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Here is the Original Google Phone, Boy Have We Come a Long Way

In the ongoing court battle between Google and Oracle, all sorts of fun has surfaced. From execs taking the stand and calling things non-critical to low ball settlement offers that would insult the best of them, we have enjoyed every minute of it. Today’s finding is probably the most interesting to the casual tech geek though. What you are looking at above is a render for the original “Google Phone.” As you can see, this is not the G1, but instead is a candybar QWERTY phone straight out of 2006. Boy have we come a long way.

Via:  The Verge

  • Kinda reminds me of the Motorola Q, which came out around that time if i recall.

  • JB

    Hmmm looks just like the last 50 BlackBerry’s that came out. Of course that’s why RIM is doing so well. They really know how to stay ahead of the curve

  • androidfan12222

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  • RegKilla

    this looks better than the G1

  • So that’s where the HTC Status came from.

  • Kevin McDole

    I still love when you guys did this http://www.droid-life.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/3-years-ios-android.png

  • Sirlandry

    Eerily similar to the HTC Status…garbage excuse for a phone. http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2011/07/htc-status-facebook-phone/

    • Tyler Chappell

      The cool thing is when you look at the close-up of the top of the phone, it looks extremely similar to the One X, but with the speaker grill from like the Incredible/Thunderbolt etc. Pretty cool in that regard.

  • Bob Martin

    it looks like it has a front facing camera

  • potacho

    What’s with the alien language?

  • It may not be what we’re looking for at this point in history, but man, that industrial design is beautiful. (not the orange keyboard, but the phone pictured on the left). If Google started designing their own phones, I think we’d all be a lot happier.

  • ddevito

    Was it running 1.0 codename Apple Pie ?


  • Manny

    jajajaj…This proves it. google never intended on making a touch screen phone until they saw the iphone…look at that piece of shit….while apple is plaing an iphone goggle was planning this…

    • Drayphly

      Seeing as HTC made the G1… Check this out….. GOOGLE the terms  “HTC 2006” or “QtekS200 (aka HTC Prophet)”  ….. Apple was the first to use the capacitive screen on a mobiel phone, which was really impressive, but touch screen Smartphones were nothing new in 2007.  The first time I saw one of these devices in 2005 when I was in Hong Kong,  I threw my Black Berry away.   Actually these WIndows Phones were  better and more functional, than the iPhone1.  Blame the ugly Trios, Palms, SIdekicks and BB on AT&T , Cingular, SPrint and  Verzon. 

  • smexy me wantz

  • aartvark

    Worthy of Flash Gordon.

    • iWebDroidBerry7

      If it wasnt for the iPhone your Android phones might still look like the one pictured above…

      • well yeah since the original droid looked just like an iphone

        • iWebDroidBerry7

          The original droid wasn’t anywhere near the first Android phone. I don’t see your point.

          • Kevin McDole

            I think that is his point.

          • Eandrebutler

            you guys are all nuts… the G1 looked like standard Windows Mobile hone of the time… Nothing like an iPhone!!! HTC was know for making Windows Mobile phones and the G1 looked more like a Windows Mobile phone an less like an iPhone. Americans  preferred slide out //physical keyboards prior to the launch of the iPhone but manufacturers made candy bar shaped Windows Phones since 2005, but you could only find them in Europe and Asia. Here is one example in the link bellow, but there were candy bar shaped Windows Phones with out slide out keyboards that only used the touch screen for input…..  If I can find more pix I would ad them.
            Apple never creates anything, they are the Skechers of electronics!!!! “Copy, market the hell out of it, sell more than the original.”http://the-gadgeteer.com/2006/12/04/htc_tytn_windows_mobile/

            there are version of phone like this with no keyboard and less buttons. …. very similar to iPhone ,but release 2 years prior. 

          • iWebDroidBerry7

            Oh, so then Google ripped off MS? Good to know.

          • Drayphly

            I wouldn’t say they ripped off…. but it looks to me that HTC just took one of their inhouse WIndows Mobile designs made minimal changes to it and called it G1. Since they weren’t really selling those type of phones in the US market, it looked like something new to the American Customer. 

          • so did Apple your point is?

          • Kevin McDole

            “well yeah since the original droid looked just like an iphone” to me implies sarcasm, because, as we all know, the original Droid shared nothing in design but a touchscreen.

          • why you here? also Google was working on a Touch UI along with their Blackberry prototype 

        • Token

          You are as stupid as Butters if you really think that. The OG droid looked nothing like an Iphone. It has a keyboard and was more of a square shape. You would have made a better point if you said the Galaxy S instead.

      • The G1 looked like an iphone?

        • iWebDroidBerry7

          Never said it did. The G1 was the first Android phone AFTER Apple introduced the iPhone which is the phone that set the standards for today’s modern smartphone. Multi-touch, mainly touch screen, capacitive touch screens etc. Which is a completely different step Google was initially going in with this first device.

          I didn’t say Apple invented anything. I said they set the standard. And if you can’t accept that, you are simply blind.

          • Extreme_x0

            And Google upgraded it, customized it and made it affordable. If you can’t see that then you are blind as well.

          • iWebDroidBerry7

            The difference between me and the Android elitist on this site is I have never feverishly denied the contributions Google has made to the mobile front. You all however rabidly deny that Apple ever did anything to help revolutionize the mobile space, and instead post snarky comparison chart of how little the iPhones appearance has changed in the past 5 years, or make stupid played out litigation puns.

            I am CERTIANLY not blind. I use every major mobile OS on the market right now, which says a lot more than those of you on Droid-Life that are stuck in Android land.

          • Mitchlambertuk

            Apple followed on with the touch stuff from the ipod. Mostly, they nicked a lot of Palm ideas, patented them and have been claiming they invented them ever since. That’s why Android fans hate Apple. Google basically looked at what people bought and made software that could emulate it, for the oem’s to use. Look at this phone as the perfect example. It looks like a nicer looking Nokia E61, which sold well at the time. So yes, Apple proved a concept with the iphone by collecting up good ideas by innovators, and packaging them in one device. Google watched what Apple did and made it affordable. Each to there own. Apple don’t like the loss of market share, but now they are so consumed with protecting unjustified patents that they have stopped innovating……. And consumers are picking up on this and moving to Android.

          • Tyler Chappell

            Nailed it.

      • If you are on a Blackberry then they still do!

        • iWebDroidBerry7

          The Blackberry Touches, and Storms would disagree.

      • TheOiulkj

         I see you trolling.

        …quite well, I might add.

        • iWebDroidBerry7

          How was I trolling? Give me an example of where I trolled.


  • yeh

    Orange you glad Apple made the iPhone? 😛

  • I wonder what happened in 2007 to make Google change its mind on design?  Say, around January 9, 2007. 

    • ddevito

      Ha. +1 Sir. Even I will say that is indeed the reason. Without a shadow of a doubt.

  • Bigsike

    Looks like a BB10 device, hmm is RIM ever going to ever come out with that? lol

  • Hoodflix

    Are you sure this isnt the GSIII?

    • EC8CH


      • Droidfann

        After seeing this phone, blackberry is going to be suing them next

    • Seems really thin. I bet it has 4G.

      • katedroid1122

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      • kateandroid443

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  • Mclovin

    Andy Rubin was using this phone when he first showed off android.

  • gchahinian
  • ddh819

    was there ever a prototype of this?

    • Michael_NM

      The Droid Pro. 😀

    • Yep, you can see it in this demo vid from 2007: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_avwGFsv60U

  • Michael_NM

    Orange you glad they didn’t use that keyboard?

  • Kris Brandt

    Looks like they tried to incorporate Blackberry functionality with a more appealing style.  Are we sure this is from 2006?  I thought Apple had a patent on rounded corners. :

  • Jason Purp

    Look at that fat f*ck.

  • bakdroid


  • Dan

    Maybe that thing is running jelly bean

    • Jacob121791

      Na…. That thing is def running AOKP. Dummy pants!!!

  • Looks like a iPhone! LOL.

    • Iny

       I bet you Apple would come up with some reasoning as to how it copies their designs.

  • What a hideous phone. 

    • Mitchlambertuk

      I disagree. Think of the era. I had a Nokia E61. It is nicer looking. They were doing the Japanese motors concept and copying what sold, and why not?

      • Drayphly

        its probably what Attt, Sprint, Verizon and T-mobile wanted?  A BB clone.   Google only makes software.