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Lookout Introduces Install Monitoring and File System Monitoring to Better Protect Your Device

People who download applications and side-load them onto their devices are sometimes at risk, whether we want to believe it or not. Whether it’s from an alternative market such as Amazon’s Appstore or Getjar, it is best to take a safe approach when installing all applications. To help save you the stress, Lookout Mobile Security has introduced Install Monitoring and File System Monitoring. What these actions do is monitor files within the apks before you even install them, assuring there is never any malicious programs loaded onto your device. 

We know a lot of our users like to explore everything on Android, even if that means downloading apps from a source you’ve never even heard of before. For these cases, File System Monitoring and Install Monitoring are here to protect you.

Some folks probably think that Android mobile security concerns are somewhat of a joke, but we do know it’s a real issue from past reports. Good to know there are plenty of companies out there fighting off these baddies!

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  • Matthew Harmon

    Showing up as not compatible with my Galaxy Nexus?

  • jdrch

    I use Avast for that.

  • Fakeplasticfool

    AKA worthlessness 

    • socalrailroader


  • We know a lot of our users like to have horrible battery life on Android, even if that means we should scan every file that is saved on your phone. For these mental traumas, File System Monitoring and Install Monitoring are here to protect you from decent battery life.

  • Why is it mentioned like it is a new feature they’ve added?? I’ve been scanning and installing non market apks using lookout since the day I installed it on my phone; which is at least 2 months ago.

    • WittWendy84

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    • Too bad Lookout didn’t put in post monitoring….

  • Radgatt

    The verizon rep just uninstalled lookout on my phone….

    • Sp4rxx

       So reinstall it ….  reps aren’t paid enough to know about the software on your phone.  They tried to to tell me that GO Launcher was the reason my g/f’s DX2 was consistently locking up. 

      Reps/techs over the phone are way more knowledgeable than those in the store.  Over the phone I was able to replace the DX2 for a D3 w/ little hassle.

      • Jonscurve

        the verizon rep probably removed it to help speed up your phone. i too have removed it because lookout does run constantly and hog resources.. they wouldnt have to remove it if they would listen to the reps in the 1st place and get a nice phone from the get go… instead they go with the free samsung stratusphere or something along those lines. also sp3rxxx .. sounds like your mad that the rep instore didnt swap you out for a d3 from the beginning… well just so you know… they couldnt …instore reps can not make that decision and do not have refurbished equipment (for most stock) onhand. another tip…most corp stores employ young hourly (most time) ignorant people. If you go to a Indirect Agent Store (a larger Premium ONLY) location… the reps are commission payed and care much more about you being satisfied…if your not and you turn service off…the rep loses money out of his check.. called a deact… thats why they want you to stay happy and i know most will do anything to get you to stay with verizon and come back to them again and again…yes i am a rep and i would do anything for one of my custys.

  • Oh, I did

    It’s a blessing for those of us who would rather steal than pay for crappy apps in the first place.

    • Watson111505


  • Jason Purp

    Lookout Introduces New Features to Further Diminish Your Battery Life

    • Anthony Armando

      thats funny. my phone has been off a charge for 17 hours, lookout isnt even in the list of apps to use battery, and im at 20% battery.

      • michael arazan

        That’s why i won’t ever use it again, on my D1 it drained the battery, i force closed, used other apps to close it, and after a few minutes it turns itself back on to finish the job of draining my battery. Won’t even bother putting on my new phone, i just use avast now.