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Angry Birds Space Receives Update, 10 New Ice Planet Levels Included

Everyone’s favorite game about pissed off avians in space has received an update this morning. You will find a new ice planet containing ten brand spanking new levels. As much as people thought this title was over-hyped, I think it delivered rather well in the entertainment department and this update is completely welcomed.

Still loving the birds in space?

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  • Joe

    And you think with all the Galaxy love around here, you would have mentioned that Samsung devices get an extra 30 free levels. Danger Zone

  • Angry Birds Space is a great update to the Angry Birds series. I enjoy playing it a lot more than the classics. My problem is the time between updates.

    Angry Birds Space is probably the *easiest* Angry Birds to complete. I’ve had all levels, including easter eggs, completed at 3-star level for a long time… and the ten (eleven if you include the easter egg) new levels can be blown away in less than a day’s time.

    So what’s the deal? Most of the time, this game just sits on my phone taking up a huge amount of space while I wait for an update that leads to a short burst in activity before more and more waiting. You can put more of an investment in other games.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Everyone still plays Angry Birds? I somewhat gave up on it after Angry Birds Space was released..probably because of Temple Run and other games, and life priorities got in the way.

    • andydroid22

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  • @scottyfromga

    my kid is gonna be happy today!

  • Murphy

    It’s a welcome distraction.

    • hkklife

      Once again, Amazon disappoints with no timely updates available. I wish the ad-free versions of all the AB titles were available on the Play Store. I would re-buy them just so I could ditch the Amazon app store app.