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Samsung GT-i9300 User Guide Purportedly Leaked, Specs Don’t Make a Whole Lot of Sense

The Samsung GT-i9300, oft-rumored to be the Galaxy SIII, appeared this morning in what is said to be an official user guide for the device. The list of specs looks decent on paper, but it doesn’t necessarily match-up with what we know to be official for Samsung’s next flagship. Last night, we were told by Samsung that the next Galaxy will have a quad-core Exynos processor clocked at 1.4GHz, yet this page clearly states 1.5GHz.

After that, we see a mention of a 4.8″ display, but benchmarks from the same device are showing it as either 4.6″ or 4.7″. The camera is said to be 8MP, but again, we have seen 12MP mentioned as well. The rest of it looks semi-standard, only it seems odd that they would mention a sensor as being “Acceleration” rather than the correct term of “Accelerometer.”

Oh, and then we have a sketch of the device along with this list of specs. Is that a physical home button? It makes absolutely no sense to include a physical home button when their is an on-screen home key, thanks to Ice Cream Sandwich. I personally owned the Euro, unlocked Galaxy SII and hated every second of the physical home button in the middle of the device. Please Samsung, do not bring it back with next Galaxy. 


Via:  SamMobile

  • Does anybody know if the battery life on the S3 will be anything close to the Razr Maxx? That’s pretty much the deciding factor for me since most of the time I’m away from a power source.

  • Things that scream “fake” to me:

    1) “Android OS: ICS”
    usually this is listed as 4.0, or 4.0.4, not ICS. Small detail, but that’s how it’s normally listed.

    2) “4.8 Super AMOLED MIPI”
    4.8 would normally be 4.8″ or 4.8 inch, or something like that. Not just 4.8. Again, just a small detail, but one that doesn’t make sense. 


    AAAAAARRRGHGGH!!!! you wrote;  “It makes absolutely no sense to include a physical home button when THEIR is an on-screen home key” that is the wrong use of THEIR!! You should’ve said THERE. This irks me so bad. You’re a fricken WRITER! Albeit, this is droid-life, but still come on

    • BIONIC

      Sorry but this lights a fire in my brain– it is my OCD. If you’re gonna be a writer, you should know how to properly use there they’re and their. Along with your, you’re, its, it’s….etc

      • BIONIC

        It’s just a fact that if you’re going to be a writer, then in your article you should make sure its words are in there correctly and that you use them in their correct way so that when people with OCD read it, they’re not driven crazy. 🙂 Thank you and sorry for being so bothered but i can’t help it.

        • michael arazan

          I think bionic was my composition teacher in college

  • FortitudineVincimus


  • Butters619

    I was on another site that published this and said “Hey look the phone and specs leaked” without ever once saying uh maybe this is off.

    SN: Everything that has leaked has shown that ugly ass plastic back cover.

  • smoke screens!!!

  • Scott Hartman

    U.S. carriers probably want to dink around with the hardware specs, form factor, etc just like with the GS1 & 2?

  • …or maybe Samsung is just trolling rumor mongers, tech sites, and people that leak phone information.

  • Tweekex

    Video playback at 1080p resolution.. Wouldn’t that mean 1920×1080 resolution on the phone?

    • hkklife

      No, the higher-res content is just resampled for playback on the 720p screen. Same as playing a 1080p Blu-Ray movie on a 720p TV. It can probably do full 1080p output via the MHL port.


      No. Pretty sure all recent phones claim 1080p because they can decode and output 1080p.

  • Jakestorms

    Oh and if that back cover picture is correct they are going back to a back cover design more similar to the original galaxy s.

  • NorCalGuy

    Makes since as the phone in the tests is a dual core exynos 4212 and the ” next galaxy” is said to have the exynos 4 quad (4412) yet the jump is really not that large it would make more since to wait for the dual core a15 5212… just saying

  • EC8CH

    Needs more cowbell

  • Jakestorms

    1.4 vs 1.5 is to close for it to be different.  depending on yields and power goals those are too close to be considered different until the device ships.  Such things really aren’t known for certain until near full rate production and final production device push.  Basically, any mention of such things before release is a best guess/goal for the shipping device and not really all set in stone.

  • Press release says exceeding 1.4 ghz

    • SingItAgainRookieBiotch

      Also look at all the different size variations there were of the SSGSII. Different size screens, body, processor, etc. So this could bevery well be one of the many variations we’ll see on the S3. No one is sure of the real specs at this point.

  • Dominick_7

    Sems to be either a fake or a typo for the US snapdragon version. They made the Snapdragon CPU 1.5 for ATTs Note while the Unlocked one is 1.4 Exynos.

    • hkklife

      US versions get a 4.7″ or 4.8″ screen with virtual buttons and the Snapdragon 1.5 whereas the international and unlocked versions get the Exynos 1.4 an a 4.6″ screen with physical buttons? Such a situation would be similar to the various versions of the SGSII seen last year (4.3″, 4.5″, Exynos vs Snapdragon) depending on carrier, region, and release date.

  • The specs don’t make Sense because Samsung makes Touchwiz. Silly Kellen

    • michael arazan

      Maybe samsung is sending out faux spec sheets, like the boxes, maybe they think the have some type of viral marketing going on by faking their own product and details to try and get more interest and hype about their product.

  • LiterofCola

    But didn’t Samsung say that there would be a physical home button with the S3?

  • Michael_NM

    Hey Samsung! Wake up, we don’t want home buttons.

    • Dominick_7

      I’d want a home button, speak for yourself.

      • John

        Have you used a phone w/o physical buttons yet? If you haven’t, you’re in for a surprise. I wasn’t sure how I’d like it, but it doesn’t take long to realize how awesome it is. 

        It’s a waste of physical phone area. It’s also just another thing that can break over time.

        •  I can think of situations where it’s not a complete waste.  Like say it’s winter, and you don’t have fancy “I can use a capacitive screen with these on” gloves.  Physical buttons still work without getting frostbite.

          OK, you’re still limited in what you can do, so it’s probably not a sufficient reason.  But precious extra seconds of warm fingers could be important to some people.

        • Dominick_7

          I’ve needed around with the nexus and hate the idea of using screen real estate for buttons. Think its perfect for the note to have buttons on the outside of the screen so I can enjoy the full use of the 5.3 inch screen. More room for shortcuts and widgets the better.

          • Liderc

            You’ve “needed around” with the Nexus? 

            Your argument isn’t valid anyways.  The screen can always be made larger and just include onscreen buttons as well so that anytime you watch a video or look at a picture or view the web with quick nav  you can use the entire screen.  And when you need your nav buttons they’ll be there.  

            As we lose more and more bezel, it will be important to keep the buttons on the screen, that way the device can be smaller and the screen can get bigger.  Remember, all the times you need the full screen the buttons disappear.  I assure you, software buttons are one of the best parts of ICS. 

          • Dominick_7

            Auto correct typo needed= messed around with. Uh if you look at a video you aren’t looking at widgets or shortcuts on your productivity space on the homescreens… your point is a red herring. My point was the screen real estate, if it DOESNT have on screen buttons is able to be fully used to its maximum potential by being able to put more shortcuts and widgets on each homescreen.. if it has onscreen buttons that takes up space on EVERY homescreen, which is space you could use for short cuts and widgets. Its a valid argument and all yours does is push the problem out by minimizing the bezel. It will be advertised as 4.8, but LESS than that maximum space will be usable.. making the space LARGELY pointless in terms of productivity and organization. I mostly use it for media, but I also use it for productivity and don’t want to feel screwed over screen real estate which is most important to me. As I said I’ve played around with the Nexus for hours and think its annoying and just ONE MORE THING US customers get screwed on besides the specs in comparison to international phones space. Of course as ICS spreads everyone around the world will get gyped on screen real estate, but still, it would be nice if they let us keep it to use as we please. I hear you on overall size, but size is not an issue for me. I’m not a small person and I don’t need or get obsessive over it having to be super thin and light. I’d rather have an extended battery on it and it be more easily grippable than it feel like nothings in my hand.

          • Liderc

            The only reply you deserve is: You’re dumb.

          • Dominick_7

            Yea thats intelligent. Because I hate an idea that others agree with me on, Im dumb. Good job man.

          • Liderc

            Welcome to 17 days ago.

      • Liderc

        You only want one because you haven’t used onscreen buttons for a few days.  They are literally one of the best things about ICS. 

        • Dominick_7

          No likey. As I mentioned to John I’ve messed around with the Nexus for quite a few hours and didn’t care for it. Want the extra screen real estate for shortcuts and widgets, not feel screwed on the actual size of the screen. Thought the settings button was hard to push, was weirdly placed in certain screens and found the set up highly annoying. I don’t need a phone to be microscopic thin. I’d rather have an extended battery with long life where it feels more easily grippable rather than it feel too thin like a RAZR.

    • If it gets released with a hardware home button, oh how delightful the sounds of butthurt all along the fanboytowers will be!

      OMG worst phone ever!

      OMG disgusting home button!


      &c., &c.

      I just can’t wait.

      • LiterofCola

        Whiners will whine, regardless.

        • FortitudineVincimus

          are you whining about winers whining

          • LiterofCola

            Why yeeeeeeees.