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To Celebrate Launch of Google Drive, Gmail Storage Size Bumped to 10GB

Google is doing big things today. With the launch of Google Drive, the Gmail team has announced that everyone’s Google-based email account is to receive a storage increase to 10GB up from the previous 7.5GB. Note that this is for regular Gmail users and not Gapps accounts. The additional space should become available over the next 24 hours, so this is great news for people that can’t seem to delete emails on a regular basis.

Via: Gmail Team

Cheers Jeremy!

  • Maybe this upgraded storage had to do with the rolling outages last week.

  • If they bumped Drive’s storage to 10GB instead of GMail, I’d probably switch over.

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    So true.  I can’t stand having old mail whatnot in my box, can’t imagine needing this much space. 

  • jaymonster

    My apologies, I misread this, I thought you were saying you were getting 30GB of storage in DRIVE (not Gmail).

    • The way it works on the old plans is that you get the storage on top of any free storage.

      So I purchased 20 GB which serves as a general overflow. I get 1GB of free Docs storage, and then it overflows into the 20GB. Likewise, I get 1GB of free Picasa storage, and it overflows into the 20GB. Once something has eaten into the 20GB, it takes away the extra overflow space from the other services.

      It’s possible on the new plans that it’s just shared space everywhere.

      • For example, right now it says that inside GDocs I have 25600 MB of storage space total. I don’t know where it gets that number, but I’ve only paid for 20GB of storage. It also says I’ve used 0% of that.

        My GMail has another similar number which appears to be 20GB plus the GMail free storage.

        On the settings/storage page, it says I’ve used up 8GB of my 20GB. I think that number comes from my Picasa overage. I have uploaded a significant amount of photos well over the original 1GB.

  • BenMock

    Now why isn’t this called Play Drive?

  • NorCalGuy

    Still trying to fill up the first 7… and I don’t think I have ever deleted any emails since 2007 I have like 10000 emails and its like 12% full lol never going to fill up 7gb haha

  • Interstellarmind

    Wish i could tranfer my left over space in gmail to my drive account. Will music remain seperaye? I’m fearing google may be causing fragmentation within its own cloud ecosystem!!

    • jaymonster

      Oh please… don’t start with the fragmentation straw man nonsense.  It is nothing of the sort.

  • redbar0n11

    Well, at this rate, it’s more like the drizzle gates… *drip* 1MB………………. *drip* 1MB…

  • redbar0n11

    My gmail hasn’t fully upgraded to the 10GB, rather I’m seeing MB’s trickle in slowly. I can refresh the page and see another MB or so that has been added. The flood gates are opening!!!

    • anywho my gmail is at 7870 MB

    • jaymonster

      I think that is what they mean when they say, ”
      The additional space should become available over the next 24 hours”

  • rohicks

    Looks like google found some old hard drives in the attic.

  • QtDL

    Dear Google,
    How about another way to celebrate….send out the Android 4.0.4 OTA update to the folks being screwed by VZW.
    Much love,

    • Djlowproz

       Dear QtDL,

      We sent out Android 4.0.4 OTA for the Galaxy Nexus, but it is up Verizon to push it out.

      • QtDL

         Geez sorry for joking around. I was under the assumption that updates for Nexus devices came directly from Google.

        • Zein_marwan2005

          Thy do, guy there is wrong.

    • LiterofCola

      Cause it is relevant to this topic, right?

  • Josh Groff

    Just what I needed, my emails are barely taking up 1% as it is.

  • LiterofCola

    This is a good day for Android!

  • Also note that if you go to “Storage” in Google Accounts (i.e., to upgrade your storage), it says that paid Drive accounts get 30GB for GMail and not the 25GB that the blog post said.

    • jaymonster

      I believe you are PURCHASING 25GB and if you add that to your 5 GB of FREE storage, you get 30GB in total.

      • That doesn’t make sense. You get 10GB of GMail for free, not 5GB. By your logic, the “30GB” on the storage page should be “35GB.” 

        So I’m guessing it’s actually 30GB for pay plans and 10GB for everyone else. As Google has said in their announcements today, your GMail storage is now SEPARATE from your other paid storage (at least on the new plans).

        Can someone with a new paid plan see what it says at the bottom of the web interface for GMail? Is it 25GB or 30GB?

        • jaymonster

          I misread this (my apologies), I thought you were talking about DRIVE space, not GMail.

          According to the screen where you purchase the storage though, it says you upgrade to 25GB for Gmail and also get 25GB for “Drive and Picasa”

          • When I click on that link, it reads: “Your Gmail storage will be 30 GB.”

          • In fact, here’s an attached screenshot. You can see the “Your GMail storage will be 30 GB” in it at the bottom of the two boxes.

    • No, they’re getting an ADDITIONAL 25 gigs, for a total of 30.

      • That makes no sense though. You get 10GB for free (and it was 7.25-ish GB before). So you’d expect to see 25GB or 35GB — not 30GB.

        So it looks more like a typo.

  • Crackmonkeys4hire

    I just saw my phone (GNEX) download Google Drive but when I look around for it I don’t see anything. It must be embedded in Gmail and Plus…

    • Look for “Drive” in your app drawer. It’s there.

      • MichaelCrackMonkey

        It showed up finally. I looked in the app drawer and at first no change but then I noticed that Docs went away. Shortly after that I noticed Drive where is was not previously. I’m glad Google finally came out with Drive but I still get 50GB free on Box so I’ll be using it for my large storage needs. I like the MS Office integration of Box.

    • Captain_Doug

      it replaced docs.

    • Chris G

      Just called Drive. No google on the app name.  I had the same issue.

  • Droidzilla

    Woot! 32% of my total spaced used will now be 24% of my total space. World domination, here I come!

  • BulletTooth_Tony

    hmmm…. I hope they give us a bump on Picasa as well.

    • jaymonster

      Since you can now upload photos up to a certain size for FREE, and FREE through Google+, I wouldn’t hold my breathe waiting for a bump there.  Those that want more space for FULL RES photos are going to have to pay is my guess.

  • I never delete an email and I used like 32% of  it…now that it upgraded to 10gb I only use 24% of it…if only I could transfer like 5gb of that over to drive and have 10gb

    • Captain_Doug

      I know right?

  • Michael_NM

    I would rather have 10GB on Google Drive and 5GB on Gmail, but I can’t complain. At this price, it’s all gravy!

  • Liderc

    lol, ”
    so this is great news for people that can’t seem to delete emails on a regular basis.”

    So true.  I can’t stand having old mail whatnot in my box, can’t imagine needing this much space. 

    • JohnPA2006

      Didnt they say that about 128k of memory back in the early DOS days?
      I CAN HAZ MORE GB’s !

    • Who deletes e-mail?  It’s not 2002 anymore. Just archive them.  That’s the whole point of using gmail, no need to delete them no matter how useless they are. At this point they could just get rid of the delete button entirely.

      • Jak_341

        I still delete emails. I like to keep my Inbox neat and clean. If it is worthless, off it goes.

      • Raven

        Me, less useless emails showing up in searches and easier to find what I am looking for in labels/folders.

  • John

    Google is just helping my workday go by with all the good news.


    Just got my ‘update’ for google drive on my Gnexus!

    • RandomJSF

      I love that there’s a Dropbox update in there as well. Like it’s trying to keep your attention…

    • BulletTooth_Tony

      Google Docs is now Google Drive… hmmm….. I mean, in a way I guess it isn’t something new, more of a re-branding.  We could store things that before.

  • burntcookie90

    Now I can use an even smaller percentage of my space!