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What is This White Android Tablet From Today’s Android Developers Office Hours? (Updated)

The Android Developers team held an “office hours” hangout on Google+ this afternoon, and one of them popped up a white 7″ looking tablet that we would love to know more about. It looks similar to the Kindle Fire in size and form, but it’s clearly running Ice Cream Sandwich, hence the black bar along the bottom. Unfortunately for all of us, the video isn’t of the highest quality, so we can’t see anything else really on it. He sure isn’t shy about showing it off, that’s for sure. Any chance that this could be the Google or “Nexus” tablet?

Update:  I jumped up to the 43:00 mark and they talk about the tablet. They say that it is not a “Nexus or a Google designed device” and that is third party. Seems weird that they would jump straight to denying that it is a Nexus tablet before we even had a chance to suggest that it was, but hey, we’ll have to take their word for it.

Thoughts?  (Hit the 14:00 mark in the video below to see it.) 


Cheers Eric!

  • androidfan12222

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  • Kind of an off topic rant but here goes..    I bought a Galaxy Tab 2 this past weekend (7 inch).  I’m returning it this coming weekend..  Why?  Well mostly because I’m spoiled..  It’s a great tablet for $250 and for most people.  I’m currently using a Note though and will have a One X by next weekend.  I can’t get down with a 7 inch tablet that has a lower resolution screen than my phone.  Not to mention inferior screen tech and a slower processor.

    I have the new ipad *gasp* I know.. but I’ve also had 8 different android tablets.  I can’t stand ios to be honest but 90% of what I use my tablet for is watching movies/tv shows and I’ll probably sell it the minute someone makes an android tablet with comparable resolution.  

    Anyway.. I understand why the tablet makers are making cheaper hardware to compete on price but I’d like it if they still made some high end models for those of us who are interested in them..  I’d love that rumored 11.6 inch galaxy tab.. I’d love it more with a resolution to match the new ipad and a quad core exnyos though =).   

    Forgive the off topicness, this just seemed like a good place to vent that as I sit here wiping my galaxy tab 2.

    • mustbepbs

      So do your parents buy you all this or do you have a really, really well paying job? Galaxy Tab 2, Note, One X next weekend, new iPad..that’s a lot of $$$ in a short amount of time. First world problems.

      • Nah the Note was getting returned to be exchanged for the One X. I was in my 30 day window still. The Tab 2 I justified buying because I put my ipad up on craigslist. No my parents don’t buy me this stuff lol I’m 33 and married with a 2 year old. I’m not rich but I do make decent money. I just recycle my electronics for the most part. I buy something and then buy something else a few months later and sell the old one for 90% of my original cost.

        And no definitely not bragging about the electronics I have.. this is an android site. I will say this though… in the month since my original post here I returned my galaxy tab 2 and sold my ipad 3 and bought a galaxy tab 7.7. It’s pretty nice but being on honeycomb sucks balls and there is no development. I would love for samsung to make a 10.1 inch equivalent of the 7.7 I think it’s the best tablet on the market right now, it’s a shame there is no support for it.

    • David

      Part of me feel’s you made your post to brag about how many electronics, and by extention money, you have. In my opinion though, an 11.6 inch screen is really pushing it for a tablet. I mean, 10 inch’s is perfect for a tablet. Anything more is a little overboard when concerning a device you’re going to be holding all the time, not only does it increase how much it’ll weight, how much it’ll cost (which some of us are actually concerned about) but also how much battery it uses to keep the thing powered.  
      I mean if you had a; 11.6 inch screen, quad core processor, AND a bad ass screen… you would have to practically live beside an outlet. Because I highly doubt it would have very good battery life, specially when you consider that watching movies will drain it even faster then just normal usage and browsing on the net and stuff. That’s assuming you keep a cell with you to tether assuming you want data on your tablet while out and about. Otherwise then you’re also looking at 3g/4g radio’s and if you wanted that too… you’d be better off just plugging it into a wall and forgoing the battery all together because it’d never last more then a few hours.

  • Trevor Johns

    Howdy everyone. I’m the guy holding up the tablet in the screenshot. 🙂
    That device is a Novo7 Paladin. It’s a nice little 7″ tablet. And yes, it runs ICS.Product: http://www.ainovo.com/novo7paladin-features.htmlAmazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B006QZ7TMU/

    • Larizard

      Yay thanks for the confirmation :))

    • JosephCabrera

      Mystery solved! Thanks for letting us know! 

    • Brent Stewart

      Thanks for the confirmation. Although usual awesome use of whitespace a Google Play/Nexus tablet in white would be the perfect color for a Google tablet. It just looks Googley.

    • mustbepbs

      Actually it’s a horrible tablet. You’d be much better off getting a used Fire.

      • Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the fastest device out there, and the screen could be better.

        But at $90 new, it makes for an excellent portable browser. Not to mention could be a great platform for hacking together projects around the house.

        (Think of this thing as the Raspberry Pi of the tablet world.)

        And I do rather like the way it looks. 😉

        • mustbepbs

          From my experience and what I’ve heard from other owners, the compatibility with apps is pretty dismal. I still stand by my Fire comment. Some things just can’t be justified no matter the price, and unfortunately I think this is it.

    • Skyskioc

      Then what are you doing with a POS like that ? You work for GOOGLE. I think they could afford a better tablet. Just was wondering.

  • This is likely one of the various 7″ tabs powered by the Boxchip A10 processor. There are some white versions, and many of them run ICS.

  • Bob Martin

    Its the first ever Samsung Galaxy Ipad. What do you think Samsung and Apple were talking about in the meeting last week? It was the beginning of a partnership.

  • Jake

    It’s the Galaxy Note Plus.

  • HolyGrail


  • FortitudineVincimus

    Now we know why they were shooting for such a cheap affordable price… it is only a 7″ tablet they are considering.

  • Jason

    Well if it is nothing special like the Play or the Nexus why not just identify it for us?  Me thinks it may have Asus origins, but then I could just be hoping for the damn to finally show the F$%* up already.

  • Bob Martin

    Its the galaxy SIII

  • ddevito


  • IanAndersonLOL
    • Jason

      $99 but $66 to ship?  Lol, somebody is a filthy bastard at that company.

  • Levi Wilcox

    Kindle Fire 2

    Doesn’t look like there’s a front facing camera.

  • Jak_341

    It’s the mythical 7″ iPad! LOLZ!

    • correction the 7″ white iPad

      • Bob Martin

        correction The 7″ new white ipad 3s

  • Pdiddy187

    Too small for my needs.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      thats what she said… POW

      • Bob Martin

        The funny thing is that she did say that… POW

        • FortitudineVincimus

          sorry brother, they are suppose to at least lie about that stuff

  • Why would they build a 7inch tablet??  WHY WHY WHY! so upset I’ll let wiz do the talking for me

    “You tryna copy whats done, I’m tryna innovate
    And club owners getting tired of tryna ventilate

    • Because they’re trying to release a cost effective tablet. Bigger device = more money.

      • there is the fire kindle, plus 100’s of knock off japan tablets. if mama bear wants cheap tablet she’ll go to best buy, and they are going to sell her the kindle. cheap simple to use. not saying it wouldn’t be with this but if mama bear wants to spend some bucks she’ll go for the Ipad for the “superior screen”. I still don’t think android has a tablet that is ready to go up against the ipad and if one company could do it, it deft could be google.

        • blix247

          The hardware is the problem.  Packing all of the tech in an iPad at the price its set at requires huge volume commitments to manufacturing partners.  Nobody can get there overnight.  It will take years for Android based tablets to overtake the iPad, if it ever happens.  

    • Looking at you goin’ Khalifa on us.

      • Ha. I knew you of all people would appreciate it. I read your reZound review lol. but really. truer words never spoken? (at least towards this topic lol)

  • It’s definitely very possibly it’s the Nexus/Google Play tablet.