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Google Drive App is Live in the Play Store, Actually Just Update Your Docs App


Yep, Google Drive is available now in the Play Store. It really is just an overhauled Google Docs, so if you already have that app installed, it will be a simple update. We are still waiting for drive.google.com to go live though.

Update:  I take that back, drive.google.com is now live. Doesn’t appear to be GApps support yet.

Play Link


Update 2:  The Google team has announced it on the Docs blog and yes, it is taking over for Docs. It’s exactly as reported earlier except for the pricing of upgrades. You will have the option to upgrade to 25GB for $2.49/month, 100GB for $4.99/month or even 1TB for $49.99/month. Not bad pricing.

Cheers Jon, Spencer, Bret, and Wintergon!

  • Fanboy

    the app works for me.

  • Mine “isn’t ready yet”. Anyone else really tired of Google’s release now, allow access later approach? I get all excited then get no payout…I wish they would just release a fully-functional, ready-to-use product for once.

  • duke69111

    I do not see anyway to sync an entire folder like sugarsync can do.  Not sure if dropbox can.  

  • DaveTea

    Really wanted to see Linux support for this….

  • Buzzy42

    Damn, sort of wishing I had bought a plan before the new prices, which seem…. too pricey… for me. I wonder if those of you lucky enough to get grandfathered in will keep it ‘forever’, or just until the next renewal period?

  • The website is live, but I don’t know my Drive active yet…sadface.

  • r0lct

    Keep in mind Google doesn’t charge you for photos under a certain size, same with small docs.
    I bought the 200 GB last year to backup my 120GB in pics and video and only get “charged” for about 65 GB as a lot of my older pics and short video clips fall under the free caps.  So the amount of storage (unless they change these provisions) are much higher.

  • duke69111
  • Rakoskjc

    i have had 80gb for a while and looks like i am grandfathered in!!yay  weird thing is google drive is showing i have a full 85 gbs avail when i already used 40 gb in picasa..

  • THAT PRICING IS TERRIBLE. Don’t you realize that you used to be able to get 20GB from Google for $5/YEAR ?! That $20 would be spread across all of your services (mail, Picasa, and Docs) on top of whatever free storage those services automatically came with.

    Now, if you look at the “Buy Storage” page, that 25GB gets spread across Picasa and Drive. You then get 30GB for your mail. But you’re paying a LOT more! It’s a real downgrade. That sucks.

  • BigRed4X15

    So after using this for a few min, I am stick with drop box. Drop box automatically uploads my camera pics, also when I edit a file in docs to go I can just hit save and it syncs all my changes. Drive seems to open the file as read only and I have to create a new file to save.

  • duke69111

    mine says drive is not ready and then has a notify button.

    • Steve S

      I get the same thing.

  • ddh819

    my GDrive is not working yet

  • Bert336

    signed up for 100gb and i am currently in the process of merging my stuff from Dropbox =D thanks Google!

    • Bert336

      and even though some people kept their old plans, 4.99 for 100gb is a deal. i spent 4.99 on garbage just about on a daily basis 😛

  • Stewie

    Searching the play store for docs, gets one “Google Drive”, so the rename and app is in the store at this time …..

  • Talk about perfect timing…. I got this in about 5 minutes before new pricing went live

    • “Downgrade account”. I love it. It’s an admission that the new accounts suck more and not less.

      As posted elsewhere, old plans are grandfathered in so long as you keep good payment.

      Is this capture real? Or is it doctored in protest?

      • Nope… that is a real capture.

        I just added the red arrow if that’s what you’re referring to lol, but I assume you’re referring to the ‘downgrade account’ you mentioned.

  • Jeffrey Tarman

    I guess I was right from my earlier post.

  • Christopher Riner

    is anyone else getting the “google drive is not yet ready.  Would you like to be notified when it is?” message?  I got it after trying to sign in

  • I just deleted Dropbox! Hello Google Drive!!!

    • burntcookie90

      Desktop syncing, automatic photo upload, share from any folder, cross-platform, 17GB free (at least for me), I think I’m sticking with Dropbox.

  • Dropbox files for bankruptcy in 5…4…3…

  • Derp

    “Your current plan is no longer offered”


  • Hmm, kind of assumed they would merge this with my photos I already have in my Google+ account.

    • MKader17

      If google could pull that together, it would be amazing. I currently just sync my photos to Sugar Sync, My Documents to Dropbox, and my Music to Google Music. It would be nice to access them all from one location.

      • Tiyjuan

        You can on your android device. photos on picasa/G+, docs on GDoc (now Google Drive), and music on Google Music. I, for one, am happy they aren’t adding the music storage as part of the Google Drive because then I wouldn’t have space for anything else. 

    • You know you can get access to those via PicasaWeb, right?

      It would be nice if there was a “Photos” folder in Docs/Drive though…

  • Correction: It works perfectly fine with GApps.

    • Bunklung

       Yes, the Android app works for Google Apps users and the 5GB is reflected in the size of your docs page, but http://drive.google.com is broken for Google Apps users.

      • Definitely not for all. Because I am a GApps user and have been using the web portal since the moment of announcement without a single hiccup.

  • Phil

    Not Impressed at all. Can share from the google docs folder like you can with dropbox have to go to the website to do it. I hardly used google docs to start with. I see no reason to leave dropbox as of yet

    • Phil

      I meant CANT share from the google docs folder on your desktop

    • smartguy05

      There is a windows app you can download that works just like dropbox.

      • Phil

        I have the windows app. When you right click a file in it no option for sharing like you get with dropbox

  • PC_Tool

    Installed on BrokenOutSpectrum from the website with no issues.

    ….seems to be taking forever to load though.  (Stuck at initial screen with the spinning circle graphic)

    [edit]…backed out, went back in. All good now.

  • Well Google, here’s my life, it’s all yours, take it.

  • well, what i meant was that i had all my google docs/spreadsheets in certain folders in google docs, and that swich to drive took them out of the folders for some reason and put them back in the root folder. 

    when i dragged them to the appropriate folder in the mac app, its taken a while to actually show those changes on the web interface, (files in the right folders). 

    but yeah, the syncing to the computer happened fairly quick. 

    • Kelly

      that’s odd, my folder structure was preserved

  • sc0rch3d

    google bar update – DOCUMENTS converts to DRIVE

  • frankandsimple

    Great! now google can scan all of the documents etc that I upload and feed me targeted Advertisement!.

    not that, that is somehow gonna deter me from using it. 🙂

  • syncing between the downloaded app and the web interface (putting files in various folders) seems a little slow right now. could just be the massive amounts of people using it right now though. 

    • All of my files synced to my computer VERY quickly, but you’re right.. uploading is slow. 6KB file has been uploading for over a minute haha

  • TimXer

    just downloaded the app on my DX – in reading through the comments, people are NOT impressed.  I haven’t been an avid GDocs user, so we’ll see….

  • David Hollinger

    You can install the android app by using the play link and installing it over web

  • Kelly

    now if there was just a way to have it sync certain folders on my SGN to Drive, I would be happy and no longer use Dropbox

    • Kelly

      forgot about Folder Sync – this solves that problem 🙂

  • ddevito


  • gd

    now syncing my life..

  • LiterofCola

    Uploading chet as we speak

  • Holy Gigabytes Batman

    You can choose to upgrade to 25GB for $2.49/month, 100GB for $4.99/month or even 1TB for $49.99/month.

    • Kevin Olson

      I don;t see the option for 25GB for $2.49 per month.  I do however see 20GB for $5.00 for the YEAR

    • If you previously had extra space purchased with Google docs I think they let you keep it. I’m seeing 25GB for $5/year 

      •  that’s what I’ve been wondering about, I’ll be damned if I’m going to pay twice

        • As posted elsewhere, an old plans are grandfathered in so long as you keep paying them. Once you lapse, you are forced to choose a new plan.

  • New grid view in the browser is pretty legit as well

  • J Dub

    Everyone has already said what I was going to say. 

  • Captain_Doug

    Google should make their own file navigation app. 

    • Kelly

      agreed, should be built into android

      • Mister_Waldo

        Blur has one

        • STiK

          Blur has one therefore it is Bloat.. If Google added one it would be considered a feature of Android 🙂

          • Kelly

            haha @Stik, I personally use ES File Explorer ( or Root Explorer when I was rooted on my Og Droid, still thinking about rooting my GNex )

  • Wintergon

    Looks like it will leverage existing space if you already had paid for additional

    • RedPandaAlex

      Yep. Odd. I don’t know why anyone would pay 2.50 a month when you can just pay 5 a year. Maybe we’re grandfathered in?

      • Kelly

        I literally just upgraded to the 20gb for $5 / yr ( even after Drive is live ) since there is no way I would want to pay monthly ! 

        Get it while you can!

        • I did the same except I went with 80GB… figured I’ll prob be using this quite a bit. ESPECIALLY with the 10GB file limit I saw someone speak about

          • Kelly

            I like your thinking, now maybe I should reconsider . . .

          • Kelly

            can’t anymore, now it has officially changed to the monthly plan!

          • Kelly

            edit – went back to cached page from previous purchase and upgraded to the 80gb – let’s see if it takes!

          • Kelly

            in settings says my current plan is the ‘no longer offered’ 80gb for $20 yay, though technically my storage totals havent quite updated yet ( still showing 20gb )

          • haha well hopefully it works. I’m debating whether or not I should have gone with more, but I think I’ll be OK

          • Kelly

            thanks, it is now showing the 80gb in drive settings, woot!

          • Matt Ingrouille

            I had 80GB for the past couple years and I renewed last month.  It says 80GB is no longer offered but I won’t get charged again until my March renewal date next year.  I’m assuming I’m good until at least March next year but does anyone know if we’ll be forced to change after that…?

          • I can’t imagine that you will. Once you’re locked in, you should be good.

          • Kelly

            Here’s to hoping!

          • Kelly
          • Kelly

            I am hoping it will be grandfathered, just like Verizon unlimited data 🙂

        • Fighter

          How can that be? Check the new pricing help page:


          • Kelly

            upgraded just before the pricing changes went into effect 🙂

        • duke69111

          Where at? It looks like it has been updated:


          This is what the support page is showing:


          • Kelly

            It is too late now, unless you still have a cached version of the page before the change went into effect

  • How big can an uploaded file or folder be?
    An uploaded file or folder can be up to 10GB. If you’d like to
    convert a file to Google Docs format, the size limit depends on the file

    Bye Dropbox/Box

    • J Dub

      I have a 50GB Box account I don’t use. It’s there if I need it though.

  • Updated on the phone and installed the Google Drive app for PC which I was definitely hoping for.. syncs just like dropbox!

  • FortitudineVincimus

    When I search Google Drive in the market I see Google Drive and it says “update” and when I click on it it takes me to the Google Docs app listing and no way to update… odd

  • Wintergon

    Setting it up now

  • There is 5 GB in my Google Docs Account now.

  • The site just went live btw.

  • googleblog.blogspot.com has the post now as well.

  • Seansmithhh

    it is live

    • Live but not working, i get a 404 on a redirect when i go to it.

      • According to the post drive.google.com appears to be for apps users for now.

        • Finally got everything to come up.

          • Noyfb

            Anyone notice after you store stuff there is no meter or information telling you how much storage you are using or have available.

    • Dee

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