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Google Begins Selling Galaxy Nexus Directly Through Google Play Store for $399

Forget the imminent launch of Google Drive, the fact that Google is selling the Galaxy Nexus in the Play Store is something to talk about. The last time they tried to sell a device on their own was with the Nexus One, and as many of you know, that failed to work all that well. But, Google appears to be willing to give it another try and with a solid price to boot ($399). This is for the unlocked GSM version of the device only, but by moving into the device selling business again, Google sets themselves up nicely to start hawking their own Google-branded tablet that we are expecting some time this summer.

We’ll be digging around to see if we can find more. One thing to note, is the “Shop Devices” link which could easily open this up to others. For now though, it simply redirects back to this Nexus page.

Update:  It has been announced via the Google Mobile blog, where Andy Rubin has said that they wanted “to give you a place to purchase Nexus devices that work really well with your digital entertainment.” It also comes pre-loaded with Google Wallet, so you won’t have to worry about AT&T or T-Mobile blocking it from your life. And this is most definitely a new “Devices” section which means this is something they plan to do moving forward and not just with the G-Nex.

Via:  Google Play | Google Mobile

  • can i buy this phone and make it prepaid on verzion?

    • Jeremy Turnley

      Ummm, no. You *should* be able to use a GoPhone or T-Mobile Prepaid SIM with it, tho.

  • NorCalGuy

    hopefully they decide to sell the RAZR HD unlocked on here too i will buy one full pice 

  • Droosh

    This price just proves how much Verizon is ripping us off.  If they gave us the same $ subsidy on our G-nexus devices at launch we should have gotten them for free rather than the $300 we paid.

  • master94

    buying from Google is the cheapest way to get the Galaxy Nexus now off contract.

  • Lovehate

    They should also post their updates here too for Verizon’s gnex that way people can also get timely updates. I think that would make alot of people happy.

  • Adam

    right now i have a samsung fascinate and my contract is up next month (i have the unlimited data plan). if verizon doesn’t get the Galaxy S3 then I might be interested. but would my unlimited data be grandfathered in?

    • Jeremy Turnley

      No, because this is a GSM phone so it won’t work on Verizon.

  • QtDL

    I very much like the idea of not being married to a carrier anymore…but I’ll have to wait and see until 12/15/2013 when my divorce from Verizon will be finalized. 🙁

  • NorCalDroid

    I would make the switch from my CDMA carrier to GSM just to have Galaxy Nexus that is supported by AOSP, but the only problem is that none of the GSM carriers offer unlimited data anymore. And giving up unlimited 4G LTE isnt a wise thing to do. I am one of lucky ones who have unlimited data in their plans. So switching isnt practical.

  • Destroythanet

    Man, am I glad I sold my GSM G Nex on craigslist for $550 before prices dropped!!

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    My AT&T iPhone 4S gets signal everywhere in the bay area and when I visit family in las Vegas…my sprint epic touch (when I had it) got signal everywhere….my Big red tbolt always had problems…not to mention all the signal outages that Verizon was having…my baby momma has a RAZR and she’s always losing a data connection..same with my buddies Gnex…it’s really just a matter of where you are…at&t has worked best for me…GSM is the only way to go

  • Counsel Dew

    Yes… but can you have a two-way conversation? 😉 mine still can’t-even after reprovisioning. Next-shipping to Samsung in Plano, Tx.. Google has been silent and has nobody assigned ownership of the issue (search code google for issue 24019). XDA’s forum has a poll where, those participating, 4 states ( California, Colorado, Minnesota, and NC have over 14% or so occurance of that single issue-the “I suddenly sound garbled before the other party can no longer hear me” issue. I’m frustrated… Moved/bought a Maxx-the phone just works…

  • Guest

    I bet you early adopters feel kind of stupid right now.  You could have waited to get a contract free Nexus for a reasonable price.

    This phone plus T-Mobile equals WIN.

    • BulletTooth_Tony

      I do… even tho it rang up at 250 for me.  I’d have much rather preferred a totally unlocked global phone… it wouldn’t need to be my device forever, but for travelling, this phone can last much longer than 2 years for me, just to stay connected at lower cost.

  • JohnPA2006

    Hmmm, Tempting this is.
    To have no contract, and the Nexus, and the version of the phone that does have a good car dock.
    Between Verizon and AT&T their both on par now, 
    but no contract is so nice…. 4 beans….. must resist urge….

    • Tim242

      Samsung is selling the 3 pin dock for the Verizon Nexus…for $90!

  • Wow i find this page in google first page

  • ddevito

    Buh bye Verizon….I’ve had enough.

  • jjrudey

    Directly from Google will be where I buy phones from now on.

  • wickets

    if its still 4.0.2 it isnt worth 50c

    • PC_Tool

       It’s a Nexus.  The software that it comes with doesn’t mean a damned thing.  4.0.4 is available.

      • wickets

         that you know how/care to root your phone doesnt take away from the fact that the way google treats its customers who own their flagship phone is pathetic…..not one upgrade since day two…..and theres plenty to fix!

        • PC_Tool

           Regardless of what you bought it for does not change the fact that it is a developer phone:  A device for developers and those wishing to use their work.

          If you bought it for any other reason…you are doing it wrong.

          Good day, sir.

          • Counsel Dew

            I hate to mention that Google, Samsung, Verizon, and others sell this phone to the general public and nowhere is it described in the sale as a “developer phone.”

          • LiterofCola


  • dk81

    so much for verizon ever getting another nexus. my grandfathered unlimited data plan is a blessing and a curse. i wont leave verizon because of it so ill have to settle for subpar phones

    • BulletTooth_Tony

      Keep an eye on your data usage… and wait to see if other carriers offer double-data promotions at some points too… you may find you use less data than you had thought???

  • fillyo

    It’s cheaper because it is a GSM variant that runs at slower speeds, and only has 16gb of storage, that is why it is cheaper than Verizons. All you “ship” jumpers are thinking this through.  I will stick with the Big Red any day.

    • hkklife

      If the “flagship” GSM Gnex has only a 16Gb storage variant, it’s a sure sign that the upcoming Nexus Tablet from Asus and Google will be a gimped, low-end Kindle Fire competitor. 8Gb and no microSD slot, anyone?


    Will this work on tmobile?

    • Snowcrash


  • dylan84

    Wow. 399 is an awesome price. Must…not…give…in.

  • Bodhiballer

    The big significance here is the Google is getting back to their roots by returning to the carrier-free sales model.  This specific deal may or may not be the best/cheapest option out there, but that’s actually irrelevant compared with the fact that Google is once again creating an option for consumers, which in itself is awesome.

  • T4rd

    It’s garbage that they never made a 32 GB GSM variant.  I really don’t understand why they want to restrict people to “cloud” storage.  A lot of times it’s not very feasible to stream/download large files or high bit-rate media over the carrier.  If my Verizon Nexus didn’t have 32 GBs internal storage, I would have had to pass.  I’m using 16+ GBs already just in backups from changing ROMs and in other multimedia storage.

  • Trophynuts


  • Dave

    It would be nice if they lowered their off-contract price a bit like they did with their on-contract pricing. But that’s very unlikely.

  • SH

    Google, please strong ARM VZW into allowing this, and also giving you the reins to update the LTE Nexus directly.

  • Tom

    Everyone who is talking about jumping ship in 2 years… Remember this well… in 2 years CDMA and GSM will likely be DEAD (or at the very least on their very last legs), and LTE will be a universal STANDARD. So think twice before claiming you’ll jump ship before you know the state of the mobile world. Chances are when LTE becomes standard in the next couple of years, Verizon will be king, and probably expanding their network into the next biggest thing. Verizon was the only smart carrier with 4G speeds. They were quietly setting up for LTE and not going to WiMAX or other quick 4G fix.

    • BulletTooth_Tony

      Only in fantasy land will cdma and gsm be dead. Legacy networks will be maintained for years both for fallback and roaming for a looong time.

      • Tony Allen

        They’ll be maintained, but in the next few years, you’re going to see Verizon release smartphones that run solely on LTE for voice/data/sms/mms. Their plans are to cover their entire 3G network in 4G LTE, and if anyone has the money and drive to do so, it’s Verizon.

        • BulletTooth_Tony

          As well Verizon should shut down it’s EVDO network – but it will have 1x for voice at the very least for a long time to come… but buying a totally unlocked, quad-band GSM, penta-band HSPA+ 21 device for 400 bucks is an outstanding deal.  Anyone that travels outside the US should dive on this thing, it’s compatible with the world.

    • Not really. Verizon LTE and ATT LTE are different and not compatible. Plus, LTE outside the US is actually built to the 4G standard, where the US is not.

      • Tony Allen

        Similar to how AT&T and T-Mobile 3G bands are different and incompatible. 

      • BulletTooth_Tony

        What “standard” are you referring to?  LTE is LTE is LTE… be it FDD or TDD, both are approved standards… and there’s currently 26 approved FDD bands and 11 approved TDD bands.  Additionally, since the US is so far ahead of every other nation in LTE roll-outs, Verizon specifically, and sells through so many 700 mhz phones in band 13 (and 17 now with AT&T)… every other nation in the world is hastily putting together 700 mhz auctions as this is driving what the final “standard” will be (Canada, Australia, England and the EuroZone, notably).  The future of LTE is on 700, 800, 1800, AWS and 2600 for sure… with PCS highly likely as Sprint won’t be the only ones.

    • r0lct

      I think what people are really saying is they are going to buy their next Nexus from Google for whichever carrier(s) are supported.  Despite LTE being a standard Verizon can still lock out the next Nexus if they wanted to, if that happens then people are saying they will jump ship to ATT and their LTE if supported.

  • This won’t play well with AT&T LTE, will it?

    • No, it won’t work at all with their LTE, but it works with their HSPA+ network (the ‘other’ 4G that they claim).

      • I didn’t think so.  I am happy with my VZW GNex, (unlimited data FTW) but have a few friends that are either on AT&T or are looking into prepaid.


    • Dave

       No. Should work with HSPA+ though.

    • r0lct

      It doesn’t have LTE.

  • cashclay

    VZW better run a promo on GNex to keep folks from jumping ship. I would love to get CDMA version at this price, but giving up my network isn’t worth it, no matter how much I want this phone.

    • Tony Allen

      I wish more people thought logically about that, shouldn’t the network come before the device, what good is it if your network is trash?

    • Bodhiballer

      How does a $30 penalty for in-contract upgrades sound?  

      • cashclay

        Not exactly the promo I was hoping for. LOL. I would, however, like to know if the $30 charge applies to a month to month customer sitting on an upgrade, as I am right now. I’m not “in-contract”… anyone? 

        • Eddieg28sp

          I think the problem is, not that Ur not in a contract now, but the new phone itself would be a contract phone and that does get taxed that $30 in addition to price and taxes (california pays tax on full price, even if we pay a much lower subsidized price)

  • Princesation

    Can someone enlighten me on what GSM means? Would you be able to use this in the Philippines? I know that the phones in the PI, use sim cards.

    • BulletTooth_Tony

      It’s both a technology (2G) and an association that agrees upon technologies to ensure a global standard. The association took TDMA, and created the GSM standard for 2G, open source… they then took W-CDMA and made UMTS, and HSPA through upgrades, their 3G standards. Now, LTE is their current standard for 4G. The differences lie in the bands used.

      Long story short, yes, it’ll work in the PI. The GSM Galaxy Nexus is Penta-Band UMTS/HSPA and quad-band GSM. PI is 900/1800 GSM (covered) and 2100 3G (covered)… based on whose SIM you get while there, you shouldn’t see much of a lapse in quality of service.

      • Princesation

        Hey thanks for the quick reply. I think I’ll get this for my gf instead of getting a cheap tablet. I was going to get either a used galaxy tab plus or a galaxy tab 2 just so we can Skype but might as well get this so she can use it as a phone too

  • I’m about ready to bail on Verizon and CDMA. I checked last night on Verizon’s site and the LTE GNex is $649 off-contract. Not to mention that a lot of their precious LTE devices are $249 to $299 if you are an early adopter with an upgrade. I’m not a fan of at&t, but their LTE devices are typically around the $199 price range like other phones. I’m just growing weary of being hosed by Verizon. /rant

    • moelsen8

      i’m moving in the same direction.  by the time my contract’s up on my gnex, at&t will have a good lte network.  i think there would be some benefits to getting a gsm nexus next.

      • tyguy829

        gsm nexus doesnt do lte

        • moelsen8

          i know that.  the gsm nexus of 2013/2014 probably will though.

          • Matt Devillier

            doubtful, given that every carrier uses a different frequency for LTE.  Google would have to release an AT&T-specific LTE Nexus just like with VZW and Sprint

          • moelsen8

            yeah you’re right.  given that LTE is going to be the next big thing, this is going to be a problem across the board.  you figure someone, somewhere must be thinking of a solution.

      • Tony Allen

        AT&T still doesn’t have a decent HSPA network.. much less their LTE.

        • moelsen8

          right.. but we’re talking 2 years from now.  i had at&t up until i got the droid and for the most part, their service then was pretty good.  i have to imagine it’s a pretty decent service overall, and in two years from now, it should still be (if not moreso).


      fair statement, however where i live (dayton, oh) att is spotty and obviously no 4g. im willing to lock in to 2yrs for 4g and a $299 price with great service rather than lower price and shotty serv.

      • That’s a valid point. I’m not positive how att is in my area (Northern Utah), but jumping on a prepaid plan, or something similar, would give me the chance to try out att and T-mobile (I know T-mob has hspa+ here for the Univ. campus). I think it’ll be better than being screwed by Verizon.

        • At&t is way behind in 4G coverage, but depending on where you are you might be 3G only on Verizon anyway. How is Verizon screwing you that At&t wouldn’t? What I mean is Verizon’s prices are ridiculous but At&t is their biggest competitor and is also a huge ripoff. Price wise T-mobile and Sprint definitely seem better.

          • This is true. Att would probably be just as bad, you are correct. I just don’t know how coverage varies in my area between the GSM carriers, so I’d need to research them both. But you are right, T-mobile or Sprint would be much better cost-wise. I guess I will have to see what things are like when my contract is up (since the wife won’t let me spend the money to terminate my contract). Until then, I’ll just have to gripe about how closed the experience on Verizon is…

      • Josh Nichols

        Where in Dayton? 

        I was going to say something about HSPA+ and having 4G, then I remembered that being on AT&T for too long has made me start to assume that whenever people say 4G they are referring to HSPA+ ha. But yeah, AT&T LTE doesn’t exist anywhere around here 🙁

        • BGRUGGER


      • I’ve been wondering, what kind of speeds do people actually get on VZW’s 4G LTE?

        Because I get up to 10Mbps down and 5Mbps up when on Softbank, and 7-8Mbps down, 3Mbps up on NWGSM. That’s with a DROID2 GLOBAL, on 3G GSM.

        • BGRUGGER

          taken today with 2bars…have gotten 16.96 down 5.6 up before

          • I guess that’s nice but I’ve yet to find actual use for speeds above 10Mbps on a mobile device. (I don’t stream video etc.)

          • BGRUGGER

            True…however, when i go back to 3g, i notice a difference in data sync and loading apps (ie fb, g+).  I stream video often and its wonderful!  also, if you tether (Foxfi) speeds are great!!

          • LTE is mostly great due to its low round-trip time values.

            I’ve yet to use tethering; mobile data on both Softbank and NWGSM isn’t as cheap as in the USA I guess (e.g., I pay $7.5/mo for 30Mbytes/day; if I wanted more it’s $35/mo for 55GB/mo or $25/mo for 20GB/mo).

          • BGRUGGER

            those are fairly cheap prices…esp. for 55GB.  What country are you in?

          • That’s NWGSM prices for StPetersburg, Russia (I work here).
            Back at home in Japan, on Softbank, it’s fully unmetered and unthrottled for about $40 per month, converted from yen.

        • PC_Tool

           31 down and 15 up in Eagan, Mn on VZW LTE (Galaxy Nexus)

        • Chris G

          I’ve run speedtest 3 times on LTE since December.
          13,638 down and 10674 up is the oldest.  23,700 and 10113.  and 19242, 5116.  

          • Chris G

            this is on vz galaxy nexus.

    • miles_prower

      Although the $399 GSM GNex direct from Google is tempting, for only $26 more, you can easily buy a brand-new LTE GNex for VZW on eBay for $425, which you can then put on your VZW plan w/o incurring any fees or having to extend your contract. That’s what I did.

      • I very well could. I guess the main problem is that I am just getting tired of the Verizon stance on things. I guess we’ll see what happens with the Galaxy S III. It is inexcusable in 2012 for one of the largest carriers in the world to not pick up a device that will launch everywhere else in the world (likely). I blame it on the proprietary-ness of CDMA, and so far, it seems that their approach to LTE is the same. “We will decide which devices you are allowed to use on our network.” That stance right there is becoming harder and harder for me to swallow, especially now that they are trying to run their LTE network in a similar manner. I suppose the real problem is mine, I like the idea of having a bit more of a choice. Thanks for the suggestion though and sorry about the longwinded response.

        • miles_prower

           Well said!

    • yarrellray

      Bottomline folks CDMA technology is hurting our Gnex when it comes to basic updates. We on Verizon have had our gnex since Dec 15 2011 since NO updates. The GSM version on at&t is rolling with 4.0.4 and sprint verison is running 4.0.3 while on verizon we are on 4.0.2 what gives. Well the pure truth was given to us on google plus stating that the GSM version will be the first to get jellybean in probanly november and that was before finding out the google play store was open to selling the gsm version for 399.00. Verizon is preventing google from sending updates to our devices. Enough is enough of this verizon garbage they will never see another nexus device again that”s for sure. And with having the option of purchasing another gnex directly from the playstore which will get updates directly from google only i will sell my gnex on verizon and take my chance of going with tmo i will wait for the announcement of the Galaxy Note 2 with ice cream sandwich then make my change. Cdma technology is no good time for a change.

  • cheezer88

    bye bye iphone

  • John
  • CodeInVB

    This may be enough to drive me to AT&T…i hate to give up my unlimited data though.

    • My thought’s exactly… But it may be worth it in the end.

  • Kevin Olson

    Is this model any different from the unlocked GSM Canadian model I got from Negri Electronics a few weeks ago??

    • Compare model numbers.

      • Kevin Olson

        I would, but I’m not seeing a model number listed anywhere on the store page.

        • Ah, didn’t notice that. So used to always seeing that. It should be the exact same model though. I think there are only two variants, Verizon/Sprint LTE model and the GSM model.

        • While I did find other model numbers for Japan, I am 99% sure the GSM model in Canada and this GSM unlocked model would be the same i9250 model.

          The only model # variants I’ve seen are for various CDMA and LTE models.

  • EC8CH

    Sure there’s a phone there now…

    Wonder how long until a tablet shows up????

    • r0lct

      Yes, the minute they have a tablet for <=$200 that at least has a FF camera I'll be throwing my money.

      • RadicalPie

        Yeah they would be dumb to not include a ff camera. Google+ hangouts is about the coolest thing on Google + to exclude that I think would be a mistake.

        • r0lct

          Agreed.  Just when the $150 rumors started floating it started to make me think Kindle Fire specs.

  • Butters619

    Damn it! I just preordered the One X on Sunday.  Hmmm….do I really need two phones?

    Edit: Next time they need to do this around launch and not 5 months later 🙁

  • Droidzilla

    $399?! That’s worth it just to use it as a media player!

    • moelsen8

      yeah seriously

    • Google

      This phone must be selling like hot cakes! hahahaha. So much for vanilla Android phones. Every phone that was stock Android with the exception of the OG Droid has been a sales disaster. This is probably the last time you will ever see a stock Android phone get any kind of marketing push. Why spend money on advertising for a phone when the only people who will buy it, Android nerds, already know about it. 

      • r0lct

        Can you provide a link with the sales numbers you are basing this on?

        • Google

          The reduced price and the percentage of phones running the newest version of the OS. Couple that with the quarterly reports that iPhone is outselling all phones combing on all three major carriers and you have the all the information you need. It does require a little bit of extrapolation and intelligence something i’m sure you can muster. 

          • r0lct

            Nothing you provided is an indicator of Verizon not selling the phone in relation to other android phones. You’re not extrapolation anything but instead reading tarot cards.

          • Google

            Verizon? Why are you talking about Verizon. This is a GSM phone. You must be new to smartphones. If you want to talk about Verizon that is fine. They sold 3.1 million non iOS phones this last quarter. There are only about 2.5 million ICS phones according to Google. So you think Verizon sold them all? What about half? So 1.25 million GNexus in the last quarter? That is terrible and thats a best case scenario. In actuality there are plenty of non GNexus phones through ROMs running ICS so realistically that number is a lot lower. Uninformed reply in 3.2.1….

          • r0lct

            The better question is who mentioned iOS?  No One.  The comment was actually about it being a good media player at that price, how does it selling as hotcakes even relate unless you’re just a troll?

            Mr informed if you are going to mention the OG Droid then you must not be only talking about GSM phones as ALL DROID phones are only on Verizon.
            Listen, I know your mom or dad yelling at you down to the basement to get off the PC must be getting you worked up.  But based on your childish posts you’re new to acting like a grown adult or just aren’t old enough to start trying yet.

      • You did read the report a little while ago that Sprint sold out of pre-orders right? So many people enjoy hating the Nexus with nothing to base it on.   

        • Google

          What does that mean? Do you have a report on how many pre-orders were available. Look at the Android fragmentation chart. ICS makes up about 2.5%. Do the math. 

          • summit1986

            Here are some solid numbers… estimated 300MILLION Android users, 2.5% of that market share would be 7.5million ICS users.  Assuming a majority of ICS users are on the GNex, those numbers aren’t as bad as you’d like to insinuate. 

          • Google

            Yeah if you make an incorrect assumption then yes they aren’t “that bad”. However why would you assume that? The Nexus runs ICS, so does the best selling Android phone since the OG Droid, the Galaxy SII. The transformer runs ICS, the Sensation in Europe runs ICS, the Xoom runs ICS. I’m sure there are some i am missing. So you think even though all of those phone and tablets run ICS it is still a safe assumption that a “majority of ICS users are on the GNex”? Hahha. Nice try. I would guess, this is only a guess but the majority are probably a combination of SII and phones that have been rooted and ROMed. But lets bet generous and say that GNex is 50%. That’s less than 4 million phones sold in worldwide since mid Nov for the European release. That means worldwide it has sold less than 4 million units in 5 months. Hahahahaha. That is pathetic. Just for a little reference, Apple sold 37 million iPhones in Q4 of 2011. 

          • summit1986

            Fact:  Majority of Android phones are NOT rooted.  General population has no clue what rooting, ROMS, and SU permissions are.  Back to your cave.

          • Google

            Who said the majority of Android phones were rooted? I said the majority of phones running ICS were most likely a combination of SGII and rooted phones. You should learn to stay on topic. 

          • Counsel Dew

            Apple fans always mention fragmentation… Please do the research to find the fragmentation on iphones and ipods… not everyone can even run the newest vresion.

          • Google

            The only people who cannot run the newest version are those with phone which are over 3 years old. Nice try. 

  • appdaddy

    Well hello dere!!!

  • FortitudineVincimus

    No thanks.

    And you can buy on CraigsList anyway.

  • I’m pretty sure this seals it – I’m moving to AT&T after my contract is up with Verizon.  I love the ability to plug this phone right into the network and get up and running, and Verizon just controls their service too strictly.

    • I would love to move to another carrier, but I enjoy being to make calls and get data from EVERYWHERE.  Verizon is evil, but their network is so good.

      • I find myself disabling 4G on my Nexus about as often as I use it.  The additional speed is definitely nice but not at the expense of the battery power it uses.

        • Shelnbay

          I live in a 3G area and I have noticed that when I visit 4G areas (Phoenix and NYC most recently) my Nexus battery lasts LONGER on 4G with heavier use than on 3G with minimal use.  I wonder if I’m the only one….

          • If you’re not specifically disabling 4G when you’re in the 3G-only areas, then this would make sense, as your phone would continue searching for a 4G signal via the 4G radio. You’d essentially be getting all the power draw with none of the benefit.

            On the other hand, in the 4G-capable area, it wouldn’t have to search for the signal, just maintain the lock which uses less power.

            Turn 4G off in your 3G-only locations and the compare the battery life.

          • Noyfb

            3g only gives me 11 hrs of bat life if i don’t use 4g, i only keep 4g on at home and if i have to use browser when not at home

      • r0lct

        While I agree Verizon is better, a lot of the difference is over hyped and has much more to do with the specific phone models and whether you live in fringe areas.

      • Jarren

        So sick of read comments like this. The whole AT&T lack of service issue is incredible over-hyped. I’ve had both (verizon currently), I’ve been all over the country both and the difference is minimal at best.

        • Jarren

          *reading, *incredibly, *country with. apologies for the auto-correct related typos

        • Thats pretty subjective really, the whole issue is.  It just depends on where you are going to be.  For me, ATT doesn’t even have 3G where I live, Verizon does.  When i visit family, ATT has NO service. In the several places we meet up at.  Verizon has the best coverage when facing a rural environment.  In a large city though, carrier hardly matters when it comes to coverage.

        • Tony Allen

          I guess that’s why the stopped developing their 3G network when they got down to pretty well the entire southern half of the state of Indiana huh.. Definitely overhyped, I ONLY have to drive about 45 minutes to get AT&T 3G, and only a mere two hours to get to T-Mobile 3G.

        • Try using AT&T service outside of major Metropolitan areas.  If you’ve traveled ALL OVER the country, than you should be well versed in the art of drop calls and the required piggybacking on other provider towers when using AT&T service.

          • vawwyakr

            I do a lot of back country sports (Mountain Biking, adventure racing etc) and use an AT&T phone without issue in many places.  Some friends have Verizon and they sometimes get better signal but not always.  It’s certainly situational, and I don’t think I’d use it as a determining factor unless I lived in one of those places where I couldn’t get signal.

        • c4v3man

          Sadly in Nevada it’s not over-hyped. Co-workers constantly complain about dropped calls in Reno, and I was in Vegas last weekend for an event, and another audience member asked if the internet was working on my wife’s smartphone, since her AT&T smartphone had a full signal, but no data. 

          AT&T also has terrible customer service. Verizon is at least friendly and semi-competent on the phone, even if their management staff is constantly trying to screw you by adding new restrictions/charges. All while having the largest LTE network and most reliable 3G in the US. 

        • Josh Nichols

          You must not go to Florida often. I was in Florida for baseball this spring, TWENTY miles outside of Orlando. No service.

          • PanicsWhenUbered

            Yep, I’m in Florida too. I was in Pinellas county last week (most densely populated county in Florida), my friend had no service on his ATT iPhone at a bar in the middle of town. I had 4 bars on my LTE G-Nex. That is un-excusable.

          • Counsel Dew

            😉 but if you had my G Nex, neither of you could have a phone conversation…

          • Its crazy how spotty AT$T can be. It’s strange how someone 20 miles outside of Orlando or someone in Pinellas county gets no signal, yet here I am in a small town in North Florida and AT$T phones get near full service in my area and possible Faux-G service. Although similarly the southern half of the county struggles with AT$T service. Don’t take this as bragging or anything, I personally use VZW like the rest of my family. I just find it messed up with how inconsistent AT$T’s service is. It’s one thing to be spotty in rural areas, but why be spotty in areas like Pinellas? 

          • Maverick1276

            I lived in Pinellas county for years and can say that AT$Ts coverage was terrrible and spotty at best. Verizon may be seen as the devil by some, but I can go just about anywhere and not only use my phone, but access my cloud services as well. And that’s just on the 3g service.  AT$T just won’t buy the expensive land to put up their towers.  Verizon pays out the bucks to get their signal out.

        • sc4fpse

          Have you even looked at AT&T’s coverage maps? Significant areas where there is either no coverage, or nothing but EDGE. Heck, I’d almost rather have no coverage than be stuck with EDGE. Wouldn’t wish that upon my worst enemy.

    • get a SimpleTalk SIM card and save yourself 80 dollars a month

  • LiterofCola

    Pretty nifty idea.

  • RedPandaAlex

    Time to check what my ETF would be if I leave Verizon.

  • Curtis

    Too late for me…

  • Mikesevenfold

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that a tremendous deal for a phone off contract?  I feel like I could easily up sale that on Ebay….

    • Curtis

      Not if Google is selling it for that price you couldn’t!

      • Jarren

        Fortunately for Mikesevenfold Google is not selling it for that price overseas…

    • RedPandaAlex

      It’s better than what had been the price for the imported unlocked phone, which last weekend was 450.

    • Google

      Who would buy the phone from you for more money when they could buy the phone from Google for less money? Are you new to how markets work?

      • He could always sell to that unknowing person that hasn’t done their research 😉   

      • Josh Nichols

        Considering this is a US only offer.. maybe someone in Europe?

    • PC_Tool

      Didn’t really put much thought into that one, did ya?  😉 

      It’s morning…b lame it on lack of coffee.  :p

  • moelsen8

    this is pretty baller.  definitely what google needs to be doing.

  • CDMA!

    • MooseCat

      I thought for a second that this was for all versions of the Galaxy Nexus when I saw the headline.  But nope.. GSM only so my dreams of swapping off my Thunderbolt (I don’t want to renew my contract) just popped.

      • Kyle Fullmer

        Check swappa, they have plenty of gnex for under 400 as long as you don’t mind it being used.

    • Maybe for Sprint, but there’s no way Verizon would allow Google to sell a non-contract phone at this price and allow it on their network.

      • tomn1ce

        For how VZW has exposed this device to the public (which to me has been minimal)  they shouldn’t mind. Their focus is with all the Razrs that Moto is putting out. When I went to buy the G-Nexus at the VZW store the rep was trying to get me to buy the Razr…..Besides they make more money on their plans then on the device they sell.