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Samsung Denies Responsibility for Staged Protest Outside Apple Stores in Australia

After we posted news of Samsung’s flash-mob protest against Apple and their customers down in Australia, word is out that Samsung is denying any ties to it whatsoever. Say what, Sammy?

Samsung Electronics Australia has nothing to do with the ‘Wake-Up Campaign.

Initially, it was reported that the Tongue marketing firm that was hired to stage the mob, had all buzz created on the web link to a site that displayed a timer that was counting down towards May 3, which is the date Samsung plans to announce their upcoming Galaxy SIII device.

So, who is paying for this? Whether Samsung’s Australia office is responsible or possibly some other entity working for Samsung, we definitely want to know.

Via: Slash Gear

  • dk81

    i love cool phones and all but i would never waste my time protesting an apple store. cmon people get a life

  • JohnPA2006

    Its Blackberry. But unless they have some secret weapon, why are they even spending any money and just paying out their employee severances and shutting down as a company already.
    RIM has been on their deathbed for about 2 and half years now.
    Android and Apple have pretty much ate their lunches, and the tables they used to sit at to even eat those lunches.

    I would love to see RIM make a comeback but really they havent dont ANYTHING (except the playbook) in the last few years.

    The the iPhone came out, I went and bought a  BB Storm 9530, liked it. 
    Then I got the OG Droid, 
    then in Feb 2011 I got a Verizon iPhone4,  now I am looking to switch to either a Galaxy Nexus, or  RAZR MAXX.  

    If RIM puts out something worth my time, I would consider it.

  • tonicboy

    Let me get this straight.  You categorically hate an entire group of people because they have a different, inferior opinion from you.  And who exactly is being a close-minded, obnoxious twit incapable of conversation or debate?

  • rattyuk

    “Devout Apple fans are generally not capable of carrying on a conversation or debate about devices, because sadly they generally are only barely familiar with the device, other than the fact that there is the silhouette of an Apple on the back.”

    Man that sounds like a straw man argument to me.

    There are a lot of people in the world but you just reduced to people who purchase Apple products to a weak internet meme.

    The amount of product that Apple sells cannot be explained away by “just the iSheep buying it” and trying to reduce the argument to that is facile to say the least.The “It just works” argument misses the point.

    I know quite a few people that would never have bought computers but are very happy with the iPad as a solution. It works like an appliance. You pick it up, swipe the screen and then you are doing stuff.

    Older people especially relate to that technology. These are people who don’t want to skin a device, and don’t care that the interface is “dated” because other technology they use, like their TV set doesn’t change it’s state with a software update. 

    I have NEVER heard anyone say that Apple’s are prettier, I have no idea where you got that argument from. 

    The problem with a lot of Android supporters is that they think the world thinks like they think. A wake up call. It doesn’t. Just because you think it is cool to flash a new rom for your tablet the general public doesn’t know, and worse still, doesn’t care.

  • Devilsephiroth

    Yeah they still need to wake up.

  • David

    Personally, I see this entire “wake up campaign” as ignorant. I mean, we don’t know who was behind it and thus, we don’t know what we are supposed to “wake up” from or who the target audience is. Just cause they went to apple and samsung is pissed at apple doesn’t mean it was samsung. For all we know it could be a group of insomniac’s that’re pissed because the average human being can sleep and they cant, so they wanted to “wake them up” I mean… from what i’ve seen thus far, EVERYTHING pertaining to this, who’s behind it, who’s the target, or what it mean’s is nothing more then speculation.

  • Ekknr

    And Apple would never use a bunch of ugly fat chicks to go out and protest. Show some class Samsung!!! 

  • Ekknr

    Alright we get it. You hate Apple and your favorite drink is orange Faygo!!!

  • La2da

    Maybe it has to do with the iphone’s inability to switch to and from daylight savings.

  • Gr8Ray

    Except the date it’s counting down to is May 6, at 3:00PM, according to the javascript I’m looking at:

    var D1 = new Date(“6 May 2012 14:59:59”);

  • c4v3man

    Doesn’t the countdown lead to May 4th, or am I reading that wrong? Isn’t there a possibility that this is related to an environmental or human rights group?

  • jeff3yan

    Might have to start putting money into Samsung instead of AAPL if their advertising schemes are successful!

  • I’m not going to attribute it to conspiracy, even if I wouldn’t completely rule it out.

    But it is a case of Samsung encountering a kind of self-inflicted karma: the Next Big Thing ads were so insulting and reflecting of insecurity that people just assumed Samsung would do something like flashmob the outside of an Apple store.  Focusing on the product (like it is with current ads) instead of the people would have avoided this.

    • Vincent Arnoux

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Conspiracy. You killed me.

    • Benjamen Meiers

      I just love how you say they ads were insulting. If someone saying that they have a better phone than you is insulting… maybe you are apart of a cult…

  • Androidandwp7equalsPower

    They went to more places then just Apple, it could have been an environmental protest since Apple is the 3rd  largest corporation when it comes to polluting the planet. I find it funny that no one mentions the other places the bus went to, just Apple.

    • iNfAMOUS70702

      Their weblink showing the countdown to the samsung may 3rd event doesn’t help

  • Greenpeace?

  • potacho

    They’re lying.

  • tervorsalienarms

    Really? This isn’t that difficult…Samsung Electronics Australia is a separate legal entity from Samsung Inc. Therefore, the released statement is probably factually correct. Samsung corporate, however probably hired a company to do it.

    Samsung Electronics Australia doesn’t manufacture the devices. All roads lead back to the parent company.

  • It could be an environmental group… (see the baloon protests earlier in the week)… that still doesn’t explain the website timer though. 

    I hope it wasn’t Samsung, for their sake…

  • Guest

    Who cares who put it on. Apple customers aren’t going to wake up.

    • Google

      Why do they need to wake up?

      • TheJoker

        Words from someone who is truly asleep.

        •  That you are a slave, Neo. Like everyone else you were born into bondage. Into a prison that you cannot taste or see or touch. A prison for your mind.

        • Bob

          So people aren’t allowed to buy whatever it is that makes them happy? If the reason is to be cool, they like it or everyone else is doing it what difference does it make. So they need to wake up because they are sheep but you are in a position to decide for other people what they should or should not buy? Haha, okay. Good luck with that. 

          • geedee82

            Dude you are taking the internet way too seriously bob.

          • Bob

            yeah because me laughing at the end is an indicator of rampant seriousness. you are taking the internet way too seriously geedee

          • geedee81


    • iNfAMOUS70702

      whats wrong with liking apple products? isnt it called having a “choice?” ..they chose to buy an apple product…who cares what consumers buy with their own money…to each their own

      • Google

        exactly. apparently Android is all about “open” and “choice” only when it involves Android. 

        • Illegalskittle

          isheep is mad bro.

      • CoCoCalypso

        You’re right. To each their own. But, I think when you pay more money for something less functional and less innovative, its called ignorance not “choice”. Thats what i think they mean by “wake up”.

        • Liderc

          Exactly.  If the products were worth their price, they wouldn’t need to wake up.  They spend twice as much and receive the same as everyone else.

        • Butters619

          I love Android and I have no plans of buying an iPhone, but you really need to define less functional.  For people who want a phone as an actual phone and the ability to send some texts and update their facebooks then the iPhone is fully functional with a great battery.  It’s a good choice.  If you want to put custom software on your phone, tinker with it, have a nice big screen, have LTE then no it isn’t a good choice.  But it really comes down to what functionality you need as a consumer.  And last I checked the G-Nex, Razr, and Rezound came out at $300 on contract, so where does the more money come from?

          • CoCoCalypso

            Haha. You’re right. Thats pretty much what all of my iPhone friends do with their phones. But, what i mean when i talk about functionality, is just being able to complete the simplest tasks such as downloading wallpapers, or ringtones, all while watching a youtube video while you wait. iOS pauses downloads if you navigate from the app that you’re using to DL those things. Being able to longpress an address on a website and the os asking ME what i want to do with it. Instead of having to copy>home>open navigation app>paste and go. Being able to DL apps from my desktop to to my phone with out having to plug it in or be anywhere near it (iOSs cloud service is a joke). Have a notification bar that isn’t worthless because the notifications don’t disappear. Have a speech to text search that actually works. Wozniak himself said that Siri does’t give him the proper results when he uses it (case in point: 
            http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2012/01/14/even-woz-thinks-the-android-bests-the-iphone.html)…I can go on, and those things don’t even scratch the surface or include what you can do with root. I wont mention the “choices” of  screen size, hardware, colors…  You mentioned battery life. All we have to do is carry an extra battery that’s smaller that my set of keys and switch it out. iPhone has to carry a charger and find an outlet when were hanging out at the bar. And to top it off, all of the forementioned features and available on a phone with 2.2+ that you can now get for free. Cheeper : )

          • Butters619

            Haha I can agree with you with a lot of that.  One of my biggest issues when I used an iPhone (yeah I had a 3GS for a bit) was the synching with one computer thing.

          • David

            Oh that infuriates me to no end.

          • CoCoCalypso

            I heard that! and i love how the play store now saves every app Ive ever downloaded…even the free ones.

          • Ekknr

            Have a lagfest on my phone. Carry around extra batteries. Worry when my update is coming out to fix my phone that doesn’t work right. Waiting on IOS apps to come to my joke of an app store. Brag about my screen that is still hideous compared to the 4s. Decorate my screen with live Christmas tree wallpapers. Try and use google music as my main music player, but failing miserably. Get pissed when my mic cuts out. Carry extra speakers so I can use the external speaker on my phone. Get mad because there are no accessories for my awesome phone. Try and sell it on Craigslist, but no one will buy so I can get an iPhone. This list can go on and on….

          • CoCoCalypso

            Still in denial. I guess that’s what “Wake up” means… and apparently you missed my point about how small and convenient an extra battery is to have handy.
            I know this guys English isn’t the greatest, and his movies are quite lengthy, but his points are spot on. so take a look when you not too busy being a genius. 

          • Ekknr

            No I saw it…convenient to me is not having to carry an extra battery. Now that is genius. Faygo for all!!!

          • shenan1gans

            Shenanigans – I carry an extra battery for up to three days of battery.

            P.S. – Stop trolling you douche

          • Ekknr

            Look I tried to buy an android phone once at verizon, but when I pulled out cash they said they only accepted food stamps for them. So it’s not my fault for not being able to get one…

        • Dailynews

          have you ever own an iOS device? it’s a better quality OS than Android so “you get what you paid for!” if you disagree, try reselling Android device and see how much you can get back. I on the other hand sold my iPhone 4 for $300 after a year, which was the same price I bought it for to get the 4S. how you like them Apples?

          • CoCoCalypso

            Yes. I made the switch after my second 3Gs started slowing down to blood pressure raising speeds, and the self-proclaimed geniuses told me i had to upgrade to the 4 and its crappy antenna to “fix” the problem.

          • keep in mind that the 300 you bought it for was the subsidized cost with a 2 yr contract and when you sold it it wasnt, big difference and not the “same price”, so yes you can do that with alot of android phones, especially the ones you get for free if you really think about it……how you like them apples?  (this is where you just stay quiet and pretend not to see this post)

        • Ekknr

          CoCo those new Reebok’s you’re wearing are sweet!!!

        • HintonLewis25

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    • It’s that kind of attitude that guarantees they won’t.

      You’d be the first to criticize an Apple fan for saying that Android and Windows users would naturally prefer iPhones and Macs if only they would go into an Apple store, so be consistent and don’t assume that Android is some kind of inevitable or necessarily desirable preference.

      • Skant153

        how does his attitude at all influence a 3rd party that is in no way associated with him? riddle me this

        • Because it scares off potential buyers.

          I know some Android users who say that the attitude of the hardest-of-the-hardcore Apple fans (i.e. Apple is perfect) puts them off from the platform.  I see more and more Android fans having a similar attitude that, if only Google had a monopoly over every aspect of our lives, the world would be a better place.

          A good fan understands not just that he can’t win over everyone, but that people aren’t stupid because they disagree.  Andy Rubin did not bring divine light to the world with Android; he brought an OS with some good ideas and a lot of selection.

    • ForSpammy7726

       Apparently the 8 people who liked your comment aren’t going to wake up either. 

  • Bob

    Smart move to deny this after every tech site commented on how pathetic it was. Was probably just some other random company paying for free advertising for Samsung, because that makes a lot of sense…