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Download: Galaxy Nexus 4.0.4 Build IMM76K [Instructions Added]

Here you go…somebody finally pulled a log over at XDA and a few of us patched it together to form the update URL from Google. This is it, folks, the 4.0.4 IMM76K update for your beloved Galaxy Nexus on Verizon. So much for that conspiracy, eh? 

Download Link

Instructions [Rooted users]:

1.  First, you have to be stock and rooted, running 4.0.2 (ICL53F).
2.  You also have to be running the stock radios ek02 and ek05 (found here).
3.  Download the update file to your internal storage.
4.  Rename to update.zip if you’d like.
5.  Reboot into recovery and make a backup just to be safe.
6.  Select “install zip from sdcard” and then “choose” and find the file.
7.  Apply it and reboot. Enjoy 4.0.4 and hopefully a lot less bugs.

*Note – If you are running a custom ROM and do not have an ICL53F backup, you  can return to stock by following this set of instructions. Remember that you don’t want to do the “fastboot oem lock” command though.

*Note 2 – If you are running the leaked 4.0.4 (IMM30B), it is looking like you will need to go back to ICL53F, unless someone can find a full blown IMM76F .zip or a .zip that takes you from IMM30B to it.

Instructions [Non-rooted users]:

1.  Non-roots, you can use the Galaxy Nexus Toolkit from XDA to flash a temporary custom recovery.
2.  After doing that, you can flash the file and update. Upon rebooting, you will have stock recovery back.
3.  So it seems like you are “rooting” but you aren’t. After updating, you will be back to fully stock.
4.  Links:  Instructions | Toolkit

If you need help with rooting or flashing recoveries or need the files to get back to stock, it can all be found in our Guide to the Galaxy Nexus.

Cheers Chris!

  • rahul

    My nexus is locked affte Android updating

  • Jay

    Also when i am trying to update, i keep getting an error message, aborting during backup assistant check, i uninstalled it with titanium backup.

  • Jay

    can i do the update with CMW? or through stock recovery only? Thanks

  • CoCoCalypso

    Just wanna say for those who have never done something even as easy as this, don’t let theses A-holes discourage you from asking questions. Getting and giving answers to even the simplest questions is going to make the entire community stronger in the long run. More noobs means more potential donations to our favorite teams like AOKP and CM and we all know that’s something that all of us can benefit from. Just know that if you cant get the exact answer you need form here, we will certainly point you in the right direction.

  • Jake

    I just installed the update. It seems to have unrooted my phone. Has anyone else had this issue? do i just need to re-root?

  • Nathaniel Medina

    Okay, I have been doing reading for days upon days and watching hours of youtube videos and I cannot find a comprehensive method to preforming this update. I downloaded the update and the toolkit but I have no idea what to do now. What options do I choose? I do not wish to root my phone, I just want the damn update. How do I do it?

  • Jeremy Cope

    SO..from reading the XDA link for non rooted users I will need to unlock my bootloader anyways to use their kit…so is there a benefit to doing it that way as opposed to Rooting completely?

    Hate to ask…and if you’re gonna be a dick just chew on your toungue. If you can some info to lend I would greatly appreciate it. I worked the hell out of my DINC1 but this is totally different it seems with the bootloader issue.

    please and thx

  • AJ

    Currently running an unlocked, rooted, stock 402 GN and the 404 update fails right at the start of the installation. Any one else? Any tips?

  • Tito Vides

    and my phone says : FAILboot loader Locked

  • Tito Vides

    IM non rooted and i keep getting failed galaxy tool kit….it say use ‘ FAST BOOT OEM’ ????…sorry new to this

    • Tito Vides

      *failed in Galaxy tool kit after trying to get into touch recovery

  • Dj Hidro


  • AnotherAndroidKid

    Just in case anyone is interested I finally made it back into the office since going from root stock 402 to this 404 with the new radios.
    Although I do not pick up 4g here (had next to no signal previously) it is switching to 3g and data is now usable. Before, it stayed on 4g and just had so little signal that it would not connect. So the new radios make places usable again that were not on the GNex previously for me.

    Thanks to all who did the work to get us this file.

  • snaphappy

    Sigh. Still intermittent signal dropout from a strong 4G signal. Maybe the official re-release will fix SOMETHING.

  • Do you have to be unlocked for this?

  • Steeeeeve

    My GNEX has an unlocked bootloader (though it’s still unrooted), and I’m just about sick of waiting. In SF and have been checking non-stop for my OTA update to no avail. I’ve never flashed images to my GNEX before–is the unlocked but unrooted method pretty painless?

  • David

    I was rooted but Titanium Backup could not get SU access.  After trying many different ways to get it to work, I used the above process to restore a previous rom.  I’m back to 4.0.2.  Also, I noticed the navigation app kept force closing with 4.0.4.  Anyone else have this issue?  

  • Jwhap

    Just curious….was anyone able to re-establish root? I have tried numerous things but am still unable to root.

    • TrivialTweeter

      Yes. Download the updated su.zip file for 4.0.4, place it on the SD card, boot into recovery, flash su.zip and you’ll be rooted once again. I did this last night.

      • Jwhap

        one question and it may sound totally noobish, so I apologize in advance. I downloaded an updated su.zip yet clockwork is not finding it. Do I need to uninstall my old super user as it is still in the app tray? When I boot into CWM it does not see the pushed file…..

        • TrivialTweeter

          Glad to hear you got it to work! Happy I could help out. 🙂

  • Do we know more about this update, and if it will soon be pushed to more devices?  I want to update, but I don’t want to go through the hassle of wiping my phone because of unlocking the bootloader.  I also want to lock it back up after, but that will put me back on 4.0.2 right?  Is there a way to update without unlocking, or is there a way to lock back to 4.0.4?  Anyone know?

    • Jwhap

      Just download my back up from the play store, save data and apps online. Unlock bootloader, apply update and restore data and apps. You will have to redo your home screens but most everything will save.

  • MeetOza

    hmm nice chek out ds blogfor mch mor intrsting reads………

  • Godmom27

    I wouldn’t no anything about root if it wasn’t for a great guy name Trent on root-ed shoutbox those guys over there are good and they will you if they can so if you need help holler at them they are in Google Play

  • Jsz3us

    I have been noticing since the update, when I start up my phone after a minute or two maps is running in the recent apps. I didn’t open it and it happened every time I restart my phone. Any thoughts??

  • wtsamatta

    jeez, reminds me of the old linux forum flame wars…..term back then was…. RTFM 0.o …. 

  • No

    404. That’s an error.
    The requested URL /packages/ota/verizon_prime/12f767e7a5d0.signed-mysid-IMM76K-from-ICL53F.12f767e7.zip was not found on this server. That’s all we know.

  • Anyone else noticing that they have a significantly larger amount of free ram after doing this upgrade? on stock 4.0.2 I was getting about 260MB of free RAM on bootup with nothing running…now I seem to have around 340MB…

  • Porschephile2k3

    Has someone posted the full rom yet? I’m on IMM30B so I can’t use the zip above. 🙁

  • ThomasKlein

    Doing a happy dance. This update is slick.

    My 3G doesn’t drop as often now! (As far as I have seen not at all!) So yay!

    Boo to no LTE in my area yet, however.

  • bacchus71

    Lol, after almost tricking myself into thinking I was good enough with 4.04 build IMM30B, went back to 4.0.2 and am now running IMM76K.  No complaints, haven’t seen any differences between this an IMM30B but will report back any findings.  I appreciate all the feedback on here, don’t know what I’d do without all your help 🙂

  • I lost my root when I did this, did anyone else have that problem? I have noticed improved signal throughout Los Angeles too btw.

    • Jwhap

      Me too. I saw a link further down on linking to xda….I am going to attempt. I will let you know.

    • Jwhap

      yeah….well that did not work. I have been working on it for a bit last night, this morning and tonight. I am sure it will come to me. If I figure it out I will update you.

  • otter34

    So is everybody that installs this running this instead of a custom rom? Is it possible to just install the radios? I’ve never messed with the radios before. How can I double checked that I have stock radios?

  • havlikn

    Well I have lost root I believe, I was originally on 4.0.4, went to backup 4.0.2.  Flashed the new 4.0.4 no problem but now when I try rebooting into recovery with both CWR and Rom Toolbox I get the android with red exclamation.  I tried downloading new SU and installing but still resulting in the recovery issue of the android with red exclamation.  Ideas??

    • Guest

      Reflash CWR

      • Jwhap

        The problem is when you reflash cwr it says you do not have superuser permissions.

  • David Schwartz

    PLEASE HELP, unlocked bootloader, wiped all my pics.  Lost 2 weeks old baby pics. 
    -Any undelete progs for galaxy nexus that work?  Rooted right after to try hex, but it doesn’t work on ICS.  Any pointers?  Please help.  Wife is threatening to split the sausage from the meatballs.

    • Josh

      Unfortunately unlocking the bootloader wipes the phone completely. There is no way that I know of that it can be recovered. Im sorry for your loss, you should be backing up important data especially before doing any modifications.

    • steveliv

      i know this is info that won’t help after the fact, but I would recommend the installation of dropbox and setting the option to automatically backup pictures. any videos and pictures taken are immediately synced to dropbox.

    • otter34

      You will have many many years to get more pics. I am surprised it deleted everything. thought Google stored the pics in the cloud? After you root get titanium backup

    • mondeca

      Have you checked your Google+ photo album?  The G+ app on your phone should have been uploading all your photos automatically.

  • Joe Buck

    so you have to do all thjs and still dont get new radios ? Why waste your time

  • kingsfan33

    can someone please advise what, if any, benefit there will be from upgrading from prior 4.04build IMM30B   ??


    • Cam

       Better radios is all I know of (all I installed, really, I’ll wait for the new GummyNex built off of it). And I have to say, they are a great deal better so far. The reception I can’t really speak of, but handoff is greatly improved. I haven’t had to do the airplane mode on/off bit since installing them.

    • Battery life seems way better with IMM76K

  • Jonathan Ofalla

    Can anyone detect improvements from IMM30B to IMM76K?  Would love to see an unofficial list going.  So far I’m reading mixed results.  Some people say improved touch sensitivity.  Others say worse radios.

    • Jwhap

      I think it was worth the effort. Radios are improved and the build seems much more responsive. I have been on it since last night, no reboots yet. I have not tested long calls on this build on both 4.0.2 and the leak I would get people telling me they could not hear me after a while. I will update once I know that one.

  • Jsz3us

    anyone having issues of apps not working?  I use “quickboot” to reboot my phone from time to time and it opens but will not work for me.

    • Jsz3us

      NVM I had to fix root.

  • I’m going out on a limb but i’m guessing Google released this update not VZW. That is why it got pulled. Google would never do something rebellious like that right ? JBQ ? 

  • Dmillerzx

    See here:
    Conversation between mskip and dmillerzx at the bottom.  I can confirm that this works.

  • I keep getting “Download Failed” when I download the file from XDA on their mirror links…anyone know why and can help me out?

  • Guys we need 16 more signatures for 100!  If you want more support for your Galaxy Nexus , lets make Verizon / Google hear us out!  MAKE CHANGE! 


  • MikeSaver

    Do I have to do this manually like this or is my phone going to soon automatically update?

    • Binglut9

      Automatically soon

  • engemasa

    I just performed the manual update via the instructions from XDA since my phone is completely stock and unrooted/unlocked. However, you WILL need to unlock your bootloader to do this process. It’s IMPORTANT that you back up your applications FIRST!!! Unlocking the bootloader will wipe your device and you will loose all your data. I was apprehensive about the process at first but it was very easy.

  • ScottyByrd

    Will using the tool kit to install the update wipe your phone?

  • Guest

    I can’t believe no one mentioned that you lose root, and root cannot yet be achieved on this build…

    • Guest

      As of yet anyway…

    • Jwhap

      I did below in one of my comments. I just attempted to reroot my phone a few different ways….so far no luck. I would guess Koush will have it figured out by the end of the day.

    • Jcoleman38
    • Wesleynile

      I was able to successfully root using Galaxy Nexus root toolkit after failing at a manual root.

    • MichaelCrackMonkey

      I have root on this build. I just flashed ClockWork and installed SU again and everything works fine. Root aps like SetCPU working fine.

  • havlik

    i had the 4.0.4 roms installed..flashed back to original backup with stock….downloaded the file for the new update. When i go into clockwork recovery i have android with red exclamation sign. What am i doing wrong ?

    • Jcogdell

      Try flashing CWM again that gets rid of the red exclaimation sign

  • You can get the zip file from XDA: 

  • Mike Isaacson

    I threw it up on my server too.  I’ll keep it up until the end of the month:

    • Steve Down

      Thanks for that. Worked fine (although I had to use CWM and not the CWM Touch I had installed (gave me assert failures that went away when I switched recoveries))!

  • GawkerRedesignSucks

    So no need to do a wipe if you’re coming from stock 4.0.2?

    • Binglut9


      • Josh

         Incorrect. You have to unlock the bootloader if you hadn’t already which will wipe your phone.

  • for those of you with questions, go to http://www.rootzwiki.com

  • Is it me or is anyone kind of glad Verizon held out on this update because obviously the radios are different from the leaked version that came out back in February. To be honest even though Verizon sucks a fat one when it comes to updates it was a smart move on there part.  I flashed the new radios last night and it seems to be a little better. I guess I find out more during the week if it resolved the high pitch noises on every other call I was making.

    • Binglut9

      I have been running the new radios for more than 2 months so yes verizon still sucks

      • RW-1

        You havent been running these new ones, they are a later build than on the leak ….

        • Binglut9

          Works the same….same hand offs pretty much same thing so it might be a different number but I’m getting the same.results

  • kfath1978

    So how long until we get the OTA?  days, weeks….longer?  

  • MeetOza

    i m loving samsung!!!!!!!! chkout dis tooo…..

  • dont know what i did but im on new build , phones working but i think im unrooted???  error flashing recovery in rommanager and root check says not rooted ??????

    • Jwhap

      Same here. Everything worked but came out unrooted. I did this late last night and did not realize that I was no longer rooted until this morning when I went to backup the rom….

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    its a damn shame that some one had to pull this update instead of google actually releasing it via OTA update…so much for being “first” to get updates 

    • Tim242

      You are an idiot. The OTA was sent out to some devices already. It is rolling out in small batches. OTA’s always leak for all phones, before the masses get them. STFU with this update whining

      • Stewie

        Ignorance for the process leads to post in mouth disease.

      • gorkon

        I may be replying to a troll but here goes….

        First….he’s not an idiot.  Just uninformed.  
        Second, everyone says that this is rolling out in “small batches” and yet NOONE has gotten CONFIRMATION that this is officially rolling out beyond the group that went out yesterday,  If I am wrong, then PLEASE….by ALL MEANS….SHOW ME the Verizon update page.

        I am not disputing that it hit some devices yesterday.  I am sure it did.  Including some of those in Verizon retail stores.  However the official docs have not been updated.  They still say ICL53F.  Until that has been updated OR someone from Verizon has confirmed that this is an official update…..the parent has a VERY good point.

        • That is the exact reason I haven’t downloaded and applied this update.  I don’t want to get stuck with some half baked test release that should have never gone out to anyone.

          • Binglut9

            You wouldn’t get stuck tho! You would just update to 4.0.5 the gbex is not like motorola phones

          • gorkon

            And possibly have to revert back to 4.0.2??

        • RW-1

          The docs on VZ are the last thing that happens, they are slower than molasses. the updtes go out in batches, and from a logcat you can determine where on googles site is it coming from, then you go get it. Been that way since the OG.

          A good point though is that normally, google doesn’t kill that link.

          I’m on the leaked 4.0.4. and it rubs fine, I’d be interested inthe new radios, and could flash those and be happy until 4.0.5 or whatever, but it is the other fixes that may be in the build that interest me as well.

          whether or not it is worth it to back to the 4.0.2 just to reapply this … I don’t know yet. so for the moment I can wait this out.

          • gorkon

            Not been my experience. Had a bud witha Droid 4 and the doc came out before the updates came out OTA.

        • Booboolala2000

          FYI, it’s no one or know one. It’s noon not noone. Who’s the parent?

  • Felipe Ortiz

    Droid Razr still on top !

    • Azndan4

      “Still”? The razr was never on top lol.

      • LiterofCola

        Die harder

    • LiterofCola

      Troll harder

  • Bjorn

    If you guys want to just DL and FLASH the Radios and Bootloader in CWM with out all the hassle…


  • Theraskell

    what I dont get is the instructions say “PLEASE NOTE: These steps should work just fine if your bootloader is locked. However, if the Toolkit warns you that the bootloader needs to be unlocked before proceeding with any step”… ok if it is say that my bootloader needs to be unlocked, what the heck is up with my phone then? Why isnt doesnt it “work jsut fine” for my phone?

    • Akeefe6

       I guess they thought it would work but it clearly does not, it must be unlocked.

    • Matt

      I used this method:
      Root without unlocking: http://androidforums.com/verizon-galaxy-nexus-all-things-root/499117-galaxy-nexus-root-un-root-without-unlocking-bootloader.html

      Then use root explorer to copy (copy, not move) the file into cache.

      Used adb to get into recovery: adb reboot recovery

      When the android appears, volume up+power… hold for ten seconds. Release and you should be into recovery. Update from /cache and you should be done. If you don’t see it… re paste and try again

      When the android appears, vulune up+

      • Theraskell

        Worked great dude! Thanks!

  • Tyler

    Since the link was pulled does that mean that its not a final build?

    Luckily I got it while it was hot but I’m hesitant to do this because I don’t have the comforts that root gives with messing with stuff being able to backup and try and if you don’t like just flash back. If this isn’t the latest I don’t know how to get back to 4.0.2 so I can get the official update that Verizon sends out to everyone.

    • Getting back to 4.0.2 is fairly easy but will require you to unlock the bootloader.  All you have to do after that is use fastboot to push the files Google makes available for the device and then you can upgrade.

      • RW-1

        If he follows the return to stock and doesnt use the fastboot oem lock command he will be fine and unlocked.

    • gorkon

      Very good point.  While it’s “easy” to get back to ICL53F, if the link has been pulled that may mean it’s not coming any time soon.  Does anyone know if the update server’s copy of ICL53F is still there??  Not that I need it but I am wondering.

      • gorkon

        Officially coming that is.  Verizon is still mum.

      • Jwhap

        I used it last night to downgrade before applying the update. Worked like a charm. Radios seem to be more.responsive than the Feb. Leak. Also the speaker is much louder. All Google files work fine….some were worried wallet was not going to work or drive may act up. I have seen no issues with any of it. You can tell this build is much smoother than the leaked build. I made a couple of calls and have not noticed the crazy drops but admittedly I have not been on a call long enough to know for sure.

  • Scott

    Updated! First thing I checked was formatting an NFC tag, which worked perfectly. Thank you thank you thank you.

  • Jerry Wilcox

    well i was able to get the new Verizon 4.0.4 to download onto my Gnexus, but it is breaking root.. figured it was something that would happen.But just want to make sure I didnt fudge up something. And see if I might be able to reroot it with wug’s thanks for th heads up.

  • I’m hoping this means an update for MIUI that will fix the broken theme support..

  • Hey guys,

    So I was able to do the non-root version on Mac OS X without the Toolkit. Here’s how.

    First and foremost unlock your device. There are plenty of tutorials on how to do this online and I’m writing these instructions assuming your device is already unlocked.

    After you have unlocked your device do the following.

    1. Download Clockwork Recovery. I pulled the download from the following link, but I’m sure there’s a newer version. I’m just showing you guys what I used.


    2. Put the file in platform-tools folder

    3. Make sure you put the 4.0.4 on your phones internal memory and it is labels update.zip.

    4. In terminal run the following command after you rebooted into the bootloader.”./fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork-” (without quotes and you must cd into platform-tools just like when you unlocked the device)

    5. Scroll down to Recovery using volume keys and use the power button to select.6. Choose the option to install update.zip and accept the prompts.This method worked for me. If anyone needs help or is unsure please feel free to ask.

    • Aziz Joudi

      Thanks! I’ve been kinda worried about installing the update because I don’t want to get the “Secure Element not responding” issue with Wallet. I’m unlocked but not rooted. Do you use wallet? Can you let me know if it still works after these steps? It’s very possible that I’m just being paranoid, but I would not want to screw up one of the things I love about this phone. TIA, Aziz

      • Unfortunately, I don’t have any cash on my device to be able to tell you. Sorry about that :-

  • Tried the Non-rooted instructions but when I choose to boot into CWM all’s the toolkit does is sits at waiting for device.. the link to the instructions also says something about the bootloader might hafta be unlocked in order to boot into CWM.

    • Brent Cooper8

      I think you have to have boot loader unlocked. It does the same for me. Guess we will just have to wait for it OTA or a work around.

    • Theraskell

      Same here

    • PrjctArchAngel

      make sure you are in fastboot mode by holding down the two volume buttons and power button when the phone is off. Yes i know its a silly suggestion but that is the mistake i made myself lol.

      •  Thanks for the info but now I can confirm that you need an unlocked bootloader to be able to boot into CWM using this method. Says use fastboot OEM unlock to unlock.. :

        • Akeefe6

           Yes, yes you do. I found that out the same way you did. Just make a back up and unlock the bootloader. After that it’s smooth sailing. The update is great, smooth smooth smooth.

  • what’s the difference between this one and the leaked 4.0.4

    • Jwhap

      This build is certainly more polished. It is kinda hard to explain but it is a ton smoother than the leak.

  • Connora

    Update link is d-e-a-d.

  • Smooth918

    I found this to work like butta:

    Im unlocked, rooted, and running AOKP 4.0.4.   I flashed the IMM76K “radios only” zip from here 
    http://forum.xda-developers.co… . Using CWM.1. download radio from above
    2. move to sd card main directory
    3. boot into recovery mode “CWM”
    4. make a nandroid “backup”
    5. then install the IMM76K radios “.zip”  no need to rename anythingStill have all my data, pics, contacts, and apps.  Hope this helps someone!A Liked

  • 4n1m4L

    so whats “random offset: 0x109” ??

  • Umiwonder

    The new radios versions are FC04 and FC05

  • 4n1m4L


  • So I’m on AOKP M5 with the EK05/EK02 radios. Can I just flash the zip from the XDA thread (
    http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1630438 ) in CWM and be running with the new radios?

    • Umiwonder

      Yeah just did it.. Both the CDMA and LTE radio’s update fine in CWM

  • Anonymous

    Download – http://www.mediafire.com/?2s8sikpkssw25el

    • everytime I download, it gets to somewhere in the 90%s and then tells me unsuccessful? 

  • Tom

    Can we just get the new radios? I like my custom rom…

    • Umiwonder

      Here ya go
      Im unlocked, rooted, and running AOKP 4.0.4.   I flashed the IMM76K “radios only” zip from here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1630438  . Using CWM.
      1. download radio from above2. move to sd card main directory3. boot into recovery mode “CWM”4. make a nandroid “backup”5. then install the IMM76K radios “.zip”  no need to rename anything
      Still have all my data, pics, contacts, and apps.  Hope this helps someone!

  • Hi, is it possible that someone can pull the deskclock apk file from their device for me? I deleted it a while ago and that causes the verfication to fail. Thanks!  email: markofmarch: gmail. Thanks!

  • Kevdogg4

    Tried flashing it twice. Ran into error both times. I am stock rooted and running ICL53F and both the stock radios. Anyone have any clue as to why it didn’t work?

    • Jwhap

      what kind of error?

      • Kevdogg4

        Error in /sdcard/update.zip (status7) …?

        • Justin Everett

          Getting the same error, no idea what’s the cause.

          • Akeefe6

             I think I read it has something to do with what recovery you are using, make sure you are using the lastest version of CWM.

          • Justin Everett

            Yeah, i read that in the XDA forums and i checked, I’m using  version, but  i’ve tried searching and i can’t find out if there is a newer version or where to get it to save my life.  It’s insanely frustrating.

          • Justin Everett

            Oh bloody hell..why didn’t the clockwork site show in my google searches?
            so yeah, i have the most up-to date non-touch version.
            Any ideas where i could find a copy of the framework-res.apk? (that’s the file it’s saying the error on)

  • Guess im stuck on the old 4.0.4 leak forever. Im using the Wug Toolkit and every time i try to boot into CWM it says it failed booting into recovery and then that it failed downloading boot.img. Ive even tried rooting and then flashing back to 4.0.2 and it even “fails” booting into recovery then, even though ITS ALREADY ON THE RECOVERY SCREEN. Its seriously pissing me off and really makes me miss my DX where i didnt have to go through all this crap just to install a update.zip

    • Jwhap

      Try this one. It worked for me. Make sure you download the original boot image first. here are instructions with the boot image.  
      http://www.droid-life.com/2011/12/16/how-to-unroot-the-galaxy-nexus-re-lock-the-bootloader-and-return-to-a-factory-state/  and I used this toolkit 

      You will have to return to 4.0.2 first before applying this update.

      • thanks, ill try that again tomorrow, i tried it earlier and got to like the 4th or 5th command and it looked like the prompt froze. Ive been at this for like 3 hours and have gotten no results, im super frustrated

        • Jwhap

          Yeah. Read the comments below. One of those commands are wrong which is why your getting that. The second link is the toolkit. You could bypass all of that work and drop the download into the put google factory image folder and just do the one click method. I generally don’t but it can save some of the frustration.

          • yea i tried using the toolkit too, and the toolkit by wug (dont have the link right now to the DL article) but it refuses to boot into CWM, even when using the .img files that come with the toolkit. First it “fails” to boot into recovery even when its ON the recovery screen (the giant green arrow that says start and can vol up/down for other options) and then it says it fails downloading boot.img either b/c of “too many links” or some connection issue. it has me baffled how it got screwed up when all i ever did was click some buttons and followed the instructions

          • Jwhap

            You may want to verify root. The first time I did it it failed and I.lost root. It would not load into cwm. Once I rooted again it worked. I did loose root after the update so I will have to do that again but that is no big deal.

          • i never rooted my phone, just unlocked the bootloader and did a temp boot into CWM. I tried rooting it to get past these problems but even the root option gives the same issues and doesnt root it, so i cant even root it and then flash back and lose root

          • This is what i get constantly, either from the command prompt or from a toolkit, and on the device it usually says “FASTBOOT STATUS – FAILEDinvalidcommand”

  • The download link for the update is dead. Can someone upload the file so those of us can proceed?

  • Weebos24

    Update went fine from stock 4.0.2 rooted, but lost root… how can I get root back now?

    • fjhpsu

      Same here. I also lost CWR. Ugh

    • Anthony Armando

      have you tried following the old root directions?

      everyone else, use voodoo ota rootprotector found on the market to backup your root status.

  • Ice2097

    Umm link is down?

  • Jwhap

    WE HAVE LIFTOFF!!!! Cool. Now I have to go play!

  • Omg the new tool kit 6.0 won’t do anything it won’t even boot my galaxy nexus but the old tool kit works fine with my phone what am I doing wrong.

    • Jwhap

      hmmm……I used it just fine…..I was having problems initially.. What is going on?

  • Umiwonder

    Im unlocked, rooted, and running AOKP 4.0.4.   I flashed the IMM76K “radios only” zip from here 
    http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1630438 . Using CWM.

    1. download radio from above
    2. move to sd card main directory
    3. boot into recovery mode “CWM”
    4. make a nandroid “backup”
    5. then install the IMM76K radios “.zip”  no need to rename anything

    Still have all my data, pics, contacts, and apps.  Hope this helps someone!

  • Those radios are different than the ones previously released for 4.0.4. Does anyone have a link or a way to just flash the radios?

    • Umiwonder

      See Below

      • Umiwonder

        Above I mean

  • joyride1031

    Score.  Thanks a million!

  • Azhuskered

    My apologies to Kellex. I said earlier today that it looked like he was being duped with this update info.

    • Jwhap

      Funny….I was just thinking about the guy saying Kellex was duped…lol

      • Azhuskered

        Yep, I admit I was wrong. Nice work today Kellex!!!

  • Robb

    i wish i knew what all that bs ment… i guess im stuck waiting for vz to push it out themselves -_____-

  • X2caleb2X

    Any links to download ICL53F?

  • No unless you brick your phone but if I were you I would just make a backup what your on now

  • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

    So now hopefully everyone will shut up over a freaking .3 going to a .4.

    • Keii Graham

      Do you mean a .2 going to a .4?

  • Connora

    Guys, when we’re updating this, do we keep root or does root go bye bye?

    • Jwhap

      It drops root. I will attempt to use the original root instructions in a bit and let you know if it works.

  • Chris G

    Yeah so i forgot to make an backup of my stock 402.  are these files available if needed later?

  • Running stock rooted, stock radios, getting 
    assert failed: apply_patch_check(“/system/app/systemUI.apk”, “3c96554df2852d8ab15b864866424641983e2cbe”, :64fb891283b36f053dce54ec3e9f6dc78b6b4273″)
    E:error in /sdcard/update.zip
    (Status 7)
    Installation aborted.

    • Robhimself79

      I’m getting a similar error only my email.apk is the error. I did replace the stock mail app with one that bypassed exchange security.

    • Jsz3us

      I get the same error.

  • sweeeeeeeeeet!!

  • Cactusjack_1999

    I just tried the “Temporary custom recovery” and it didn’t work. It said the bootloader was locked and it failed instantly.

    • Akeefe6

       Yep, bootloader has to be unlocked to load up CWM.

  • The old leak of 4.0.4 the hand off was good but in short testing this new one is even better….but could be the placebo effect 

  • Admin

    Just to update, there is a noticeable difference in 4g to 3g hand-off and viceversa with the new radio. Definitely worth it 🙂  

  • kingsfan33

    im guessing this will erase everything?

    • Jwhap

      yeah….I just dropped to 4.0.2 had to wipe everything. I have not updated…still in the reboot phase….

  • oxzide

    Sorry if someone has answered already, but does anyone have a change log? I only flashed the radios (not impressed with signal strength but the signal is solid without any data drops so far, switches from wifi to 3G satisfactorily too)

  • MttFrog13

    I’m pretty sure that non-rooted instructions still require the bootloader to be unlocked. I am in fastboot mode, and the toolkit just says “waiting for device”

    • Jwhap

      This sounds silly but make sure usb debugging is turned on…

      • MttFrog13

        yeah it’s turned on. I’m going to try reinstalling the drivers.

        • MttFrog13

          I’ve been playing with toolkit, drivers, and pdanet for android for the past 2 hours and can’t get toolkit to recognize my device while it’s in fastboot mode. Gave up.

  • Dan

    Okay, this is for anybody running the leaked 4.0.4 radios, im running AOKP milestone 5 with francos kernel so i know that this works

    1) Flash this file http://rombot.droidhive.com/ROMs/toro/IMM76K_RADIOS_BOOTLOADER.zip
    2) Check the MD5 = 251a34fd6bdb59458911315c712f0051

    • Dan

      That is how you can get the official radios

    • I can also confirm this works. I’m also Running AOKP M5

    • Works for me too 🙂

  • tvBilly

    And just posted to XDA, an update file for the radios only, with a full copy of the updated IMM76K radios, not just the patch for the 402 radios. So if you’re only going to update the radios, and you’re not on stock ICL53F, this should do it for you in one step. I have not tried this, but others in the XDA thread have, with success. (I’m backing everything up in anticipation of a full downgrade to ICL53F before updating to IMM76K.


    • RadicalPie


    • smartguy05

      Thanks for this!

    • KG

      Worked perfectly, thanks!  I was running AOKP b34 with stock 4.0.2 radios, but didn’t want to risk it with just the patch and this did the trick.

  • Helpomfg

    do those stock radios come with ICL53F or do i have to flash it?

  • aziadeh

    I just flashed the new radios and my signal was -104 dBm before on the leaked radios and is now -103 dBm.
    I guess that’s an improvement right?
    We’ll just have to wait and see if the 4G to 3G and back is handled better…

  • Kal Nimri

    Can you flash new radios unrooted and locked?

  • ki11ak3nn

    I’m glad the update is finally out. I wish it had come out before I flashed AOKP Milestone 5. Oh well.

    • Jwhap

      I got sick of waiting and did the leak update 2 days ago….Milestone was next. I will do that as well!

  • Benjamin Landwehr

    Hey guys, Droid Th3ory has a flashable zip where you don’t need to do anything at all.  His ROMs and stuff he has a script that does everything for you. 
    It will Flash the Bootloader, Revert the LTE, Patch the LTE to the New and Flash the CDMA. 🙂


  • That was kind of annoying but it works!

  • Really?

    Wow, all this fuss and work to hack something that will be released in a few days anyways.

    • Admin

      This isn’t fuss, This is a Android community helping eachother out to get the latest. And most of us won’t get the OTA anyway lol

    • markgbe

      you say ‘fuss’, the rest of us say ‘awesome’

  • Cory123dog

    wont work i keep getting the red ! screen

  • Cory123doh

    wont work ! i keep getting the red ! screen

  • Are we sure this is a real update that will be pushed to everyone’s phone eventually?  I don’t want to go installing some half baked test version that should have never seen the light of day.

    • Scott

      Kinda feeling the same way.

  • Jsz3us

    I am on stock rom rooted and unlocked with cwmr. I just need to rename file to update.zip, boot to recovery and insatll from sd and im good to go? Will this break root?

    • Jsz3us

      I also uninstalled my vzw apps. Do i need these to update? If so, where can i get stock 4.0.2?

      • Anthony Armando

        get voodoo ota rootkeeper from the market. use it to backup your root status. you will need to put the vzwbackupassistant.apk into the system/app/ folder. you can find it on android central: http://forums.androidcentral.com/verizon-galaxy-nexus-rooting-roms-hacks/158213-vzw-backup-assistant-apk.html 

        after the update, restore root, restart, and you should be good to go.

        • Jsz3us

          I have backup assistant, never uninstalled it and i still get this msg…

          assert failed: apply_patch_check(“/system/app/systemUI.apk”, “3c96554df2852d8ab15b864866424641983e2cbe”, :64fb891283b36f053dce54ec3e9f6dc78b6b4273″) E:error in /sdcard/update.zip (Status 7) Installation aborted.

  • Pdiddy187

    Currently going through *Note2

  • Anthony Armando

    update aborts after looking for the vzw backup assistant apk. removed that thing forever ago.

    • Anthony Armando

      you can download the apk from here: http://forums.androidcentral.com/verizon-galaxy-nexus-rooting-roms-hacks/158213-vzw-backup-assistant-apk.html

      no problems after popping the apk into the system/app folder.

  • tvBilly

    Another thought. For those of us that wind up following the IMM30B-404 to ICL53F-402 to IMM76K-404, what about our Google Wallet security something-or-other. Should we deactivate the Wallet security from within the application first, before we start, or will we otherwise loose the ability to use Google Wallet?

    • Jwhap

      I had no issues at all. Wallet works just fine.

    • KG

      You should reset Google Wallet via settings within the app (not same as clear data) before flashing any new ROM.  That’s the only way to ensure that you don’t brick the secure element of your phone’s NFC.  Taking this precaution may not be necessary in all situations, but why risk it?

  • ANON

    Thank goodness I run AxiOm ROM’s exclusively … we’ve already been hooked with a Radio & Bootloader zip with a sweet little script that does not require ANY steps “backwards” ! [yeah-yeah]

    • Azndan4

      Y0ur3 s0 c00l f0r runn1ng dr01dth30ry’5 r0m!

  • JON

    So if i return to stock, update to 4.0.4, but then install a custom rom, will the rom affect/change the radios or anything?

  • Kellex can you post an MD5 for that download? 

  • Admin

    Okay so , if you are on a rooted and unlocked with the leaked radios, keep reading. In CWMR I flashed back the 4.02 radios, rebooted, checked and made sure they took. Went back and flashed the current 4.04 radios via link below in this thread. You will see “writing bootloader, writing LTE patch , and writing CDMA radio…it may hang for a while but don’t panic. Then reboot. Getting a better dBm on LTE so far. 

    • JON

      What if on custom ROM like AOKP, do i need to return to stock before i install the 4.0.4?

      • Admin

        No, I am on a custom rom aswell. Don’t go to a stock ROM…just go back to stock RADIO.

        • JON

          To install stock radios, do i just insatll them on CWR like a normal .zip?

          • Admin

            Well like I said before. Check you’re baseband version….you probably have the stock radios already. So yes , when you are ready to flash just install them as you would any zip in CWMR. Don’t freak out if it takes a while. Just let the install do it’s thing. When you reboot out of CWMR go to your about phone and the baseband field should look like mine.  

          • JON

            Mine currently says EK05 AND EK02

          • Admin

            Yes those are stock 4.02 radios. I meant EK05 sorry. Just flash the new zip man, you are good to go. 

          • JON

            Ok thanks

      • Admin

        You most likely have the stock radios the way your phone is now. They should be EK02 and EK02 . You could just flash the new ones over that. 

  • Trollanoid

    LMAO!!! the fake nexus… sad that people here actually like this phone. 

  • Paul Harper

    Has anyone tried installing this over the leaked 4.0.4? I aint skeered I will try anything once lol

    • I tried and it failed immediately.

      • I just tried downloading the 4.0.4 update from Google and the file has been removed.

  • Paul Harper

    Can you install this right over top of the leaked 4.0.4 or has anyone tried? I ain’t skeered I will try anything once.

    • rlorenz

      Nope. Read the post–gotta flash back to 4.0.2.

  • tyson184

    changelog or just new radios? 

  • Pdiddy187

    I find it funny that the build is on 4/20 and we’re installing it on May day. 🙂

  • EvanTheGamer

    I am SO glad I waited to download/install the update. Was going to download the previous leaked update, but decided to wait. Sweet!!

  • MKader17

    Did anyone elses phone say, “Damn, it feels good to be a Nexus” right after it booted up?

  • Kerb7777

    This sucks!!! You guys this is like a faulty advertising to us who are completely stock, you guys suck!!!

    •  How is this false advertising?? This is the 4.0.4 update that may or may not make it to your phone in the next month.  They’re just going around the usual method of distribution, and that usually requires some extra work. 

      If you don’t want to do that extra work, then don’t whine.  That’s your problem, not theirs.

  • Kerb7777

    This isnt the actual Google update?

    •  Yes it is.  You’re just going around the usual distribution method.

  • Needhelp

    how do you install this if you have the leaked 4.0.4 from a while back with unlocked bootloader… anyone have a tut for this?

    • Jwhap

      my guess is we are going to have to go back to stock or wait for someone to come up with something better. I am downloading the factory image now….guess I am impatient. My plan go back to stock, unlock and root phone and boot into cwm and apply update zip….we will see.

  • I have Peanut Butter in my cupboard If I install this will I still have Peanut Butter?

  • Geekout

    im already on the old version of 4.0.4.. is this update worth flashing the flash image, re-rooting, and re-flashing?

  • No more ads

    These new ads sliding across the bottom of droid life suck a big one!

    • Admin

      Download Google Chrome> then AD Block as a extension in chrome store> then enjoy the ad free droid life 

    • Let the ads run…. support this site!!

  • Admin

    Let me get this straight, If I am currently running a 4.04 Rom and the 4.04 leaked radios…I cant flash the new zip? 

  • Are there new radios? or are they the same as the 4.0.4 leak?

  • http://wp.me/p1o4vb-2R

    Go there instructions to do it on a non rooted unlocked GNex.  There is a link to the file and a youtube video that does the rest.  Full update and instructions coming soon.  Radio for CDMA is new LTE was patched once  I have the LTE radio I will post instructions for that as well

  • XDA has a link to flash for unrooted devices. You’ll need the Nexus Toolkit program installed, plus working adb and usb drivers on your PC. 

  • I just hope this stops the infuriating random mute during a call issue.  Unless that’s my ROM’s fault…

  • Matt Devo

    here’s a radio-only patch file for the 4.04 radios (LTE: FC05, CDMA: FC04).  You *must* be running the 4.0.2 radios (EK02/EK05) already, otherwise you’ll likely brick the LTE radio at least.

    File: http://www.sendspace.com/file/g05vi8MD5: 781906FB67C46035775D78A49EF202B0
    proof: http://tinypic.com/r/wk4h07/6

    • Matt Devo

      well that didn’t work.

      File: http://www.sendspace.com/file/g05vi8

      MD5: 781906FB67C46035775D78A49EF202B0

      • JON

        So if im running AOKP M5, would i just install the 4.0.2 radios u linked first, then install the 4.0.4 radios?

        • Matt Devo

          Yes, that’s exactly what I did, and am running AOKP M5 myuself

          • JON

            OK thanks, and would the files just be flashed on CWR?

          • GotSka81

             Correct, to reiterate…

            1.  These instructions are to update JUST THE RADIOS. 
            2.  When running a custom ROM (like AOKP M5), you are most likely running the old 4.0.4 radios.  You must revert to the 4.0.2 radios for this to work.
            3.  Download the 4.0.2 radios from the links provided.
            4.  Boot into CWR.
            5.  MAKE A NANDROID BACKUP!
            6.  Flash the 4.0.2 radios
            7.  Reboot into Android
            8.  Once booted, boot to CWR again.
            9.  Flash the new 4.0.4 radio patch.
            10. Reboot to android
            11. Profit.

          • Anon

            0.5  Collect underpants

    • Matt Devo

      and here are the 4.0.2 radios to flash first:

      File: http://synibox.info/synik4l/razorloves/4.0.2Radios.zip

      MD5: A12743E6D3B80734831F69502BDAE29B

      • dmmarck

        You’re the man!

      • aziadeh

        You have to reboot the phone after flashing the EK02/EK05 radios from 4.0.2 before you can flash the FC04/FC05 radios from this latest OTA.
        Everything as done in CWR.
        Note, I tried to flash the older radios and then immediately flash the latest ones and it failed.
        Tried again with a reboot in the middle and it worked perfect!

        • Admin


    • InvaderDJ

      Your screenshot may answer this but I just want to be sure. I’m on AOKP M5 running the leaked FA02 radios from awhile back. I can flash the old 4.0.2 radios and then flash the new FC04/05 radios using Clockworkmod without having to roll back to stock right?

      I’m at work so I can’t get fully back to stock but I’d like to try out the radios.

      • Jacob121791

        Correct. I just did it and it went flawlessly.  Just remember to reboot after flashing 4.0.2 radios……

    • Adam F.

      I flashed these over FA02/FA02 and everything works fine.

  • moosc

    For the love of god if you can’t read simple instructions then please leave. Dl file then flash in clockwork recovery. Its really simple. If you want use waugs tool box use it to backup apps them flash stock 4.0.2 and then reroot flash recovery then flash new os. Can’t be more simple that.

  • YankInDaSouth

    Tried to flash it CWMR on stock rooted 4.0.2 and install aborted 

    • Dwjr82

      that’s because you can’t run clockworkmod if you’re not routed

  • Admin

    ahhhh what the hell, backing up now then off to the joys of 4.02

  • Kellex,


    For non-rooted users. With a little work around.

  • Jacob Mata

    To CWR you have to have an unlocked boot loader right? Tell me I have everything stock I haven’t rooted or unlocked my gnex yet

    • Akeefe6

       Yep, must be unlocked. Root not needed.

  • Ncholer

    I flashed the last version on 4.0.4 and could no longer get the MLB At Bat 12 app. Wasn’t available even to download new in the android market. Anyone else had this problem?

    • Chris G

      This would be a semi deal breaker for me.

      I am going out of area this weekend and will finally be able to watch the Yanks instead of just listen.  But I mostly use it on my transformer prime.  so i’ll think about this.

      If you get it working, please let us know.

  • PC_Tool

    Rootzwiki seems to be down atm…

    How strange.

    • gkinsella2

      Just noticed this as well trying to get to the AOKP page there.

      • PC_Tool

        Back up already.

  • Smoothy360

    anyone succeded yet?? tell use which method..rooted/unrooted. stock or cwm recovery

    • Akeefe6

       Worked for me: Unrooted method(had to unlock the bootloader), temp cwm recovery.

  • Drummer62

    So there is no way to install this if we are stock and not rooted or unlocked?

    • I posted the link here it is again. This will work on a locked non rooted GNex


      • Help

        so how do u update from IMM30b to this new one?

        • From everything I see you might have to go back to ICL53F.  I might not know more until tomorrow as I am tearing this build apart for a few other pieces.

          •  Still think this is a hoax Justin?!? 🙂

          • Glad it’s not but I would rather be surprised than let down.  Thanks to everyone who is heading over to the blog to and getting the link for the video.  I am working on a full write up of the instructions as we speak. Probably won;t be up tonight though. Lots of playing to do.

          • aziadeh

            Just remember to remind everyone to reboot between flashing the old radios and the new radios.

          • Crackmonkeys4hire

            I tried a couple times to install the update. Had to go completely back to ICL53F before it would work. Once I fully restored 4.0.2 I was able to install 4.0.4 and now I’m running.

        • Jwhap

          The radios are different. I think you are going to have to flash the old radios 4.0.2 I am going to go back and just reroot my phone and update from there.

          •  Yeah, I’m seeing people on XDA that tried doing it with their non-stock 4.0.2 radios and it aborts the install because some of the beginning asserts aren’t satisfied.

          • I was on the other leak of 4.0.4 and I had to go back to stock 4.02 then apply the update

          • Jwhap

            me too. Kinda sucks for me….lol I actually updated to the leak like 2 days ago……lol

      • Going to step away for a bit to have dinner with the wife but I will be back at it later and working on making the tutorial a little easier to follow

      • Uploaded update to my mirror instructions link has new link to file.

      • Jay Allen

        For some reason I was getting hung up on the tutorial Kellex posted, I used this video though and got it done – Thanks Justin

      • Marc Franz

        Thanks for posting your video. After I remembered how to run the SDK on my laptop, it worked like a charm.  I’ve been waiting to see if this update will fix my reception and battery issues.  

        Unfortunately, I can’t say I’m very impressed with the 4.0.4 build. My reception in my apartment is still hovering around -100 to -105 dBm (15-20 dBm worse than my gf’s iPhone 3).  Yes, I know I’m comparing LTE to 3G, but I live in LA, and Verizon tells me I should not be having a problem.  The signal icon, on the other hand, is registering between 2-4 bars instead of the 0-2 bars I was getting before.  Hard to know what to believe.

        With *very* minimal usage and with JuiceDefender turned off, it looks like I will get around 16 hours on a full charge.

        I’m also disappointed they still didn’t separate the volume controls for ringtones and notifications.  That one really is a no-brainer.

        On the positive side, the phone seems more responsive.

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    • Jwhap

      Drummer, I know it is a daunting task at first especially setting up the sdk tools but from experience you should just root your phone….and I am not saying you have to flash roms or anything. It just helps the overall experience. When these kinds of updates happen it makes it easier to just pop in and do.

    • ABerry5

      just root man… I was in your position holding off rooting for so long.. I knew the benefits, well I thought I did so I never rooted until 4.0.4 went to the GSM gnex then I got fed up and rooted.. best decision of my life.. and so easy I could walk my 10 year old sister through it OVER THE PHONE

  • If I’m on Milestone5 (AOKP) How would I install the updated radio?

    • QQpayne

      wait for Milestone6 (AOKP) 

      Hopefully this thing will be stable and they can just modify the current milestone and put it out quick.

    • Jacob121791

      I want me radios with me Unicorns!!!!!

    • Matt Devo

      first flash the 4.0.2 radios (EK02/EK05), then flash the 4.0.2–>4.0.4 radio path file.  Both are linked in my comment thread

      •  thanx Matt, I did just that. AOKP M5 + new radios and I’m a happy camper once again

  • Smoothy360

    do i need to be rooted/su or will unlocked bootloader do the trick..

    • I was told that you have to be rooted…but someone told me that you just have to change the name to install.zip and flash it via stock recovery…but idk bout that.

  • theentropic

    So Kellex… I know you’re in the same boat as me running IMM30B.  Are you going to try and flash this and let us know what happens?! 🙂

    • @ScottyfromGA

      have a hunch he’s on this…..(?)

      • theentropic

        So do I, but I just wanted to be sure.

        • I tried and it failed right away. Def have to be on ICL53F.

          I’m actually flashing my original 12/16 backup to see if I can get this file to go heh. My phone is hating on me, going back that far. 🙂

          • theentropic

            Dang.. now I’m curious if there’s a way to downgrade to ICL53F without having to wipe. Either way, I figured you would be on the case.. thanks for all that you do.

          • tvBilly

            Radio’s only update available now via XDA:

          • tvBilly

            …but read the whole thread. The LTE radio is not a full replacement, just a patch, so you need to have the 4.0.2 LTE radio installed or it won’t work. Sounds like I should just bite the bullet and downgrade to 402/ICL53F before I upgrade, and then re-install everything. ugh.

          • Jwhap

            yeah…..I was just thinking the same damn thing. I am running the leak but I am going to have to go stock first it looks like.

          • Jwhap

            I did this. It worked perfectly!

  • @scottyfromga

    yeah I’ll wait this out since my attempt at AKOP was a bust….what the hell is a “Error Status 7” anyways? 

  • Dwjr82

    looks like the only way you can install this is if your rooted or if you change the name to install.zip then you can go into recovery mode and install that way

    • So if you change the name of the file to install.zip you don’t have to be rooted and can flash it via stock recovery?

      • Dwjr82

        In theory, yes, but I haven’t tried it.

        • Thnx

          • Dwjr82

            yeah you’ll be fine if it doesn’t work to go just be stuck on 4.0 .2…. I’ll post an update as soon as I can I’m watching my son right now he’s not giving me too much time to play around with this

          • Thnx and sorry for being noobish.

          • Dwjr82

            No… someone at xda has done it the way I proposed but with an extra step . The link is near the top of the comments

          • Sorry I have one more question. Do I have to wipe the cache or anything?

        • If it doesn’t work should I be okay???

  • Tim Buchanan

    Meh.  My biggest complaint about the current flavor of ICS is that you can’t set music as the alarm tone on the stock clock app.  I can wait for an official release.

    • Rtrtr

      This seems weird but it will allow you to easily select mp3’s as your alarm sounds, notifications or ringtones.  Just install Handcent SMS. Its one of the big text message apps but it adds the ability to use mp3’s instead of the system sounds.

      • Tim Buchanan

        I’ll give it a shot.  Thanks! I love the camaraderie between Android users!

  • wickets

    I really am envious of all you techno ‘masters of the universe’ doods.  I hope that verizon does an official update soon….in the meantime enjoy your much improved(?) phones

  • MikeD675


  • Skyskioc

    i just pooped myself !

  • Nycrazy

    Do you have to be rooted? I’m not so I’m on stock 4.0.2.

    • G Boy 85

      Yes you have to be rooted to apply this update

      • Will you loose root?

      • Nycrazy

        Thanks buddy, just wanted to make sure.

  • Uploaded to my server as a backup download link. It’s Google, but hey, ya never know: http://bit.ly/IUnTRS

  • tvBilly

    Note the filename on the downloaded file. It contains “signed-mysid-IMM76K-from-ICL53F”. So I would guess one must be on ICL53F to use this update. Since I’m currently on IMM30B (the leaked 4.0.4 update from months ago), I also guess I have to downgrade to ICL53F first. 🙁

    • theentropic

      You could always try taking a nandroid backup, try flashing and if that fails, simply rollback? I’m highly considering doing it,.. but I figure someone won’t be able to wait and I’d rather let them be the guinea pig.

      • tvBilly

        exactly why I posted the first message 🙂
        I can wait a bit too.

  • Drummer62

    Can this be installed with the stock recovery? If so how do we do it again, I have not installed one like that in my OG Droid days. Any help please?

    • Drummer62

       Since my OG Droid days, that is!

    • Jonathan N

      +1 hoping for the same method!

  • boardjnky4

    Can I simply unlock the bootloader then flash this somehow? Specifics?

  • The_Other_Ray

    I have ota root keeper installed. After installing this, can i run that app to gain root back?

    • otter34

      Never heard of that app but I’ll check it out ty

      • The_Other_Ray

        Just tried it, ota root keeper gave me back my root after updating.

  • Guys, those of you asking for instructions, its a Clockwork Mod Recovery zip. You flash from inside CWR. If you need help doing this, you shouldn’t be attempting it in the first place. 

    • New_Guy

      I second that my friend =D!

    • edaddy

      So I guess you never asked for help when you were starting out, eh? 

      •  I read guides and How-Tos before I ask in the comments of an article. Flashing a zip in CWR is very simple. If you’re asking for instructions on how to do that, it tells me you can’t read since that option is right on the CWR menu.

        • gorkon

          Simple to you.  Simple to me.  Not simple if you haven’t flashed one in a while.  This is way different than when I used to flash my old G1 which was SIMPLE to do compared to this….that is drag update.zip to root of SD and use recovery to flash…..before Clockwork Mod…..stock recovery was enough back then.  So give people a break.

        • So what you dont have to help…just keep moving by…No one ever wants to help out people and its very sad to see….Everyone was once a noob and I enjoy helping someone out instead of saying all this crap like your elite because you can flash something 

          • Jwhap

            exactly! heck, sometimes I am still a noob and do stupid things…..we all forget little things like turning on usb debug and the like.

          • ANON

            Now, your tone is one of self-righteousness … Robert’s point was NOT made out of arrogance – It was made because it is a simple reality ~>
            If you do not know what CWMR is, a recovery or how to flash or to use ADB/FASTBOOT, et al …. Improperly flashing RADIOS [ESPECIALLY] CAN VEERRRY EASILY F*CK UP & BRICK A HANDSET & therefore, I could not agree more that MANY have NO BUSINESS effing with such things ….
            LEARN WHAT ‘ROOT’ is and what ‘SUPERUSER’ permission is all about … there is soooo much info out there …. I learned everything I have about Android through READING & it all started with wondering why the hell I could not d/l an app onto Eris b/c I didn’t have ROOT !!!

          • gorkon

            You know that’s crap.  If everyone took that kind of attitude there would be no community doing this kind of stuff.  This is not being self righteous….this is being human.  Treat people with respect.  Spell it out and you might get someone interested in this to go even further and make an even bigger contribution.  Act like Nick Burns from SNL and you just make people feel stupid and not ever want to try this stuff.

          • ANON

            Just what is it exactly that I ‘know thats crap”, huh ?!
            Suuurely you do not, nor would not, (seemingly) imply that I am lying about MY OWN personal life experiences ?! Ohhh Nooo, of course not because you are being human & you are treating people (in this case, ME) with respect ?!
            I would sincerely hope that you are not, nor would not, imply that I am … btw, I am & have been a part of the Android Community for quite some time & I have gladly & respectfully helped anyone, anywhere, that I can > Believe it or not, that HELP can simply be advising someone to not mess with something they don’t know ANY-THING about … re: non-rooted GNEX owners who are feeling left-out bc they don’t want to ‘void the warranty’ by rooting, BUT want what’s new ….. whatever, forget this – I can’t even believe I have put any time replying to your   incredibly insightful, respectful response.

          • GotSka81

             Wow…anger issues anyone?

          • LiterofCola

            Jesus, now there’s in-fighting between the Nexus peeps.

          • Binglut9

            Never heard any one ever brickong their phone and self righteous? Are you kidding me just because I would rather help than say screw you ? Makes total sense

          • michael arazan

            I admit i’m a noob, ok. I have never done this, but I’m sick of waiting for verizon to pass on the ota update. Is there a youtube video on how this can be done? 

        • cransr

          dude i understand that you’re trying to help people by keeping them from screwing up, but this is how guys like us become interested in this type of thing. teach and encourage people to get the most out of their phones otherwise we’re as bad as uneducated ifanboys that take whatever is handed to them and live with it.

          • BIONIC

            hell ya- i had no idea how to flash when i got my D1 and if it wasnt for the good ole folks on root-ed shoutbox I woulda been stuck in some confusing situations and never would’ve been the expert flasher that i am today! lighten up dude- we all gotta start somewhere and life’s too short to waste ur time trying to push people down

        • TheOiulkj

          First you act like it’s too complicated to explain in the comments, then you say that it’s very simple.

          You sir, are a fool.

        • tjpeco

          Yeah except most of the howto guides are written poorly and contain so many dead links that it numbs the interest in doing it.

          For example I was going to try and install aokp on my xoom today but the instructions for installing are so cryptic and incomplete that I don’t even know where to start. Its infuriating! What’s makes you think tthat I should install your ROM if you cant even take the time to provide soup to nuts instructions? Have you taken similar shortcuts in your code?

          Then of course the dead links issue. Can people host things on stable shosts sso that in 6 months time I’m not pulling hair out trying to locate some fastboot file?

          Speaking of dead links. The link to this update is already dead. Good one.

          • Tree

            I just unlocked and rooted my Xoom the other day.. I agree with you about ish being complicated, but I read a whole bunch and watched like 3 or 4 youtube vids before starting.. it sounds and looks very hard, but was actually a lot of fun and I learned a bunch along the way..

            the unerviseral root kit thingy over a XDA worked great for me.. the link in the post is dead, but if you go to the comments and go to the end.. someone has a link to the kit.. check it out.. I installed M5 and it’s decent so far.. def more stable on my Gnex, but worth the time I spent..

            hope that helps

        • ABerry5

          yeah I’m an expert with this stuff too, it is very easy once you do it once.. but doing it that first time, especially if you’re a novice is something I would ask for help on as well.. this is an online blog comment thread.. don’t worry you don’t have to pay the bandwidth usage bills, so stop being a dick and just skip the comment .. there are worse things in life

        • agreed i spent hours upon hours reading guides but back when i started.. but the community was much smaller and getting an answer by asking could take days.. but instead now you can ask a question and get an answer immediately.. weird i never do post to any forums because i do read but felt like answering cuz this prick @twitter-25189633:disqus took the time to write a snide answer but couldnt take the exact same amount of time to direct this guy to a link where he can read a how to.. thanks for being a positive part of the community Robert.

      • Mshalfstep

        No, I READ MY ASS OFF !!!

        • SniperDroid

          And re-read, and re-read… until I saw the instructions in my sleep!  Then I flashed my first rom. Then my second, and third and forth…

        • GotSka81

           And where, do you suppose, the content came from that you read?

    • MrEnglish

      Why not offer some assistance instead of the cookie cutter arrogant response? That’s a rhetorical question, I already know why. It’s a community, act like it.

    • Interstellarmind

      You are totally in the wrong here, Robert Boluyt. You are what causes dev community’s to crumble. The android community is built on HELPing everyone, no matter their n00b level. Take your snobby attitudes to iOS. We don’t need your kind ruining our awsome, helpful community.

      You should be open to helping people so more people can be on board android. the more people on board, the more our community grows and gets stronger.

      bottom line: you suck. get lost. 

    • AMANDA

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  • tyguy829

    YESS! Finally! Thanks Kellen & XDA! 
    Can I flash this through clockwork or do I have to have stock recovery?

  • smokerings

     how do I install it after I download it? I’m new to Android.

  • How to install? Pleeeeassee

  • Andrew Bates

    So will our phones eventually pull this themselves? How long should I expect to have to wait?

  • yesh bitches yesh

  • Mustang5Oh

    Awww poor Razr fanboys just lost their 1 reason why they are “superior.” I guess they won’t be getting 4.0.4 before us GNex users afterall huh? lol

    • kixofmyg0t

      Ummm….A, this is a leak…just like the 4.0.3 update for the RAZR. This isnt officially pushed out yet and B noone ever said the RAZR would even get 4.0.4. 

      • Azndan4


    • LiterofCola

      Go kill yourself

  • Christian

    Thank you! Could this be installed from the stock recovery then?

  • Jonathan N

    Could you please provide instructions :)?

    • topherct

      Agreed.  I haven’t flashed an update since I had the DX.

  • Art Holguin


  • Clifford

    How do we install it?

  • aziadeh

    How about a radio file only since the ROM I’m running is already 4.0.4

    •  Just because you got the leaked version, doesn’t mean this isn’t different from that.  They could have added other fixes in.

    • Dan

      I agree! Lets get those new radios!

    • bobbymay1

      Just extract the zip file, the radios SHOULD be in there. Not sure if you can just flash those though.

      • Matt Devo

        looks like the CDMA radio is a full image, but the LTE radio is a patch

    • 4.0.4 radios have been out for months…

      • aziadeh

        The leaked radios are FA02 and this version is FC04

      •  The 4.0.4 radios have a different version number than the leaked 4.0.4 build. The leak had FA02/FA02. The OTA has FC04/FC05. No clue what the difference is.

  • sahilm

    So how long until the new radios are extracted?

  • hooray

  • EEGuys

    Get. Pumped.

  • Jason Purp

    Thanks dad