking desktop application for Android app?

  • Liderc

    Too many cloud services, the public is going to be confused as hell when it becomes the norm. 

  • feztheforeigner

    Come on Google Drive!

  • Gshubert1943

    Kimir, how do you put one in the other without a eating up space in the dropbox acct?

  • I like to cap the amount of redundancy in my life, I’m setting this one at 2 cloud services, Drive and Dropbox

  • Jeffrey Tarman

    space provided is 5GB but songs bought from Amazon do not count towards storage

  • My GDrive is inside my Dropbox, which is inside my Asus Websync… I’ve got it covered.

    • Somewhere, someone’s head just exploded.

      • Mwara244

        Sounds like you are creating the Matrix of cloud storage.

        • Inception. Get your movies right. 😀

      • Folderception.

  • JulianZHuang

    100% exactly the same as dropbox and google drive……

  • Can’t tell how much storage they’re offering. Hard to commit without that info, given all the other options. Microsoft Skydrive gave me 25GB, but unfortunately they’re still Microsoft.

    • Caleb Martin

      5 GB for free, and Amazon Music purchases don’t count toward space used. Then you can get a 20 GB subscription for $20/year, and music of any kind (Amazon or uploaded from your computer) doesn’t count toward space used.

  • Scott

    With the abundance of cloud resources out there, I would much rather see a mobile app for Amazon video.  I would even be willing to pay a small fee for it.  Netflix and Hulu+ plus have it.  Why not Amazon?


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    • Andrew

      I agree totally. A glaring omission from Amazon’s otherwise stellar offerings. I’ve been looking forward to an Amazon Instant app for a long time.

    • CARPDM

      Yeah AMAZON! I have Prime and wish I could access the videos on my tablet or phone. At least they have it on PS3 now.

  • Right-Click -> Send to Cloud Drive is something that the other app makers could learn…