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Samsung Releases Record Q1 Earnings of $4.46B, Proceeds to Make it Rain

Today, Samsung has released their earnings report for the first quarter of 2012. To make it short and sweet, they raked in a cool $4.46 billion in profit (up 81% from last year) thanks to huge growth in their mobile communication sectors – not a surprise there. According to Sammy, the Galaxy Note was selling like hotcakes and the international popularity of the Galaxy SII skyrocketed them to be the number one handset manufacturer in the world.

Samsung is expected to continue its strong growth momentum in the second quarter, following the announcement of the next GALAXY device in London on May 3.

From what we can tell, Samsung is expected to put a lot of effort into making sure the “next GALAXY” does well in the market. And with marketing ploys such as their staged protest outside of Apple stores in full effect, they’re having no troubles generating buzz for their upcoming flagship device.

Via: Samsung | Earnings Report

  • Austinrgoebel

    (Opinion) i strongly believe that samsung is the only phone manafacture that has the ability to compete directly with apple

  • If only Samsung created quality builds like HTC, I would jump over to them in a heartbeat.

  • jeff3yan

    Does this include their other lines of products (TVs, washing machines etc.).

  • Austinrgoebel

    If any manafacture has the ability to keep android going strong samsung is it

  • r0lct

    This is why I believe Google is looking to sell off Moto as rumored (http://goo.gl/dvsoV) and the purchase really was only for the patents.  They have Samsung to lead the pack which is why it is believable they already have the next Nexus locked up.  Especially with HTC in bed with FB for a dedicated phone that could even be forked Android which I’m sure Google isn’t loving with their G+ strategy.

    • angermeans

      Google would be very smart to sell off that sorry excuse for a company. Jha and his team have ran Motorola (a once proud and great Android OEM) into the ground. They had everybodys attention after the Droid and every phone since then has been complete garbage. Google would be wise to distance themselves as far as they can from the hardware division. Thats my opinion.

  • Damn, shoulda waited on posted the claim that Samsung had anything to do with the Australian protest:


    • angermeans

      They still did don’t kid yourself on that. They funded it. They just know that it looks desperate and now want to make it sound like they didn’t do it. Who else would have done it. It was Samsung 100%. Now which division that may be a mystery. 

  • Cam

    Free Galaxy Nexus Pogo Car Docks for everyone!

  • Jak_341

    Samsung = 4 billion profit. Motorola = 80 million loss. Samsung is open. Motorola is closed and locked. Is any more proof needed of why Google should sole source Android to Samsung?

    • Moto WAS closed and locked….  you did hear Google bought Motorola, right?  It isn’t going to stay closed and locked for long

    • kixofmyg0t

      Samsung=lots of Galaxy Notes and Galaxy S2 sold. Motorola=Shanjihad or whatever took a $47 million bonus at the company’s expense. 


    • Diablo81588

      Yeah you must be right, since about 3 percent of people with smartphones actually care about unlocked bootloaders.. Samsung has made most of their money due to the gs2 selling like crazy GLOBALLY, not just here in the states where carriers lock phones down. You do realize that the top selling smartphone on Verizon, who is largely responsible for locking phones, is not made by Samsung right?

      • angermeans

        Who cares what percent “cares” there is a lot more than just locked bootloaders that Moto has screwed up. That is just the tip of the ice berg. The only point you made is that the average consumer will buy what is advertised. It doesn’t mean that Motorola hasnt made some horrible decisions. Most of these “average” consumers more than likely only buy one Motorola phone before dumping it in favor of the iPhone or a Samsung Android device. Motorola is a joke. 

        • Diablo81588

          All of your comments are nothing but opinions. I for one have had three moto devices in a row, largely because they’re so damn reliable. I never have to worry about getting a signal, or finding a charger because my battery is about to die. Do they have the best screens or perform the best in benchmarks? No, but one thing is for sure. When I need to perform a task or make a call, I can be certain I won’t have any trouble doing so. Also, you do realize that the reason moto gets so much advertisement for their phones is because that’s the trade off for locking the bootloaders on Verizon. Why do you think you rarely see anything about the nexus on anything other than tech blogs? They don’t do what the carrier asks, so they don’t get any funding for ads. You really need to stop all the trash talk about moto, because not everyone feels the same way you do.

  • CoCo

     “The Galaxy Note was selling like hotcakes”… Maybe all these Jabs at apple are working. I say stick with it , but instead of just shouting that Samsung phones are better, maybe go with a commercial showing WHY Samsung phones are better.

  • Bionic_Pags

    It’s a shame the end of Android is near… Samsung will be making a Windows phone next.  s/

    • lacokanostra

      Careful Ron might get butt hurt and challenge your statement

      • Of course, wasn’t Ron saying he thought the report didn’t make any sense?

        • bigdav1178

          Shhh, laco was obviously way too busy to read Ron’s whole article. Otherwise he would have known that Ron agreed that Android needs to step up there game in the tablet market, but called the rest of the BI report rediculous.

      • HintonLewis25

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      • r0lct

        Careful laco, reading an entire article could burn all 3 of your brain cells out.

  • Tomgillotti

    Great… You won’t mind giving me a new phone since my G-Nex has been a FC disaster lately!! Everything Force Closes or simply doesn’t load. Slow…… terrible battery life. Rant over.

    • Josh Groff

      Root and ROM that sucker or stop blaming Samsung for something where the fault lies with Verizon.

      • angermeans

        How does the fault lie with Verizon exactly? Verizon is the provider that is all. If what you mean is that they have not released an update like .04, well then that we don’t 100% know. 

        • michael arazan

          Verizon is holding up the update that fixes all the problems according to the Jean Baptiste article. And in yesterday’s post, the G-nex wasn’t even on the list of verizon devices to be updated.

          • Josh Groff

            Thank you. 🙂 Saved me the time of writing that exact post.

    • angermeans

      Why dont you do a hard reset my friend? All of your apps, contacts, and calendars are saved through your gmail account. Download a dropbox acct and enable backup of pictures and your ready to go and your phone will be good as new. 

      Have you unlocked your phone? Are you running a ROM? Is it stock, if so what are you running? 

      The point is there are many factors into why an Android phone would be acting up, but more than likely a force close means you either dont have the memory available in your phone (RAM, etc) to run said app, you have too many apps open (very unlikely as Android does a great job with task management behind the scenes), or more than likely something is corrupt where the above will fix the problem for you. 

      You should not be having issues with your phone unless you have damaged it or the off chance you have a manufacture defect. Most of the time with an Android device it is user error in that you have what I mentioned above (not saying that is what is going on). YOu have many options dont just sit there, do something. Many people want to blame the phone, OEM, or provider when most of the time it is something they are doing or have done (again, not saying you have). Believe me you have the best Android phone (in my opinion) on the market and vanilla Android goes a long way, I promise you will have less issues than any skinned device. With that said the known issues like the lower quality sound on the speaker is something that we all have to live with (I know some smart ass was going to respond with that). All Android phones need maintenance in clearing cache, memory, etc. I also do a hard reset as it is very easy a couple times a year. I am a fresh install junky on all my devices. 

      Hope this helps my friend if you need any help let me know. Have a great day and hopefully you will get to enjoy your phone like I have. 

  • Didn’t you see that Android is going out of business?

  • tvjrc603

    ” …the Galaxy SII skyrocketed them…”

    intentional pun?  you decide.

    • I’m laughing, no doubt!

      <== Skyrocket owner!

  • EC8CH

    Throw some glitter Sammy

    • Mctype

      u mad bro?

  • Kharris

    we need the doe